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B110                     OFF WHITE&WH PEBBLE 32X40     Bainbridge
B110L                    OFF WH/WH PEBBLE 40X60        Bainbridge
B111                     CREAM & WHITE 32X40 PEBBLE    Bainbridge
B111L                    CREAM/WH PEBBLE 40X60         Bainbridge
B115                     T.V.GREY&WH PEBBLE 32X40      Bainbridge
B119                     PAPERMAT CHESTNUT 32X40       Bainbridge
B128                     PAPERMAT OFF-WHITE 32X40      Bainbridge
B128L                    PAPERMAT OFF WHITE 40X60      Bainbridge
B4151                    SUEDE SONOMA 32X40            Bainbridge
B4153                    SUEDE JACANA 32X40            Bainbridge
B4154                    SUEDE TARGA 32X40             Bainbridge
B4155                    SUEDE TRUE GRIT 32X40         Bainbridge
B4156                    SUEDE RYE 32X40               Bainbridge
B4157                    SUEDE GREY 32X40              Bainbridge
B4159                    SUEDE DUSTY BLUE 32X40        Bainbridge
B203                     PAPERMAT CREAM 32X40          Bainbridge
B211                     WARM GREY&WH PEBBLE 32X40     Bainbridge
B211L                    WARM GREY/WH PEBBLE 40X60     Bainbridge
B310                     MTLLC FLLT TIARA 32x40        Bainbridge
B311                     MTLLC FLLT STERLING 32X40     Bainbridge
B312                     MTLLC FLLT BRONZE 32X40       Bainbridge
B41                      PAPERMAT CHARCOAL 32X40       Bainbridge
B412                     PAPERMAT TAN 32X40            Bainbridge
B412L                    PAPERMAT TAN 40X60            Bainbridge
B414                     PAPERMAT SEA FOAM 32X40       Bainbridge
B46                      PAPERMAT DARK BLUE 32X40      Bainbridge
B47                      PAPERMAT CANARY 32X40         Bainbridge
B48                      PAPERMAT MAROON 32X40         Bainbridge
B61                      PAPERMAT SUPER WHITE 32X40    Bainbridge
B65                      PAPERMAT FABRIC WHITE 32X40   Bainbridge
B702                     PAPERMAT HORIZON BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B71                      PAPERMAT BRILLIANT WHITE32X40 Bainbridge
B71L                     BRILLIANT WHITE 40X60         Bainbridge
B715                     PAPERMAT MEADOW GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B716                     PAPERMAT FRENCH BLUE 32X40    Bainbridge
B724                     PAPERMAT GOBELIN BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B726                     PAPERMAT AUTUMN GOLD 32X40    Bainbridge
B736                     PAPERMAT MAHOGANY 32X40       Bainbridge
B742                     PAPERMAT CERULEAN 32X40       Bainbridge
B744                     PAPERMAT SIENNA 32X40         Bainbridge
B747                     PAPERMAT TIMBERLINE 32X40     Bainbridge
B748                     PAPERMAT PEWTER 32X40         Bainbridge
B750                     PAPERMAT MOUNTAIN GREY 32X40  Bainbridge
B750L                    PAPERMAT MOUNTAIN GREY 40X60  Bainbridge
B751                     PAPERMAT EBONY 32X40          Bainbridge
B752                     PAPERMAT ADMIRALTY 32X40      Bainbridge
B752L                    PAPERMAT ADMIRALTY 40X60      Bainbridge
B754                     PAPERMAT PORCELAIN 32X40      Bainbridge
B754L                    PAPERMAT PORCELAIN 40X60      Bainbridge
B756                     PAPERMAT CANDELWICK 32X40     Bainbridge
B756L                    PAPERMAT CANDLEWICK 40X60     Bainbridge
B760                     PAPERMAT BRIQUE 32X40         Bainbridge
B761                     PAPERMAT GULL GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B762                     PAPERMAT ROUGE 32X40          Bainbridge
B763                     PAPERMAT ROSE MARQUIS 32X40   Bainbridge
B764                     PAPERMAT STONEHENGE GREIGE 32XBainbridge
B766                     PAPERMAT COGNAC 32X40         Bainbridge
B767                     PAPERMAT SANDPIPER 32X40      Bainbridge
B768                     PAPERMAT WEDGEWOOD 32X40      Bainbridge
B769                     PAPERMAT SEASPRAY 32X40       Bainbridge
B769L                    PAPERMAT SEASPRAY 40X60       Bainbridge
B770                     PAPERMAT SOAPSTONE 32X40      Bainbridge
B770L                    PAPERMAT SOAPSTONE 40X60      Bainbridge
B771                     PAPERMAT PALOMA 32X40         Bainbridge
B772                     PAPERMAT BISQUE 32X40         Bainbridge
B774                     PAPERMAT HEMP 32X40           Bainbridge
B776                     PAPERMAT PEAT 32X40           Bainbridge
B777                     PAPERMAT UMBER 32X40          Bainbridge
B778                     PAPERMAT GREY BEIGE 32X40     Bainbridge
B781                     PAPERMAT GREY MORN 32X40      Bainbridge
B782                     PAPERMAT SCOTCH MIST 32X40    Bainbridge
B783                     PAPERMAT FRENCH CREAM 32X40   Bainbridge
B784                     PAPERMAT DESERT SAND 32X40    Bainbridge
B785                     PAPERMAT DUTCH BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B785L                    PAPERMAT DUTCH BLUE 40X60     Bainbridge
B786                     PAPERMAT SLATE BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B786L                    PAPERMAT SLATE BLUE 40X60     Bainbridge
B788                     PAPERMAT VANILLA 32X40        Bainbridge
B789                     PAPERMAT GRANITE 32X40        Bainbridge
B789L                    PAPERMAT GRANITE 40X60        Bainbridge
B79                      PAPERMAT CRIMSON 32X40        Bainbridge
B791                     PAPERMAT OYSTER 32X40         Bainbridge
B794                     PAPERMAT WARM GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B795                     PAPERMAT SLATE 32X40          Bainbridge
B801                     PAPERMAT BLUE GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B802                     PAPERMAT GREEN WHISPER 32X40  Bainbridge
B802L                    PAPERMAT GREEN WHISPER 40X60  Bainbridge
B804                     PAPERMAT LIGHT AZURE 32X40    Bainbridge
B805                     PAPERMAT LAVENDER MIST 32X40  Bainbridge
B806                     PAPERMAT STUCCO 32X40         Bainbridge
B806L                    PAPERMAT STUCCO 40X60         Bainbridge
B81                      PAPERMAT IVORY 32X40          Bainbridge
B81L                     IVORY 40X60                   Bainbridge
B811                     PAPERMAT DOESKIN 32X40        Bainbridge
B811L                    PAPERMAT DOESKIN 40X60        Bainbridge
B815                     PAPERMAT RUBY 32X40           Bainbridge
B816                     PAPERMAT DEEP PLUM 32X40      Bainbridge
B817                     PAPERMAT LIBERTY BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B818                     PAPERMAT NILE GREEN 32X40     Bainbridge
B818L                    PAPERMAT NILE GREEN 40X60     Bainbridge
B819                     PAPERMAT ALPINE BLUE 32X40    Bainbridge
B822                     PAPERMAT JADE 32X40           Bainbridge
B823                     PAPERMAT DESERT PALM 32X40    Bainbridge
B824                     PAPERMAT CHANTILLY 32X40      Bainbridge
B824L                    PAPERMAT CHANTILLY 40X60      Bainbridge
B825                     PAPERMAT ALABASTER 32X40      Bainbridge
B825L                    PAPERMAT ALABASTER 40X60      Bainbridge
B826                     PAPERMAT TEAROSE 32X40        Bainbridge
B835                     PAPERMAT WISTERIA 32X40       Bainbridge
B836                     PAPERMAT ROYAL 32X40          Bainbridge
B837                     PAPERMAT MIDNIGHT 32X40       Bainbridge
B84                      PAPERMAT DARK GREEN 32X40     Bainbridge
B841                     PAPERMAT JUNIPER 32X40        Bainbridge
B842                     PAPERMAT SHAMROCK 32X40       Bainbridge
B843                     PAPERMAT EVERGREEN 32X40      Bainbridge
B843L                    PAPERMAT EVERGREEN 40X60      Bainbridge
B8486                    ALPHAMAT ARABIAN WHITE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8486L                   ALPHAMAT ARABIAN WHITE 40X60  Bainbridge
B8487                    ALPHAMAT PALOMINO 32X40       Bainbridge
B8488                    ALPHAMAT SAND DUNE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8489                    ALPHAMAT LASSO 32X40          Bainbridge
B8490                    ALPHAMAT PUEBLO 32X40         Bainbridge
B8491                    ALPHAMAT PRAIRIE DUST 32X40   Bainbridge
B8493                    ALPHAMAT PHOENIX RED 32X40    Bainbridge
B8494                    ALPHAMAT WIGWAM 32X40         Bainbridge
B8495                    ALPHAMAT DESERT DAWN 32X40    Bainbridge
B8500                    ALPHAMAT SHELL 32X40          Bainbridge
B8500L                   ALPHAMAT SHELL 40X60          Bainbridge
B8502                    ALPHAMAT MIMOSA 32X40         Bainbridge
B8503                    ALPHAMAT CHAMOIS 32X40        Bainbridge
B8503L                   ALPHAMAT CHAMOIS 40X60        Bainbridge
B8504                    ALPHAMAT SHADOW BLUE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8504L                   ALPHAMAT SHADOW BLUE 40X60    Bainbridge
B8505                    ALPHAMAT TEAL GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B8506                    ALPHAMAT TUSCAN BROWN 32X40   Bainbridge
B8509                    ALPHAMAT MALACCA 32X40        Bainbridge
B8510                    ALPHAMAT ANNAPOLIS BLUE32X40  Bainbridge
B8511                    ALPHAMAT SEA MIST 32X40       Bainbridge
B8511L                   ALPHAMAT SEA MIST 40X60       Bainbridge
B8512                    ALPHAMAT SORREL 32X40         Bainbridge
B8513                    ALPHAMAT CELADON 32X40        Bainbridge
B8514                    ALPHAMAT SONORA 32X40         Bainbridge
B8515                    ALPHAMAT DOVER GREY 32X40     Bainbridge
B8516                    ALPHAMAT PAMPAS 32X40         Bainbridge
B8517                    ALPHAMAT IVORY BLACK 32X40    Bainbridge
B8517L                   ALPHAMAT IVORY BLACK 40X60    Bainbridge
B8518                    ALPHAMAT ASH 32X40            Bainbridge
B8519                    ALPHAMAT SNOW FLAKE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8519L                   ALPHAMAT SNOWFLAKE 40X60      Bainbridge
B8520                    ALPHAMAT TALC 32X40           Bainbridge
B8520L                   ALPHAMAT TALC 40X60           Bainbridge
B8521                    ALPHAMAT FAIRFIELD WH 32X40   Bainbridge
B8521L                   ALPHAMAT FAIRFIELD WH 40X60   Bainbridge
B8525                    ALPHAMAT ALMOND 32X40         Bainbridge
B8526                    ALPHAMAT INDIGO 32X40         Bainbridge
B8526L                   ALPHAMAT INDIGO 40X60         Bainbridge
B8527                    ALPHAMAT ALMANDINE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8528                    ALPHAMAT GARNET 32X40         Bainbridge
B8528L                   ALPHAMAT GARNET 40X60         Bainbridge
B8531                    ALPHAMAT SPICE 32X40          Bainbridge
B8533                    ALPHAMAT BRITTANY 32X40       Bainbridge
B8533L                   ALPHAMAT BRITTANY 40X60       Bainbridge
B8534                    ALPHAMAT FLEMISH BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8535                    ALPHAMAT MOROCCAN SAND 32X40  Bainbridge
B8536                    ALPHAMAT HEATHER MIST 32X40   Bainbridge
B8536L                   ALPHAMAT HEATHER MIST 40X60   Bainbridge
B8539                    ALPHAMAT BRIARWOOD 32X40      Bainbridge
B8539L                   ALPHAMAT BRIARWOOD 40X60      Bainbridge
B8540                    ALPHAMAT TARTAN GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B8544                    ALPHAMAT PHOTO GREY 32X40     Bainbridge
B8545                    ALPHAMAT CATAWBA 32X40        Bainbridge
B8550                    ALPHAMAT CALABASH 32X40       Bainbridge
B8551                    ALPHAMAT BALTIC GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B8552                    ALPHAMAT CARMINE 32X40        Bainbridge
B8555                    ALPHAMAT NIMBUS 32X40         Bainbridge
B8555L                   ALPHAMAT NIMBUS 40X60         Bainbridge
B8556                    ALPHAMAT KIRKWOOD 32X40       Bainbridge
B8559                    ALPHAMAT PHOTO WHITE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8560                    ALPHAMAT SULTAN SAND 32X40    Bainbridge
B8561                    ALPHAMAT WHITE DOVE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8563                    ALPHAMAT TAUPE 32X40          Bainbridge
B8563L                   ALPHAMAT TAUPE 40X60          Bainbridge
B8564                    ALPHAMAT POWDER ROSE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8565                    ALPHAMAT OLDE ROSE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8566                    ALPHAMAT LILAC 32X40          Bainbridge
B8567                    ALPHAMAT DUSK GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B8567L                   ALPHAMAT DUSK GREY 40X60      Bainbridge
B8569                    ALPHAMAT POPPY 32X40          Bainbridge
B8570                    ALPHAMAT ICE BLUE 32X40       Bainbridge
B8570L                   ALPHAMAT ICE BLUE 40X60       Bainbridge
B8571                    ALPHAMAT HUNTER GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B8571L                   ALPHAMAT HUNTER GREEN 40X60   Bainbridge
B8572                    ALPHAMAT BLUE SPRUCE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8573                    ALPHAMAT TAPESTRY 32X40       Bainbridge
B8574                    ALPHAMAT SAPPHIRE 32X40       Bainbridge
B8574L                   ALPHAMAT SAPPHIRE 40X60       Bainbridge
B8575                    ALPHAMAT VIOLET 32X40         Bainbridge
B8577                    ALPHAMAT BLUSH 32X40          Bainbridge
B8582                    ALPHAMAT LUPINE 32X40         Bainbridge
B8583                    ALPHAMAT PALE MAUVE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8584                    ALPHAMAT PERIWINKLE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8585                    ALPHAMAT JONQUIL 32X40        Bainbridge
B8585L                   ALPHAMAT JONQUIL 40X60        Bainbridge
B8586                    ALPHAMAT IRIS 32X40           Bainbridge
B8587                    ALPHAMAT BELLFLOWER 32X40     Bainbridge
B8589                    ALPHAMAT TEAL BLUE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8591                    ALPHAMAT RIGHT RED 32X40      Bainbridge
B8592                    ALPHAMAT BORDEAUX 32X40       Bainbridge
B8593                    ALPHAMAT STEEL GREY 32X40     Bainbridge
B8593L                   ALPHAMAT STEEL GREY 40X60     Bainbridge
B8594                    ALPHAMAT DELTA CLAY 32X40     Bainbridge
B8597                    ALPHAMAT FLAGSTONE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8599                    ALPHAMAT TWILIGHT 32X40       Bainbridge
B88                      PAPERMAT T.V. GREY 32X40      Bainbridge
B88L                     PAPERMAT T.V. GREY 40X60      Bainbridge
B8801                    ALPHAMAT ES FEATHERSTONE 32X40Bainbridge
B8801L                   ALPHAMAT ES FEATHERSTONE 40X60Bainbridge
B8802                    ALPHAMAT ES AZTEC SAND 32X40  Bainbridge
B8802L                   ALPHAMAT ES AZTEC SAND 40X60  Bainbridge
B8803                    ALPHAMAT ES MESA PINK 32X40   Bainbridge
B8804                    ALPHAMAT ES BEDROCK 32X40     Bainbridge
B8805                    ALPHAMAT ES FLINT 32X40       Bainbridge
B8806                    ALPHAMAT ES PEBBLE BLUE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8808                    ALPHAMAT ES GYPSUM 32X40      Bainbridge
B8809                    ALPHAMAT ES FELDSPAR 32X40    Bainbridge
B89                      PAPERMAT BLACK 32X40          Bainbridge
B89P                     BLACK PEBBLE 32X40            Bainbridge
B89L                     PAPERMAT BLACK 40X60          Bainbridge
B4091                    FABRIC MERINGUE 32X40         Bainbridge
CB3240                   32"x 40" Cardboard 24/Bundle  Supplies
CB4060                   40"x 60" Cardboard 24/Bundle  Supplies
CSCH                     CONTEMPORARY HARDWOODS SAMPLE Corner Samples
CSFL                     FILLETS & LINERS SAMPLE SET   Corner Samples
CSHTG                    HERITAGE SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CSMAR                    MARQUIS SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
CSMON                    MONACO SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
CSQV                     QUEEN VICTORIA SAMPLES        Corner Samples
CSREN                    RENAISSANCE SAMPLE SETS       Corner Samples
CSRP                     REGENCY PALACE SAMPLES        Corner Samples
CSSRA                    SIERRA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
CSWIL                    WILLIAMSBURG SAMPLE SET       Corner Samples
FC32AF                   A.F. 3/16 32x40 FOAM CEN      Foamboard
FC40AF                   A.F. 3/16 40x60 FOAM CEN      Foamboard
H101                     L-J Screw Polybag             Supplies
H102                     L-J Snap Polybag              Supplies
H104                     NIELSEN SNAP POLYBAG          Supplies
H105                     L-J D-Ring Polybag            Supplies
H158                     L-J #58 Polybag               Supplies
H166                     L-J 66/80 Polybag             Supplies
H201                     L-J Bulk Hdwe/Screw Hanger    Supplies
H202                     L-J Bulk Hdwe/Snap Hanger     Supplies
H215                     L-J D-Ring Hanger/100         Supplies
H216                     NIELSEN NOTCHED HANGER/100    Supplies
H221                     L-J Screw Hangers/500         Supplies
H222                     L-J Snap Hangers/1000         Supplies
H223                     L-J Tapped Angles/1000        Supplies
H224                     L-J Back Plates/1000          Supplies
H225                     L-J Spring Clips/1000         Supplies
SHO4                     04" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO5                     05" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO6                     06" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO7                     07" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO8                     08" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO9                     09" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO10                    10" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO11                    11" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO12                    12" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO13                    13" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO14                    14" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO15                    15" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO16                    16" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO17                    17" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO18                    18" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO19                    19" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO20                    20" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO22                    22" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO24                    24" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO26                    26" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO28                    28" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO30                    30" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO32                    32" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO34                    34" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SHO36                    36" 230HO WOOD SECTION        Wood Sectional
SAWO                     LWS-285WO ASSORTMENT          Wood Sectional
SWO4                     4" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO5                     5" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO6                     6" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO7                     7" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO8                     8" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO9                     9" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SWO10                    10" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO11                    11" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO12                    12" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO13                    13" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO14                    14" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO15                    15" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO16                    16" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO17                    17" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO18                    18" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO19                    19" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO20                    20" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO22                    22" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO24                    24" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO26                    26" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO28                    28" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO30                    30" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO32                    32" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO34                    34" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SWO36                    36" 285WO WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAAG                     LWS-368AG ASSORTMENT          Wood Sectional
SAG4                     04" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG5                     05' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG6                     06" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG7                     07' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG8                     08" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG9                     09" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG10                    10' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG11                    11' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG12                    12' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG13                    13' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG14                    14' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG15                    15" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG16                    16" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG17                    17" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG18                    18" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG19                    19" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG20                    20' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG22                    22" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG24                    24" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG26                    26' 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG28                    28" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAG30                    30" 368AG WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SANW                     LWS-368NW ASSORTMENT          Wood Sectional
SNW4                     4" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW5                     5" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW6                     6" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW7                     7" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW8                     8" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW9                     9" WOODEN SECTIONAL           Wood Sectional
SNW10                    10" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW11                    11" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW12                    12" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW13                    13" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW14                    14" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW15                    15" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW16                    16" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW17                    17" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW18                    18" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW19                    19" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW20                    20" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW22                    22" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW24                    24" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW26                    26" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW28                    28" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW30                    30" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
CAFX                     ACID FREE X                   Crescent
CAF3X                    ACID FREE 3X                  Crescent
CO                       MOUNTING BOARD 40X60 .090 THICCrescent
CS                       MOUNTING BOARD 40X60 14 PLY WHCrescent
CX                       RECYCLED ST WHITE             Crescent
C1000                    POMPANO BEACH WHITE 32X40     Crescent
C1001                    MOSS POINT GREEN 32X40        Crescent
C1002                    MIST GRAY 32X40               Crescent
C1007                    TAUPE 32X40                   Crescent
C1008                    IVORY 32X40                   Crescent
C1009                    CRES LT. JONQUIL 32X40        Crescent
C1013                    CRES SEA GULL 32X40           Crescent
C1014                    OLDE GRAY 32X40               Crescent
C1015                    CRES GREY VIOLET 32X40        Crescent
C1016                    CONCORD 32X40                 Crescent
C1019                    PHOTO GRAY 32X40              Crescent
C1020                    SILVER FOIL 32X40             Crescent
C1021                    GOLD FOIL 32X40               Crescent
C1023                    CRIMSON 32X40                 Crescent
C1024                    DUSTY BLUE 32X40              Crescent
C1025                    CRES MED. GREY 32X40          Crescent
C1026                    ROSE GRAY 32X40               Crescent
C1027                    SILVER GRAY 32X40             Crescent
C1028                    SPICE IVORY 32X40             Crescent
C1029                    WHEAT 32X40                   Crescent
C1030                    PASTEL PINK 32X40             Crescent
C1031                    LIGHT TEAL 32X40              Crescent
C1032                    DARK OLIVE 32X40              Crescent
C1033                    DARK ASH 32X40                Crescent
C1036                    LIGHT MAUVE 32X40             Crescent
C1037                    DEEP PURPLE 32X40             Crescent
C1038                    MAROON 32X40                  Crescent
C1039                    AUBURN 32X40                  Crescent
C1040                    CLASSIC BROWN 32X40           Crescent
C1041                    BRICK RED 32X40               Crescent
C1042                    WILLIAMSBURG RED 32X40        Crescent
C1043                    AUTUMN GRAY 32X40             Crescent
C1045                    GRASS GREEN 32X40             Crescent
C1046                    BLUE GREEN 32X40              Crescent
C1047                    WILLIAMSBURG BLUE 32X40       Crescent
C1048                    COOL GRAY 32X40               Crescent
C1049                    MAUVE 32X40                   Crescent
C1051                    OLDE TAN 32X40                Crescent
C1053                    CRES DELFT BLUE 32X40         Crescent
C1054                    BALTIC BLUE 32X40             Crescent
C1056                    BOULDER BROWN 32X40           Crescent
C1057                    CRES REDWOOD 32X40            Crescent
C1060                    DOESKIN 32X40                 Crescent
C1061                    SANDSTONE 32X40               Crescent
C1062                    SUNTAN 32X40                  Crescent
C1067                    STORM BLUE 32X40              Crescent
C1068                    DIAMOND BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C1073                    BISCAY BLUE 32X40             Crescent
C1074                    GIBRALTER GRAY 32X40          Crescent
C1075                    MADEIRA RED 32X40             Crescent
C1076                    LAS CRUCES PURPLE 32X40       Crescent
C1077                    BURNT ORANGE 32X40            Crescent
C1078                    MADAGASCAR PINK 32X40         Crescent
C1079                    PARIS GREEN 32X40             Crescent
C1080                    BIMINI BLUE 32X40             Crescent
C1081                    VOLCANO BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C1082                    MARINE BLUE 32X40             Crescent
C1084                    AVOCADO 32X40                 Crescent
C1085                    RUST 32X40                    Crescent
C1087                    PERSIMMON 32X40               Crescent
C1088                    MIST 32X40                    Crescent
C1089                    SAUTERNE 32X40                Crescent
C1090                    PEWTER 32X40                  Crescent
C1092                    AZURE 32X40                   Crescent
C1095                    ANTIQUE BUFF 32X40            Crescent
C1096                    SEPIA 32X40                   Crescent
C1097                    FUDGE 32X40                   Crescent
C1100                    100%RAG ARCHIV MIST 32X40     Crescent
C1101                    100% RAG NEUTRAL GRAY 32X40   Crescent
C1102                    100% RAG VINTAGE GRAY 32X40   Crescent
C1103                    100% RAG OLDE ECRU 32X40      Crescent
C1104                    100% RAG ANTIQUE TAN32X40     Crescent
C1105                    100% RAG DESERT SAND32X40     Crescent
C1141                    LINI CREAM 32X40              Crescent
C1143                    LINI OATMEAL 32X40            Crescent
C1150                    2-PLY MUSEUM BOARD WHITE 32X40Crescent
C1152                    MUSEUM BOARD CREAM 32X40      Crescent
C1153                    MUSEUM BD WHITE 32X40 4PL     Crescent
C1155                    MUSEUM BD CREAM 32X40 4PL     Crescent
C1156                    MUSEUM BD WH LINEN 32X40      Crescent
C1157                    MUSEUM BD.ANT.WHITE 32X40     Crescent
C1159                    MUS.BD ANT.WHT.32X40 4PLY     Crescent
C1160                    MUSEUM BD ANT WHITE 40X60     Crescent
C1161                    MUSEUM BD CREAM 40X60 4PL     Crescent
C1162                    MUSEUM BD WHITE 40X60 4PL     Crescent
C1166                    MUSEUM BOARD 40X60 6-PLY      Crescent
C15C                     NEWSBOARD 32X40 TRIPLE THICK  Crescent
C1515                    MUS BARRIER 1 PLY 32X40       Crescent
C1530                    MUS DUP BD WH/ANT WH32X40     Crescent
C1531                    MUS DUP BD OFF WH/CR32X40     Crescent
C1536                    MUSEUM BOARD 32X40 6 PLY      Crescent
C1550                    RAG NEWPORT BLUE32X40         Crescent
C1551                    RAG STORM BLUE 32X40          Crescent
C1552                    RAG BISCAY BLUE 32X40         Crescent
C1553                    RAG BAR HARBOR GRAY 32X40     Crescent
C1554                    RAG WILLIAMSBURG GREEN 32X40  Crescent
C1555                    RAG AVOCADO 32X40             Crescent
C1558                    RAG RUSSET 32X40              Crescent
C1559                    RAG REDWOOD 32X40             Crescent
C1560                    RAG RUST 32X40                Crescent
C1561                    RAG SEPIA 32X40               Crescent
C1562                    RAG SABLE 32X40               Crescent
C1563                    RAG TAMPICO BROWN 32X40       Crescent
C1564                    RAG OAK BROWN 32X40           Crescent
C1565                    RAG SUNTAN 32X40              Crescent
C1566                    RAG SANDSTONE 32X40           Crescent
C1567                    RAG SAND 32X40                Crescent
C1570                    RAG FRENCH BUFF 32X40         Crescent
C1571                    RAG PALM BEACH WHITE 32X40    Crescent
C1572                    RAG MIST 32X40                Crescent
C1573                    RAG PEARL 32X40               Crescent
C1574                    RAG DAWN GREY  32X40          Crescent
C1575                    RAG COPLEY GRAY 32X40         Crescent
C1576                    RAG DARK GRAY 32X40           Crescent
C1577                    RAG RAVEN BLACK 32X40         Crescent
C1578                    RAG WILLIAMSBURG BLUE 32X40   Crescent
C1582                    RAG ANTIQUE BUFF 32X40        Crescent
C1583                    RAG OLDE TAN 32X40            Crescent
C1584                    RAG NUTMEG 32X40              Crescent
C1585                    RAG MAUVE 32X40               Crescent
C1586                    RAG LIGHT MAUVE 32X40         Crescent
C1588                    RAG IVORY 32x40               Crescent
C1592                    RAG OCEAN MIST 32x40          Crescent
C1593                    RAG SEA SHELL 32x40           Crescent
C1594                    RAG OLDE GREY 32x40           Crescent
C1595                    RAG GREY VIOLET 32x40         Crescent
C1596                    RAG DEEP LILAC 32x40          Crescent
