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Prior to 1850, American frames were heavily influenced by European design.  After that time however, several important artists made their unique mark on American frame styles.

In the mid-1800's, the Hudson River School of painters became an influential group in the American art scene.  Known for their incredible depiction's of the newly opened West and America's wilderness in the Northeast, their painting too needed to be captured in frames.  The Hudson River School frames were generally deeply carved, ornamented and gilded to create a grand presence.

Also during that same period, artist James McNeil Whistler had a significant impact on the art world.  Though American born, he spent his adulthood living outside of the United States and incorporated several cultural influences into his works.  The style of frame named after this influential artist, the Whistler, has strong lines, but simpler with fewer embellishments than seen previously in American framing.  These frames have beautifully gilded surfaces and like the Hudson River School frames, have become representative of the American Frame style.

These artists and others had a significant impact on American frames, and today, inspire the designs for Concerto's American style frames by Larson-Juhl.  By Larson-Juhl.