Custom Frame Price Calculator How To Calculate Footage of Frames

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To measure art on stretcher bars like oil paintings.    

The example below is how we cut all frames,

unless otherwise specified.


All frames will be cut 1/16" to 1/8" over the size ordered so your art will fit properly, unless otherwise specified.

Back of the frame showing

Rabbet opening


Additional Information

Frame Height. These are the measurements given most commonly when ordering a picture frame. ( At The Gallery all sizes are quoted giving these size references ). Often referred to as the "glass size" or "frame size" it is the size of the piece of glass required that will not fall through the central opening in the frame.


Frame Width.  


External Frame Wdth Front of a frame as viewed displayed on the wall  

Additional Information


Overall Frame Height.

(outside measurement)

Measuring a frame in this way is normally reserved for when the need is to fill a given area. It is NOT a measurement used in the standard production of picture frames, although when specified calculations can be made to accommodate specific needs. You will see these sizes quoted on mirrors and pictures to give an idea of overall size for the framed item you may wish to purchase.


Overall Frame Width.

(outside measurement)


Visible Height.

Visible Width.

A typical cross section from a simple wooden picture frame design  

Additional Information

Moulding Height The general reason for requiring these sizes is to either match as close as possible an existing design or the check whether the artwork you wish to have framed will fit into the rabbet
 of the chosen design. As some matting combinations can often be more than 1/2" in depth. Example, Plain glass 1/8", double mount 3/16, artwork on foam core 1/4"


Moulding Width (the entire width facing the front
of the frame)
Rabbet Depth
Sight Edge
A typical cross section from a simple Aluminum picture frame design  

Additional Information

Moulding Height Aluminum mouldings are measured slightly differently than wood, first they have a set rabbet that cannot be extended and the width visible is nearly always smaller than the actual width of the design. Care should be taken when measuring an existing frame as the frame size is measured from the inner wall of the back edge.


Moulding Width  
Rabbet Depth

Wooden Frame   Additional Information
When measuring frame sizes, remember to measure from inside the rabbet on wooden frames and from the internal back edge on aluminum frames.
Aluminum Frame
Basic assembly of simple frame with double mat, Glass and Backing
Additional Information
When measuring artwork and deciding on mats, remember to allow about 1/4" over lap so that the artwork won't fall through the opening cut in the mat.
Glass ( Regular, Acrylic, Plastic )    
Backing ( 3/16 Foam Core )
Top Mat
Bottom Mat


Double Mat   Additional Information
      Mat measurements could be a subject all of it's own, but shown here is a simple double mount with even borders. When deciding of the opening for your artwork remember to allow for a small overlap approximately 1/4" all around the image, so that your artwork won't fall through the opening when on display. Smaller tolerance can be worked with, but this amount works well on most occasions.
Opening Height
Opening Width
Top mat Width
Bottom Mat Width