C1598                    RAG BLUE SLATE 32x40          Crescent
C1599                    RAG DUSTY BLUE 32x40          Crescent
C1600                    RAG MEDIUM GRAY 32x40         Crescent
C1601                    RAG ROSE GRAY 32x40           Crescent
C1602                    RAG SILVER GRAY 32x40         Crescent
C1603                    RAG SPICE IVORY 32x40         Crescent
C1604                    RAG WHEAT 32x40               Crescent
C1605                    RAG PASTEL PINK 32x40         Crescent
C1606                    RAG OFF WHITE 32x40           Crescent
C1607                    RAG BRITE WHITE 32x40         Crescent
C1608                    RAG CREAM 32x40               Crescent
C1609                    RAG ANTIQUE WHITE 32x40       Crescent
C1610                    RAG WHITE 32x40               Crescent
C1611                    RAG CONGO GREEN 32x40         Crescent
C1612                    RAG TRUE RED 32x40            Crescent
C1613                    RAG VERY WHITE 32x40          Crescent
C20C                     NEWSBOARD 32X40 DOUBLE THICK  Crescent
C2238                    8 PLY WHITE 32X40 RAG         Crescent
C2268                    8 PLY WHITE 40X60             Crescent
C2921                    BLACK LINEN 32X40             Crescent
C2960                    WHITE LINEN 32X40             Crescent
C2961                    CREAM LINEN 32X40             Crescent
C3X                      RECYCLED BOARD 32X40 DT       Crescent
C3214                    CHINESE RED 32X40             Crescent
C3290                    SNOW WHITE 32X40              Crescent
C3291                    FRENCH BUFF 32X40             Crescent
C3293                    ANTIQUE WHITE 32X40           Crescent
C3295                    EGGSHELL 32X40                Crescent
C3297                    ARCTIC WHITE 32X40            Crescent
C33                      WHITE/CREAM SMOOTH 32X40      Crescent
C34                      WHITE/CREAM PEBBLE 32X40      Crescent
C38                      WHITE/ANT WHITE PEB 32X40     Crescent
C3921                    BLACK PEBBLE 32X40            Crescent
C40C                     NEWSBOARD 32X40 SINGLE THICK  Crescent
C4400                    FAUX LIGHT GRAY 32X40         Crescent
C4401                    FAUX MEDIUM GRAY 32X40        Crescent
C4402                    FAUX COOL GRAY 32X40          Crescent
C4403                    FAUX BLUE GRAY 32X40          Crescent
C4404                    FAUX BLACK 32X40              Crescent
C4408                    FAUX ROSE 32X40               Crescent
C4412                    FAUX BLUE 32X40               Crescent
C61002                   (BC) MIST GRAY 32X40          Crescent
C61023                   (BC) CRIMSON 32X40            Crescent
C61024                   (BC) DUSTY BLUE 32X40         Crescent
C61025                   (BC) MEDIUM GRAY 32X40        Crescent
C61028                   (BC) SPICE IVORY 32X40        Crescent
C61029                   (BC) WHEAT 32X40              Crescent
C61061                   (BC) SANDSTONE 32X40          Crescent
C61073                   (BC) BISCAY BLUE 32X40        Crescent
C61088                   (BC) MIST 32X40               Crescent
C63297                   (BC) ARCTIC WHITE 32X40       Crescent
C6984                    (BC) OAK BROWN 32X40          Crescent
C6988                    (BC) WILLS GREEN 32X40        Crescent
C6989                    (BC) RAVEN BLACK 32X40        Crescent
C81027                   SILVER GRAY 40x60             Crescent
C81028                   SPICE IVORY 40x60             Crescent
C81038                   MAROON 40X60                  Crescent
C81051                   OLDE TAN 40X60                Crescent
C81054                   BALTIC BLUE 40X60             Crescent
C81067                   STORM BLUE 40X60              Crescent
C81073                   BISCAY BLUE 40X60             Crescent
C81085                   RUST 40X60                    Crescent
C81088                   MIST 40X60                    Crescent
C81090                   PEWTER 40X60                  Crescent
C81095                   ANTIQUE BUFF 40X60            Crescent
C81096                   SEPIA 40X60                   Crescent
C81577                   RAG MAT RAVEN BLACK 40X60     Crescent
C81607                   RAG MAT BRITE WHITE 40X60     Crescent
C831                     SMOOTH BLACK 40X60            Crescent
C83214                   CHINESE RED 40X60             Crescent
C83293                   ANTIQUE WHITE 40X60           Crescent
C83297                   ARCTIC WHITE 40X60            Crescent
C834                     PEBBLED WHITE/CREAM 40X60     Crescent
C863297                  (BC) ARCTIC WHITE 40X60       Crescent
C86989                   (BC) RAVEN BLACK 40X60        Crescent
C8900                    RED 40X60                     Crescent
C8912                    INDIA 40X60                   Crescent
C8924                    DARK GRAY 40X60               Crescent
C8934                    PEARL 40X60                   Crescent
C8948                    SAND 40X60                    Crescent
C8962                    FRENCH GRAY 40X60             Crescent
C8968                    OLD GOLD 40x60                Crescent
C8969                    SILVER 40x60                  Crescent
C8974                    CRES DAWN GRAY 40X60          Crescent
C8976                    CRES BAR HARBOR GRAY 40X60    Crescent
C8977                    CRES NEWPORT BLUE 40X60       Crescent
C8978                    CONGO GREEN 40X60             Crescent
C8979                    CRES DUSK 40X60               Crescent
C8983                    CRES SADDLE TAN 40X60         Crescent
C8987                    CRES PALM BEACH WHITE 40X60   Crescent
C8988                    CRES WILLIAMSBURG GREEN 40X60 Crescent
C8996                    CRES RUSSET 40X60             Crescent
C8997                    CRES SABLE 40X60              Crescent
C900                     RED 32x40                     Crescent
C901                     APRICOT 32x40                 Crescent
C902                     YELLOW 32X40                  Crescent
C903                     SOFT GREEN 32x40              Crescent
C905                     VIOLET 32X40                  Crescent
C906                     INDIAN RED 32X40              Crescent
C907                     WINE 32X40                    Crescent
C908                     CANDLE LIGHT 32X40            Crescent
C909                     ENGLISH ROSE 32X40            Crescent
C911                     ICE MAUVE 32X40               Crescent
C912                     INDIA 32X40                   Crescent
C914                     GRAY PLUM 32X40               Crescent
C915                     FOG 32X40                     Crescent
C916                     AUTUMN MIST 32X40             Crescent
C917                     TWILIGHT 32X40                Crescent
C918                     VERY WHITE 32X40              Crescent
C919                     IVY GREEN 32X40               Crescent
C921                     SMOOTH BLACK 32X40            Crescent
C923                     LIGHT GRAY 32X40              Crescent
C924                     DARK GREY 32X40               Crescent
C928                     EXTRA LIGHT GREY              Crescent
C934                     PEARL 32X40                   Crescent
C935                     COPLEY GREY 32X40             Crescent
C939                     DARK GREEN 32X40              Crescent
C948                     SAND 32X40                    Crescent
C960                     C960/961 WHITE/CREAM 32X40    Matboard
C962                     FRENCH GREY 32X40             Crescent
C968                     OLD GOLD 32X40                Crescent
C969                     SILVER 32X40                  Crescent
C970                     GOLD 32X40                    Crescent
C971                     DAFFODIL 32X40                Crescent
C972                     FRENCH BLUE 32X40             Crescent
C974                     DAWN GRAY 32X40               Crescent
C975                     STONE GRAY 32X40              Crescent
C976                     BAR HARBOR GRAY 32X40         Crescent
C977                     NEWPORT BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C978                     CONGO GREEN 32X40             Crescent
C979                     CRES DUSK 32X40               Crescent
C981                     POMPEIAN RED 32X40            Crescent
C982                     RIVIERA ROSE 32X40            Crescent
C983                     SADDLE TAN 32X40              Crescent
C984                     OAK BROWN 32X40               Crescent
C985                     PYRO BROWN 32X40              Crescent
C986                     TAMPICO BROWN 32X40           Crescent
C987                     PALM BEACH WHITE 32X40        Crescent
C988                     WILLIAMSBURG GREEN 32X40      Crescent
C989                     RAVEN BLACK 32X40             Crescent
C990                     ORIENTAL RED 32X40            Crescent
C991                     PEACH 32X40                   Crescent
C993                     KELLY GREEN 32X40             Crescent
C994                     CHAMOIS GOLD 32X40            Crescent
C995                     FRENCH LILAC 32X40            Crescent
C996                     RUSSET 32X40                  Crescent
C997                     SABLE 32X40                   Crescent
N1101                    SILVER 9/32"                  Nielsen
N1102                    FROSTED SILVER 9/32"          Nielsen
N1103                    GOLD 9/32"                    Nielsen
N1104                    FROSTED GOLD 9/32"            Nielsen
N1108                    FROSTED BRONZE 9/32"          Nielsen
N1111                    PEWTER 9/32"                  Nielsen
N1112                    FROSTED PEWTER 9/32"          Nielsen
N1113                    CONTRAST GRAY 9/32"           Nielsen
N1114                    GERMAN SILVER 9/32"           Nielsen
N1118                    WALNUT 9/32"                  Nielsen
N1120                    ANODIC BLACK 9/32"            Nielsen
N1121                    MATTE BLACK 9/32"             Nielsen
N1130                    FROSTED STERLING BLUSH        Nielsen
N1140                    WHITE 9/32"                   Nielsen
N1150                    BLACK 9/32"                   Nielsen
N1168                    CHINESE RED 9/32"             Nielsen
N1201                    SILVER 9/32"                  Nielsen
N1202                    FROSTED SILVER 9/32"          Nielsen
N1213                    CONTRAST GRAY 9/32"           Nielsen
N1214                    GERMAN SILVER 9/32"           Nielsen
N1220                    ANODIC BLACK 9/32"            Nielsen
N1221                    MATTE BLACK 9/32"             Nielsen
N1501                    SILVER 3/8"                   Nielsen
N1502                    FROSTED SILVER 3/8"           Nielsen
N1503                    GOLD 3/8"                     Nielsen
N1504                    FROSTED GOLD 3/8"             Nielsen
N1505                    PALE GOLD 3/8"                Nielsen
N1507                    BRONZE 3/8"                   Nielsen
N1508                    FROSTED BRONZE 3/8"           Nielsen
N15100                   ROSEWINE 3/8"                 Nielsen
N15101                   BURGUNDY 3/8"                 Nielsen
N1511                    PEWTER 3/8"                   Nielsen
N1512                    FROSTED PEWTER 3/8"           Nielsen
N1513                    CONTRAST GRAY 3/8"            Nielsen
N1514                    GERMAN SILVER 3/8"            Nielsen
N1515                    AMBER 3/8"                    Nielsen
N1516                    CRIMSON 3/8"                  Nielsen
N1517                    VIENNA GREEN 3/8"             Nielsen
N1518                    WALNUT 3/8"                   Nielsen
N1519                    FROSTED WALNUT 3/8"           Nielsen
N1520                    ANODIC BLACK 3/8"             Nielsen
N1521                    MATTE BLACK 3/8"              Nielsen
N1540                    WHITE 3/8"                    Nielsen
N1546                    NAVY 3/8"                     Nielsen
N1550                    BLACK 3/8"                    Nielsen
N1552                    BRIGHT WHITE 1/2              Nielsen
N1554                    CLEAR YELLOW 3/8"             Nielsen
N1555                    RIGHT RED 3/8"                Nielsen
N1557                    FRENCH BLUE 3/8"              Nielsen
N1558                    INDIGO 1/2                    Nielsen
N1560                    ALMOND 1/2                    Nielsen
N1566                    LAPIS 3/8"                    Nielsen
N1568                    CHINESE RED 3/8"              Nielsen
N1584                    TITANIUM GREEN 3/8"           Nielsen
N1588                    JADE 1/2                      Nielsen
N1596                    ROSE QUARTZ 3/8               Nielsen
N2201                    SILVER 5/16"                  Nielsen
N2202                    FROSTED SILVER 5/16"          Nielsen
N2203                    GOLD 5/16"                    Nielsen
N2204                    FROSTED GOLD 5/16"            Nielsen
N2213                    CONTRAST GREY 5/16"           Nielsen
N2214                    GERMAN SILVER 5/16"           Nielsen
N2220                    ANODIC BLACK 5/16"            Nielsen
N2221                    MATTE BLACK 5/16"             Nielsen
N2250                    BLACK 5/16"                   Nielsen
N2505                    PALE GOLD                     Nielsen
N2514                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N2520                    ANODIC BLACK                  Nielsen
N2530                    FROSTED STERLING BLUSH        Nielsen
N3313                    CONTRAST GRAY 3/16"           Nielsen
N3350                    BLACK 3/16"                   Nielsen
N3501                    SILVER 7/16"                  Nielsen
N3503                    GOLD 7/16"                    Nielsen
N3520                    ANODIC BLACK 7/16"            Nielsen
N513                     CONTRAST GRAY 3/8"            Nielsen
N514                     GERMAN SILVER 3/8"            Nielsen
N520                     ANODIC BLACK 3/8"             Nielsen
N552                     BRIGHT WHITE 3/8"             Nielsen
N558                     INDIGO 3/8"                   Nielsen
N5001                    SILVER 7/16"                  Nielsen
N5005                    PALE GOLD 7/16"               Nielsen
N5014                    GERMAN SILVER 7/16"           Nielsen
N5020                    ANODIC BLACK 7/16"            Nielsen
N5021                    MATTE BLACK 7/16"             Nielsen
N7101                    SILVER 9/16"                  Nielsen
N7105                    PALE GOLD 9/16"               Nielsen
N7113                    CONTRAST GREY 9/16"           Nielsen
N7114                    GERMAN SILVER 9/16"           Nielsen
N7120                    ANODIC BLACK 9/16"            Nielsen
N7121                    MATTE BLACK 9/16"             Nielsen
N7501                    SILVER 1"                     Nielsen
N7502                    FROSTED SILVER 1"             Nielsen
N7503                    GOLD 1"                       Nielsen
N7513                    CONTRAST GREY 1"              Nielsen
N7514                    GERMAN SILVER 1               Nielsen
N7518                    WALNUT 1                      Nielsen
N7520                    ANODIC BLACK 1"               Nielsen
N7555                    RIGHT RED 1"                  Nielsen
N9014                    GERMAN SILVER 1 5/32"         Nielsen
N9020                    ANODIC BLACK 1 5/32"          Nielsen
US2901                   W1 CHAMP PURE WHITE           Framemica
US2926                   W1 CHAMP CARDINAL             Framemica
US2928                   W1 CHAMP BLACK                Framemica
US2965                   W1 CHAMP NAVY BLUE            Framemica
US7901                   W1 THRILLER PURE WHITE        Framemica
US7926                   W1 THRILLER CARDINAL          Framemica
US7928                   W1 THRILLER BLACK             Framemica
US7965                   W1 THRILLER NAVY BLUE         Framemica
US9928                   *W2 DYNASTY BLACK 1 1/2       Framemica
X0138                    W1 FL/NAT. LINEN-GOLD LINER  1Wood Mldg
X0140                    W2 FL/NAT.LIN-GOLD LINER 1 1/4Wood Mldg
X0148                    W2 FL/NAT.LINEN-GOLD LINER   2Wood Mldg
X0466                    W0 FL/GOLD FILLET 1/8"        Wood Mldg
X0772                    W2 1 1/2 GENUINE BIRDS EYE    Wood Mldg
X1385                    W2 FRUITWOOD-BLACK 1 3/8"     Wood Mldg
X1386                    W2 FRUITWOOD-BLACK 2 3/8"     Wood Mldg
X1536                    W1 FL/NAT. LINEN LINER     3/4Wood Mldg
X1537                    W1 FL/WHITE LINEN LINER    3/4Wood Mldg
X1551                    W2 FL/NAT. LINEN LINER   1 1/4Wood Mldg
X1552                    W2 FL/WHITE LINEN LINER  1 1/4Wood Mldg
X1571                    W2 FL/NATURAL LINEN LINER    2Wood Mldg
X1572                    W2 FL/WHITE LINEN LINER      2Wood Mldg
X1581                    W0 FL/NATURAL LINEN LINER    3Wood Mldg
X1582                    W0 FL/WHITE LINEN LINER      3Wood Mldg
X2130                    W0 FL/GOLD BEAD FILLET 1/4"   Wood Mldg
X2132                    W0 FL/GOLD EGG DART FILLET 1/4Wood Mldg
X2254                    W2 WALNUT WITH ORNAMENT 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
X2257                    W1 PREMIUM ROSEWOOD 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
X2260                    W1 3/4 PREMIUM ROSEWOOD       Wood Mldg
X2265                    W1 1 ROSEWOOD HOGARTH         Wood Mldg
X2266                    W1 1 WALNUT HOGARTH           Wood Mldg
X2272                    W0 1/2 BLACK-GOLD LINE        Wood Mldg
X2314                    W0 1/2 QV MAHOGANY EMB        Wood Mldg
X2315                    W0 1/2 QV WALNUT EMB          Wood Mldg
X2318                    W0 3/4 QV MAHOGANY EMB        Wood Mldg
X2319                    W0 3/4 QV WALNUT EMB          Wood Mldg
X2322                    W1 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED 7/8"  Wood Mldg
X2330                    W1 7/8 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED   Wood Mldg
X2331                    W1 7/8 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED     Wood Mldg
X2334                    W1 1 1/8 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED Wood Mldg
X2335                    W1 1 1/8 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED   Wood Mldg
X2343                    W2 1 1/2 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED Wood Mldg
X2346                    W2 2 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED     Wood Mldg
X2347                    W2 2 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED       Wood Mldg
X2348                    W2 2 QV PECAN EMBOSSED        Wood Mldg
X2350                    W2 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED 1 3/8"Wood Mldg
X2351                    W2 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED 1 3/8"  Wood Mldg
X2352                    W2 QV PECAN EMBOSSED 1 3/8"   Wood Mldg
X2355                    W2 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
X2358                    W2 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED 3"    Wood Mldg
X2359                    W2 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED 3"      Wood Mldg
X2362                    W2 3 1/4 QV MAHOGANY EMBOSSED Wood Mldg
X2363                    W2 3 1/4 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED   Wood Mldg
X2365                    W1 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED 1 1/4"  Wood Mldg
X2368                    W2 2 1/8 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED   Wood Mldg
X2380                    W0 3/4 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED     Wood Mldg
X2392                    W1 7/8 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED     Wood Mldg
X2401                    W0 3/4 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED     Wood Mldg
X2404                    W1 1 QV WALNUT EMBOSSED       Wood Mldg
X2405                    W1 1 QV PECAN EMBOSSED        Wood Mldg
X2541                    W1 5/8 ANTIQUE SILVER         Wood Mldg
X2550                    W2 1 5/8 POLISHED MAHOGANY    Wood Mldg
X2556                    W1 1 POLISHED CHERRY-GOLD LIP Wood Mldg
X2562                    W2 1 1/2 DRIFTWOOD            Wood Mldg
X2565                    W2 1 1/8 DRIFTWOOD            Wood Mldg
X2567                    W2 DRIFTWOOD 1 7/8"           Wood Mldg
X2590                    W1 3/4 ANTIQUE GOLD-RE        Wood Mldg
X2591                    W1 3/4 ANTIQUE SILVER         Wood Mldg
X2592                    W2 1 3/8 ANTIQUE GOLD         Wood Mldg
X2593                    W2 1 3/8 ANTIQUE SILVER       Wood Mldg
X2594                    W1 7/8 ANTIQUE GOLD           Wood Mldg
X2595                    W1 7/8 ANTIQUE SILVER         Wood Mldg
X2596                    W2 ANTIQUE GOLD-B 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
X2597                    W2 ANTIQUE SILVER 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
X2600                    W2 3 ANTIQUE GOLD-RED         Wood Mldg
X2620                    W2 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2621                    W2 1 3/4 REGENCY ANTIQUE      Wood Mldg
X2622                    W1 1 REGENCY ANTIQUE B        Wood Mldg
X2624                    W1 1 REGENCY SHADED BO        Wood Mldg
X2625                    W1 1 REGENCY ANTIQUE R        Wood Mldg
X2626                    W2 1 1/2 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2627                    W2 1 1/2 REGENCY ANTIQUE      Wood Mldg
X2628                    W0 1/2 REGENCY SHADE          Wood Mldg
X2630                    W1 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2631                    W1 1 3/4 REGENCY ANTIQUE      Wood Mldg
X2638                    W2 1 1/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2639                    W2 1 1/4 REGENCY ANTIQUE      Wood Mldg
X2640                    W0 1/2 REGENCY SHADE          Wood Mldg
X2641                    W0 1/2 REGENCY ANTIQUE        Wood Mldg
X2646                    W2 REGENCY SHADE 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
X2647                    W2 REGENCY ANTIQUE 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
X2648                    W2 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2649                    W2 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2700                    W2 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2701                    W1 1 REGENCY SHADED WA        Wood Mldg
X2705                    W1 1 3/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2707                    W2 1 1/4 REGENCY SHADE        Wood Mldg
X2708                    W0 1/2 REGENCY SHADED         Wood Mldg
10001                    *CS88 Serial#_____________    Equipment
101WO                    W0 101WO 1/2                  Wood Mldg
102CG                    W0 CLASSIC GOLD 1/2           Wood Mldg
102CS                    W0 CLASSIC SILVER 1/2         Wood Mldg
10202                    Wedge Driver for 810 & 276    Supplies
10204                    Wedge Driver                  Supplies
10206                    *Wedge Driver Grease          Supplies
10208                    *Hexagon Attachment           Supplies
10210                    *Octagon Attachment           Supplies
10212                    *Cassese Joining Kit          Supplies
103G                     W0 GOLD 1/2                   Wood Mldg
10401                    5mm (3/16") Softwood Wedges   Supplies
10403                    7mm (1/4") Softwood Wedges    Supplies
10405                    10mm (3/8") Hardwood Wedges   Supplies
10407                    10mm (3/8") Softwood Wedges   Supplies
10411                    12mm (1/2") Hardwood Wedges   Supplies
10413                    12mm (1/2") Softwood Wedges   Supplies
10415                    15mm (5/8") Hardwood Wedges   Supplies
10417                    15mm (5/8") Softwood Wedges   Supplies
10602                    Bulk 7mm(1/4") Softwood WedgesSupplies
10604                    Bulk 10mm(3/8")Hardwood WedgesSupplies
10606                    Bulk 10mm(3/8")Softwood WedgesSupplies
10608                    Bulk 12mm(1/2")Hardwood WedgesSupplies
10610                    Bulk 12mm(1/2")Softwood WedgesSupplies
10612                    Bulk 15mm(5/8")Hardwood WedgesSupplies
10614                    Bulk 15mm(5/8")Softwood WedgesSupplies
11004                    *Jun-Air Serial#____________  Equipment
11010                    Oil for Jun-Air, 1/2 Liter    Supplies
11210                    Black Flexipoints 15,000/box  Supplies
11401                    *Senco Flush Stapler          Equipment
11413                    CO5 Staples 28,000/box        Supplies
11415                    CO8 Staples 35,000/box        Supplies
11433                    **AY10 Slight-Head Pins (5000)Supplies
11435                    *AY11 Slight-Headed Pin (5000)Supplies
11437                    *AY13 Slight-Headed Pin (5000)Supplies
11602                    *Rubber Hose 1/4" x 25'       Supplies
11604                    *Quick-Connect Coupler/#SB3-3 Supplies
11606                    *Quick-Connect  (Male #PB3-3) Supplies
11610                    *T-Connector                  Supplies
11612                    *Work Station Coil Hose       Supplies
11614                    *Safety Blow Gun w/Male Plug  Supplies
11615                    *Air/Oil Filtration System    Supplies
11616                    *Air Filter Regulator/Oilless Supplies
11620                    *Quick-Connect Plug (Male #10)Supplies
11624                    *Quick-Connect   (Female)     Supplies
11801                    *C+H Thumbnail Master___      Equipment
11813                    Small Thumbnail Inserts (500) Supplies
11815                    Medium Thumbnail Inserts (500)Supplies
11817                    Large Thumbnail Inserts (250) Supplies
11821                    *Thumbnail Router Bit         Supplies
119G                     W0 119G 1/2                   Wood Mldg
120                      W0 120 5/8                    Wood Mldg
12017                    *Chopper Blades/ Morso        Supplies
12021                    *Reversible Chopper Blades    Equipment
12202                    *Fillet Chopper               Supplies
12210                    Pair of Fillet Chopper Blades Supplies
13612                    Fusion 4000 24 1/2"X 90 ft.   Supplies
13614                    Fusion 4000 40.5" x 90 ft.    Supplies
13622                    *Colormount 24" x 150 ft.     Supplies
13624                    Colormount 40.5" x 150 ft.    Supplies
13628                    *Colormount Cover Sheets 26x34Supplies
13642                    Buffermount 24" x 90 ft.      Supplies
13644                    Buffermount 40" x 90 ft.      Supplies
13652                    Release Board 32" X 40"(5/pkg)Supplies
13654                    *Release Paper 26" x 60 ft.   Supplies
13656                    *Release Paper 34" x 90 ft.   Supplies
13658                    Release Paper (1 Sided) 42"x90Supplies
13662                    Print Guard Luster 41" x 50 ftSupplies
13664                    Print Guard Matte 41" x 50 ft.Supplies
13668                    **Print Guard Linen 41"x 50 ftSupplies
13670                    *Sponge Foam 42" x 8.5 ft.    Supplies
13813                    TM2 24.5" x 150 ft.           Supplies
13815                    TM2 40.5" x 150 ft.           Supplies
140G                     W1 140G 5/8                   Wood Mldg
14002                    *3M #568 PMA Roll 16" x 50'   Supplies
14004                    3M #568 PMA Roll 24" x 50'    Supplies
14010                    **SureMount Glue - Gallon     Supplies
14012                    **Seal Vacu Glue - Half-GallonSupplies
14016                    **Yes Paste - Gallon          Supplies
141G                     W0 141G 1/2                   Wood Mldg
142W                     W0 142W 5/8                   Wood Mldg
14201                    *Tacking Iron                 Supplies
14205                    *Platen Cleaner 2 oz.         Supplies
14211                    *Zippy Cutter                 Supplies
14212                    *Zippy Replacement Blade 12/pkSupplies
14412                    *Traco 40" Shrink Packager    Equipment
14414                    *Traco Parts Kit              Supplies
14430                    *Traco Heat Gun               Supplies
145BL                    W0 145BL 1/2                  Wood Mldg
14601                    *Shrinkfilm 60-gauge 28" x500'Supplies
14603                    *Shrinkfilm 100 Gauge 28"x500'Supplies
14605                    Shrinkfilm 60 Gauge 36" x 500'Supplies
14607                    Shrinkfilm 100 Gauge 36"x500' Supplies
14621                    *Single Sheet Film 36" x 250' Supplies
150CG                    W0 FILLETS GOLD FILLET  1/4"  Wood Mldg
150G                     W0 FL/GOLD FILLET 1/4"        Wood Mldg
150S                     W0 FL/SILVER FILLET 1/4"      Wood Mldg
150W                     W0 FL/WALNUT FILLET 1/4"      Wood Mldg
15021                    *Fletcher Squaring Arm        Supplies
154BL                    W0 FL/BLACK FILLET 1/8"       Wood Mldg
156G                     W0 FL/GOLD PANEL SLIP         Wood Mldg
15802                    L-J #1200 Mat Blades 100/Box  Supplies
15804                    L-J #1500 Mat Blades 100/Box  Supplies
15812                    C+H #1200 Blades 100/Box      Supplies
15814                    C+H #1500 Mat Blades 100/Box  Supplies
15822                    Fletcher #1200 Blades 100/Box Supplies
15824                    Fletcher #1500 Blades (100)   Supplies
15840                    No. 991 Utility Blades 100/BoxSupplies
15842                    #992 HD Utility Blades Box 100Supplies
16201                    *OT1 Plastic Scoring Tool     Supplies
16202                    APB-12 Plastic Scoring Blade  Supplies
16203                    *No. OT3 Stub Knife Bevel Cut Supplies
16204                    *No.OT4 StubKnife StraightCut Supplies
16205                    *No. OT5 Bevel Stem w/blade   Supplies
16206                    *No. OT6 Straight Stem w/bladeSupplies
16208                    No. OT8 Common Knife Blade 6/pSupplies
16209                    *No. OT9 Glass Cutter Stem    Supplies
16210                    *No. 01-1W Glass Cutter WheelsSupplies
16211                    No. OT11 Embossing Tool       Supplies
16212                    No. OBK 199 Oval Tool Kit     Supplies
16603                    *Fletcher 3000 60" Cutter     Equipment
16611                    *Stop for Fletcher 3000       Supplies
16613                    M3000 Blade 10/Pkg.           Supplies
16615                    SU-01 Glass Wheel 10/Pkg.     Supplies
16617                    M-81 Mat Blades 10/Pkg.       Supplies
20403                    *Ruling Pen                   Supplies
20407                    *24 Inch Centering Rule       Supplies
20415                    *Gray Rottenstone (1 lb.)     Supplies
20419                    *Large Kneaded Eraser         Supplies
206CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 3/4           Wood Mldg
206S                     W1 SILVER 3/4                 Wood Mldg
208CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 3/4           Wood Mldg
208CS                    W1 CLASSIC SILVER 3/4         Wood Mldg
210G                     W1 GOLD 7/8                   Wood Mldg
21002                    Corner Weld - Pint            Supplies
21004                    Corner Weld - Gallon          Supplies
21010                    *Titebond Glue - Pint         Supplies
21012                    *Titebond Glue - Gallon       Supplies
21201                    3M Vac-u-mount Spray Adhesive Supplies
21203                    3M Photo Mount Adhesive       Supplies
21205                    3M Spraymount Adhesive        Supplies
21207                    3M No. 77 Spray Adhesive      Supplies
214BL                    W0 214BL 5/8                  Wood Mldg
214DO                    W0 214DO 5/8                  Wood Mldg
214NAT                   W0 214NAT 5/8                 Wood Mldg
214WH                    W0 214WH 5/8                  Wood Mldg
214WO                    W0 214WO 5/8                  Wood Mldg
21402                    ATG Tape 1/2" x 36 Yds.       Supplies
21404                    ATG Tape 3/4" x 36 Yds.       Supplies
21412                    ATG Tape Large Core 3/8"      Supplies
21414                    811 Magic Plus Tape 3/4" x 72 Supplies
21416                    810 Magic Tape 3/4" x 72      Supplies
21418                    Masking Tape Lg. Core 3/4"x 60Supplies
21420                    Filament Tape Lg. Core 3/4"x60Supplies
21422                    Sealing Tape 2" x 60 Yds.     Supplies
21430                    *Tape Dispenser (P56W)        Supplies
21432                    *Double-Roll Dispenser (C-22) Supplies
21434                    *Single-Roll Tape Dispenser   Supplies
215WO                    W1 215WO 3/4                  Wood Mldg
21502                    White Loop Tape 1" 25 yd/roll Supplies
21504                    Black Hook Tape 1" 25 yd/roll Supplies
21506                    Black Loop Tape 1" 25 yd/roll Supplies
21508                    Hook Triangles (50 per sheet) Supplies
21601                    Filmoplast P-90 3/4" x 165'   Supplies
21603                    Filmoplast - SH Linen Tape    Supplies
21605                    3M Micropore Tape 1"x10yds.   Supplies
21607                    Acid Free Linen Tape 1" x 150'Supplies
21617                    Mulberry Paper Strips         Supplies
218CW                    W1 218CW 3/4                  Wood Mldg
219G                     W1 219G 3/4                   Wood Mldg
220DO                    W1 220DO 3/4                  Wood Mldg
220WO                    W1 220WO 3/4                  Wood Mldg
