Welcome to Chart Art featuring the thought and memory provoking artwork of Leslie Grant. His vibrant colors and delightful scenes painted on navigational charts have taken the art worlds breath away. Many collectors embrace his art as if it were a much-needed vacation. What you will view on this site are limited edition giclee's of his original charts using only the finest archival inks and created on 100% cotton rag paper. You will also be viewing, in some cases, some very unique framing of these works. Any work of art seen here can be combined with any framing you see here. If you wish to choose your own framing, on this art or any other art, simply click on links then the framing tab, choose the moulding you like, and email us with your selection so we can send you a quote. Mr. Grant also does special commissions so he can personalize the scene you want on any chart you want. Simply email us with your request. If you have any suggestions of particular charts Leslie should consider in the future let us know your thoughts. We are also involved in fundraising art auctions. If you'd like to research this further click on links then the fundraising art auctions tab. All of us at Chart Art thank you for visiting us.