Jane Wooster Scott

People Magazine:
"Her paintings give a good feeling about an easier time and way of living...an improbable Grandma Moses.
Good Housekeeping Magazine:
"Jane Wooster Scott's enchanting primitive paintings are snapped up by collectors on four continents."
Los Angeles Times:
"Her paintings are amusing and anecdotal..."
New York Post:
"Jane Wooster Scott has developed a fabulously successful career in oil paints...a very nice eye for color."
US Magazine:
"America's leading primitive artist..."
The Art Collector Magazine:
"Jane Wooster Scott, one of the first American 
Hollywood Reporter:
..."Her work is awesomely good...so good it even upstages her star-studded guest list."
Art Trends Magazine:
"Best known for her whimsical paintings..."
Beverly Hills Courier:
"Jane Wooster Scott is a self-taught artist whose work can be found in the White House and in the American embassies in Portugal and Australia. She has exhibited throughout the US, Europe and Japan."
Western Art Magazine:
"Scott's style reflects an unselfconscious emphasis on color, creating decorative surface patters over abstract color field designs."
Jane Wooster Scott, among the world's foremost painters of American fold art, has won international acclaim with her colorful works reaching increasing numbers of admirers and collectors in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Scott, who signs her canvases Wooster Scott. has expanded her horizons to Japan, Africa and Europe with exhibitions of her original oil paintings and brilliant serigraphs. Her popularity has spread to such nations as Portugal and Australia through permanent displays in American embassies as representational of American traditions. For  a time, one of the artist's paintings graced the walls of the White House. She has had major shows in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta and other cities across the United states

Her paintings echo in the hearts and minds of all cultures as she depicts in a very human way America's celebrations of life, traditions and values. She catches moments in time in small towns, great cities, at festivals, sports, politics and in family relationships -- the panoply of a young country at the turn of the last century. She commits these images beautifully and unforgettably to canvas. Her soaring imagination, twice-told tales, exhaustive research and trips to antique locales enable her to make the American Dream spring to life through daring brush and vivid palette.