22002                    *Larson-Juhl Mitre Vise       Equipment
222AM                    W1 ANTIQUE MAHOGANY 3/4       Wood Mldg
22201                    Fletcher FrameMaster          Supplies
22205                    Fletcher Framer's Points/3,000Supplies
22207                    *No. 2 Diamond Pts. 4000/Box  Supplies
22213                    No. 02 Glass Cutter           Supplies
22215                    *No. CA2 Carbide Glass Cutter Supplies
22217                    *Running Glass Pliers 8"      Supplies
22219                    *FrameMate 2 in 1 Fitting ToolSupplies
223CW                    W1 223CW 3/4                  Wood Mldg
22402                    *F-18 Brad Nailer             Supplies
22410                    F-18 11/16" Brads 2000/Box    Supplies
22806                    **Stanley 7 oz. Claw Hammer   Supplies
22808                    **Stanley 1/32" Nail Set      Supplies
22810                    **General Tools #818 Awl      Supplies
22812                    **Komelon 10ft. Tape Measure  Supplies
22816                    **Stanley Softface Hammer 8oz.Supplies
22818                    **Stanley Tack Hammer         Supplies
22820                    **Vinyl Safety Glasses        Supplies
22903                    Retractable Utility Knife     Supplies
22905                    Paper Back Trimming Knife     Supplies
22907                    Dexter #3 Blades for 22905 (5)Supplies
22911                    *Canvas Stretching Pliers     Supplies
22915                    *Swingline Staples 1/4" 5000  Supplies
22917                    Draftsman's Dusting Brush     Supplies
22919                    Burnishing Bone               Supplies
22921                    *Aluminum T-Square 36"        Supplies
22923                    *Aluminum Ruler 24"           Supplies
23003                    3/4" x 18 Wire Brads          Supplies
23004                    3/4" x 20 Wire Brads          Supplies
23006                    1" x 17 Wire Brads            Supplies
23008                    1" x 19 Wire Brads            Supplies
23010                    1 1/4" x 17 Wire Brads        Supplies
23012                    1 1/2" x 16 Wire Brads        Supplies
23014                    1 1/2" x 18 Wire Brads        Supplies
23016                    1 3/4" x 16 Wire Brads        Supplies
23018                    2" x 15 Wire Brads            Supplies
23210                    Putty Assortment (Kit Item)   Supplies
23212                    Gold Putty 2 oz.              Supplies
23213                    Dark Gold Putty 2 oz.         Supplies
23214                    Silver Putty 2 oz.            Supplies
23215                    Black Putty 2 oz.             Supplies
23216                    White Putty 2 oz.             Supplies
23217                    Blond Maple Putty 2 oz.       Supplies
23218                    Dark Provincial Maple Putty   Supplies
23220                    Dark Walnut Putty 2 oz.       Supplies
23221                    Light Oak Putty 2 oz.         Supplies
23222                    Mahogany Putty 2 oz.          Supplies
23223                    Medium Maple Putty 2 oz.      Supplies
23224                    Natural Putty 2 oz.           Supplies
23225                    Walnut Putty  2 oz.           Supplies
233WO                    W0 233WO 5/8"                 Wood Mldg
234                      W1 234 3/4                    Wood Mldg
234WO                    W1 234WO 3/4                  Wood Mldg
23403                    *Almond Nail Hole Filler      Supplies
23424                    *Forest Green Nail Hole FillerSupplies
23425                    *Claret Nail Hole Filler      Supplies
23426                    *Cardinal Nail Hole Filler    Supplies
23465                    *Navy Blue Nail Hole Filler   Supplies
23456                    *Dusty Rose Nail Hole Filler  Supplies
23491                    *Norcross Peach Nail  Fillr   Supplies
23630                    Gold Touch-Up Marker          Supplies
23632                    Silver Touch-Up Marker        Supplies
23802                    Picture Wire Caddy            Supplies
23812                    No. 2 Picture Wire/1350' SpoolSupplies
23813                    No. 3 Picture Wire/1000' SpoolSupplies
23814                    No. 4 Picture Wire/750' Spool Supplies
23816                    No. 6 Picture Wire/575' Spool Supplies
23822                    ** #3 Surflon Wire 40# 1000'  Supplies
23824                    **Sleeves for #3 Surflon Wire Supplies
23826                    ** #4 Surflon Wire 60# 1000'  Supplies
23828                    ** Sleeves for #4 Surflon WireSupplies
24001                    212 1/2 Screw Eyes / 200 Pkg. Supplies
24002                    212 1/2 Screw Eyes 1000/Box   Supplies
24003                    213 1/2 Screw Eyes / 200 Pkg. Supplies
24004                    213 1/2 Screw Eyes 1000/Box   Supplies
24005                    214 1/2 Screw Eyes / 200 Pkg. Supplies
24006                    214 1/2 Screw Eyes 1000/Box   Supplies
24007                    215 1/2 Screw Eyes / 200 Pkg. Supplies
24008                    215 1/2 Screw Eyes 1000/Box   Supplies
24011                    Super Steel I Hangers (200)   Supplies
24013                    Super Steel II Hangers (200)  Supplies
24021                    Single-Screw Strap Hangers/100Supplies
24023                    Double-Screw Strap Hangers/100Supplies
24030                    Small Sawtooth Hangers/100 pk Supplies
24031                    Small Sawtooth Hanger/1000 pk Supplies
24032                    Large Sawtooth Hangers/100 pk Supplies
24033                    Large Sawtooth Hangers/1000pk Supplies
24036                    Kwik Foamboard Hangers 100/bagSupplies
24037                    Zig Zag Hangers 100/bag       Supplies
24041                    Metal Security Polybag        Supplies
24043                    *Bulk Metal Security Hangers  Supplies
24045                    Wood Security Polybag         Supplies
24047                    Bulk Wood Security Hangers    Supplies
24051                    Wrench for Security Hangers   Supplies
24202                    *LJ Premium Display Full Set  Supplies
24212                    LJ Hangers 10# 12 bags/box    Supplies
24214                    LJ Hangers 20# 12 bags/box    Supplies
24216                    LJ Hangers 30# 12 bags/box    Supplies
24218                    LJ Hangers 50# 12 bags/box    Supplies
24220                    LJ Hangers 75# 12 bags/box    Supplies
24302                    LJ Hangers 10# 100 bags/box   Supplies
24304                    LJ Hangers 20# 100 bags/box   Supplies
24306                    LJ Hangers 30# 100 bags/box   Supplies
24308                    LJ Hangers 50# 100 bags/box   Supplies
24310                    Extra Nails 100/bag           Supplies
24502                    10 lb. Courtesy Hanger 100/pk Supplies
24504                    20 lb. Courtesy Hangers 100/pkSupplies
24506                    30 lb. Courtesy Hangers 100/pkSupplies
24801                    S-1 Large Turnbuttons w/screwsSupplies
24803                    S-12 Small Turnbuttons w/screwSupplies
24811                    1/8" Offsets + Screws 100/pkg.Supplies
24813                    1/4" Offsets + Screws 100/pkg.Supplies
24815                    3/8" Offsets + Screws 100/pkg.Supplies
24817                    1/2" Offsets + Screws 100/pkg.Supplies
24821                    Stretcher Bar Clips 100/bag   Supplies
25002                    *Complete Fitting Kit(25/bags)Supplies
25201                    3M Brown Bumpons 1000/box     Supplies
25203                    3M Clear Bumpons 1000/box     Supplies
25211                    3/8" Felt Pad Bumpers (1000)  Supplies
25213                    5/8" Felt Pad Bumpers (1000)  Supplies
25402                    4x5 Easel Back with 5/8" drop Supplies
25404                    5x7 Easel Back with 5/8" drop Supplies
25406                    8x10 Easel Back with 5/8" dropSupplies
25408                    11x14 Easel Back w/ 5/8" drop Supplies
25631                    Uni-Frame 20(fits up to 20x20)Supplies
25633                    Uni-Frame 40(fits up to 40x40)Supplies
25802                    *Knife Holder  1/pkg          Supplies
25804                    *Spoon/Object Holder 12/pkg   Supplies
25806                    *Coin Holder,2 each sz US Cn. Supplies
25808                    *Plate Holder 12/pkg.         Supplies
25810                    *Multi Purpose Holder-6 sm/6lgSupplies
25812                    *Gun Holder 1/pkg.            Supplies
26011                    *100' of Frame Space I - ClearSupplies
26013                    *60' of Frame Space III -ClearSupplies
26202                    105'/bundle Sm Strainer stock Wood Mldg
26204                    Medium Strainer Stock         Wood Mldg
26206                    Large Strainer Stock          Wood Mldg
26610                    *Antique Gold Picture Light 5"Supplies
26612                    *Antique Gold Picture Light 8"Supplies
26614                    *Antique Gold Picture Light14"Supplies
26624                    *Polished Brass Pict Light 14"Supplies
26632                    *Contemporary Brass Pict Lt 9"Supplies
26650                    *Bulb for 5" Picture Light    Supplies
26652                    *Bulb for 8" & 14" Picture LtsSupplies
26654                    *Bulb for Contemp Picture LighSupplies
274                      W1 274 3/4                    Wood Mldg
277G                     W1 277G 7/8"                  Wood Mldg
27803                    *Sales Video                  Supplies
27820                    *Picture Framing/Vol. I (Book)Supplies
27822                    *Mat Cutting & Decoration(BookSupplies
27824                    *Framing Needlework  (Book)   Supplies
27826                    *Art of Creative Matting (BookSupplies
27840                    *Framer's Workbook            Supplies
28002                    Sprayway Glass Cleaner        Supplies
28006                    Kaydry Wipes                  Supplies
28008                    Larson-Juhl Super Wipes       Supplies
G1114                    Clear Glass 11x14             Glass
G1620                    Clear Glass 16x20             Glass
G1824                    Clear Glass 18x24             Glass
G2024                    Clear Glass 20x24             Glass
G2228                    Clear Glass 22x28             Glass
G2430                    Clear Glass 24x30             Glass
G2436                    Clear Glass 24x36             Glass
G2632                    Clear Glass 26x32             Glass
G3040                    Clear Glass 30x40             Glass
G3240                    Clear Glass 32x40             Glass
285BL                    W1 285BL 3/4                  Wood Mldg
285NAT                   W1 285NAT 3/4                 Wood Mldg
285WO                    W1 285WO 3/4                  Wood Mldg
28802                    *36" Kraft Dispenser          Supplies
28804                    *24" Kraft Dispenser          Supplies
28812                    36" Brown Kraft Paper         Supplies
290G                     W1 290G 5/8"                  Wood Mldg
290S                     W1 290S 5/8"                  Wood Mldg
29007                    Plastic Bags 36" x 48" (325)  Supplies
291BDG                   W1 291BDG 3/4                 Wood Mldg
291RDG                   W1 291RDG 3/4                 Wood Mldg
292BG                    W1 292BG 3/4                  Wood Mldg
29204                    No. 2 Cardboard Corners (200) Supplies
29206                    No. 3 Cardboard Corners (200) Supplies
293G                     W1 293G 3/4                   Wood Mldg
303CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 1             Wood Mldg
322CW                    W1 322CW 1                    Wood Mldg
322LW                    W1 LIGHT WALNUT 1             Wood Mldg
323CW                    W1 323CW 1                    Wood Mldg
323G                     W1 GOLD 1                     Wood Mldg
324WR                    W1 324WR 1                    Wood Mldg
325WR                    W1 RUSTIC WALNUT 1            Wood Mldg
326CW                    W1 CLASSIC WALNUT 1           Wood Mldg
326RO                    W1 ROSEWOOD 1                 Wood Mldg
329G                     W1 GOLD 1                     Wood Mldg
335                      W0 335 1                      Wood Mldg
335WO                    W0 335WO 1                    Wood Mldg
365DO                    W1 365DO 1                    Wood Mldg
365NAT                   W1 365NAT 1                   Wood Mldg
365WO                    W1 365WO 1                    Wood Mldg
368AG                    W1 368AG 1                    Wood Mldg
368DG                    W1 368DG 1                    Wood Mldg
368DO                    W1 368DO 1                    Wood Mldg
368GY                    W1 368GY 1                    Wood Mldg
368NW                    W1 368NW 1                    Wood Mldg
368PRA                   W1 PROVINCIAL ASH 1           Wood Mldg
368WO                    W1 368WO 1                    Wood Mldg
372G                     W1 372G 1                     Wood Mldg
372S                     W1 372S 1                     Wood Mldg
377CM                    W1 CLASSIC MAHOGANY 7/8"      Wood Mldg
377CW                    W1 377CW 7/8"                 Wood Mldg
377G                     W1 GOLD 7/8"                  Wood Mldg
377LW                    W1 377LW 7/8"                 Wood Mldg
378CG                    W1 378CG 1 1/8"               Wood Mldg
382W                     W1 382W 1                     Wood Mldg
383AM                    W1 383AM 1                    Wood Mldg
383CW                    W1 383CW 1                    Wood Mldg
384CW                    W1 384CW 1                    Wood Mldg
388NAT                   W1 NATURAL FINISH ON OAK 1    Wood Mldg
388WO                    W1 MEDIUM WALNUT ON OAK 1     Wood Mldg
390G                     W2 GOLD 1 1/8"                Wood Mldg
391PRA                   W1 PROVINCIAL ASH 1           Wood Mldg
392CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 1             Wood Mldg
405                      W1 405 1 1/4                  Wood Mldg
406CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/8"        Wood Mldg
406CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
411GY                    W2 FL/GRAY(RUSTIC) LINER 1 1/4Wood Mldg
411W                     W2 FL/WALNUT LINER       1 1/4Wood Mldg
4219                     ARQADIA GREEN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4221                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL 7/8"         Wood Mldg
423BWG                   W1 423BWG 1 1/4               Wood Mldg
424AG                    W2 424AG 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
424DO                    W2 424DO 1 3/8                Wood Mldg
424GY                    W2 424GY 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
424NW                    W2 424NW 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
427CG                    W2 427CG 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
431G                     W2 GOLD 1 3/8"                Wood Mldg
440DG                    W2 440DG 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
440NAT                   W2 440NAT 1 3/8"              Wood Mldg
440PRA                   W2 440PRA 1 3/8"              Wood Mldg
440WO                    W2 440WO 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
442WR                    W2 442WR 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
443CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/8"        Wood Mldg
444CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
444CM                    W2 CLASSIC MAHOGANY 1 1/2     Wood Mldg
444CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
444CW                    W2 CLASSIC WALNUT 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
444DG                    W2 444DG 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
444NAT                   W2 444NAT 1 1/2               Wood Mldg
444PRA                   W2 444PRA 1 1/2               Wood Mldg
444WO                    W2 444WO 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
445CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
446CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 5/8         Wood Mldg
447G                     W2 GOLD 1 1/2                 Wood Mldg
448CM                    W2 CLASSIC MAHOGANY 1 1/4     Wood Mldg
448G                     W2 GOLD 1 1/4                 Wood Mldg
448S                     W2 SILVER 1 1/4               Wood Mldg
449CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
450CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 3/8"        Wood Mldg
458                      W0 458 1 3/8"                 Wood Mldg
464DO                    W0 464DO 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
464GY                    W0 464GY 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
464NW                    W0 464NW 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
464WO                    W0 464WO 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
466NW                    W2 466NW 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
472G                     W2 472G 1 1/2                 Wood Mldg
474DO                    W2 474DO 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
476G                     W2 476G 1 3/8"                Wood Mldg
477G                     W2 477G 1 1/2                 Wood Mldg
481G                     W2 481G 1 1/2"                Wood Mldg
482CM                    W2 CLASSIC MAHOGANY 1 1/2     Wood Mldg
482CW                    W2 482CW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
482LW                    W2 482LW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
483CW                    W2 483CW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
483G                     W2 GOLD 1 1/2                 Wood Mldg
483PRA                   W2 PROVINCIAL ASH 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
484CW                    W2 484CW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
484LW                    W2 484LW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
486CG                    W1 486CG  1"                  Wood Mldg
486CMG                   W1 486CMG 1 1/8"              Wood Mldg
486CWG                   W1 486CWG 1 1/8"              Wood Mldg
487BDG                   W2 487BDG 1 1/4               Wood Mldg
488RO                    W2 ROSEWOOD 1 1/2             Wood Mldg
489G                     W2 GOLD 1 3/8"                Wood Mldg
490CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
491CW                    W2 CLASSIC WALNUT 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
492G                     W2 GOLD 1 1/2                 Wood Mldg
500CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2             Wood Mldg
500CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 2           Wood Mldg
508                      W2 508 2                      Wood Mldg
512AM                    W2 512AM 1 5/8"               Wood Mldg
515BG                    W2 BLACK LACQUER W/GOLD 1 7/8"Wood Mldg
515CW                    W2 CLASSIC WALNUT 1 7/8"      Wood Mldg
515G                     W2 GOLD 1 7/8"                Wood Mldg
515S                     W2 SILVER 1 7/8"              Wood Mldg
544CM                    W2 CLASSIC MAHOGANY 2         Wood Mldg
548DO                    W0 548DO 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
548NW                    W0 548NW 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
548WO                    W0 548WO 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
549                      W2 549 1 3/4                  Wood Mldg
553DO                    W2 553DO 2                    Wood Mldg
553NW                    W2 553NW 2                    Wood Mldg
553PRA                   W2 PROVINCIAL ASH 2           Wood Mldg
560                      W0 560 1 7/8"                 Wood Mldg
565G                     W2 565G 2                     Wood Mldg
565GY                    W2 565GY 2                    Wood Mldg
565P                     W2 565P 2                     Wood Mldg
567CG                    W0 567CG 7/8"                 Wood Mldg
567CW                    W0 CLASSIC WALNUT 7/8"        Wood Mldg
568WO                    W0 568WO 3/4"                 Wood Mldg
570DO                    W2 570DO 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
570NW                    W2 570NW 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
575CG                    W2 575CG 2                    Wood Mldg
575RX                    W2 575RX 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
576G                     W2 576G 1 3/4"                Wood Mldg
576S                     W2 576S 1 3/4"                Wood Mldg
577CW                    W2 577CW 2"                   Wood Mldg
577LW                    W2 577LW 2"                   Wood Mldg
580WO                    W2 MEDIUM WALNUT ON OAK 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
600G                     W2 GOLD 2"                    Wood Mldg
601                      W2 601 2 5/8"                 Wood Mldg
645G                     W2 GOLD 2 1/2                 Wood Mldg
646BG                    W2 BLACK LACQUER W/GOLD 2 1/2 Wood Mldg
646G                     W2 GOLD 2 1/2                 Wood Mldg
647BG                    W2 BLACK LACQUER W/GOLD 2 1/4"Wood Mldg
647G                     W2 GOLD 2 1/4"                Wood Mldg
648CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2 1/2         Wood Mldg
649CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2 1/2"        Wood Mldg
747G                     W2 GOLD 3                     Wood Mldg
749AG                    W2 ANTIQUE GOLD 3 1/4"        Wood Mldg
900G                     Antique Gold Corner-565G 4/SetSupplies
900P                     Pewter Corners-565P 4/Set     Supplies
901G                     Antique Gold Corner-477G 4/SetSupplies
SAHO                     LWS-230HO ASSORTMENT          Wood Sectional
C61027                   (BC) SILVER GRAY 32X40        Crescent
C836                     SMOOTH WHITE/CREAM 40X60      Crescent
N15108                   TEAL 3/8"                     Nielsen
N501                     SILVER 3/8"                   Nielsen
N503                     GOLD 3/8"                     Nielsen
23830                    **8.5" Deluxe Crimp/Cut PliersSupplies
26622                    *Polished Brass Pict. Light 8"Supplies
C7100                    MOORMAN SUEDE MOUTARDE 32x40  Crescent
C7101                    MOORMAN SUEDE PERLE 32X40     Crescent
C7102                    MOORMAN SUEDE DUNE 32X40      Crescent
C7104                    MOORMAN SUEDE CHAMOIS 32X40   Crescent
C7105                    MOORMAN SUEDE DARK RUST 32X40 Crescent
C7106                    MOORMAN SUEDE ANTELOPE 32X40  Crescent
C7109                    MOORMAN SUEDE TAUPE 32X40     Crescent
C7111                    MOORMAN SUEDE SHAMROCK GREEN  Crescent
C7112                    MOORMAN SUEDE BORDEAUX 32X40  Crescent
C7113                    MOORMAN SUEDE MARINE BLUE     Crescent
C7114                    MOORMAN SUEDE CARBON BLACK    Crescent
C7115                    MOORMAN SUEDE MOKA 32X40      Crescent
C7116                    MOORMAN SUEDE CHINESE RED     Crescent
C7120                    MOORMAN SUEDE POLARIS 32X40   Crescent
C7128                    MOORMAN SUEDE OFF WHITE 32X40 Crescent
C7132                    MOORMAN SUEDE WHISPER 32X40   Crescent
C7133                    MOORMAN SUEDE DUSTY GREEN     Crescent
C7134                    MOORMAN SUEDE ASPARAGUS 32X40 Crescent
C7136                    MOORMAN SUEDE LE BEIGE 32X40  Crescent
C7138                    MOORMAN SUEDE PINK 32X40      Crescent
C7139                    MOORMAN SUEDE ANTHRACITE 32X40Crescent
C7140                    MOORMAN SUEDE WEESP BLUE 32X40Crescent
C7141                    MOORMAN SUEDE PLATINUM 32X40  Crescent
C7191                    MOORMAN SUEDE PFALZGRAFF 32X40Crescent
C7193                    MOORMAN SUEDE TUMBLEWEED 32X40Crescent
C7198                    MOORMAN SUEDE PLUM 32X40      Crescent
C7501                    MOORMAN LINEN VINK TWEED 32X40Crescent
C7513                    MOORMAN LINEN FOREST GREEN    Crescent
C7517                    MOORMAN LINEN DARK ROSE 32X40 Crescent
C7518                    MOORMAN LINEN ROYAL BLUE 32X40Crescent
C7519                    MOORMAN LINEN WHITE 32X40     Crescent
C7520                    MOORMAN LINEN MED. GREY 32X40 Crescent
C7521                    MOORMAN LINEN BLUE GRAY 32X40 Crescent
C7522                    MOORMAN LINEN BLACK 32X40     Crescent
C7526                    MOORMAN LINEN CREAM 32X40     Crescent
C7529                    MOORMAN LINEN MED. BROWN 32X40Crescent
C7531                    MOORMAN LINEN LIGHT GRAY 32X40Crescent
C7533                    MOORMAN LINEN MED. BLUE 32X40 Crescent
C7536                    MOORMAN LINEN BLUE GREEN 32X40Crescent
C7537                    MOORMAN LINEN LIGHT MOSS 32X40Crescent
C7540                    MOORMAN LINEN LT. BEIGE 32X40 Crescent
C7541                    MOORMAN LINEN SILVER GRAY     Crescent
C7543                    MOORMAN LINEN DARK MAUVE 32X40Crescent
C7544                    MOORMAN LINEN DUTCH RED 32X40 Crescent
C7550                    MOORMAN LINEN SMOKEY HILL     Crescent
C7551                    MOORMAN LINEN FLAX 32X40      Crescent
C7553                    MOORMAN LINEN EDELWEISS 32X40 Crescent
C7554                    MOORMAN LINEN NORTH SEA 32X40 Crescent
C7560                    MOORMAN LINEN BASQUE 32X40    Crescent
C87101                   MOORMAN SUEDE PERLE 40X60     Crescent
C87102                   MOORMAN SUEDE DUNE 40X60      Crescent
C87104                   MOORMAN SUEDE CHAMOIS 40X60   Crescent
C87106                   MOORMAN SUEDE ANTELOPE 40X60  Crescent
C87109                   MOORMAN SUEDE TAUPE 40X60     Crescent
C87111                   MOORMAN SUEDE SHMRK GRN 40X60 Crescent
C87113                   MOORMAN SUEDE MARINE BLUE40X60Crescent
C87114                   MOORMAN SUEDE CARBN BLK 40X60 Crescent
C87116                   MOORMAN SUEDE CHINESE RED40X60Crescent
C87120                   MOORMAN SUEDE POLARIS 40X60   Crescent
C87128                   MOORMAN SUEDE OFF WHITE 40X60 Crescent
C87132                   MOORMAN SUEDE WHISPER 40X60   Crescent
C87136                   MOORMAN SUEDE LE BEIGE 40X60  Crescent
C87140                   MOORMAN SUEDE WEESP BLUE 40X60Crescent
C87141                   MOORMAN SUEDE PLATINUM 40X60  Crescent
C87193                   MOORMAN SUEDE TUMBLEWEED 40X60Crescent
C87501                   MOORMAN LINEN VINK TWEED 40X60Crescent
C87513                   MOORMAN LINEN FOREST GRN 40X60Crescent
C87518                   MOORMAN LINEN ROYAL BLUE 40X60Crescent
C87519                   MOORMAN LINEN WHITE 40X60     Crescent
C87522                   MOORMAN LINEN BLACK 40X60     Crescent
C87526                   MOORMAN LINEN CREAM 40X60     Crescent
C87529                   MOORMAN LINEN MED. BROWN 40X60Crescent
C87541                   MOORMAN LINEN SILVER GRAY40X60Crescent
C87544                   MOORMAN LINEN DUTCH RED 40X60 Crescent
C87550                   MOORMAN LINEN SMOKEY HILL40X60Crescent
C87551                   MOORMAN LINEN FLAX 40X60      Crescent
C87553                   MOORMAN LINEN EDELWEISS 40X60 Crescent
C87560                   MOORMAN LINEN BASQUE 40X60    Crescent
105CB                    W0 CLASSIC BLACK 1/2 VIENNA   Wood Mldg
110CG                    W0 CLASSIC GOLD 1/2           Wood Mldg
115CGB                   W1 CLASSIC GOLD W/BLK 5/8"    Wood Mldg
300CBR                   W1 CLASSIC BROWN 1            Wood Mldg
340CB                    W2 CLASSIC BLACK 1 1/8        Wood Mldg
350CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2"        Wood Mldg
350CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
400CB                    W2 CLASSIC BLACK 1 1/2        Wood Mldg
400CBR                   W2 CLASSIC BROWN 1 1/2        Wood Mldg
400CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
400CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
480CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 1 1/2         Wood Mldg
480CGB                   W2 CLASSIC GOLD W/BLACK 1 1/2 Wood Mldg
650CB                    W2 CLASSIC BLACK 2 1/4        Wood Mldg
650CBR                   W2 CLASSIC BROWN 2 1/4        Wood Mldg
650CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2 1/4 VIENNA  Wood Mldg
650CGB                   W2 CLASSIC GOLD W/BLACK 2 1/4 Wood Mldg
650CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 2 1/4       Wood Mldg
655CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2 1/2         Wood Mldg
680CB                    W2 CLASSIC BLACK 2 5/8"       Wood Mldg
680CG                    W2 CLASSIC GOLD 2 5/8"        Wood Mldg
680CGB                   W2 CLASSIC GOLD W/BLACK 2 5/8"Wood Mldg
CSVIE                    VIENNA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
GR1114                   Reflection Control 11x14      Glass
GR1620                   Reflection Control 16x20      Glass
GR1824                   Reflection Control 18x24      Glass
GR2024                   Reflection Control 20x24      Glass
GR2228                   Reflection Control 22x28      Glass
GR2430                   Reflection Control 24x30      Glass
GR2436                   Reflection Control 24x36      Glass
GR2632                   Reflection Control 26x32      Glass
GR3040                   Reflection Control 30x40      Glass
GR3648                   Reflection Control 36x48      Glass
B8850                    ALPHA IMP ARABIAN FSSL 32X40  Bainbridge
B8852                    ALPHA IMP PHOENIX FSSL 32X40  Bainbridge
B8854                    ALPHA IMP PHOENIX HIDE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8855                    ALPHA IMP BALTIC HIDE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8859                    ALPHA IMP SAND STUCCO 32X40   Bainbridge
N1530                    FRST STRLNG BLUSH 3/8         Nielsen
C3300                    FLNNL ALABASTER  32x40        Crescent
C3301                    FLNNL HEATHER  32x40          Crescent
C3305                    FLNNL ENGLISH STONE 32x40     Crescent
C3306                    FLNNL HERRINGBONE 32x40       Crescent
C3307                    FLNNL DEVNSHIRE BLUE 32x40    Crescent
C3308                    FLNNL OXFORD 32x40            Crescent
C3309                    FLNNL TAPESTRY  32x40         Crescent
C3310                    FLNNL REGENT GRAY 32x40       Crescent
C3311                    FLNNL GRANITE  32x40          Crescent
C63300                   FLNNL(BC) ALABASTER 32x40     Crescent
C63305                   FLNNL(BC) ENG. STONE 32x40    Crescent
C63306                   FLNNL(BC) HRRGBONE 32x40      Crescent
C63307                   FLNNL(BC) DVNSHRE BLU 32x40   Crescent
C63310                   FLNNL(BC) REGENT GRAY 32x40   Crescent
C63311                   FLNNL(BC) GRANITE 32x40       Crescent
GR3240                   Reflection Control 32x40      Glass
G3648                    Clear Glass 36x48             Glass
C3268                    3/16" 24X36 FOME-COR          Foamboard
C3269                    FOME COR 1/8 40X60            Foamboard
C3270                    FOME COR 1/8 48X96            Foamboard
C3271                    FOME COR 3/16 32X40           Foamboard
C3272                    FOME COR 3/16 40X60           Foamboard
C3273                    FOME COR 3/16 48X96           Foamboard
C3274                    FOME COR 1/8 32X40            Foamboard
C3275                    FOME COR 3/8 48X96            Foamboard
C3276                    ACID FREE F.C. 1/8 32X40      Foamboard
C3277                    ACID FREE F.C. 3/16 32X40     Foamboard
C3278                    A-F F.C. 1/8 40X60            Foamboard
C3279                    A-F F.C. 3/16 40X60           Foamboard
H304                     BULK PACK                     Supplies
H322                     SNAP HANGERS/1000 (BULK)      Supplies
H323                     TAPPED CORNERS/1000 (BULK)    Supplies
H324                     BACK PLATES/1000 (BULK)       Supplies
H325                     SPRING CLIPS/1000 (BULK)      Supplies
H326                     CORNER BUMPERS/100 (BULK)     Supplies
US6928                   W2 BIG BOY BLACK              Framemica
X2131                    W0 FL/SILVER BEAD FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
X2133                    W0 FL/SLVR EGG DART FILLET 1/4Wood Mldg
10002                    *CS89 Serial#_____________    Equipment
15816                    C+H 1200 SE Blades/100        Supplies
13405                    *VacuSeal Starter Pack        Supplies
US5901                   W1 JUNIOR PURE WHITE          Framemica
US5926                   W1 JUNIOR CARDINAL            Framemica
US5928                   W1 JUNIOR BLACK               Framemica
US5965                   W1 JUNIOR NAVY BLUE           Framemica
B8522                    ALPHAMAT COBBLESTONE  32X40   Bainbridge
GC1620                   Conservation Clear 16x20      Glass
C87597                   MOORMAN LINEN OFF WHITE 40X60 Crescent
C7597                    MOORMAN LINEN OFF WHITE 32X40 Crescent
N502                     FROSTED SILVER 3/8"           Nielsen
N504                     FROSTED GOLD 3/8"             Nielsen
N550                     BLACK 3/8"                    Nielsen
N555                     RIGHT RED 3/8"                Nielsen
B4097                    FABRIC CAMEL 32X40            Bainbridge
B4099                    FABRIC NIGHTSHADE 32X40       Bainbridge
B4101                    FABRIC NAVY 32X40             Bainbridge
B4104                    FABRIC WHITE 32X40            Bainbridge
B4160                    SUEDE BLOSSOM 32X40           Bainbridge
B4162                    SUEDE ROSEWOOD 32X40          Bainbridge
B4163                    SUEDE BAYBERRY 32X40          Bainbridge
B4165                    SUEDE COAL 32X40              Bainbridge
B8468                    ALPHA MEDIEVAL FOREST 32X40   Bainbridge
B8469                    ALPHA STUART GREEN 32X40      Bainbridge
B8470                    ALPHA ETRUSCAN BRONZE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8471                    ALPHA DYNASTY CELADON 32X40   Bainbridge
B8473                    ALPHA FLORENTINE LAPIS 32X40  Bainbridge
B8474                    ALPHA PERSIAN SAPPHIRE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8475                    ALPHA OLYMPIAN BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8478                    ALPHA ROMANESQUE GRAPE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8479                    ALPHA IMPERIAL PLUM 32X40     Bainbridge
B8480                    ALPHA GOTHIC AMETHYST 32X40   Bainbridge
B8483                    ALPHA BAROQUE RUBY 32X40      Bainbridge
B8484                    ALPHA VENETIAN GARNET 32X40   Bainbridge
B8485                    ALPHA RENAISSANCE GOLD 32X40  Bainbridge
B8468L                   ALPHA MEDIEVAL FOREST 40X60   Bainbridge
B8471L                   ALPHA DYNASTY CELADON 40X60   Bainbridge
B8479L                   ALPHA IMPERIAL PLUM 40X60     Bainbridge
B8483L                   ALPHA BAROQUE RUBY 40X60      Bainbridge
B8487L                   ALPHA PALOMINO 40X60          Bainbridge
B8505L                   ALPHA TEAL GREY 40X60         Bainbridge
B8559L                   ALPHA PHOTO WHITE 40X60       Bainbridge
N523                     ANTIQUE GOLD 3/8"             Nielsen
N1123                    ANTIQUE GOLD 9/32"            Nielsen
N1506                    FROSTED TAUPE 3/8"            Nielsen
N1522                    CLASSIC COPPER 3/8"           Nielsen
N1523                    ANTIQUE GOLD 3/8"             Nielsen
C81550                   RAG NEWPORT BLUE 40X60        Crescent
C81554                   RAG WLLMSBRG GREEN 40X60      Crescent
C81562                   RAG SABLE 40X60               Crescent
C81571                   RAG PALM BEACH WHITE 40X60    Crescent
C81572                   RAG MIST 40X60                Crescent
C81576                   RAG DARK GRAY 40X60           Crescent
C81578                   RAG WILLIAMSBURG BLUE 40X60   Crescent
C81583                   RAG OLDE TAN 40X60            Crescent
C81588                   RAG IVORY 40X60               Crescent
C81602                   RAG SILVER GRAY 40X60         Crescent
C81603                   RAG SPICE IVORY 40X60         Crescent
C81606                   RAG OFF WHITE 40X60           Crescent
C81610                   RAG WHITE 40X60               Crescent
C81611                   RAG CONGO GREEN 40X60         Crescent
C81612                   RAG TRUE RED 40X60            Crescent
US79101                  W1 COLOR DUST WHITE DUST      Framemica
US79103                  *W1 COLOR DUST ALMOND DUST    Framemica
US79128                  W1 COLOR DUST BLACK DUST      Framemica
US39101                  W2 COLOR DUST WHITE DUST      Framemica
US39128                  W2 COLOR DUST BLACK DUST      Framemica
CSCD                     COLOR DUST SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
215GM                    W1 WINDSWEPT GRAY MIST 3/4"   Wood Mldg
215IG                    W1 WINDSWEPT IVORY 215 3/4    Wood Mldg
215SWG                   W1 WINDSWEPT SANDLWOOD 215 3/4Wood Mldg
385GM                    W1 WINDSWEPT GRAY MIST 1"     Wood Mldg
385I                     W1 WINDSWEPT IVORY 385 1      Wood Mldg
385SW                    W1 WINDSWEPT SANDALWOOD 385 1 Wood Mldg
C11W                     NEEDLE POINT                  Crescent
485SWG                   W2 WINDSWEPT SANDWOOD GL 1 1/2Wood Mldg
590I                     W2 WINDSWEPT IVORY 590 2"     Wood Mldg
395GM                    W1 WINDSWEPT GRAY MIST 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
425IG                    W2 WINDSWEPT IVORY 425 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
440GM                    W2 WINDSWEPT GRAY MIST 1 3/8" Wood Mldg
544GM                    W2 WINDSWEPT GRAY MIST 1 7/8" Wood Mldg
580IG                    W2 WINDSWEPT IVORY 580 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
750IG                    W2 WINDSWEPT IVORY 750 3 1/4" Wood Mldg
750SWG                   W2 WINDSWEPT SANDWOOD 3 1/4"  Wood Mldg
160I                     W0 WN/IVORY FILLET 1/2"       Wood Mldg
160GM                    W0 WN/GRAY MIST FILLET 1/2"   Wood Mldg
160SW                    W0 WN/SANDALWOOD FILLET 1/2"  Wood Mldg
160G                     W0 WN/GOLD FILLET 1/2"        Wood Mldg
C2253                    100%RAG 4 PLY WHITE 32X40     Crescent
C2255                    100%RAG 4 PLY CREAM 32X40     Crescent
C2259                    100%RAG 4 PLY ANT.WHT.32X40   Crescent
C2260                    100%RAG ANT WHITE 40X60       Crescent
C2261                    100%RAG 4PLY CREAM 40X60      Crescent
C2262                    100%RAG 4PLY WHITE 40X60      Crescent
C2263                    100%RAG 4 PLY WHITE 48X72     Crescent
GM2436                   MUSEUM GLASS 24X36            Glass
GM3240                   MUSEUM GLASS 32X40            Glass
160S                     W0 WN/SILVER FILLET 1/2"      Wood Mldg
10601                    Bulk 5mm(3/16")Softwood Wedge Supplies
C7201                    MOORMAN SILK BLACK 32X40      Crescent
C67300                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC)BLACK 32X40Crescent
C67301                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC) BROWN     Crescent
C67302                   MOORMAN LEATHER (BC) RED 32X40Crescent
23832                    No. 2 Zerlon Wire             Supplies
23833                    No. 3 Zerlon Wire             Supplies
23834                    No. 4 Zerlon Wire             Supplies
23836                    Super Max Zerlon Wire         Supplies
C1614                    RAG LIMOGE PINK 32x40         Crescent
C1615                    RAG PORCELAIN 32x40           Crescent
C1616                    RAG NEW CLAY 32x40            Crescent
C1617                    RAG SANTA FE 32x40            Crescent
C1618                    RAG POTTERY 32x40             Crescent
C1619                    RAG TOPAZ 32x40               Crescent
C1620                    RAG ENGLISH ROSE 32x40        Crescent
C1621                    RAG HIBISCUS 32x40            Crescent
C1622                    RAG BLUE PORCELAIN 32x40      Crescent
C1623                    RAG REAL TEAL 32x40           Crescent
C1624                    RAG PERIWINKLE BLUE 32x40     Crescent
C1625                    RAG CRIMSON 32x40             Crescent
C1626                    RAG LAPIS 32x40               Crescent
C1627                    RAG CERISE 32x40              Crescent
C1629                    RAG TAOS 32x40                Crescent
C1630                    RAG CRANBERRY 32x40           Crescent
C1631                    RAG SAGE 32x40                Crescent
C1632                    RAG TEA ROSE 32x40            Crescent
C1633                    RAG BLACK WATCH 32x40         Crescent
C1634                    RAG FOG 32x40                 Crescent
C1636                    RAG ALABASTER 32x40           Crescent
C1637                    RAG ENGLISH STONE 32x40       Crescent
C1638                    RAG TAPESTRY 32x40            Crescent
CPSX                     PERFECT MNT SGL.THK.AF.32X40  Crescent
CPS3X                    PERFECT MNT DBL.THK.AF.32X40  Crescent
CPSFC                    PERFECT MNT FM.CNTR.3/16 32X40Crescent
US29101                  W1 COLOR DUST WHITE DUST      Framemica
US29103                  *W1 COLOR DUST ALMOND DUST    Framemica
US29128                  W1 COLOR DUST BLACK DUST      Framemica
US59101                  W1 COLOR DUST WHITE DUST      Framemica
US59103                  *W1 COLOR DUST ALMOND DUST    Framemica
US59128                  W1 COLOR DUST BLACK DUST      Framemica
US59178                  W1 COLOR DUST CERAMIC BLUE    Framemica
GM3648                   MUSEUM GLASS 36X48            Glass
15851                    Carithers #1200 Blade 100/box Supplies
15852                    Carithers #1500 Blade 100/box Supplies
FC3218AF                 A.F. 1/8 32x40 FOAM CEN       Foamboard
C67303                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC) GREEN     Crescent
435AB                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE BRONZE     1 5/8Wood Mldg
435AE                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE EBONY      1 5/8Wood Mldg
435AI                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE IVORY      1 5/8Wood Mldg
635AB                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE BRONZE     2 1/2Wood Mldg
635AE                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE EBONY      2 1/2Wood Mldg
635AI                    W2 AM/ANTIQUE IVORY      2 1/2Wood Mldg
CSAMT                    CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
FC4018AF                 A.F. 1/8 40x60 FOAM CENT      Foamboard
533GB                    W2 GILDED BRONZE 1 3/4"       Wood Mldg
633GB                    W2 GILDED BRONZE 2 1/4        Wood Mldg
533GW                    W2 GILDED WHITE 1 3/4"        Wood Mldg
633GW                    W2 GILDED WHITE 2 1/4         Wood Mldg
133GB                    W0 GILDED BRONZE 1/2          Wood Mldg
133GW                    W0 GILDED WHITE 1/2           Wood Mldg
305GB                    W1 GILDED BRONZE 1            Wood Mldg
305GW                    W1 GUILDED WHITE 1"           Wood Mldg
CSPAL                    CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
N81150                   FLORENTINE SILVER             Nielsen
N81153                   FLORENTINE PEWTER             Nielsen
N81154                   FLORENTINE GRAY               Nielsen
N81155                   FLORENTINE AMBER              Nielsen
N81156                   FLORENTINE BLACK              Nielsen
N81160                   ANCIENT AMBER                 Nielsen
B7501                    NOVA PLATINUM 32X40           Bainbridge
B7504                    NOVA GENTLE GOLD 32X40        Bainbridge
B7506                    NOVA GRAPHITE 32X40           Bainbridge
B7510                    NOVA GRANITE SHADOW 32X40     Bainbridge
B7512                    NOVA LUNAR GREY 32X40         Bainbridge
B7513                    NOVA IRON GRILLE 32X40        Bainbridge
B7515                    NOVA WHITE BIRCH 32X40        Bainbridge
B7517                    NOVA DISTRESSED GOLD 32X40    Bainbridge
B7520                    NOVA BURNISHED GOLD 32X40     Bainbridge
B9506                    NOVA (BC) GRAPHITE 32X40      Bainbridge
B9510                    NOVA (BC) GRANITE SHADOW 32X  Bainbridge
B9513                    NOVA (BC) IRON GRILLE 32X40   Bainbridge
395SW                    W1 WINDSWEPT SNDWD 395 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
G810                     Clear Glass 8x10              Glass
15018                    *Fletcher 2100 Stops          Equipment
4230                     ARQADIA ORANGE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4217                     ARQADIA ORANGE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
160MAH                   W0 RF/MAHOGANY FILLET 1/2"    Wood Mldg
160NAT                   W0 RF/NATURAL FILLET 1/2"     Wood Mldg
225CHR                   W0 RF/CHERRY               5/8Wood Mldg
225MAH                   W0 RF/MAHOGANY             5/8Wood Mldg
225NAT                   W0 RF/NATURAL              5/8Wood Mldg
225WHT                   W0 RF/WHITE WASH           5/8Wood Mldg
410CHR                   W0 RF/CHERRY               3/4Wood Mldg
410MAH                   W0 RF/MAHOGANY             3/4Wood Mldg
410NAT                   W0 RF/NATURAL              3/4Wood Mldg
410WHT                   W0 RF/WHITE WASH           3/4Wood Mldg
415CHR                   W2 RF/CHERRY             1 1/4Wood Mldg
415MAH                   W2 RF/MAHOGANY           1 1/4Wood Mldg
415NAT                   W2 RF/NATURAL            1 1/4Wood Mldg
415WHT                   W2 RF/WHITE WASH         1 1/4Wood Mldg
430CHR                   W2 RF/CHERRY             1 3/8Wood Mldg
430MAH                   W2 RF/MAHOGANY           1 3/8Wood Mldg
430NAT                   W2 RF/NATURAL            1 3/8Wood Mldg
430WHT                   W2 RF/WHITE WASH         1 3/8Wood Mldg
510CHR                   W0 RF/CHERRY               7/8Wood Mldg
510MAH                   W0 RF/MAHOGANY             7/8Wood Mldg
510NAT                   W0 RF/NATURAL              7/8Wood Mldg
510WHT                   W0 RF/WHITE WASH           7/8Wood Mldg
GAR3240                  AR REFL FREE 32X40            Glass
GAR3648                  AR REFL FREE 36X48            Glass
CSREF                    REFLECTIONS SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
C7183                    MOORMAN SUEDE MOCCASIN 32X40  Crescent
C7182                    MOORMAN SUEDE BRONZE 32X40    Crescent
C7190                    MOORMAN SUEDE OLIVE 32X40     Crescent
C7184                    MOORMAN SUEDE CINNAMON 32X40  Crescent
C7181                    MOORMAN SUEDE SUNSET 32X40    Crescent
C7180                    MOORMAN SUEDE WHITE 32X40     Crescent
B844                     PAPERMAT SEASIDE   32X40      Bainbridge
B846                     PAPERMAT SEASHELL 32X40       Bainbridge
B848                     PAPERMAT RASPBERRY 32X40      Bainbridge
B852                     PAPERMAT SILVERPINE32X40      Bainbridge
B854                     CARIBBEAN BLUE 32X40          Bainbridge
B856                     PAPERMAT LEMONADE 32X40       Bainbridge
B847                     PAPERMAT ROSE 32X40           Bainbridge
B849                     PAPERMAT GRAPE 32X40          Bainbridge
B853                     PAPERMAT SLATE GRN 32X40      Bainbridge
B857                     PAPERMAT LIPSTICK 32X40       Bainbridge
B844L                    SEASIDE 40X60                 Bainbridge
B852L                    BAIN SILVERPINE 40X60         Bainbridge
B856L                    BAIN LEMONADE 40X60           Bainbridge
B847L                    BAIN ROSE 40X60               Bainbridge
B851                     PAPERMAT BLKBRY CREAM         Bainbridge
G1216                    Clear Glass 12x16             Glass
C3314                    LIMOGE PINK 32X40             Crescent
C3315                    PORCELAIN 32X40               Crescent
C3316                    NEW CLAY 32X40                Crescent
C3317                    SANTA FE 32X40                Crescent
C3318                    GREEN PEAR 32X40              Crescent
C3319                    TOPAZ 32X40                   Crescent
C3320                    SAFFRON 32X40                 Crescent
C3322                    BLUE PORCELAIN 32X40          Crescent
21406                    924 ATG Tape 1/2" x 11 yds.   Supplies
CSPB                     PRESIDENTIAL BURLS SAMPLE SET Corner Samples
C3323                    REAL TEAL 32X40               Crescent
C3324                    PERIWINKLE BLUE 32X40         Crescent
C3325                    MANDARIN 32X40                Crescent
C3326                    LAPIS 32X40                   Crescent
21405                    969 ATG Tape 1/2" Double ThickSupplies
C3328                    ART DECO GREEN 32X40          Crescent
C3329                    TAOS 32X40                    Crescent
C3330                    CRANBERRY 32X40               Crescent
C3331                    SAGE 32X40                    Crescent
C3333                    BLACK WATCH 32X40             Crescent
C3339                    COGNAC 32X40                  Crescent
C3340                    MANOR WHITE 32X40             Crescent
C4444                    FAUX MTLC BLACK GOLD MARBLE 32Crescent
C3700                    ETCHED SILVER 32X40           Crescent
C3701                    GERMAN SILVER 32X40           Crescent
C3702                    PEWTER 32X40                  Crescent
C3703                    GUNMETAL 32X40                Crescent
C3706                    COPPER 32X40                  Crescent
C3707                    CHAMPAGNE GOLD 32X40          Crescent
C3708                    ETCHED GOLD 32X40             Crescent
C3709                    PALE GOLD 32X40               Crescent
C3710                    24 KARAT 32X40                Crescent
C3711                    SPANISH GOLD 32X40            Crescent
C3712                    ROUGE GOLD 32X40              Crescent
C3713                    NERO GOLD 32X40               Crescent
C3714                    GILDED GOLD 32X40             Crescent
N1510                    GRAPHITE 3/8"                 Nielsen
N1541                    BLUEBERRY 3/8"                Nielsen
N1542                    SPRUCE 3/8"                   Nielsen
N1543                    FERN 3/8"                     Nielsen
N1551                    PLUM 3/8"                     Nielsen
N7510                    GRAPHITE 1"                   Nielsen
N7521                    MATTE BLACK 1"                Nielsen
US28005                  *W2 PRES BURLS MAHOGANY       Framemica
US30005                  *W2 PRES BURLS MAHOGANY       Framemica
4234                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL 7/8"         Wood Mldg
4235                     ARQADIA IVORY 7/8"            Wood Mldg
21608                    Framer's Tape II 3/4"         Supplies
21609                    Framer's Tape II  1"          Supplies
21619                    Archival See-Thru Mount StripsSupplies
26021                    Arlo Spacer 1/8 Black 100'    Supplies
26025                    Arlo Spacer 1/8 Clear 100'    Supplies
26033                    *Arlo Spacer 1/4" Smoke 50'   Supplies
26035                    Arlo Spacer 1/4" Clear 50'    Supplies
22929                    **Stanley Framing Square      Supplies
26031                    Arlo Spacer 1/4" Black 50'    Supplies
15014                    *Fletcher 2100 Blade Magazine Supplies
27801                    *Framer's Training Manual     Supplies
G3036                    CLEAR GLASS 30X36             Glass
G2836                    Clear Glass 28x36             Glass
4226                     ARQADIA ROYAL BLUE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
238AQ                    W1 AQUA                       Wood Mldg
238FG                    W1 FORREST GREEN              Wood Mldg
238SB                    W1 SLATE BLUE                 Wood Mldg
238TB                    W1 TRUE BLUE                  Wood Mldg
238WH                    W1 WHITE                      Wood Mldg
238LG                    W1 LIGHT GREY                 Wood Mldg
238BL                    W1 BLACK                      Wood Mldg
238PY                    W1 PALE YELLOW                Wood Mldg
228WH                    W1 WHITE                      Wood Mldg
228BL                    W1 BLACK                      Wood Mldg
24010                    211 1/2 Screw Eyes 1000/box   Supplies
C3280                    FOME COR 3/16 B.C. 32X40      Foamboard
21415                    No. 811 Magic Plus Tape 2"x36 Supplies
GR4050                   REFLEC CONTROL 40X50          Glass
N83153                   FLORENTINE PEWTER             Nielsen
N83154                   FLORENTINE GRAY               Nielsen
N83155                   FLORENTINE AMBER              Nielsen
N83156                   FLORENTINE BLACK              Nielsen
N83160                   ANCIENT AMBER                 Nielsen
N1110                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N7110                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N83150                   FLORENTINE SILVER             Nielsen
N83151                   FLORENTINE GOLD               Nielsen
B8880                    ALPHA (CC) TAPESTRY 32X40     Bainbridge
B8881                    ALPHA (CC) FELDSPAR 32X40     Bainbridge
B8883                    ALPHA (CC) ICE BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8885                    ALPHA (CC) SNOWFLAKE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8893                    ALPHA (CC) TARTAN GREEN 32X40 Bainbridge
B8467                    ALPHAMAT FRENCH WHITE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8466                    ALPHAMAT FROST 32X40          Bainbridge
B8465                    ALPHAMAT IGLOO 32X40          Bainbridge
B8464                    ALPHAMAT MATTE WHITE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8463                    ALPHAMAT SPANISH WHITE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8462                    ALPHAMAT WHEAT 32X40          Bainbridge
B8461                    ALPHAMAT GUN METAL 32X40      Bainbridge
B8460                    ALPHAMAT QUAKER GREY 32X40    Bainbridge
B8458                    ALPHAMAT SMOKE 32X40          Bainbridge
B8456                    ALPHAMAT FOG 32X40            Bainbridge
B8466L                   ALPHAMAT FROST 40X60          Bainbridge
B8464L                   ALPHAMAT MATTE WHITE 40X60    Bainbridge
B8463L                   ALPHAMAT SPANISH WHITE 40X60  Bainbridge
B8460L                   ALPHAMAT QUAKER GREY 40X60    Bainbridge
US29122                  *W1 COLOR DUST GREEN DUST     Framemica
US29125                  *W1 COLOR DUST CLARET DUST    Framemica
US29126                  W1 COLOR DUST CARDINAL DUST   Framemica
US29132                  *W1 COLOR DUST YELLOW DUST    Framemica
US29165                  W1 COLOR DUST NAVY DUST       Framemica
US39122                  *W2 COLOR DUST GREEN DUST     Framemica
US39126                  W2 COLOR DUST CARDINAL DUST   Framemica
US39132                  W2 COLOR DUST YELLOW DUST     Framemica
US39165                  W2 COLOR DUST NAVY DUST       Framemica
US59122                  W1 COLOR DUST GREEN DUST      Framemica
US59125                  W1 COLOR DUST CLARET DUST     Framemica
US59126                  W1 COLOR DUST CARDINAL DUST   Framemica
US59132                  W1 COLOR DUST YELLOW DUST     Framemica
US59165                  W1 COLOR DUST NAVY DUST       Framemica
US79122                  W1 COLOR DUST GREEN DUST      Framemica
US79125                  W1 COLOR DUST CLARET DUST     Framemica
US79126                  W1 COLOR DUST CARDINAL DUST   Framemica
US79132                  W1 COLOR DUST YELLOW DUST     Framemica
US79165                  W1 COLOR DUST NAVY DUST       Framemica
4232                     ARQADIA GREEN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4225                     ARQADIA WHITE 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4228                     ARQADIA BLACK 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4223                     ARQADIA PINK 7/8"             Wood Mldg
105CC                    W0 CLASSIC COPPER 1/2         Wood Mldg
150CC                    W0 VIENNA 2 COPPER FILLET 1/4"Wood Mldg
150CS                    W0 VIENNA 2 SILVER FILLET 1/4"Wood Mldg
155CB                    W0 V2/CLASSIC BLACK FILLET 1/2Wood Mldg
155CG                    W0 V2/CLASSIC GOLD FILLET  1/2Wood Mldg
155CS                    W0 V2/CLSC. SILVER FILLET  1/2Wood Mldg
250CC                    W1 CLASSIC COPPER 1           Wood Mldg
250CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 1             Wood Mldg
250CS                    W1 CLASSIC SILVER 1           Wood Mldg
300BRG                   W1 CLASSIC BRWN W/GOLD 1      Wood Mldg
300CS                    W1 CLASSIC SILVER 1           Wood Mldg
300CG                    W1 CLASSIC GOLD 1             Wood Mldg
350CC                    W2 CLASSIC COPPER 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
400BRG                   W2 CLASSIC BRWN W/GOLD 1 1/2  Wood Mldg
480CSB                   W2 CLASSIC SILVER W/BLK 1 1/2 Wood Mldg
650BRG                   W2 CLASSIC BRWN W/GOLD 2 1/4" Wood Mldg
655CC                    W2 CLASSIC COPPER 2 1/2       Wood Mldg
655CS                    W2 CLASSIC SILVER 2 1/2       Wood Mldg
700CBR                   W2 CLASSIC BROWN 3 1/4        Wood Mldg
CSVIE2                   VIENNA 2 SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
C4128                    SILKI HAZE GREEN 32X40        Crescent
C4130                    SILKI SMOKED PEARL 32X40      Crescent
C4131                    SILKI OYSTER WHITE 32X40      Crescent
C4132                    SILKI IVORY 32X40             Crescent
C4136                    SILKI ANTIQUE GOLD 32X40      Crescent
C4137                    SILKI CHAMPAGNE 32X40         Crescent
C4138                    SILKI BLACK 32X40             Crescent
C4139                    SILKI TAN 32X40               Crescent
C4140                    SILKI WHITE 32X40             Crescent
C67101                   MOORMAN SUEDE (BC) PERLE 32X40Crescent
C67102                   MOORMAN SUEDE (BC) DUNE 32X40 Crescent
C67106                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) ANTELOPE    Crescent
C67111                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) SHAMROCK GRNCrescent
C67112                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) BORDEAUX    Crescent
C67113                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) MARINE BLUE Crescent
C67114                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) CARBON BLACKCrescent
C67120                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) POLARIS     Crescent
C67139                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) ANTHRACITE  Crescent
C67191                   MOORMAN SUEDE(BC) PFALZGRAFF  Crescent
SM4                      04" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM5                      05" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM6                      06" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM7                      07" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM8                      08" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM8.5                    08.5" 380M WOOD SECTION       Wood Sectional
SM9                      09" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM10                     10" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM11                     11" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM12                     12" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM13                     13" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM14                     14" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM15                     15" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM16                     16" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM17                     17" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM18                     18" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM19                     19" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM20                     20" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM22                     22" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM24                     24" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM26                     26" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM28                     28" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM30                     30" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM32                     32" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM34                     34" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SM36                     36" 380M WOOD SECTION         Wood Sectional
SBL4                     04" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL5                     05" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL6                     06" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL7                     07" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL8                     08" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL8.5                   8.5" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL     Wood Sectional
SBL9                     09" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL10                    10" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL11                    11" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL12                    12" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL13                    13" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL14                    14" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL15                    15" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL16                    16" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL17                    17" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL18                    18" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL19                    19" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL20                    20" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL22                    22" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL24                    24" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL26                    26" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL28                    28" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL30                    30" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL32                    32" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL34                    34" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SBL36                    36" 280BL WOOD SECTIONAL      Wood Sectional
SAM                      LWS-380M ASSORTMENT           Wood Sectional
SABL                     LWS-280BL ASSORTMENT          Wood Sectional
23421                    *Teal Nail Hole Filler        Supplies
23422                    *Green Nail Hole Filler       Supplies
23432                    *Yellow Nail Hole Filler      Supplies
C7580                    MOORMAN LINEN BURGUNDY 32X40  Crescent
C7581                    MOORMAN LINEN JEWEL BLUE 32X40Crescent
C7194                    MOORMAN SUEDE GARNET 32X40    Crescent
C7195                    MOORMAN SUEDE SAPPHIRE 32X40  Crescent
C7196                    MOORMAN SUEDE TEAL 32X40      Crescent
C7199                    MOORMAN SUEDE SPRUCE 32X40    Crescent
C7209                    MOORMAN SILK TEAL 32X40       Crescent
C6919                    IVY GREEN 32x40               Crescent
C6977                    NEWPORT BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C61019                   PHOTO GREY 32X40              Crescent
C61032                   DARK OLIVE 32X40              Crescent
C61033                   DARK ASH 32X40                Crescent
C61038                   MAROON 32X40                  Crescent
C61039                   AUBURN 32X40                  Crescent
C61076                   LAS CRUCES PURPLE 32X40       Crescent
C63319                   TOPAZ 32X40                   Crescent
C63326                   LAPIS 32X40                   Crescent
C63333                   BLACK WATCH 32X40             Crescent
C63702                   PEWTER 32X40                  Crescent
C63703                   GUNMETAL 32X40                Crescent
C63708                   ETCHED GOLD 32X40             Crescent
C63713                   NERO GOLD 32X40               Crescent
C64400                   FAUX LT GRAY MARBLE 32X40     Crescent
C64404                   FAUX BLACK MARBLE 32X40       Crescent
11440                    *Senco Brad Nailer #SLP20     Equipment
11442                    **AX13 Medium-Headed Pins/5000Supplies
11444                    **AX15 Medium-Headed Pins/5000Supplies
11446                    **AX17 Medium-Headed Pins/5000Supplies
13672                    *Print Guard Luster 24.5x50 ftSupplies
13674                    *Print Guard Matte 24.5"x 50ftSupplies
13679                    *Print Guard Canvas 24.5x50 ftSupplies
13689                    **Print Guard Canvas 41"x 50ftSupplies
14209                    **Seal Perforator             Supplies
21401                    ATG Tape 1/4" x 36 yds.       Supplies
21433                    **C-23 Tape Dispenser         Supplies
21443                    Artist's Tape 3/4" x 60 White Supplies
21452                    Highland ATG Tape 1/2"x36 yds Supplies
21454                    Highland ATG Tape 3/4"x 36 ydsSupplies
25205                    3M Half-Round Clear Bumpons   Supplies
B8603                    ALPHARAG WHITE 2-PLY 32X40    Bainbridge
B8605                    ALPHARAG WHITE 4-PLY 32X40    Bainbridge
B8606                    ALPHARAG IVORY 4-PLY 32X40    Bainbridge
B8614                    ALPHARAG ANTIQUE WHITE 4-PLY  Bainbridge
B8607                    ALPHARAG WHITE 4-PLY 40X60    Bainbridge
22939                    Anti-Static Brush 5 1/2"      Supplies
107VMG                   W0 VICTORIAN MAH/GOLD 1/2     Wood Mldg
22924                    *X-Acto Gripster Knife        Supplies
107VBS                   W0 VICT. BLK W/SLVR 1/2       Wood Mldg
22928                    *X-Acto #11 Blades 15/Pkg.    Supplies
157VG                    W0 Q2/VICTORIAN GOLD FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
157VS                    W0 Q2/VICTORIAN SIL FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
157VM                    W0 Q2/VICTORIAN MAH FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
347VBG                   W2 VICTORIAN BLACK/GOLD 1 1/2 Wood Mldg
13393                    *VacuSeal 4468H S/N#_________ Equipment
347VG                    W2 VICTORIAN GOLD 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
20420                    Circle Template               Supplies
347VMG                   W2 VICTORIAN MAH/GOLD 1 1/2   Wood Mldg
347VSG                   W2 VICTORIAN SILVER/GOLD 1 1/2Wood Mldg
357VG                    W2 VICTORIAN GOLD 1 1/2       Wood Mldg
357VS                    W2 VICTORIAN SILVER 1 1/2     Wood Mldg
407VBS                   W2 VICTORIAN BLK/SILVER 1 1/2 Wood Mldg
407VMG                   W2 VICTORIAN MAH/GOLD 1 1/2   Wood Mldg
417VM                    W2 VICTORIAN MAHOGANY 1 3/8   Wood Mldg
527VM                    W0 VICTORIAN MAHOGANY 3/4     Wood Mldg
557VM                    W2 VICTORIAN MAHOGANY 2 1/8   Wood Mldg
557VMG                   W2 VICTORIAN MAH/GOLD 2 1/8   Wood Mldg
627VM                    W2 VICTORIAN MAHOGANY 2 1/2   Wood Mldg
20421                    *36" Cork-Backed Ruler        Supplies
20423                    *18" Cork-Backed Ruler        Supplies
CSQV2                    QUEEN VICTORIA II             Corner Samples
157VW                    W0 Q2/VICTORIAN WAL FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
407VW                    W2 VICTORIAN WALNUT 1 1/2     Wood Mldg
21653                    Document Cleaning Pad         Supplies
21657                    Self-Adhesive Linen Cloth TapeSupplies
21659                    Pure Rice Starch Adhesive     Supplies
22203                    *Fleximaster Point Driver     Supplies
22206                    *FrameMate 5/8"Points 2000/PkgSupplies
22209                    Flexible Framer's Points      Supplies
22212                    *Glaziers Points 3/8" 5000/Pk Supplies
22214                    *Double-Edged Plastic Cutter  Supplies
22216                    Carbide Glass Wheel (PA3-01)  Supplies
22218                    *6" Running Pliers            Supplies
22221                    *Score Master 1 Glass Cutter  Supplies
22223                    *Score Master 1 Replacemt HeadSupplies
28101                    *Glass Pick-Up Stick          Supplies
28103                    *Glass Handi-Grip             Supplies
16614                    **M1000 Blade 100/PK          Supplies
N519                     FROSTED WALNUT 3/8"           Nielsen
N521                     MATTE BLACK 3/8"              Nielsen
N2510                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N2519                    FROSTED WALNUT                Nielsen
N2521                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
24429                    50 lb. Courtesy Hangers 100/pkSupplies
24512                    10 lb. Courtesy Hangers(1000) Supplies
24514                    20 lb. Courtesy Hangers(1000) Supplies
24516                    30 lb. Courtesy Hangers (1000)Supplies
24518                    50 lb. Courtesy Hangers (1000)Supplies
13418                    *Stand 4468H Press            Equipment
11603                    *Rubber Hose 1/4" (per foot)  Supplies
22931                    *Larson-Juhl Apron            Supplies
22850                    *Color Wheel                  Supplies
B9520                    BURNISHED GOLD (BC) 32X40     Bainbridge
27867                    *Mat & Hinge Art on Paper(BookSupplies
27879                    *PPFA..Guide Lines.Paper(Book)Supplies
27881                    *PPFA.Guide Lines..Canvas/BookSupplies
27883                    *CPF Exam Prep Pack/12 books  Supplies
US3901                   *W2 DIPLOMAT PURE WHITE       Framemica
US3928                   W2 DIPLOMAT BLACK             Framemica
US3965                   *W2 DIPLOMAT NAVY BLUE        Framemica
CSND                     DIPLOMAT SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
10603                    Bulk 7mm(1/4") Hardwood WedgesSupplies
10404                    7mm (1/4") Hardwood Wedges    Supplies
N15204                   ELECTRA BLUE 3/8"             Nielsen
N15205                   GRAPE SMASH 3/8"              Nielsen
N15207                   IRIS 3/8"                     Nielsen
N15210                   CABERNET 3/8"                 Nielsen
N1565                    SAXON BLUE 3/8"               Nielsen
B858                     PAPERMAT BUTTERCUP 32X40      Bainbridge
B860                     PAPERMAT BABY BLUE 32X40      Bainbridge
B861                     PAPERMAT BASIL 32X40          Bainbridge
B862                     PAPERMAT STRAW 32X40          Bainbridge
B863                     PAPERMAT TULIP 32X40          Bainbridge
B864                     PAPERMAT REGATTA 32X40        Bainbridge
B865                     PAPERMAT LAUREL 32X40         Bainbridge
B866                     PAPERMAT BURNT ORANGE 32X40   Bainbridge
B868                     PAPERMAT FOREST GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B869                     PAPERMAT TOMATO 32X40         Bainbridge
B870                     PAPERMAT SHEEPSKIN 32X40      Bainbridge
B871                     PAPERMAT SEPIA 32X40          Bainbridge
B872                     PAPERMAT SILVERSMITH 32X40    Bainbridge
B873                     PAPERMAT ENGLISH ROSE 32X40   Bainbridge
B874                     PAPERMAT INDEPENDENCE BLUE 32XBainbridge
B875                     PAPERMAT HERBAL GREEN 32X40   Bainbridge
B876                     PAPERMAT GRAVEL 32X40         Bainbridge
B877                     PAPERMAT OLIVINE 32X40        Bainbridge
B878                     PAPERMAT MALACHITE 32X40      Bainbridge
B879                     PAPERMAT SAND 32X40           Bainbridge
B880                     PAPERMAT QUARTZ 32X40         Bainbridge
B881                     PAPERMAT SILVERSTONE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8835                    (CC) AZTEC SAND/ANTIQUE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8836                    (CC) PALOMINO/ANTIQUE BUFF 32XBainbridge
B8837                    (CC) TUSCAN BROWN/ANTIQUE BUFFBainbridge
B8841                    (CC) ASH/PHOTO GREY 32X40     Bainbridge
N5801                    SILVER                        Nielsen
N5802                    FROSTED SILVER                Nielsen
N5803                    GOLD                          Nielsen
N5804                    FROSTED GOLD                  Nielsen
N5808                    FROSTED BRONZE                Nielsen
N5810                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N5812                    FROSTED PEWTER                Nielsen
N5813                    CONTRAST GRAY                 Nielsen
N5814                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N5819                    FROSTED WALNUT                Nielsen
N5820                    ANODIC BLACK                  Nielsen
N5821                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N5850                    BLACK                         Nielsen
N5852                    BRIGHT WHITE                  Nielsen
N5855                    RIGHT RED                     Nielsen
N5857                    FRENCH BLUE                   Nielsen
N5858                    INDIGO                        Nielsen
N5866                    LAPIS                         Nielsen
N5868                    CHINESE RED                   Nielsen
N5841                    BLUEBERRY                     Nielsen
H43                      NIELSEN OMNI POLYBAG          Supplies
H431                     OMNI HANGERS/1000 (BULK)      Supplies
H436                     100 FRAME BULK PCK W/OMNI HNGRSupplies
16302                    *Fletcher-Terry 1100 Oval     Equipment
RFC32                    3/16 32x40 RAG F'BOARD        Matboard
RFC40                    3/16 40x60 RAG F'BOARD        Matboard
C1700                    ANTIQ. FLANDERS BLUE 32X40    Crescent
C1701                    ANTIQ. SILVER ASPEN 32X40     Crescent
C1702                    ANTIQUARIAN MOSS 32X40        Crescent
C1703                    ANTIQ. FOXHUNT GREEN 32X40    Crescent
C1704                    ANTIQUARIAN ASHEN 32X40       Crescent
C1705                    ANTIQ. ANTIQUE IVORY 32X40    Crescent
C1706                    ANTIQUARIAN RUBIA 32X40       Crescent
C1707                    ANTIQUARIAN BRICKE 32X40      Crescent
C1708                    ANTIQUARIAN HAZELNUT 32X40    Crescent
C1709                    ANTIQ. LIGHT UMBRIA 32X40     Crescent
C1710                    ANTIQ. DARK UMBRIA 32X40      Crescent
C1711                    ANTIQ. BLACK WALNUT 32X40     Crescent
C1106                    100% RAG ANTIQUE GRAY 32X40   Crescent
C1107                    100% RAG LIGHT CREAM 32X40    Crescent
C1108                    100% RAG DARK CREAM 32X40     Crescent
C1109                    100% RAG ENGLISH CREAM 32X40  Crescent
C1110                    100% RAG ROUGE 32X40          Crescent
C2297                    PHOTORAG CREAM 32X40          Crescent
C1639                    RAG AMETHYST 32X40            Crescent
C1640                    RAG PURPLE WILDFLOWER 32X40   Crescent
C1641                    RAG MALACHITE 32X40           Crescent
C1642                    RAG ARUBA 32X40               Crescent
C1643                    RAG-GARNET 32X40              Crescent
C1644                    RAG AZALEA 32X40              Crescent
C1645                    RAG CHERUB PINK 32X40         Crescent
C1646                    RAG SKY BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C1647                    RAG PATRIOT BLUE 32X40        Crescent
C1648                    RAG ULTRAMARINE 32X40         Crescent
C1649                    RAG NAPLES YELLOW 32X40       Crescent
21649                    Frame Sealing Tape 1 1/4      Supplies
25411                    *Flocked Door Back 4 1/2 X 6  Supplies
25413                    *Flocked Door Back 5 X 7      Supplies
25417                    *Flocked Door Back 6 X 8      Supplies
25419                    *Flocked Door Back 9 X 11     Supplies
11211                    *Gold Flexipoints 15,000/box  Supplies
24028                    Nail-less Sawtooth Small(100) Supplies
24029                    Nail-less Sawtooth Small/1000 Supplies
24034                    Nail-less Sawtooth Large/100  Supplies
24035                    Nail-less Sawtooth Large      Supplies
24025                    Two-Hole Mirror Strap Hangers Supplies
152CT                    W0 NATURALS CHESTNUT FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
152EG                    W0 NATURALS EVERGREEN FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
152RV                    W0 NATURALS RAVEN FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
152SL                    W0 NATURALS SLATE FIL 3/8"    Wood Mldg
152WT                    W0 NATURALS WHEAT FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
240CT                    W1 CHESTNUT                   Wood Mldg
240EG                    W1 EVERGREEN                  Wood Mldg
240MB                    W1 MULBERRY                   Wood Mldg
240RV                    W1 RAVEN                      Wood Mldg
240SL                    W1 SLATE                      Wood Mldg
240WT                    W1 WHEAT                      Wood Mldg
440CT                    W2 CHESTNUT 1 3/8"            Wood Mldg
440EG                    W2 EVERGREEN 1 3/8"           Wood Mldg
440MB                    W2 MULBERRY 1 3/8"            Wood Mldg
440RV                    W2 RAVEN 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
440SL                    W2 SLATE 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
440WT                    W2 WHEAT 1 3/8"               Wood Mldg
548CT                    W0 CHESTNUT 1 7/8"            Wood Mldg
548EG                    W0 EVERGREEN 1 7/8"           Wood Mldg
548RV                    W0 RAVEN 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
548SL                    W0 SLATE 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
548WT                    W0 WHEAT 1 7/8"               Wood Mldg
640CT                    W2 CHESTNUT                   Wood Mldg
640RV                    W2 RAVEN                      Wood Mldg
640SL                    W2 SLATE                      Wood Mldg
640WT                    W2 WHEAT                      Wood Mldg
CSNA                     NATURALS SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
27001                    Cotton Gloves - 12 pairs      Supplies
C1154                    MUSEUM BD CREAM LINEN 32X40   Crescent
C1158                    MUSEUM BD ANTIQUE WHITE 32X40 Crescent
CSAC1                    AM CLASSICS SAMPLE SET 1      Corner Samples
CSAC2                    AM CLASSICS SAMPLE SET 2      Corner Samples
B8301                    (BC) IVORY BLACK/BLACK SABLE  Bainbridge
B8302                    (BC) PEBBLE BLUE/BLACK SABLE  Bainbridge
B8304                    (BC) FLINT/BLACK SABLE        Bainbridge
B8305                    (BC) FEATHERSTONE/BLACK SABLE Bainbridge
B8306                    (BC) MATTE WHITE/BLACK SABLE  Bainbridge
B8307                    (BC) FROST/BLACK SABLE        Bainbridge
B8308                    (BC) SEA MIST/BLACK SABLE     Bainbridge
B8309                    (BC) ETRUSCAN BRONZE/BLACK SABBainbridge
B8310                    (BC) TARTAN GREEN/BLACK SAB   Bainbridge
B8311                    (BC) BAROQUE RUBY/BLACK SABLE Bainbridge
B8312                    (BC) TAPESTRY/BLACK SABLE     Bainbridge
N11150                   FLORENTINE SILVER 9/32"       Nielsen
N11154                   FLORENTINE GRAY               Nielsen
N11155                   FLORENTINE AMBER              Nielsen
N11156                   FLORENTINE BLACK 9/32"        Nielsen
US45929                  *W2 SLUGGER EMERALD GREEN     Framemica
US45933                  W2 SLUGGER SAPPHIRE BLUE      Framemica
US45970                  W2 SLUGGER SCARLET RED        Framemica
US45972                  W2 SLUGGER DIAMOND WHITE      Framemica
US45975                  *W2 SLUGGER CHARCOAL BLACK    Framemica
US45982                  *W2 SLUGGER TAHITIAN TEAL     Framemica
US45985                  W2 SLUGGER BORDEAUX WINE      Framemica
US45992                  *W2 SLUGGER IMPERIAL PURPLE   Framemica
US47933                  W2 BABE SAPPHIRE BLUE         Framemica
US47970                  W2 BABE SCARLET RED           Framemica
US47972                  W2 BABE DIAMOND WHITE         Framemica
US59929                  *W1 JUNIOR EMERALD GREEN      Framemica
US59933                  W1 JUNIOR SAPPHIRE BLUE       Framemica
US59970                  W1 JUNIOR SCARLET RED         Framemica
US59972                  *W1 JUNIOR DIAMOND WHITE      Framemica
US59975                  *W1 JUNIOR CHARCOAL BLACK     Framemica
CSFN                     FANTASIA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
12018                    *Chopper Blades/Jyden         Equipment
12022                    *Rvrsible Chopper Blades/JydenEquipment
23492                    *Imperial Purple Nail Filler  Supplies
10215                    *Cassese Joining Kit w/chops  Supplies
26406                    L-J Printweights (Brown)      Supplies
21610                    Stitchery Tape 3/4"           Supplies
N5164                    DUSK 3/8"                     Nielsen
N15162                   AUTUMN BRONZE 3/8"            Nielsen
N15163                   WINTERGREEN 3/8"              Nielsen
N15164                   DUSK 3/8"                     Nielsen
N58164                   DUSK                          Nielsen
N2501                    SILVER                        Nielsen
N2503                    GOLD                          Nielsen
N25163                   WINTERGREEN                   Nielsen
N25164                   DUSK                          Nielsen
N2541                    BLUEBERRY                     Nielsen
N2551                    PLUM                          Nielsen
N2552                    BRIGHT WHITE                  Nielsen
B8455                    ALPHAMAT MAIZE 32X40          Bainbridge
B8454                    ALPHAMAT MARIGOLD 32X40       Bainbridge
B8453                    ALPHAMAT CAYENNE 32X40        Bainbridge
B8452                    ALPHAMAT SALSA 32X40          Bainbridge
B8451                    ALPHAMAT MULBERRY 32X40       Bainbridge
B8450                    ALPHAMAT DENIM BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B8449                    ALPHAMAT CYPRESS 32X40        Bainbridge
B8448                    ALPHAMAT JALEPENO 32X40       Bainbridge
B8447                    ALPHAMAT BLACK SPRUCE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8815                    ALPHA PARCHMENT MUSLIN 32X40  Bainbridge
B8816                    ALPHA PARCHMENT FLAX 32X40    Bainbridge
B5089                    (BC) BLACK 32X40              Bainbridge
B5876                    (BC) GRAVEL 32X40             Bainbridge
B5752                    (BC) ADMIRALTY 32X40          Bainbridge
B5742                    (BC) CERULEAN 32X40           Bainbridge
B5817                    (BC) LIBERTY BLUE 32X40       Bainbridge
B5079                    (BC) CRIMSON 32X40            Bainbridge
B5843                    (BC) EVERGREEN 32X40          Bainbridge
B5865                    (BC) LAUREL 32X40             Bainbridge
B5877                    (BC) OLIVINE 32X40            Bainbridge
B5880                    (BC) QUARTZ 32X40             Bainbridge
B5748                    (BC) PEWTER 32X40             Bainbridge
B5871                    (BC) SEPIA 32X40              Bainbridge
B5754                    (BC) PORCELAIN 32X40          Bainbridge
B5879                    (BC) SAND 32X40               Bainbridge
B5770                    (BC) SOAPSTONE 32X40          Bainbridge
B5089L                   (BC) BLACK 40X60              Bainbridge
B5754L                   (BC) PORCELAIN 40X60          Bainbridge
B5770L                   (BC) SOAPSTONE 40X60          Bainbridge
11617                    *Jun-Air Filter / Regulator   Supplies
24519                    **Albin Easel Mate (12 Pack)  Supplies
11213                    *Flexipoints, Gold for CS6.25 Supplies
28813                    36" Black Kraft Paper         Supplies
21674                    Filter Ray UV Shields 48"     Supplies
21413                    *ATG Pick Up Stick            Supplies
29208                    *Standard Sales Case          Supplies
26407                    Stitchery Tape 1 1/2" x 60 ydsSupplies
15864                    Spray Matcutter Cleaner 6 oz. Supplies
15865                    Spray Matcutter Lube 6 oz.    Supplies
28014                    Plastic Scratch Remover       Equipment
28015                    Plastic Cleaner &Polish(#210) Supplies
160BL                    W0 RF/BLACK FILLET 1/2"       Wood Mldg
225BL                    W0 RF/BLACK 5/8               Wood Mldg
235BL                    W0 RF/BLACK 5/8               Wood Mldg
410BL                    W0 RF/BLACK 3/4               Wood Mldg
415BL                    W2 RF/BLACK 1 1/4             Wood Mldg
430BL                    W2 RF/BLACK 1 3/8             Wood Mldg
510BL                    W0 RF/BLACK 7/8               Wood Mldg
CSBR                     BLACK REFLECTIONS SAMPLE SET  Corner Samples
27868                    * Articles of Business(Book)  Supplies
166DA                    W0 DAWN GRAY FILLET 3/8"      Wood Mldg
166ME                    W0 MESA RED FILLET 3/8"       Wood Mldg
166ST                    W0 STORM BLUE FILLET 3/8"     Wood Mldg
166TI                    W0 TIMBER MIST FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
256DA                    W1 DAWN GRAY 7/8"             Wood Mldg
256ME                    W1 MESA RED 7/8"              Wood Mldg
256ST                    W1 STORM BLUE 7/8"            Wood Mldg
256TI                    W1 TIMBER MIST 7/8"           Wood Mldg
456DA                    W2 DAWN GRAY     1 1/8"       Wood Mldg
456ME                    W2 MESA RED      1 1/8"       Wood Mldg
456ST                    W2 STORM BLUE     1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
456TI                    W2 TIMBER MIST     1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
516DA                    W2 DAWN GRAY 1 1/2"           Wood Mldg
516ME                    W2 MESA RED 1 1/2"            Wood Mldg
516ST                    W2 STORM BLUE 1 1/2"          Wood Mldg
516TI                    W2 TIMBER MIST 1 1/2"         Wood Mldg
556DA                    W2 DAWN GRAY 1 5/8"           Wood Mldg
556ME                    W2 MESA RED 1 5/8"            Wood Mldg
556ST                    W2 STORM BLUE 1 5/8"          Wood Mldg
556TI                    W2 TIMBER MIST 1 5/8"         Wood Mldg
CM1044                   BLACK                         Clark
CM1099                   WHITE                         Clark
CM10044                  BLACK                         Clark
CM10099                  WHITE                         Clark
CM12044                  BLACK                         Clark
CM20044                  BLACK                         Clark
CM120044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM140044                 BLACK ENAMEL                  Clark
CM140045                 BLUE ENAMEL                   Clark
CM140057                 CORDOVAN ENAMEL               Clark
CM140060                 DUSK ENAMEL                   Clark
CM140061                 EMERALD ENAMEL                Clark
CM140063                 FOLGERS RED ENAMEL            Clark
CM140067                 INDIGO ENAMEL                 Clark
CM140098                 TURQUOISE ENAMEL              Clark
CM140099                 WHITE ENAMEL                  Clark
CM150043                 BISQUE BLUE                   Clark
CM150044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM150045                 BLUE                          Clark
CM150046                 BLUEBERRY                     Clark
CM150048                 BUFF                          Clark
CM150050                 CARDINAL RED                  Clark
CM150051                 CHIANTI                       Clark
CM150053                 COGNAC                        Clark
CM150055                 COPLEY GRAY                   Clark
CM150057                 CORDOVAN                      Clark
CM150059                 DANISH                        Clark
CM150060                 DUSK                          Clark
CM150061                 EMERALD                       Clark
CM150063                 FOLGERS RED                   Clark
CM150066                 HELMAR BLUE                   Clark
CM150067                 INDIGO                        Clark
CM150068                 KELLY GREEN                   Clark
CM150069                 LAPIS                         Clark
CM150070                 LAS CRUCES PURPLE             Clark
CM150071                 LAVENDER                      Clark
CM150073                 MED BLUE                      Clark
CM150075                 NEWPORT BLUE                  Clark
CM150077                 ORANGE                        Clark
CM150080                 PEPPERMINT                    Clark
CM150084                 RASPBERRY                     Clark
CM150085                 RED                           Clark
CM150086                 RIVIERA                       Clark
CM150091                 SLATE                         Clark
CM150094                 TAFFY                         Clark
CM150095                 TARTAN GREEN                  Clark
CM150098                 TURQUOISE                     Clark
CM150099                 WHITE                         Clark
CM1500140                LIME ENAMEL                   Clark
CM1500141                MANGO ENAMEL                  Clark
CM1500142                PALM ENAMEL                   Clark
CM1500143                RAISIN ENAMEL                 Clark
CM1500144                TANGERINE ENAMEL              Clark
CM1500145                WISTERIA ENAMEL               Clark
CM1500146                CANARY                        Clark
CM160044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM160099                 WHITE                         Clark
CM170099                 WHITE  /  RQRS H118+H101      Clark
CM200044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM200045                 BLUE                          Clark
CM200046                 BLUEBERRY                     Clark
CM200048                 BUFF                          Clark
CM200050                 CARDINAL RED                  Clark
CM200051                 CHIANTI                       Clark
CM200057                 CORDOVAN                      Clark
CM200059                 DANISH                        Clark
CM200060                 DUSK                          Clark
CM200061                 EMERALD                       Clark
CM200063                 FOLGERS RED                   Clark
CM200067                 INDIGO                        Clark
CM200069                 LAPIS                         Clark
CM200070                 LAS CRUCES PURPLE             Clark
CM200073                 MED BLUE                      Clark
CM200075                 NEWPORT BLUE                  Clark
CM200084                 RASPBERRY                     Clark
CM200085                 RED                           Clark
CM200095                 TARTAN GREEN                  Clark
CM200097                 TEAL                          Clark
CM200098                 TURQUOISE                     Clark
CM200099                 WHITE                         Clark
CM2000140                LIME ENAMEL                   Clark
CM2000141                MANGO ENAMEL                  Clark
CM2000143                RAISIN ENAMEL                 Clark
CM2000144                TANGERINE ENAMEL              Clark
CM2000145                WISTERIA ENAMEL               Clark
CM2000146                CANARY                        Clark
CM320044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM320099                 WHITE                         Clark
CM3200141                MANGO ENAMEL                  Clark
CM3200154                MATISSE ENAMEL                Clark
CM3200160                MIRO ENAMEL                   Clark
CM340044                 BLACK                         Clark
CM340099                 WHITE                         Clark
CM3400141                MANGO ENAMEL                  Clark
CM3400154                MATISSE ENAMEL                Clark
CM3400160                MIRO ENAMEL                   Clark
CM1012                   SIENNA                        Clark
CM1013                   BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM1014                   SATIN BLACK ANODIZED          Clark
CM1019                   SATIN BLUE PEWTER             Clark
CM1030                   CONTRAST GRAY                 Clark
CM1001                   SILVER                        Clark
CM1002                   SATIN SILVER                  Clark
CM1003                   GOLD                          Clark
CM1004                   SATIN GOLD                    Clark
CM1005                   ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM1006                   BRONZE                        Clark
CM10013                  BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM10014                  SATIN BLACK ANODIZED          Clark
CM10030                  CONTRAST GRAY                 Clark
CM10001                  SILVER                        Clark
CM10002                  SATIN SILVER                  Clark
CM10003                  GOLD                          Clark
CM10004                  SATIN GOLD                    Clark
CM10005                  ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM12001                  SILVER                        Clark
CM12003                  GOLD                          Clark
CM90013                  BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM90001                  SILVER                        Clark
CM90003                  GOLD                          Clark
CM110013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM110001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM110003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM120013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM120001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM120002                 SATIN SILVER                  Clark
CM120003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM120004                 SATIN GOLD                    Clark
CM120005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM130013                 BLACK ANODIZED-RQRS H105      Clark
CM130001                 SILVER-RQRS H105              Clark
CM130003                 GOLD-RQRS H105                Clark
CM130005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM140013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM140022                 SATIN CHAMPAGNE               Clark
CM140025                 PALE GOLD                     Clark
CM140031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM140033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM140034                 ANTIQUE COPPER                Clark
CM140001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM140003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM140005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM150012                 SIENNA                        Clark
CM150013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM150014                 SATIN BLACK ANODIZED          Clark
CM150019                 SATIN BLUE PEWTER             Clark
CM150022                 SATIN CHAMPAGNE               Clark
CM150024                 BLACK FOREST                  Clark
CM150025                 PALE GOLD                     Clark
CM150030                 CONTRAST GRAY                 Clark
CM150031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM150033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM150034                 ANTIQUE COPPER                Clark
CM150035                 ANTIQUE BRASS                 Clark
CM150037                 MIDNIGHT                      Clark
CM150038                 ROSEWOOD                      Clark
CM150039                 SHERWOOD                      Clark
CM150001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM150002                 SATIN SILVER                  Clark
CM150003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM150004                 SATIN GOLD                    Clark
CM150005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM150006                 BRONZE                        Clark
CM150009                 BLUE PEWTER                   Clark
CM160013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM160001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM160003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM170013                 BLACK ANODIZED-RQRS H118+H101 Clark
CM170022                 SATIN CHAMPAGNE-RQRS H118+H101Clark
CM170001                 SILVER-RQRS H118+H101         Clark
CM170003                 GOLD-RQRS H118+H101           Clark
CM190013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM190033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM190003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM200013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM200014                 SATIN BLACK ANODIZED          Clark
CM200022                 SATIN CHAMPAGNE               Clark
CM200025                 PALE GOLD                     Clark
CM200030                 CONTRAST GRAY                 Clark
CM200031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM200033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM200034                 ANTIQUE COPPER                Clark
CM200001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM200003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM200005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM210013                 BLACK ANODIZED                Clark
CM210022                 SATIN CHAMPAGNE               Clark
CM210025                 PALE GOLD                     Clark
CM210031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM210001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM210005                 ENGLISH PEWTER                Clark
CM320024                 BLACK FOREST                  Clark
CM320031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM320033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM320035                 ANTIQUE BRASS                 Clark
CM320036                 BURNISHED COPPER              Clark
CM320037                 MIDNIGHT                      Clark
CM320038                 ROSEWOOD                      Clark
CM320039                 SHERWOOD                      Clark
CM320001                 SILVER                        Clark
CM320003                 GOLD                          Clark
CM340024                 BLACK FOREST                  Clark
CM340031                 PLATINUM                      Clark
CM340033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM340036                 BURNISHED COPPER              Clark
CM370024                 BLACK FOREST                  Clark
CM370033                 ANTIQUE GOLD                  Clark
CM370035                 ANTIQUE BRASS                 Clark
CM370036                 BURNISHED COPPER              Clark
CM370037                 MIDNIGHT                      Clark
CM370038                 ROSEWOOD                      Clark
CM370039                 SHERWOOD                      Clark
CM62041100               W0 CLEAR                      Wood Mldg
CM62041200               W0 WHITE                      Wood Mldg
CM62241100               W1 CLEAR 1 1/8"               Wood Mldg
CM62241200               W1 WHITE 1 1/8"               Wood Mldg
CM68041100               W2 CLEAR 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
CM68041200               W2 WHITE 1 1/4"               Wood Mldg
CM68541100               CLEAR                         Wood Mldg
CM68541200               WHITE                         Wood Mldg
16604                    *Fletcher 3100 63"            Equipment
CM75541100               W2 CLEAR                      Wood Mldg
CM75541200               W2 WHITE                      Wood Mldg
483CWP                   *W2 483CWP 1 1/2              Wood Mldg
483CMP                   *W2 483CMP 1 1/2              Wood Mldg
479GL                    *W2 479GL 1 1/2               Wood Mldg
M424NW                   W2 424NW 1 1/2                Wood Mldg
170G                     W0 OGEE LIP 1/4" ENHANCER     Wood Mldg
171G                     W0 RIBBED OVOLO 3/8" ENHANCER Wood Mldg
172G                     W0 STRING OF PEARLS 3/8" ENHANWood Mldg
173G                     W1 MANDARIN PANEL 1" ENHANCER Wood Mldg
C964                     FLORENTINE SILVER 32X40       Crescent
C965                     FLORENTINE RED GOLD 32X40     Crescent
C966                     FLORENTINE YELLOW GOLD 32X40  Crescent
C967                     FLORENTINE MED GOLD 32X40     Crescent
C3715                    AIRBRUSH MET. COPPER 32X40    Crescent
C3716                    AIRBRUSH MET. PALE GOLD 32X40 Crescent
C3719                    ANT. METALLIC COPPER 32X40    Crescent
C3721                    ANT. METALLIC PALE GOLD 32X40 Crescent
C3722                    ANT. MET. SPANISH GOLDX32X40  Crescent
C4446                    FAUX BURGUNDY/GOLD 32X40      Crescent
C3342                    MIDNIGHT GREEN 32X40          Crescent
C3343                    OFF WHITE 32X40               Crescent
C3344                    MANOR BLACK 32X40             Crescent
C3351                    DARK UMBRIA 32X40             Crescent
C3352                    LIGHT UMBRIA 32X40            Crescent
C3345                    FLANNEL SILVER ASPEN 32X40    Crescent
C3346                    FLANNEL MOSS 32X40            Crescent
C3347                    FLANNEL ASHEN 32X40           Crescent
C3348                    FLANNEL RUBIA 32X40           Crescent
C3349                    FLANNEL BL. WALNUT 32X40      Crescent
C6915                    (BC) FOG 32X40                Crescent
C63344                   (BC) MANOR BLACK 32X40        Crescent
C63345                   (BC) SILVER ASPEN 32X40       Crescent
C63347                   (BC) ASHEN 32X40              Crescent
C63349                   (BC) BLACK WALNUT 32X40       Crescent
FR05G                    5" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC    Metal Sectional
FR06G                    6" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC    Metal Sectional
FR07G                    7" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC    Metal Sectional
FR08G                    8" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC    Metal Sectional
FR85G                    8.5" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR09G                    9" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC    Metal Sectional
FR10G                    10" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR11G                    11" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR12G                    12" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR13G                    13" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR14G                    14" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR15G                    15" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR16G                    16" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR17G                    17" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR18G                    18" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR19G                    19" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR20G                    20" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR21G                    21" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR22G                    22" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR23G                    23" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR24G                    24" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR25G                    25" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR26G                    26" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR27G                    27" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR28G                    28" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR29G                    29" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR30G                    30" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR31G                    31" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR32G                    32" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR33G                    33" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR34G                    34" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR35G                    35" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR36G                    36" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR37G                    37" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR38G                    38" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR39G                    39" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR40G                    40" GOLD FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR05S                    5" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR06S                    6" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR07S                    7" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR08S                    8" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR85S                    8.5" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PACMetal Sectional
FR09S                    9" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR10S                    10" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR11S                    11" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR12S                    12" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR13S                    13" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR14S                    14" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR15S                    15" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR16S                    16" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR17S                    17" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR18S                    18" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR19S                    19" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR20S                    20" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR21S                    21" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR22S                    22" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR23S                    23" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR24S                    24" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR25S                    25" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR26S                    26" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR27S                    27" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR28S                    28" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR29S                    29" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR30S                    30" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR31S                    31" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR32S                    32" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR33S                    33" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR34S                    34" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR35S                    35" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR36S                    36" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR37S                    37" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR38S                    38" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR39S                    39" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR40S                    40" SILVER FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR05B                    5" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR06B                    6" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR07B                    7" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR08B                    8" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR85B                    8.5" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
FR09B                    9" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC   Metal Sectional
FR10B                    10" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR11B                    11" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR12B                    12" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME      Metal Sectional
FR13B                    13" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR14B                    14" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME TOP  Metal Sectional
FR15B                    15" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR17B                    17" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR18B                    18" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR19B                    19" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR20B                    20" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR21B                    21" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR22B                    22" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR23B                    23" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR24B                    24" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR25B                    25" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR26B                    26" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR27B                    27" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR28B                    28" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME      Metal Sectional
FR29B                    29" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR30B                    30" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR31B                    31" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR32B                    32" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR33B                    33" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR34B                    34" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR35B                    35" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR36B                    36" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR37B                    37" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR38B                    38" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR39B                    39" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
FR40B                    40" BLACK FLAT TOP FRAME PAC  Metal Sectional
H405                     *Clark Omni Display           Supplies
FR16B                    16" BLACK  FLAT TOP FRAME PAC Metal Sectional
CSMDL                    MEADOWLANDS SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
C8989                    RAVEN BLACK 40X60             Crescent
CSCM10                   CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM120                  CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM200                  CLARK SAMPLE SET 200 SERIES   Corner Samples
CSCM600                  CLARK SAMPLE SET 600 SERIES   Corner Samples
CSCM700                  CLARK SAMPLE SET 700 SERIES   Corner Samples
CSCM800                  CLARK SAMPLE SET 800 SERIES   Corner Samples
CSCM900                  CLARK SAMPLE SET 900 SERIES   Corner Samples
CSCM1100                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM1200                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM1300                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM1400                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 1400 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM1500                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 1500 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM1600                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM1700                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM1800                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 1800 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM1900                 CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCM2000                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 2000 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM2100                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 2100 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM3200                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 3200 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM3400                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 3400 SERIES  Corner Samples
CSCM3700                 CLARK SAMPLE SET 3700 SERIES  Corner Samples
H107                     Screw Hanger w/ 3/16" TC PlateSupplies
H207                     Screw Hanger w/3/16"(100 sets)Supplies
H227                     3/16" TC Plate Bulk 500/Bx    Supplies
H406                     *Clark Kiosk                  Supplies
CSCM100                  CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
B4143                    TUMBLEWEED 32X40              Bainbridge
B4144                    PALOMINO 32X40                Bainbridge
B4145                    MUSTANG 32X40                 Bainbridge
B4146                    SUEDE WILLOW 32X40            Bainbridge
B4147                    SPRUCE 32X40                  Bainbridge
B4148                    SUEDE MOSS 32X40              Bainbridge
B4149                    WINE 32X40                    Bainbridge
B4150                    SUEDE - MIDNIGHT 32X40        Bainbridge
B4834                    PETAL GREEN SILKENS 32X40     Bainbridge
B4835                    MOUNTAIN GREEN SILKENS 32X40  Bainbridge
B4836                    IMPERIAL BLUE SILKENS 32x40   Bainbridge
B4837                    BURGUNDY SILKENS 32X40        Bainbridge
B4838                    DYNASTY RED SILKENS 32X40     Bainbridge
B4840                    WHITE SILKENS 32X40           Bainbridge
B4841                    BAMBOO SILKENS 32X40          Bainbridge
B8205                    ATHENIAN DUST 32X40           Bainbridge
B8219                    TUNIC 32X40                   Bainbridge
B8313                    (BC) SNOWFLAKE ON SABLE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8314                    (BC) TALC ON SABLE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8315                    (BC) FAIRFIELD ON SABLE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8317                    (BC) STEEL GREY ON SABLE 32X40Bainbridge
B8318                    (BC) MALACCA ON SABLE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8319                    (BC) TEAL GREY ON SABLE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8320                    (BC) TAUPE ON SABLE 32X40     Bainbridge
N15150                   FLORENTINE SILVER 3/8"        Nielsen
N15151                   FLORENTINE GOLD 3/8"          Nielsen
N15152                   FLORENTINE BRONZE             Nielsen
N15153                   FLORENTINE PEWTER             Nielsen
N15154                   FLORENTINE GRAY               Nielsen
N15155                   FLORENTINE AMBER              Nielsen
N15166                   FLORENTINE MIST               Nielsen
N15165                   FLORENTINE BRASS              Nielsen
N15156                   FLORENTINE BLACK 3/8"         Nielsen
N15213                   POPPY                         Nielsen
N15217                   MOSAIC BLUE                   Nielsen
N15218                   CYPRESS                       Nielsen
H118                     1700 Series Top Plate 4/set   Supplies
159WS                    W0-OLD WORLD SLVER FILLET 3/4"Wood Mldg
159WG                    W0-OLD WORLD GOLD FILLET 3/4" Wood Mldg
159WB                    W0-OLD WORLD BRNZE FILLET 3/4"Wood Mldg
349WS                    W2-OLD WORLD SILVER 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
349WG                    W2-OLD WORLD GOLD 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
349WB                    W2-OLD WORLD BRONZE 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
359WS                    W2-OLD WORLD SILVER 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
359WG                    W2-OLD WORLD GOLD 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
559WS                    W2-OLD WORLD SILVER 1 7/8"    Wood Mldg
559WG                    W2-OLD WORLD GOLD 1 7/8"      Wood Mldg
569WG                    W2-OLD WORLD GOLD 2"          Wood Mldg
659WS                    W2-OLD WORLD SILVER 2 3/8"    Wood Mldg
659WG                    W2-OLD WORLD GOLD 2 3/8"      Wood Mldg
759WS                    W0-OLD WORLD SILVER 3 1/2"    Wood Mldg
759WG                    W0-OLD WORLD GOLD 3 1/2"      Wood Mldg
789WS                    W0-OLD WORLD SILVER 3 3/4"    Wood Mldg
789WG                    W0-OLD WORLD GOLD 3 3/4"      Wood Mldg
829WS                    W0-OLD WORLD SILVER 3 1/2"    Wood Mldg
829WG                    W0-OLD WORLD GOLD 3 1/2"      Wood Mldg
859WB                    W0-OLD WORLD BRONZE 4"        Wood Mldg
859WS                    W0-OLD WORLD SILVER 4"        Wood Mldg
151IB                    W0-IMPERIAL BLACK FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
151IG                    W0-IMPERIAL GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
151IS                    W0-IMPERIAL SILVER FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
153IB                    W0-IMPERIAL BLACK FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
153IG                    W0-IMPERIAL GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
153IS                    W0-IMPERIAL SILVER FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
373IB                    W2-IMPERIAL BLACK  1 1/4      Wood Mldg
373IG                    W2-IMPERIAL GOLD  1 1/4       Wood Mldg
373IS                    W2-IMPERIAL SILVER  1 1/4     Wood Mldg
403IB                    W2-IMPERIAL BLACK  1 1/4      Wood Mldg
403IG                    W2-IMPERIAL GOLD  1 1/4       Wood Mldg
403IS                    W2-IMPERIAL SILVER  1 1/4     Wood Mldg
573IB                    W0-IMPERIAL BLACK  1 3/8      Wood Mldg
573IG                    W0 IMPERIAL GOLD  1 3/8       Wood Mldg
573IS                    W0 IMPERIAL SILVER 1 3/8      Wood Mldg
643IB                    W2-IMPERIAL BLACK  2 3/8      Wood Mldg
643IG                    W2-IMPERIAL GOLD  2 3/8       Wood Mldg
643IS                    W2-IMPERIAL SILVER  2 3/8     Wood Mldg
683IB                    W2-IMPERIAL BLACK  2 7/8      Wood Mldg
683IG                    W2-IMPERIAL GOLD  2 7/8       Wood Mldg
683IS                    W2-IMPERIAL SILVER  2 7/8     Wood Mldg
861IB                    W0-IMPERIAL BLACK  4 3/8      Wood Mldg
861IG                    W0-IMPERIAL GOLD  4 3/8       Wood Mldg
861IS                    W0-IMPERIAL SILVER  4 3/8     Wood Mldg
CSIM                     IMPERIAL SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
152WO                    W0 FILLET 3/8"                Wood Mldg
152NW                    W0 NW FILLET 3/8"             Wood Mldg
152DO                    W0 DO FILLET 3/8"             Wood Mldg
152NAT                   W0 NAT FILLET 3/8"            Wood Mldg
152PRA                   W0 PRA FILLET 3/8"            Wood Mldg
US45977                  *W2 SLUGGER SMOKE GRAY        Framemica
440WOA                   *W2 ASH\DTW 1 3/8             Wood Mldg
23020                    2 1/2" x 15 Wire Brads        Supplies
23022                    3" x 14 Wire Brads            Supplies
US45229                  *W2 SLUGGER SATIN EMERALD/GRN Framemica
US45272                  W2 SLUGGER SATIN DIAMOND WHITEFramemica
US45275                  W2 SLUGGER SATIN CHARCOAL BLK Framemica
US45277                  W2 SLUGGER SATIN SMOKE GRAY   Framemica
US47229                  *W2 BABE SATIN EMERALD GREEN  Framemica
US47233                  W2 BABE SATIN SAPPHIRE BLUE   Framemica
US47272                  W2 BABE SATIN DIAMOND WHITE   Framemica
US47275                  *W2 BABE SATIN CHARCOAL BLK   Framemica
US47277                  W2 BABE SATIN SMOKE GRAY      Framemica
US59233                  W1 JUNIOR SATIN SAPPHIRE BLUE Framemica
US59272                  *W1 JUNIOR SATIN DIAMOND WHITEFramemica
US59275                  *W1 JUNIOR SATIN CHARCOAL BLK Framemica
US59277                  W1 JUNIOR SATIN SMOKE GRAY    Framemica
CSCA6                    CASTILLANO  SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
B8446                    ALPHAMAT RAFFIA 32X40         Bainbridge
B8445                    ALPHAMAT FIDDLEHEAD 32X40     Bainbridge
B8444                    ALPHAMAT PECAN 32X40          Bainbridge
B8443                    ALPHAMAT TEAK 32X40           Bainbridge
B8442                    ALPHAMAT KONA 32X40           Bainbridge
B8441                    ALPHAMAT CHAPS 32X40          Bainbridge
B8440                    ALPHAMAT AUBERGINE 32X40      Bainbridge
B8811                    ALPHAMAT ES CRYSTAL 32X40     Bainbridge
B8812                    ALPHAMAT ES ZINC 32X40        Bainbridge
B8814                    ALPHAMAT ES AGATE 32X40       Bainbridge
B8821                    ALPHAMAT ES MOONSTONE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8822                    ALPHAMAT ES SANDCASTLE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8823                    ALPHAMAT ES EMBERSTONE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8824                    ALPHAMAT ES IRONSTONE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8441L                   ALPHAMAT CHAPS 40X60          Bainbridge
B8447L                   ALPHAMAT BLACK SPRUCE 40X60   Bainbridge
B8518L                   ALPHAMAT ASH 40X60            Bainbridge
B8573L                   ALPHAMAT TAPESTRY 40X60       Bainbridge
B8301L                   (BC) IVORY BLK/BLK SABLE 40X60Bainbridge
B8306L                   (BC) MATTE WHITE/BLK SBL 40X60Bainbridge
B8313L                   (BC) SNOWFLAKE/BLK SABLE 40X60Bainbridge
11216                    *CS6-15 RF Gun S/N#__________ Equipment
11207                    *CS6-15 SF Gun S/N#__________ Supplies
GR810                    Reflection Control 8x10       Glass
GR1216                   Reflection Control 12x16      Glass
GR1418                   Reflection Control 14x18      Glass
C7564                    MOORMAN LINEN-MAROON 32X40    Crescent
C7565                    MOORMAN LINEN-VINTAGE RUBY    Crescent
C7566                    MOORMAN LINEN-AMETHYST 32X40  Crescent
C7567                    MOORMAN LINEN-ULTRAMARINE BLUECrescent
C7568                    MOORMAN LINEN-TEAL LINEN 32X40Crescent
C7569                    MOORMAN LINEN-LODEN GREEN     Crescent
C87100                   MOORMAN SUEDE-MOUTARDE 40X60  Crescent
C87105                   MOORMAN SUEDE-DARK RUST 40X60 Crescent
C87112                   MOORMAN SUEDE-BORDEAUX 40X60  Crescent
C87115                   MOORMAN SUEDE-MOKA 40X60      Crescent
C87133                   MOORMAN SUEDE-DUSTY GREEN     Crescent
C87134                   MOORMAN SUEDE-ASPARAGUS 40X60 Crescent
C87139                   MOORMAN SUEDE-ANTHRACITE 40X60Crescent
C87180                   MOORMAN SUEDE-WHITE 40X60     Crescent
C87181                   MOORMAN SUEDE-SUNSET 40X60    Crescent
C87182                   MOORMAN SUEDE-BRONZE 40X60    Crescent
C87183                   MOORMAN SUEDE-MOCCASIN 40X60  Crescent
C87184                   MOORMAN SUEDE-CINNAMON 40X60  Crescent
C87190                   MOORMAN SUEDE-OLIVE 40X60     Crescent
C87191                   MOORMAN SUEDE-PFALZGRAFF 40X60Crescent
C87194                   MOORMAN SUEDE-GARNET 40X60    Crescent
C87195                   MOORMAN SUEDE-SAPPHIRE 40X60  Crescent
C87196                   MOORMAN SUEDE-TEAL 40X60      Crescent
C87198                   MOORMAN SUEDE-PLUM 40X60      Crescent
C87199                   MOORMAN SUEDE-SPRUCE 40X60    Crescent
COS01S                   SOLID CORNER SILVER-POLYBOX   Supplies
COS01B                   SOLID CORNER BLACK-POLYBOX    Supplies
COR01S                   ROSETTE CORNER SILVER-POLYBOX Supplies
COR01G                   ROSETTE CORNER GOLD-POLYBOX   Supplies
COR01B                   ROSETTE CORNER BLACK-POLYBOX  Supplies
N9750                    BLACK 29/32"                  Nielsen
N97150                   FLORENTINE SILVER 29/32"      Nielsen
N97154                   FLORENTINE GREY 29/32"        Nielsen
N524                     COBALT 3/8"                   Nielsen
N5824                    COBALT 5/16"                  Nielsen
N1524                    COBALT 3/8"                   Nielsen
N2524                    COBALT 19/32"                 Nielsen
N7524                    COBALT 1"                     Nielsen
N2502                    FROSTED SILVER 19/32"         Nielsen
N2504                    FROSTED GOLD 19/32"           Nielsen
N2512                    FROSTED PEWTER 19/32"         Nielsen
N2513                    CONTRAST GREY 19/32"          Nielsen
N2523                    ANTIQUE GOLD 19/32"           Nielsen
US29273                  W1 CHAMP SATIN BLACK          Framemica
US29267                  W1 CHAMP SATIN WHITE          Framemica
US39273                  W2 DIPLOMAT SATIN BLACK       Framemica
US39267                  W2 DIPLOMAT SATIN WHITE       Framemica
US45273                  W2 SLUGGER SATIN BLACK        Framemica
US45267                  W2 SLUGGER SATIN WHITE        Framemica
US47273                  W2 BABE SATIN BLACK           Framemica
US47267                  W2 BABE SATIN WHITE           Framemica
US59273                  W1 JUNIOR SATIN BLACK         Framemica
US59267                  W1 JUNIOR SATIN WHITE         Framemica
US79273                  W1 THRILLER SATIN BLACK       Framemica
US79267                  W1 THRILLER SATIN WHITE       Framemica
CSMP                     MAPLES SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
11823                    *C&H Carbide Router Bit       Supplies
13653                    Seal Release Board 40" x 60"  Supplies
16620                    *Fletcher Mat Blades, 100/Box Supplies
16622                    *Fletcher 3100 Hardbrd Wheels Supplies
16624                    *Stop for Fletcher 3100       Supplies
21692                    *100 Plus Tape, 1/2" x 18 yds.Supplies
21710                    L-J Cons. Corners, 3/4" Full  Supplies
21712                    L-J Cons. Corners, 1 1/4" FullSupplies
21714                    L-J Cons. Corners, 1 1/4" MaxiSupplies
21716                    L-J Cons. Corners 2 15/16 FullSupplies
21718                    L-J Cons. Corners 2 15/16 MaxiSupplies
23999                    210 1/2 Screw Eye/Short Shank Supplies
24000                    211 1/2 Screw Eye/Short Shank Supplies
24009                    216 1/2 Screw Eye/Short Shank Supplies
28815                    24" Brown Kraft Paper         Supplies
CPSF3240                 *CRES PERFECT MNT FILM 32X40  Crescent
H420                     *Clark Quik Hanger (100/pkg)  Supplies
H408                     *Clk Omni Plstc Hngr (100/pkg)Supplies
H407                     *Clark Omni Add-on Kit        Supplies
H410                     *Clark Omni Track Screws      Supplies
B8732                    ALPHAMOUNT ARTCARE 2-PLY WHT  Bainbridge
B8734                    ALPHAMOUNT ARTCARE 4-PLY WHT  Bainbridge
242A                     W1 MOSAICS AMBER 3/4"         Wood Mldg
242B                     W1 MOSAICS BRICK 3/4"         Wood Mldg
242C                     W1 MOSAICS CHARCOAL 3/4"      Wood Mldg
242F                     W1 MOSAICS FERN 3/4"          Wood Mldg
242L                     W1 MOSAICS LAPIS 3/4"         Wood Mldg
242R                     W1 MOSAICS RUBY 3/4"          Wood Mldg
242V                     W1 MOSAICS VIOLET 3/4"        Wood Mldg
244A                     W2 MOSAICS AMBER 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
244B                     W2 MOSAICS BRICK 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
244C                     W2 MOSAICS CHARCOAL 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
244F                     W2 MOSAICS FERN 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
244L                     W2 MOSAICS LAPIS 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
244R                     W2 MOSAICS RUBY 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
CSMO                     CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
G4060                    Clear Glass 40x60 3 lites     Glass
21419                    Masking Tape 234 1"           Supplies
NSSD                     NIELSEN REVL COUNTER DISP     Corner Samples
US45128                  W2 SLUGGER BLACK DUST         Framemica
US45901                  *W2 SLUGGER WHITE GLOSS       Framemica
US45928                  W2 SLUGGER BLACK GLOSS        Framemica
US67273                  W2 SENATOR SATIN BLACK        Framemica
CSGS                     GRAND SATIN SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
CMX87                    WHITE-MINI FLUTE 32X40        Crescent
CMX14                    NATURAL-MINI FLUTE 32X40      Crescent
CMX21                    BLACK-MINI FLUTE 32X40        Crescent
CMX4087                  WHITE-MINI FLUTE 40X60        Crescent
CMX4014                  NATURAL-MINI FLUTE 40X60      Crescent
CMX4021                  BLACK-MINI FLUTE 40X60        Crescent
C48406                   ANCIENTS-GRECIAN GOLD 32X40   Crescent
C48407                   ANCIENTS-ROMAN BRONZE 32X40   Crescent
C3354                    WINTER WHITE 32X40            Crescent
C3355                    HEATHER MIST 32X40            Crescent
C3356                    ALPINE GREEN 32X40            Crescent
C3357                    AQUA GREEN 32X40              Crescent
C3358                    INDIGO 32X40                  Crescent
C3359                    SUNDOWN SHADOW 32X40          Crescent
C3360                    CHINA BLUE 32X40              Crescent
C4801                    BLUE PARCHMENT 32X40          Crescent
C4802                    TAN PARCHMENT 32X40           Crescent
C4803                    SMOKE PARCHMENT 32X40         Crescent
C4804                    IVORY PARCHMENT 32X40         Crescent
C4851                    DENIMS-LIGHT BLUE 32X40       Crescent
B8733                    ALPHAMOUNT ARTCARE 2-PL IVORY Bainbridge
B8735                    ALPHAMOUNT ARTCARE 4-PL IVORY Bainbridge
B8734L                   ALPHAMOUNT A/C 4-PLY WHT 40X60Bainbridge
B8731                    ALPHAMOUNT ARTCARE 1-PLY WHT  Bainbridge
N97151                   FLORENTINE GOLD 29/32"        Nielsen
N97152                   FLORENTINE BRONZE 29/32"      Nielsen
N97155                   FLORENTINE AMBER 29/32"       Nielsen
N97156                   FLORINTINE BLACK 29/32"       Nielsen
N97165                   FLORENTINE BRASS 29/32"       Nielsen
N97167                   FLORENTINE WALNUT 29/32"      Nielsen
N97168                   FLORENTINE COBALT 29/32"      Nielsen
COR01LG                  ROSETTE LIGHT GOLD-POLYBOX    Supplies
COP01S                   PYRAMID SILVER-POLYBOX        Supplies
SAG32                    LARSON WOODEN SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SAG34                    LARSON WOODEN SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SAG36                    LARSON WOODEN SECTIONAL       Wood Sectional
SNW32                    32" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW34                    34" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
SNW36                    36" WOODEN SECTIONAL          Wood Sectional
287610                   W1 EASTLAKE AMBER 7/8"        Wood Mldg
287611                   W1 EASTLAKE NATURAL 7/8"      Wood Mldg
287613                   W1 EASTLAKE MISSION 7/8"      Wood Mldg
287614                   W1 EASTLAKE OAK PARK 7/8"     Wood Mldg
493610                   W2 EASTLAKE AMBER 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
493611                   W2 EASTLAKE NATURAL 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
493613                   W2 EASTLAKE MISSION 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
493614                   W2 EASTLAKE OAK PARK 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
121620                   W0 TERRAZZO GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
341620                   W2 TERRAZZO 1 1/2" GOLDDUST   Wood Mldg
341622                   W2 TERRAZZO 1 1/2" ECRU       Wood Mldg
341626                   W2 TERRAZZO 1 1/2" SAGE       Wood Mldg
641620                   W2 TERRAZZO GOLDUST 2 1/8"    Wood Mldg
104601                   W0 GOLDEN BURL FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
104602                   W0 WALNUT BURL FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
104603                   W0 GENUINE MAH/FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
221603                   W1 REAL MAHOGANY FLAT 7/8"    Wood Mldg
229601                   W1 GOLDEN BURL/REV 7/8"       Wood Mldg
229602                   W1 WALNUT BURL/REV 7/8"       Wood Mldg
317601                   W2 GOLDEN BURL FLAT 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
317602                   W2 WALNUT BURL FLAT 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
317603                   W2 GENUINE MAH/FLAT 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
401603                   W2 GENUINE MAH/REVERSE 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
408601                   W2 GOLDEN BURL/REV 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
408602                   W2 WALNUT BURL/REV 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
503603                   W2 GENUINE MAH/SCP/BEAD 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
603601                   W2 GOLDEN BURL/REV 2 1/4"     Wood Mldg
604603                   W2 GENUINE  MAH/REVERSE 2 1/4"Wood Mldg
603602                   W2 WALNUT BURL/REV 2 1/4"     Wood Mldg
641622                   W2 TERRAZZO ECRU 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
N11169                   SILVER MOSS                   Nielsen
N11171                   HUNTER GREEN                  Nielsen
N15169                   SILVER MOSS                   Nielsen
N15170                   FROSTED UMBER                 Nielsen
N15171                   HUNTER GREEN                  Nielsen
N58169                   SILVER MOSS                   Nielsen
N58170                   FROSTED UMBER                 Nielsen
N58171                   HUNTER GREEN                  Nielsen
N25169                   SILVER MOSS                   Nielsen
N25170                   FROSTED UMBER                 Nielsen
N25171                   HUNTER GREEN                  Nielsen
N2508                    FROSTED BRONZE                Nielsen
N2550                    BLACK                         Nielsen
N2555                    RIGHT RED                     Nielsen
N2558                    INDIGO                        Nielsen
10822                    **7mm Uni Wedges Hard 8000/bx Supplies
10823                    **7mm Uni Wedges Soft 8000/bx Supplies
10824                    **10mm Uni Wedges Hard 8000/bxSupplies
10825                    **10mm Uni Wedges Soft 8000/bxSupplies
10827                    **12mm Uni Wedges Soft 8000/bxSupplies
10831                    **15mm Uni Wedges Soft 8000/bxSupplies
10922                    **7mm Uni AL Wedges HW 8000/bxSupplies
10923                    **7mm Uni AL Wedges SW 8000/bxSupplies
10925                    **10mm Uni AL Wedge HW 8000/bxSupplies
10927                    **10mm Uni AL Wedges SW 8000/bSupplies
10933                    **12mm Uni AL Wedges SW 8000/bSupplies
10937                    **15mm Uni AL Wedges SW 8000/bSupplies
CSEL                     EASTLAKE SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
C87502                   MOORMAN EURO LINEN 40X60      Crescent
C87535                   MOORMAN LINEN LGHT MAUVE 40X60Crescent
C87540                   MOORMAN LINEN LGHT BEIGE 40X60Crescent
C87554                   MOORMAN LINEN NORTH SEA 40X60 Crescent
C87564                   MOORMAN LINEN MAROON 40X60    Crescent
C87566                   MOORMAN AMETHYST LINEN 40X60  Crescent
C87569                   MOORMAN LINEN LODEN GREEN40X60Crescent
C87580                   MOORMAN LINEN BURGUNDY 40X60  Crescent
C87581                   MOORMAN LINEN JEWEL BLUE 40X60Crescent
B8649                    25/BAG ALPHARG A-C 1-P WHT    Bainbridge
B8632                    ALPHARAG ARTCARE 2-PLY WHT    Bainbridge
B8634                    ALPHARAG ARTCARE 4-PLY WHT    Bainbridge
B8634L                   ALPHARAG A/C 4-PLY WHT 40X60  Bainbridge
B8640                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY ANT WHT    Bainbridge
B8640L                   ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY A-WHT40X60 Bainbridge
B8641                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY CHMPGNE    Bainbridge
B8647                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PL PEARL WHT   Bainbridge
B8642                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY CREAM      Bainbridge
B8643                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PL DOVE GREY   Bainbridge
B8644                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY EBONY      Bainbridge
B8645                    ALPHARAG ARTCARE 4-PL IVORY   Bainbridge
B8646                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY KHAKI      Bainbridge
B8648                    ALPHARAG ARTCARE 4-PL TAUPE   Bainbridge
B8431                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM ANTIQUE   Bainbridge
B8432                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM ANGORA    Bainbridge
B8432L                   ALPHAMAT A-C VLM ANGORA 40X60 Bainbridge
B8433                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM JET       Bainbridge
B8433L                   ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM JET 40X60 Bainbridge
B8434                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM COAL      Bainbridge
B8435                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM CHROME    Bainbridge
B8436                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM HONEYCOMB Bainbridge
B8437                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM CLOVER    Bainbridge
B8438                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM CHALK     Bainbridge
B8438L                   ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM CHALK40X60Bainbridge
CSTE                     CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
NCDWAL                   NIELSEN WALL MOUNT DISPLAY    Corner Samples
11701                    *Corner Lock 4000 Joiner      Equipment
11711                    *3/8" Corner Lock Wedges(500) Supplies
11713                    *5/8" Corner Lock Wedges(500) Supplies
11715                    *15/16" Corner Lock Wdgs(250) Supplies
11721                    *Corner Lock Steel Bit        Supplies
11723                    *Corner Lock Carbide Bit      Supplies
11913                    Small Anchors 3/8" (500)      Supplies
11915                    Medium Anchors 5/8" (500)     Supplies
11917                    Large Anchors 15/16" (250)    Supplies
13395                    *VacuSeal 5298H S/N#_________ Supplies
13626                    *Colormount 48.5" x 300 ft.   Supplies
15811                    **C+H #900 SE Blades 100/Box  Supplies
15817                    **C+H #1500 SE Blades 100/Box Supplies
AC3218                   1/8 32x40 ARTCARE FMB         Foamboard
AC32                     3/16 32X40 ARTCARE FMB        Foamboard
AC40                     3/16 40X60 ARTCARE FMB        Foamboard
HA433                    *Chevron Adhsv (Bag of 50)    Supplies
424PRV                   *W2 ASH\DTW 1 1/2             Wood Mldg
H235                     *Clark D-Ring Back Plates/100 Supplies
US245273                 W1 BLACK SATIN/GOLD           Framemica
CSKS                     KENSINGTON SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
GC4060                   Conservation Clear 40x60      Glass
C33100                   BLACK OPAL 32X40              Crescent
C33106                   BRONZE GREEN 32X40            Crescent
C33107                   AMALGAM 32X40                 Crescent
C34100                   OCHRE 32X40                   Crescent
C13150                   BLACK 32X40                   Crescent
C13152                   HUNTER 32X40                  Crescent
C13155                   NAVY 32X40                    Crescent
C13105                   RAFFIA 32X40                  Crescent
C36101                   TRAVERTINE 32X40              Crescent
C36104                   IVORY 32X40                   Crescent
28122                    *Glass Seamer                 Supplies
28124                    *Seamer Replacement Roller    Supplies
28132                    *Glass Handling Gloves (Pair) Supplies
108630                   W0 MUSEE WATERGILD FILLET 1/4"Wood Mldg
109630                   W0 MUSEE WATERGILD FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
190630                   W0 MUSEE WATERGILDED 5/8"     Wood Mldg
332630                   W1 MUSEE 1 1/8" WATERGILD     Wood Mldg
191631                   W0 MUSEE 5/8" WATERGILD W/BLK Wood Mldg
338631                   W0 MUSEE 1" WATERGILD W/BLK   Wood Mldg
459630                   W2 MUSEE 1 1/2 WATERGILD      Wood Mldg
615630                   W2 MUSEE 2 3/8 WATERGILD      Wood Mldg
459631                   W2 MUSEE 1 1/2 WATERGILD W/BLKWood Mldg
615631                   W2 MUSEE 2 3/8 WATERGILD W/BLKWood Mldg
23640                    *Touch-Ups Dauber Set         Supplies
23642                    *Touch-Ups Acrylic Stand      Supplies
23644                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Golden OakSupplies
23646                    *Touch-Ups Dauber-Spanish WlntSupplies
23648                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Black     Supplies
23650                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Cherry    Supplies
23652                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Fruitwood Supplies
23654                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Mahogany  Supplies
23656                    *Touch-Up Dauber-Modern WalnutSupplies
23658                    *Touch-Ups Dauber-Salem Maple Supplies
23660                    *Touch-Ups Dauber - Walnut    Supplies
23662                    *Touch-Up Dauber - Antique OakSupplies
CSMU                     MUSEE SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
B4951                    DENIM-DUNGAREE 32X40          Bainbridge
B4952                    DENIM-OLIVE 32X40             Bainbridge
B4953                    DENIM-RAWHIDE 32X40           Bainbridge
B4954                    DENIM-SAWDUST 32X40           Bainbridge
B4955                    DENIM-GOLDENROD 32X40         Bainbridge
B4954L                   DENIM-SAWDUST 40X60           Bainbridge
B4175                    SUEDE-FAWN 32X40              Bainbridge
B4177                    SUEDE-ALUMINUM 32X40          Bainbridge
B4179                    SUEDE-NOEL 32X40              Bainbridge
B4180                    SUEDE-CABERNET 32X40          Bainbridge
B4181                    SUEDE-GOLD RUSH 32X40         Bainbridge
B4182                    SUEDE-TURQUOISE 32X40         Bainbridge
B4183                    SUEDE-PERSIMMON 32X40         Bainbridge
B4184                    SUEDE-THISTLE 32X40           Bainbridge
B4184L                   SUEDE-THISTLE 40X60           Bainbridge
B8660                    ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY WHT 32X40  Bainbridge
N5114                    GERMAN SILVER 9/16"           Nielsen
N5121                    MATTE BLACK 9/16"             Nielsen
146640                   W0 SEDONA SANDUNE FILLET 5/8" Wood Mldg
146641                   W0 SEDONA DRIFTWOOD FIL 5/8"  Wood Mldg
146642                   W0 SEDONA CANYON FILLET 5/8"  Wood Mldg
346640                   W2 SEDONA SANDUNE 1 3/8"      Wood Mldg
346641                   W2 SEDONA DRIFTWOOD 1 3/8"    Wood Mldg
346642                   W2 SEDONA CANYON 1 3/8"       Wood Mldg
546640                   W2 SEDONA SANDUNE 2 1/4"      Wood Mldg
546641                   W2 SEDONA DRIFTWOOD 2 1/4"    Wood Mldg
546642                   W2 SEDONA CANYON 2 1/4"       Wood Mldg
746640                   W2 SEDONA SANDUNE 3 1/4"      Wood Mldg
746641                   W2 SEDONA DRIFTWOOD 3 1/4"    Wood Mldg
746642                   W2 SEDONA CANYON 3 1/4"       Wood Mldg
CSSD                     SEDONA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
436700                   W2 NANTUCKET CEDAR 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
436701                   W2 NANTUCKET ACORN 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
436702                   W2 NANTUCKET REDWOOD 1 3/4"   Wood Mldg
436703                   W2 NANTUCKET IVY 1 3/4"       Wood Mldg
436704                   W2 NANTUCKET CHEASAPEAKE 1 3/4Wood Mldg
436705                   W2 NANTUCKET CYPRESS 1 3/4    Wood Mldg
636700                   W2 NANTUCKET CEDAR 2 1/2"     Wood Mldg
636701                   W2 NANTUCKET ACORN 2 1/2"     Wood Mldg
636703                   W2 NANTUCKET IVY 2 1/2"       Wood Mldg
636704                   W2 NANTUCKET CHEASAPEAKE 2 1/2Wood Mldg
636705                   W2 NANTUCKET CYPRESS 2 1/2    Wood Mldg
C1650                    RAG WARM WHITE 32X40          Crescent
C1651                    RAG FLAXEN 32X40              Crescent
C1652                    RAG AUBURN  32X40             Crescent
C1653                    RAG MAROON  32X40             Crescent
C1654                    RAG LAUREL GREEN 32X40        Crescent
C1655                    RAG ALPINE GREEN 32X40        Crescent
C1656                    RAG COUNTRY BLUE 32X40        Crescent
C1657                    RAG DEVONSHIRE BLUE 32X40     Crescent
C1658                    RAG DEEP SEA 32X40            Crescent
C1659                    RAG BLUE BELLE 32X40          Crescent
C1660                    RAG IMPERIAL BLUE 32X40       Crescent
C1661                    RAG MAJESTIC PURPLE 32X40     Crescent
C1662                    RAG ESPRESSO  32X40           Crescent
C1663                    RAG CHAMOIS GOLD 32X40        Crescent
C1664                    RAG SCRIPT WHITE 32X40        Crescent
C1712                    ANTIQ. OLD SAGE  32X40        Crescent
C1713                    ANTIQ. STONEHENGE 32X40       Crescent
C1714                    ANTIQ. FLAXEN  32X40          Crescent
C1715                    ANTIQ. ANTIQUE LACE 32X40     Crescent
C1716                    ANTIQ. BRITTANY 32X40         Crescent
C1717                    ANTIQ. SEARSTONE 32X40        Crescent
C1718                    ANTIQ. GRAYLING  32X40        Crescent
C1719                    ANTIQ. AUBURN  32X40          Crescent
C1721                    ANTIQ. BLACK 32X40            Crescent
C1722                    ANTIQ. DARK OLIVE 32X40       Crescent
C1723                    ANTIQ. LAPIS 32X40            Crescent
C1768                    RAG SPCLT-OLD GOLD 32X40      Crescent
CBR14921                 BRTCORE-BLACK/BLUE ON BLUE    Crescent
CBR24921                 BRTCORE-BLACK/GREEN ON GREEN  Crescent
CBR34921                 BRTCORE-BLACK/RED ON RED      Crescent
CBR44921                 BRTCORE-BLK/YELLOW ON YELLOW  Crescent
CBR14987                 BRTCORE-WHITE/BLUE ON BLUE    Crescent
CBR24987                 BRTCORE-WHITE/GREEN ON GREEN  Crescent
CBR34987                 BRTCORE-WHITE/RED ON RED      Crescent
CBR44987                 BRTCORE-WHT/YELLOW ON YELLOW  Crescent
B885                     PAPERMAT DELFT BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
184712                   W0 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 1/2"  Wood Mldg
184714                   W0 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 1/2"Wood Mldg
189712                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 5/8"  Wood Mldg
189714                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 5/8"Wood Mldg
276712                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 3/4"  Wood Mldg
276714                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 3/4"Wood Mldg
284712                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 3/4"  Wood Mldg
284714                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 3/4"Wood Mldg
289712                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 7/8"  Wood Mldg
289714                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 7/8"Wood Mldg
319712                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 1"    Wood Mldg
319714                   W1 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE SILVER 1"  Wood Mldg
369712                   W2 ALLEGRA ANTIQUE GOLD 1 1/8"Wood Mldg
369714                   W2 ALLEGRA ANT/SILVER 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
CSAL                     ALLEGRA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
GC1114                   Conservation Clear 11x14      Glass
GC1824                   Conservation Clear 18x24      Glass
GC2024                   Conservation Clear 20x24      Glass
419720                   W2 PORTICO STONE 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
419721                   W2 PORTICO TERRA COTTA 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
419722                   W2 PORTICO OLIVE 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
419723                   W2 PORTICO OCHRE 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
619720                   W2 PORTICO STONE 2 7/8"       Wood Mldg
619721                   W2 PORTICO TERRA COTTA 2 7/8" Wood Mldg
619722                   W2 PORTICO OLIVE 2 7/8"       Wood Mldg
619723                   W2 PORTICO OCHRE 2 7/8"       Wood Mldg
CSPO                     PORTICO SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
A4901                    ARTIQUE WHITE 32X40           Artique
A4902                    ARTIQUE OFF WHITE 32X40       Artique
A4903                    ARTIQUE IVORY 32X40           Artique
A4904                    ARTIQUE FEATHER WHITE 32X40   Artique
A4905                    ARTIQUE SHALETONE 32X40       Artique
A4906                    ARTIQUE DEVONSHIRE 32X40      Artique
A4907                    ARTIQUE TRUE BLACK 32X40      Artique
A4908                    ARTIQUE SAPPHIRE 32X40        Artique
A4909                    ARTIQUE ROYAL BLUE 32X40      Artique
A4910                    ARTIQUE ECRU 32X40            Artique
A4911                    ARTIQUE LOGANBERRY 32X40      Artique
A4912                    ARTIQUE ADMIRALTY 32X40       Artique
A4913                    ARTIQUE EMERALD 32X40         Artique
A4914                    ARTIQUE HERITAGE BLUE 32X40   Artique
A4915                    ARTIQUE BERRY RED 32X40       Artique
A4916                    ARTIQUE MAGNOLIA 32X40        Artique
A4917                    ARTIQUE LINEN 32X40           Artique
A4918                    ARTIQUE SNOW WHITE 32X40      Artique
A4920                    ARTIQUE SILVER GHOST 32X40    Artique
A4921                    ARTIQUE PEBBLE 32X40          Artique
A4922                    ARTIQUE LIGHT TAWNY 32X40     Artique
A4924                    ARTIQUE VERMILLION 32X40      Artique
A4925                    ARTIQUE BRILLIANT BLUE        Artique
A4926                    ARTIQUE REGAL RED 32X40       Artique
A4927                    ARTIQUE DIJON 32X40           Artique
A4928                    ARTIQUE SUNSHINE 32X40        Artique
A4929                    ARTIQUE WISTERIA 32X40        Artique
A4930                    ARTIQUE OLIVE GREY 32X40      Artique
A4931                    ARTIQUE LAVENDER 32X40        Artique
A4932                    ARTIQUE KRAFT 32X40           Artique
A4933                    ARTIQUE AQUAMIST 32X40        Artique
A4934                    ARTIQUE CHESTNUT 32X40        Artique
A4935                    ARTIQUE MUSHROOM 32X40        Artique
A4937                    ARTIQUE THATCH 32X40          Artique
A4938                    ARTIQUE SEA 32X40             Artique
A4939                    ARTIQUE BLUSH 32X40           Artique
A4940                    ARTIQUE MISTY JADE 32X40      Artique
A4941                    ARTIQUE WEDGEWOOD 32X40       Artique
A4942                    ARTIQUE SKY 32X40             Artique
A4943                    ARTIQUE VICTORIA 32X40        Artique
A4944                    ARTIQUE SEAWALL 32X40         Artique
A4945                    ARTIQUE FERN 32X40            Artique
A4946                    ARTIQUE PINEWOOD 32X40        Artique
A4947                    ARTIQUE LILAC 32X40           Artique
A4948                    ARTIQUE APRICOT 32X40         Artique
A4950                    ARTIQUE AMBER 32X40           Artique
A4952                    ARTIQUE WALNUT 32X40          Artique
A4953                    ARTIQUE DUSKY PINK 32X40      Artique
A4954                    ARTIQUE POWDER 32X40          Artique
A4955                    ARTIQUE AUBERGINE 32X40       Artique
A4957                    ARTIQUE EMPIRE TURK 32X40     Artique
A4958                    ARTIQUE FUCHSIA 32X40         Artique
A4959                    ARTIQUE SPRUCE 32X40          Artique
A4960                    ARTIQUE PEWTER 32X40          Artique
A4800                    ARTIQUE MACADAMIA 32X40       Artique
A4801                    ARTIQUE PARCHMENT 32X40       Artique
A4802                    ARTIQUE OYSTER 32X40          Artique
A4803                    ARTIQUE WHITECAP 32X40        Artique
A4804                    ARTIQUE EGGPLANT 32X40        Artique
A4805                    ARTIQUE CINNABAR 32X40        Artique
A4806                    ARTIQUE ANTIQUE BRICK 32X40   Artique
A4807                    ARTIQUE TUDOR 32X40           Artique
A4808                    ARTIQUE PELICAN 32X40         Artique
A4809                    ARTIQUE KHAKI 32X40           Artique
A4810                    ARTIQUE CANYON 32X40          Artique
A4811                    ARTIQUE PLATINUM 32X40        Artique
A4812                    ARTIQUE SEASPRAY 32X40        Artique
A4813                    ARTIQUE BLUE ASH 32X40        Artique
A4814                    ARTIQUE JETTY 32X40           Artique
A4815                    ARTIQUE GOBELIN 32X40         Artique
A4816                    ARTIQUE HARBOR BLUE 32X40     Artique
A4817                    ARTIQUE SEASIDE 32X40         Artique
A4818                    ARTIQUE BRIDGEWATER 32X40     Artique
A4819                    ARTIQUE TETON SKY 32X40       Artique
A4820                    ARTIQUE BOTANICAL 32X40       Artique
A4821                    ARTIQUE FOREST 32X40          Artique
A4822                    ARTIQUE EVERGREEN 32X40       Artique
A4823                    ARTIQUE ACORN 32X40           Artique
A4824                    ARTIQUE ORCHID 32X40          Artique
A4825                    ARTIQUE BALMORAL 32X40        Artique
A4826                    ARTIQUE PUMICE 32X40          Artique
A4827                    ARTIQUE IVY 32X40             Artique
A4828                    ARTIQUE SHARROW BAY 32X40     Artique
A4829                    ARTIQUE DANISH 32X40          Artique
A4830                    ARTIQUE VANILLA BEAN 32X40    Artique
A4832                    ARTIQUE PUMPKIN 32X40         Artique
A4833                    ARTIQUE GRAPHITE 32X40        Artique
A4834                    ARTIQUE SANGRIA 32X40         Artique
A4835                    ARTIQUE CYPRESS 32X40         Artique
A4836                    ARTIQUE CLOVE 32X40           Artique
A4837                    ARTIQUE BIRCH 32X40           Artique
A4838                    ARTIQUE GREY FELL 32X40       Artique
A4839                    ARTIQUE RASPBERRY SORBET      Artique
A4840                    ARTIQUE GULL 32X40            Artique
A4841                    ARTIQUE GOLD METALLIC 32X40   Artique
A4842                    ARTIQUE SILVER METALLIC 32X40 Artique
A4843                    ARTIQUE INK 32X40             Artique
A4844                    ARTIQUE MOSS 32X40            Artique
A4845                    ARTIQUE GULF COAST 32X40      Artique
A4846                    ARTIQUE CUSTARD 32X40         Artique
A4847                    ARTIQUE RED CLAY 32X40        Artique
A4848                    ARTIQUE LODEN 32X40           Artique
A4849                    ARTIQUE NICKEL 32X40          Artique
A4850                    ARTIQUE SANDIA 32X40          Artique
A4851                    ARTIQUE DOESKIN 32X40         Artique
A4852                    ARTIQUE SAFFRON 32X40         Artique
A4853                    ARTIQUE OLIVE 32X40           Artique
A4854                    ARTIQUE MIRO 32X40            Artique
A4855                    ARTIQUE MARINER 32X40         Artique
A4856                    ARTIQUE NOTTINGHAM 32X40      Artique
A4857                    ARTIQUE VINEYARD 32X40        Artique
A4858                    ARTIQUE RAVEN 32X40           Artique
A4859                    ARTIQUE STONEHENGE 32X40      Artique
A4860                    ARTIQUE COTSWOLD GREY 32X40   Artique
A4861                    ARTIQUE BUFF 32X40            Artique
A4862                    ARTIQUE SNOWDRIFT 32X40       Artique
A4863                    ARTIQUE SHEFFIELD 32X40       Artique
A4101                    ARTIQUE WHITE 40X60           Artique
A4102                    ARTIQUE OFF WHITE 40X60       Artique
A4103                    ARTIQUE IVORY 40X60           Artique
A4104                    ARTIQUE DEVONSHIRE 40X60      Artique
A4105                    ARTIQUE TRUE BLACK 40X60      Artique
A4106                    ARTIQUE ECRU 40X60            Artique
A4107                    ARTIQUE LOGANBERRY 40X60      Artique
A4108                    ARTIQUE ADMIRALTY 40X60       Artique
A4109                    ARTIQUE EMERALD 40X60         Artique
A4110                    ARTIQUE HERITAGE BLUE 40X60   Artique
A4111                    ARTIQUE MAGNOLIA 40X60        Artique
A4112                    ARTIQUE LINEN 40X60           Artique
A4113                    ARTIQUE SNOW WHITE 40X60      Artique
A4114                    ARTIQUE SILVER GHOST 40X60    Artique
A4115                    ARTIQUE PEBBLE 40X60          Artique
A4116                    ARTIQUE LIGHT TAWNY 40X60     Artique
A4117                    ARTIQUE LAVENDER 40X60        Artique
A4118                    ARTIQUE CHESTNUT 40X60        Artique
A4120                    ARTIQUE THATCH 40X60          Artique
A4121                    ARTIQUE PINEWOOD 40X60        Artique
A4122                    ARTIQUE DUSKY PINK 40X60      Artique
A4124                    ARTIQUE SPRUCE 40X60          Artique
A4125                    ARTIQUE PEWTER 40X60          Artique
A4127                    ARTIQUE RAVEN 40X60           Artique
LJR                      Larson-Juhl Mat Rack          Supplies
198745                   W0 PRADO FILLET 7/8"          Wood Mldg
478745                   W2 PRADO 1 1/2"               Wood Mldg
498745                   W2 PRADO 2"                   Wood Mldg
608745                   W2 PRADO 2 1/2"               Wood Mldg
678745                   W2 PRADO 2 7/8"               Wood Mldg
708745                   W2 PRADO 3 1/8"               Wood Mldg
878745                   W0 PRADO 4 3/8"               Wood Mldg
B8429                    ALPHA ORCHID 32X40            Bainbridge
B8428                    ALPHA PAPAYA 32X40            Bainbridge
B8427                    ALPHA RED CLAY 32X40          Bainbridge
B8426                    ALPHA PARAKEET 32X40          Bainbridge
B8425                    ALPHA SEA GREEN 32X40         Bainbridge
B8424                    ALPHA CHAMELEON 32X40         Bainbridge
B8422                    ALPHA LEM'N LIME 32X40        Bainbridge
B8420                    ALPHA SOFTLY PINK 32X40       Bainbridge
B8428L                   ALPHA PAPAYA 40X60            Bainbridge
B4960                    RAW SILK OYSTER 32X40         Bainbridge
B4961                    RAW SILK MINK 32X40           Bainbridge
B4962                    RAW SILK PEARL 32X40          Bainbridge
B4963                    RAW SILK CHAMPAGNE 32X40      Bainbridge
B4964                    RAW SILK GREENBRIER 32X40     Bainbridge
B4965                    RAW SILK GARNET 32X40         Bainbridge
B4969                    RAW SILK TRUFFLE  32X40       Bainbridge
B4961L                   RAW SILK MINK 40X60           Bainbridge
B4962L                   RAW SILK PEARL 40X60          Bainbridge
B599                     PAPERMAT BISCUIT 32X40        Bainbridge
B598                     PAPERMAT SAHARA  32X40        Bainbridge
B596                     PAPERMAT EL DORADO 32X40      Bainbridge
B594                     PAPERMAT MAPLE LEAF 32X40     Bainbridge
B593                     PAPERMAT CRANBERRY  32X40     Bainbridge
B592                     PAPERMAT CORONADO 32X40       Bainbridge
B590                     PAPERMAT KIWI 32X40           Bainbridge
B589                     PAPERMAT EUCALYPTUS 32X40     Bainbridge
B587                     PAPERMAT CHINA BLUE 32X40     Bainbridge
B586                     PAPERMAT BLUE JAY 32X40       Bainbridge
B599L                    PAPERMAT BISCUIT 40X60        Bainbridge
B593L                    PAPERMAT CRANBERRY 40X60      Bainbridge
B589L                    PAPERMAT EUCALYPTUS 40X60     Bainbridge
B587L                    PAPERMAT CHINA BLUE 40X60     Bainbridge
B8670                    ALPHA CORRUGATED 32X40        Bainbridge
B8671                    ALPHA CORRUGATED 40X60        Bainbridge
N15172                   CRANBERRY                     Nielsen
N15173                   TRANQUIL GREEN                Nielsen
CSPR                     PRADO SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
174615                   W0 BLACK 1/2" ENHANCER        Wood Mldg
287615                   W1 EASTLAKE BLACK 7/8"        Wood Mldg
493615                   W2 EASTLAKE BLACK 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
21460                    ATG Dispenser #700            Supplies
21466                    ATG Tape 1/2" x 60 Yds.       Supplies
21468                    ATG Tape 3/4" x 60 Yds.       Supplies
251730                   W1 ASHLAND HONEY ROPE 1"      Wood Mldg
251732                   W1 ASHLAND MAH ROPE 1"        Wood Mldg
251734                   W1 ASHLAND WAL ROPE 1"        Wood Mldg
351730                   W2 ASHLAND HON DBL/BEAD 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
351732                   W2 ASHLAND MAH DBL/BEAD 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
351734                   W2 ASHLAND WAL DBL/BEAD 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
451730                   W2 ASHLAND HON REV/ROPE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
451732                   W2 ASHLAND MAH REV/ROPE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
451734                   W2 ASHLAND WAL REV/ROPE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
551730                   W2 ASHLAND HON REV/BEAD 2 1/4"Wood Mldg
551732                   W2 ASHLAND MAH REV/BEAD 2 1/4"Wood Mldg
551734                   W2 ASHLAND WAL REV/BEAD 2 1/4"Wood Mldg
651730                   W0 ASHLAND HON SHADOWBOX 1"   Wood Mldg
651732                   W0 ASHLAND MAH SHADOWBOX 1"   Wood Mldg
651734                   W0 ASHLAND WAL SHADOWBOX 1"   Wood Mldg
CSAD                     ASHLAND SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
197760                   W0 STRADIVARIUS FILLET 1/2"   Wood Mldg
497764                   W2 STRADIVARIUS WALNUT 2"     Wood Mldg
497765                   W2 STRADIVARIUS PECAN 2"      Wood Mldg
497766                   W2 STRADIVARIUS MAH 2"        Wood Mldg
797764                   W2 STRADIVARIUS WALNUT 3 1/8" Wood Mldg
797765                   W2 STRADIVARIUS PECAN 3 1/8"  Wood Mldg
797766                   W2 STRADIVARIUS MAH 3 1/8"    Wood Mldg
C8902                    YELLOW  40X60                 Crescent
C8918                    VERY WHITE 40X60              Crescent
C8919                    IVY GREEN 40X60               Crescent
C8961                    CREAM 40X60                   Crescent
C8994                    CHAMOIS GOLD 40X60            Crescent
C81076                   LAS CRUCES PURPLE 40X60       Crescent
C81081                   VOLCANO BLUE 40X60            Crescent
C81082                   MARINE BLUE 40X60             Crescent
C83291                   FRENCH BUFF 40X60             Crescent
C83300                   ALABASTER 40X60               Crescent
C83323                   REAL TEAL 40X60               Crescent
C83326                   LAPIS 40X60                   Crescent
C83331                   SAGE 40X60                    Crescent
C83333                   BLACK WATCH 40X60             Crescent
C83340                   MANOR WHITE 40X60             Crescent
C83342                   MIDNIGHT GREEN 40X60          Crescent
C83344                   MANOR BLACK 40X60             Crescent
352756                   W2 BELGIQUE WHT SCOOP 1 1/16" Wood Mldg
352758                   W2 BELGIQUE BLK SCOOP 1 1/16" Wood Mldg
362756                   W2 BELGIQUE WHT SHABOX 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
362758                   W2 BELGIQUE BLK SHABOX 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
572756                   W2 BELGIQUE WHT SCOOP 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
572758                   W2 BELGIQUE BLK SCOOP 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
782756                   W2 BELGIQUE WHT SCOOP 3 1/2"  Wood Mldg
782758                   W2 BELGIQUE BLK SCOOP 3 1/2"  Wood Mldg
50981                    ACRYLIC SHEET, .098 CLEAR     Glass
51181                    ACRYLIC SHEET .118 CLEAR      Glass
51183                    ACRYLITE SHEET NON-GLARE      Glass
51185                    ACRYLITE SHEET UV FILTERING   Glass
29002                    Plastic Bags 16.5" x 21" (575)Supplies
29006                    Plastic Bags 24.5"x36.5" (320)Supplies
GAR2436                  AR REFL FREE 24X36            Glass
GAR4060                  AR REFL FREE 40X60            Glass
29209                    *Craig Ponzio Collection Case Supplies
CSLI                     BELGIQUE SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
US28227                  W2 SOLID SATINS BLUE 1 3/4"   Framemica
US28267                  W2 SOLID SATINS WHITE 1 3/4"  Framemica
US28273                  W2 SOLID SATINS BLACK 1 3/4"  Framemica
US62227                  W0 SOLID SATINS BLUE 1 1/8"   Framemica
US62267                  W0 SOLID SATINS WHITE 1 1/8"  Framemica
US62273                  W0 SOLID SATINS BLACK 1 1/8"  Framemica
US41227                  W1 SOLID SATINS BLUE 1 1/8"   Framemica
US41267                  W1 SOLID SATINS WHITE 1 1/8"  Framemica
US41273                  W1 SOLID SATINS BLACK 1 1/8"  Framemica
US20267                  *W2 SOLID SATINS WHITE 3 1/8" Framemica
US20273                  *W2 SOLID SATINS BLACK 3 1/8" Framemica
CSSS                     SOLID SATINS SAMPLE SET       Corner Samples
360770                   W2 COULEURS COAL CAP 1 3/8"   Wood Mldg
360771                   W2 COULEURS WALNUT CAP 1 3/8" Wood Mldg
360773                   W2 COULEURS HAYSTACK CAP 1 3/8Wood Mldg
460770                   W2 COULEURS COAL 2"           Wood Mldg
460771                   W2 COULEURS WALNUT 2"         Wood Mldg
460772                   W2 COULEURS ALMOND  2"        Wood Mldg
460773                   W2 COULEURS HAYSTACK 2"       Wood Mldg
460774                   W2 COULEURS TROPEZ 2"         Wood Mldg
460775                   W2 COULEURS POPPY 2"          Wood Mldg
460776                   W2 COULEURS SUNFLOWER 2"      Wood Mldg
460777                   W2 COULEURS FRENCH BLEU 2"    Wood Mldg
460778                   W2 COULEURS LAVENDER 2"       Wood Mldg
460779                   W2 COULEURS OLIVE 2"          Wood Mldg
760770                   W0 COULEURS COAL 4"           Wood Mldg
760771                   W0 COULEURS WALNUT 4"         Wood Mldg
760773                   W0 COULEURS HAYSTACK 4"       Wood Mldg
111810                   W0 ESSEX GOLD FILLET 1/2"     Wood Mldg
343804                   W0 SILHOUETTE BLK FLOAT 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
353808                   W0 SILHOUETTE FLOAT SLV 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
353806                   W0 SILHOUETTE FLOAT GLD 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
353804                   W0 SILHOUETTE FLOAT BLK 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
363804                   W0 SILHOUETTE FLOAT BLK 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
CPSFC40                  PERFECT MNT F-C 3/16 40X60    Crescent
CSES                     CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSBX                     BOXERS SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
B8401                    ALPHAMAT BISCOTTI 32X40       Bainbridge
B8408                    ALPHAMAT SAFFRON 32X40        Bainbridge
B8409                    ALPHAMAT AMBER 32X40          Bainbridge
B8412                    ALPHAMAT GREEN OLIVE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8414                    ALPHAMAT BEGONIA 32X40        Bainbridge
B8415                    ALPHAMAT RIVIERA RED 32X40    Bainbridge
B8417                    ALPHAMAT VENETIAN BLUE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8415L                   ALPHAMAT RIVIERA RED 40X60    Bainbridge
B8417L                   ALPHAMAT VENETIAN BLUE 40X60  Bainbridge
B8654                    ALPHARAG A-C 2-P PURE WHITE   Bainbridge
B8663                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY NAT BLACK  Bainbridge
B8655                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-P PURE WHITE   Bainbridge
B8656                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-P NATRL WHITE  Bainbridge
B8664                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-P SPECL CREAM  Bainbridge
B8659                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY NATRL GREY Bainbridge
B8653                    ALPHARAG A-C 8-P PURE WHITE   Bainbridge
B8655L                   ALPHARAG A-C 4-P PURE WHT40X60Bainbridge
B8653L                   ALPHARAG A-C 8-P PURE WHT40X60Bainbridge
B6601                    ALPHARAG 4P PHOTORAG PURE WHITBainbridge
GM4060                   MUSEUM GLASS 40X60            Glass
G2636                    Clear Glass 26X36             Glass
127820                   W0 CORTONA GOLD FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
N15219                   TERRACOTTA 3/8"               Nielsen
N15220                   OLIVE GREEN 3/8"              Nielsen
N15221                   SUNBAKED CLAY 3/8"            Nielsen
N15222                   SAFFRON 3/8"                  Nielsen
127825                   W0 CORTONA BLACK FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
327825                   W2 CORTONA BLACK 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
337820                   W2 CORTONA GOLD 1 3/4"        Wood Mldg
547825                   W2 CORTONA BLACK 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
587825                   W2 CORTONA BLACK 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
737820                   W2 CORTONA GOLD 3 1/4"        Wood Mldg
757825                   W0 CORTONA BLACK 3 3/4"       Wood Mldg
N9741                    BLUEBERRY                     Nielsen
N9768                    CHINESE RED                   Nielsen
N97174                   GOLD PATINA                   Nielsen
N97175                   AGED BRONZE                   Nielsen
N97176                   IRONSTONE                     Nielsen
HA26                     NIELSEN CMM CLIPS BULK PACK   Supplies
HA27                     NIELSEN CMX CLIPS BULK PACK   Supplies
HA2661                   NIELSEN CMM CLIP POLY BAG     Supplies
HA2761                   NIELSEN CMX CLIP POLY BAG     Supplies
US91267                  BOXERS WHT CAP 1 1/8"         Framemica
US92267                  BOXERS WHT 3/4" LG(2 1/2")    Framemica
US93267                  BOXERS WHT 3/4" SM(1 1/2")    Framemica
US91273                  BOXERS BLK CAP 1 1/8"         Framemica
US92273                  BOXERS BLK 3/4" LG(2 1/2")    Framemica
US93273                  BOXERS BLK 3/4" SM(1 1/2")    Framemica
CSCO                     CORTONA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
CSCP                     COULEURS PROVENCE SAMPLE SET  Corner Samples
198825                   W0 AUBUSSON BEAD FILLET 5/8"  Wood Mldg
199825                   W0 AUBUSSON FILLET 3/4"       Wood Mldg
496825                   W2 AUBUSSON SILVER 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
499825                   W2 AUBUSSON SILVER 2"         Wood Mldg
696825                   W2 AUBUSSON SILVER 2 1/2"     Wood Mldg
699825                   W2 AUBUSSON SILVER 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
896825                   W0 AUBUSSON SILVER 4"         Wood Mldg
899825                   W0 AUBUSSON SILVER 4"         Wood Mldg
CSAU                     AUBUSSON SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CSRM902                  (WC) YELLOW 32x40             Crescent
CSRM907                  (WC) WINE 32X40               Crescent
CSRM912                  (WC) INDIA 32X40              Crescent
CSRM915                  (WC) FOG 32X40                Crescent
CSRM918                  (WC) VERY WHITE 32X40         Crescent
CSRM919                  (WC) IVY GREEN 32X40          Crescent
CSRM921                  (WC) SMOOTH BLACK 32X40       Crescent
CSRM924                  (WC) DARK GRAY 32X40          Crescent
CSRM934                  (WC) PEARL 32X40              Crescent
CSRM939                  (WC) DARK GREEN 32X40         Crescent
CSRM948                  (WC) SAND 32X40               Crescent
CSRM961                  (WC) CREAM 32X40              Crescent
CSRM968                  (WC) OLD GOLD 32X40           Crescent
CSRM969                  (WC) SILVER 32X40             Crescent
CSRM972                  (WC) FRENCH BLUE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM976                  (WC) BAR HARBOR GRAY 32X40    Crescent
CSRM977                  (WC) NEWPORT BLUE 32X40       Crescent
CSRM978                  (WC) CONGO GREEN 32X40        Crescent
CSRM979                  (WC) DUSK 32X40               Crescent
CSRM984                  (WC) OAK BROWN 32X40          Crescent
CSRM985                  (WC) PYRO BROWN 32X40         Crescent
CSRM986                  (WC) TAMPICO BROWN 32X40      Crescent
CSRM987                  (WC) PALM BEACH WHITE 32X40   Crescent
CSRM988                  (WC) WMSBRG GREEN 32X40       Crescent
CSRM989                  (WC) RAVEN BLACK 32X40        Crescent
CSRM994                  (WC) CHAMOIS GOLD 32X40       Crescent
CSRM995                  (WC) FRENCH LILAC 32X40       Crescent
CSRM997                  (WC) SABLE 32X40              Crescent
CSRM1000                 (WC) POMPANO BEACH WHITE 32X40Crescent
CSRM1001                 (WC) MOSS POINT GREEN 32X40   Crescent
CSRM1008                 (WC) IVORY 32X40              Crescent
CSRM1014                 (WC) OLDE GREY 32X40          Crescent
CSRM1015                 (WC) GREY VIOLET 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1016                 (WC) CONCORD 32X40            Crescent
CSRM1019                 (WC) PHOTO GREY 32X40         Crescent
CSRM1023                 (WC) CRIMSON 32X40            Crescent
CSRM1025                 (WC) MEDIUM GRAY 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1027                 (WC) SILVER GRAY 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1028                 (WC) SPICE IVORY 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1029                 (WC) WHEAT 32X40              Crescent
CSRM1032                 (WC) DARK OLIVE 32X40         Crescent
CSRM1038                 (WC) MAROON 32X40             Crescent
CSRM1039                 (WC) AUBURN 32X40             Crescent
CSRM1040                 (WC) CLASSIC BROWN 32X40      Crescent
CSRM1042                 (WC) WMSBRG RED 32X40         Crescent
CSRM1043                 (WC) AUTUMN GREY 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1045                 (WC) GRASS GREEN 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1047                 (WC) WMSBRG BLUE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1051                 (WC) OLDE TAN 32X40           Crescent
CSRM1053                 (WC) DELFT BLUE 32X40         Crescent
CSRM1054                 (WC) BALTIC BLUE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1057                 (WC) REDWOOD 32X40            Crescent
CSRM1073                 (WC) BISCAY BLUE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1076                 (WC) LAS CRUCES PURPLE 32X40  Crescent
CSRM1081                 (WC) VOLCANO BLUE 32X40       Crescent
CSRM1082                 (WC) MARINE BLUE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM1084                 (WC) AVOCADO 32X40            Crescent
CSRM1088                 (WC) MIST 32X40               Crescent
CSRM1089                 (WC) SAUTERNE 32X40           Crescent
CSRM1095                 (WC) ANTIQUE BUFF 32X40       Crescent
CSRM1096                 (WC) SEPIA 32X40              Crescent
CSRM3214                 (WC) CHINESE RED 32X40        Crescent
CSRM3290                 (WC) SNOW WHITE 32X40         Crescent
CSRM3291                 (WC) FRENCH BUFF 32X40        Crescent
CSRM3293                 (WC) ANTIQUE WHITE 32X40      Crescent
CSRM3295                 (WC) EGGSHELL 32X40           Crescent
CSRM3297                 (WC) ARCTIC WHITE 32X40       Crescent
CSRM3300                 (WC) ALABASTER 32X40          Crescent
CSRM3318                 (WC) GREEN PEAR 32X40         Crescent
CSRM3319                 (WC) TOPAZ 32X40              Crescent
CSRM3323                 (WC) REAL TEAL 32X40          Crescent
CSRM3325                 (WC) MANDARIN 32X40           Crescent
CSRM3326                 (WC) LAPIS 32X40              Crescent
CSRM3331                 (WC) SAGE 32X40               Crescent
CSRM3333                 (WC) BLACK WATCH 32X40        Crescent
CSRM3340                 (WC) MANOR WHITE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM8921                 (WC) SMOOTH BLACK 40X60       Crescent
CSRM8968                 (WC) OLD GOLD 40X60           Crescent
CSRM8977                 (WC) NEWPORT BLUE 40X60       Crescent
CSRM8987                 (WC) PALM BEACH WHITE 40X60   Crescent
CSRM8988                 (WC) WMSBRG GREEN 40X60       Crescent
CSRM8989                 (WC) RAVEN BLACK 40X60        Crescent
CSRM81027                (WC) SILVER GRAY 40X60        Crescent
CSRM81028                (WC) SPICE IVORY 40X60        Crescent
CSRM81038                (WC) MAROON 40X60             Crescent
CSRM81088                (WC) MIST 40X60               Crescent
CSRM83214                (WC) CHINESE RED 40X60        Crescent
CSRM83293                (WC) ANTIQUE WHITE 40X60      Crescent
CSRM83297                (WC) ARCTIC WHITE 40X60       Crescent
CSSI                     SILHOUETTE SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
A4864                    ARTIQUE COBBLESTONE 32X40     Artique
A4865                    ARTIQUE DOVER WHITE 32X40     Artique
A4866                    ARTIQUE EVEREST 32X40         Artique
A4868                    ARTIQUE BRIDLE PATH 32X40     Artique
A4869                    ARTIQUE KENT 32X40            Artique
A4870                    ARTIQUE IRIS 32X40            Artique
A4871                    ARTIQUE MULBERRY 32X40        Artique
A4872                    ARTIQUE THISTLE 32X40         Artique
A4873                    ARTIQUE JARDIN 32X40          Artique
A4874                    ARTIQUE CHALK 32X40           Artique
A4875                    ARTIQUE COAL 32X40            Artique
51187                    ACRYLITE NON-GLARE UV FILTERINGlass
21658                    Lineco Backing Paper 36"X300  Supplies
201847                   W0 VERMEER GOLD FILLET 7/8"   Wood Mldg
201849                   W0 VERMEER SILVER FILLET 7/8" Wood Mldg
301847                   W2 VERMEER GOLD 1 3/4"        Wood Mldg
301849                   W2 VERMEER SILVER 1 3/4"      Wood Mldg
701847                   W2 VERMEER GOLD 3 1/4"        Wood Mldg
701849                   W2 VERMEER SILVER 3 1/4"      Wood Mldg
801847                   W0 VERMEER GOLD 3 3/4"        Wood Mldg
801849                   W0 VERMEER SILVER 3 3/4"      Wood Mldg
901847                   W0 VERMEER GOLD 3 7/8"        Wood Mldg
901849                   W0 VERMEER SILVER 3 7/8"      Wood Mldg
463834                   W2 HEYWARD EBONY 1 7/8"       Wood Mldg
463836                   W2 HEYWARD BIRCH 1 7/8"       Wood Mldg
463838                   W2 HEYWARD SABLE 1 7/8"       Wood Mldg
473834                   W2 HEYWARD EBONY 2"           Wood Mldg
473838                   W2 HEYWARD SABLE 2"           Wood Mldg
493834                   W2 HEYWARD EBONY 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
493836                   W2 HEYWARD BIRCH 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
493838                   W2 HEYWARD SABLE 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
583834                   W0 HEYWARD EBONY SBOX 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
583836                   W0 HEYWARD BIRCH SBOX 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
583838                   W0 HEYWARD SABLE SBOX 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
CSVE                     VERMEER SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
116854                   W0 EL GRECO GLD FILLET 1/2"   Wood Mldg
216854                   W0 EL GRECO GLD EMB FILLT 1/2"Wood Mldg
426854                   W2 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 2"       Wood Mldg
526854                   W2 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 2 1/8"   Wood Mldg
726854                   W2 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 3 3/8"   Wood Mldg
816854                   W0 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 3 5/8"   Wood Mldg
916854                   W0 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 4 1/4"   Wood Mldg
926854                   W0 EL GRECO BLK/GOLD 4 1/4"   Wood Mldg
673834                   W2 HEYWARD EBONY 3"           Wood Mldg
673838                   W2 HEYWARD SABLE 3"           Wood Mldg
CSELG                    EL GRECO SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
11217                    *CS6-25 SF Gun S/N#__________ Supplies
GR3036                   Reflection Control 30X36      Glass
NOEM101                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 1 SILVER     Nielsen
NOEM120                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 1 ANODIC BLK Nielsen
NOEM520                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 5 ANODIC BLK Nielsen
NOEM121                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 1 MATTE BLACKNielsen
NOEM521                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 5 MATTE BLACKNielsen
NOEM503                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 5 GOLD       Nielsen
NOEM1501                 MLDG NIELSEN OEM 15 SILVER    Nielsen
NOEM1503                 MLDG NIELSEN OEM 15 GOLD      Nielsen
NOEM1520                 MLDG NIELSEN OEM 15 ANODIC BLKNielsen
NOEM1521                 MLDG NIELSEN OEM 15 MATTE BLK Nielsen
NOEM501                  MLDG NIELSEN OEM 5 SILVER     Nielsen
C2298                    PHOTORAG ANTIQUE WHITE 32X40  Crescent
11214                    *Flexipoints,BLACK FOR CS6-25 Supplies
CSFRBSP                  BLACK METAL ASSORTMENT        Metal Sectional
CSFRGSP                  GOLD METAL ASSORTMENT         Metal Sectional
CSFRSSP                  SILVER METAL ASSORTMENT       Metal Sectional
10009                    *CS4095 Serial#_____________  Equipment
204873                   W0 ATHENA GLD W/RED FILLET 1" Wood Mldg
204875                   W0 ATHENA GLD W/GRN FILLET 1" Wood Mldg
344873                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/RED 1 1/2"   Wood Mldg
344875                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/GREEN 1 1/2" Wood Mldg
354873                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/RED 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
354875                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/GREEN 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
504873                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/RED 2 1/2"   Wood Mldg
504875                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/GREEN 2 1/2" Wood Mldg
704873                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/RED 3 1/2"   Wood Mldg
704875                   W2 ATHENA GOLD W/GREEN 3 1/2" Wood Mldg
175878                   W0 MEDICI GOLD FILLET 3/4"    Wood Mldg
175879                   W0 MEDICI SILVER FILLET 3/4"  Wood Mldg
675878                   W2 MEDICI GOLD 2 5/8"         Wood Mldg
675879                   W2 MEDICI SILVER 2 5/8"       Wood Mldg
695878                   W2 MEDICI GOLD 2 3/4"         Wood Mldg
695879                   W2 MEDICI SILVER 2 3/4"       Wood Mldg
795878                   W2 MEDICI GOLD 3 1/2"         Wood Mldg
795879                   W2 MEDICI SILVER 3 1/2"       Wood Mldg
CSME                     MEDICI SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
N8610                    GRAPHITE 1 3/8"               Nielsen
N8614                    GERMAN SILVER 1 3/8"          Nielsen
N8619                    FROSTED WALNUT 1 3/8"         Nielsen
N8624                    COBALT 1 3/8"                 Nielsen
N86176                   IRONSTONE 1 3/8"              Nielsen
N86179                   BLACK METALLINE 1 3/8"        Nielsen
N8710                    GRAPHITE 27/32"               Nielsen
N8714                    GERMAN SILVER 27/32"          Nielsen
N8719                    FROSTED WALNUT 27/32"         Nielsen
N8724                    COBALT 27/32"                 Nielsen
N87179                   BLACK METALLINE 27/32"        Nielsen
B8002                    SILVER                        Bainbridge
B8003                    GOLD                          Bainbridge
B8004                    WARM GOLD                     Bainbridge
B8005                    COPPER                        Bainbridge
B8006                    BRUSHED SILVER                Bainbridge
B8007                    BRUSHED PALE GOLD             Bainbridge
B8008                    BRUSHED GOLD                  Bainbridge
B8009                    PATINA GOLD                   Bainbridge
B8010                    PATINA COPPER                 Bainbridge
B8103                    CITRON                        Bainbridge
B8104                    SAGE                          Bainbridge
B8105                    BLUE IRIS                     Bainbridge
B8107                    PEACOCK                       Bainbridge
B8647L                   ALPHARAG PEARL WHT 40X60      Bainbridge
B8645L                   ALPHARAG IVORY40X60           Bainbridge
B86408P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY ANT WHT    Bainbridge
B86408PL                 ALPHARAG 8-PLY ANT WHT 40X60  Bainbridge
B7529                    COPPER MIST                   Bainbridge
B7536                    VANILLA BEAN EARTH INSPIRED   Bainbridge
B7537                    OATMEAL EARTH INSPIRED        Bainbridge
B7538                    ROSEMARY EARTH INSPIRED       Bainbridge
B7539                    ANTIQUE MOIRE                 Bainbridge
B7540                    PEARL MOIRE                   Bainbridge
B7528                    GOLD MOIRE                    Bainbridge
137880                   W0 STRAD BLK ROPE FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
537884                   W2 STRADIVARIUS II WAL 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
537885                   W2 STRADIVARIUS 2 PECAN 2 3/4"Wood Mldg
537886                   W2 STRADIVARIUS 2 MAH 2 3/4"  Wood Mldg
537SCO                   STRADIVARIUS CNR ORNAMENT 4-PKSupplies
118895                   W0 UMBRIA GOLD FILLET 1/2"    Wood Mldg
618897                   W2 UMBRIA BLACK 2 7/8"        Wood Mldg
618898                   W2 UMBRIA WALNUT 2 7/8"       Wood Mldg
918897                   W0 UMBRIA BLACK 4 1/2"        Wood Mldg
918898                   W0 UMBRIA WALNUT 4 1/2"       Wood Mldg
114890                   W0 VENEZIA GOLD FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
114892                   W0 VENEZIA SILVER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
414890                   W2 VENEZIA GOLD 1 5/8"        Wood Mldg
414892                   W2 VENEZIA SILVER 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
414894                   W2 VENEZIA BLACK 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
714890                   W2 VENEZIA GOLD 3 3/8"        Wood Mldg
714892                   W2 VENEZIA SILVER 3 3/8"      Wood Mldg
714894                   W2 VENEZIA BLACK 3 3/8"       Wood Mldg
FMELG1                   ANNA ZBORWSKA EL GRECO MODEL  Corner Samples
FMELG2                   LADY APART EL GRECO MODEL     Corner Samples
CSJA                     JARDIN SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
CSAT                     ATHENA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
US46280                  W1 KID STUFF BLACK LICORICE 1"Framemica
US46281                  W1 KID STUF SNOWBALL WHITE 1" Framemica
US46293                  W1 KID STUFF BABY BLUE 1"     Framemica
US46294                  W1 KID STUF PRECIOUS PINK 1"  Framemica
US46296                  W1 KID STUF HELLO YELLOW 1"   Framemica
US46297                  W1 KID STUF BUBBLEGUM BLUE 1" Framemica
US46298                  W1 KID STUF WAGON RED 1"      Framemica
US46299                  W1 KID STUFF GROUCHY GREEN 1" Framemica
US46016                  W1 KID STUF SPLATTER 1"       Framemica
CSKID                    KID STUFF SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
C81584                   RAG NUTMEG   40X60            Crescent
C81608                   RAG CREAM 40X60               Crescent
C81609                   RAG ANTIQUE WHITE 40X60       Crescent
C81613                   RAG VERY WHITE 40X60          Crescent
C81619                   RAG TOPAZ     40X60           Crescent
C81625                   RAG CRIMSON   40X60           Crescent
C81626                   RAG LAPIS   40X60             Crescent
C81631                   RAG SAGE    40X60             Crescent
C81633                   RAG BLACK WATCH 40X60         Crescent
C81640                   RAG PURPLE WILDFLOWER 40X60   Crescent
C81647                   RAG PATRIOT BLUE      40X60   Crescent
C81653                   RAG MAROON 40X60              Crescent
C81655                   RAG ALPINE GREEN 40X60        Crescent
C81664                   RAG SCRIPT WHITE 40X60        Crescent
CSVN                     CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
28004                    Larson-Juhl Glass Cleaner     Supplies
28005                    *Sprayway Lint & Dust Remover Supplies
21470                    Black Masking Tape 3/4"x60Yd  Supplies
26023                    *Arlo Spacer 1/8" Smoke 100'  Supplies
25207                    *3M Clear Square Bumpons      Supplies
22914                    *Rapid 23 HDuty Canvas StaplerSupplies
22916                    *8mm Canvas Fabric Staples    Supplies
26208                    EZ-Bar, Regular, 24 ft./tube  Supplies
26210                    EZ-Bar, Super, 24 ft./tube    Supplies
24825                    *2"x1/4" Canvas Clips 200/pkg Supplies
24826                    *3"x3/8" Canvas Clips 200/pkg Supplies
24830                    1 1/2" 4-Hole Corner Angle 4pkSupplies
24832                    2" 4-Hole Corner Angle 4pk    Supplies
24840                    *2"x1/2" 2-Hole Mending PlatesSupplies
24842                    *3"x1/2" 4-Hole Mending PlatesSupplies
24050                    4 x 1/2" Flat Head screw 100pkSupplies
24052                    4 x 3/4" Flat Head screw 100  Supplies
24054                    6 x 1/2"Flat Head screw 100pk Supplies
24056                    6 x 3/8" Pan Head screw 100pk Supplies
24058                    6 x 1/2" Pan Head screw 100pk Supplies
24060                    8 x 1/2" Pan Head screw 100pk Supplies
26626                    *Advent Slim-line Light 11"   Supplies
26628                    *Advent Slim-line Light 16"   Supplies
26630                    *Advent Slim-line Light 21"   Supplies
21700                    **30"x40" .008" Print Sleeves Supplies
21709                    **V-Bin Display,Full Gau SteelSupplies
21660                    Hayaku Japanese Hinging Paper Supplies
11501                    *Arakawa Hanging Sys. 2' Rail Supplies
11502                    *Arakawa Hanging Sys. 3' Rail Supplies
11503                    *Arakawa Hanging Sys. 6' Rail Supplies
11504                    *Arakawa Hanging Sys.Rail clipSupplies
11505                    *Arakawa Hanging Midway Hook  Supplies
11506                    *Arakawa 5' Steel Cable       Supplies
11507                    *Arakawa 7' Steel Cable       Supplies
11508                    *Arakawa 12' Steel Cable      Supplies
11731                    *1/4" V-Lock Nails Hardwood   Supplies
11732                    *3/8" V-Lock Nails Hardwood   Supplies
11733                    *1/2" V-Lock Nails Hardwood   Supplies
11734                    *5/8" V-Lock Nails Hardwood   Supplies
10501                    *Pistorius V-Nails 1/4"(6mm)SWSupplies
10502                    *Pistorius V-Nails 1/4"(6mm)HWSupplies
10503                    *Pistorius V-Nail 3/8"(10mm)SWSupplies
10504                    *Pistorius V-Nail 3/8"(10mm)HWSupplies
10506                    *Pistorius V-Nail 1/2"(13mm)SWSupplies
10508                    *Pistorius V-Nail 5/8"(16mm)SWSupplies
10507                    *Pistorius V-Nail 1/2"(13mm)HWSupplies
10550                    *Putnam 5mm V-nails MW 5000/bxSupplies
10552                    *Putnam 7mm V-nails SW 4000/bxSupplies
10554                    *Putnam 7mm V-nails HW 4000/bxSupplies
10556                    *Putnam 10mm V-nails SW 3000/bSupplies
10558                    *Putnam 10mm V-nails HW 3000/bSupplies
10560                    *Putnam 12mm V-nails SW 3000/bSupplies
10562                    *Putnam 12mm V-nails HW 3000/bSupplies
10564                    *Putnam 15mm V-nails SW 2000/bSupplies
10566                    *Putnam 15mm V-nails HW 2000/bSupplies
10545                    *100 grit sanding disk 1      Supplies
21642                    Archival Mist,150g pump bottleSupplies
16612                    *M3000 Blade 100/Pkg.         Supplies
22228                    *Fletcher Wire Winder         Supplies
15042                    *Fletcher F2100 Dust Cover 40"Supplies
15044                    *Fletcher F2100 Dust Cover 48"Supplies
15046                    *Fletcher F2100 Dust Cover 60"Supplies
23240                    *Rub n' Buff Antique Gold1/2ozSupplies
23242                    *Rub n' Buff Gold Leaf 1/2oz  Supplies
24320                    *Albin FrameConnector 12/bag  Supplies
24322                    *Albin FrameConnector 25/bag  Supplies
23226                    Imperial Silver Putty 2oz     Supplies
23227                    Dark Mahogany Putty 2oz       Supplies
23228                    Williamsburg Putty 2oz        Supplies
23229                    Gold n' Silver Putty 2oz      Supplies
23230                    Pecan Putty 2oz               Supplies
23231                    Birch Putty 2oz               Supplies
23232                    New Walnut Putty 2oz          Supplies
23233                    Wheat Putty 2oz               Supplies
23235                    Putty Assortment (New Colors) Supplies
482CMC                   CUSTOM - TGF                  Wood Mldg
EC63                     W2 WC63 ORNATE ROSE GOLD      Wood Mldg
EF18                     W1 WF18 GOLD W/BEADS          Wood Mldg
EJ61                     W1 WJ61 ANTIQUE GOLD W/BEADS  Wood Mldg
EJ63                     W1 WJ63 ANT SILVER W/BEADS    Wood Mldg
21503                    White Hook Tape 1" 25 yd/roll Supplies
22222                    Fletcher Push Points (100/bx) Supplies
26655                    *11" Bulb Kit - qty.2 of 26658Supplies
27890                    *Dictionary of Art&Paper TermsSupplies
27891                    *Caring for your Art.J.Snyder Supplies
27892                    *The Framers Book Of MaterialsSupplies
27893                    *Framing Photography.A.Lamb   Supplies
27894                    *The Mounting&Laminating HbookSupplies
27896                    *Conservation Framing,Vol 4.  Supplies
26656                    *16" Bulb Kit - qty.3 of 26658Supplies
26657                    *21" Bulb Kit - qty.4 of 26658Supplies
ER05                     W1 WR05 GOLD W/BEADS          Wood Mldg
15825                    *Fletcher #1500SE Blade 100/BxSupplies
ES11                     W1 WS11 MAHOGANY W/GREY WASH  Wood Mldg
ES13                     W1 WS13 WALNUT                Wood Mldg
ES17                     W1 WS17 WALNUT W/WASH         Wood Mldg
ES23                     W1 WS23 MAHOGANY W/BEADS      Wood Mldg
ES27                     W1 WS27 MAHOGANY W/GOLD       Wood Mldg
ES29                     W1 WS29 BLACK W/GOLD          Wood Mldg
ES31                     W1 WS31 MAHOGANY W/GOLD       Wood Mldg
ES33                     W1 WS33 BLACK AND GOLD        Wood Mldg
ES86                     W2 WS86 ORNATE ANTIQUE GOLD   Wood Mldg
ES88                     W2 WS88 ORNATE ANTIQUE GOLD   Wood Mldg
EW38                     W2 WW38 MAHOGANY              Wood Mldg
EW58                     W1 WW58 MAHOGANY W/BEADS      Wood Mldg
EW62                     W2 WW62 ANTIQUE GOLD          Wood Mldg
EW93                     W1 WW93 MAHOGANY              Wood Mldg
EX09                     W2 WX09 ORNATE SILVER         Wood Mldg
EX13                     W2 WX13 ORNATE BROKEN GOLD    Wood Mldg
EX15                     W2 WX15 ORNATE BROKEN GOLD    Wood Mldg
EX21                     W2 WX21 BEADED GOLD           Wood Mldg
GC1216                   Conservation Clear 12X16      Glass
GC1418                   Conservation Clear 14X18      Glass
GC4050                   Conservation Clear 40X50      Glass
GC810                    Conservation Clear 8X10       Glass
GCR1620                  CONSERVATION R/C 16X20        Glass
GCR4050                  CONSERVATION R/C 40X50        Glass
C3265                    3/16" 20X30 FOME-COR          Foamboard
C3282                    3/16" 48X96 BLACK ON BLACK    Foamboard
C3250                    3/16" 24X36 HEAT ACTIVATED    Foamboard
C3251                    3/16" 30X40 HEAT ACTIVATED    Foamboard
C3252                    3/16" 32X40 HEAT ACTIVATED    Foamboard
C3253                    3/16" 40X60 HEAT ACTIVATED    Foamboard
C3254                    3/16" 48X96 HEAT ACTIVATED    Foamboard
C3255                    1/8" 32X40 HEAT ACTIVATED     Foamboard
C3256                    1/8" 40X60 HEAT ACTIVATED     Foamboard
EP1114                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 11X14           Glass
EP1216                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 12X16           Glass
EP1418                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 14X18           Glass
EP1620                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 16X20           Glass
EP1824                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 18X24           Glass
EP2024                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 20X24           Glass
EP2228                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 22X28           Glass
EP2430                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 24X30           Glass
EP2436                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 24X36           Glass
EP2632                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 26X32           Glass
EP2636                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 26X36           Glass
EP3036                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 30X36           Glass
EP3040                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 30X40           Glass
EP3240                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 32X40           Glass
EP3648                   CRYSTAL CLEAN 36X48           Glass
EP810                    CRYSTAL CLEAN 8X10            Glass
457901                   W2 FLORENTINA CREMA 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
457902                   W2 FLORENTINA VIOLA 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
457903                   W2 FLORENTINA ROSSO 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
457904                   W2 FLORENTINA TERRA 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
457905                   W2 FLORENTINA VERDE 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
457906                   W2 FLORENTINA NERO 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
657901                   W2 FLORENTINA CREMA 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
657902                   W2 FLORENTINA VIOLA 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
657903                   W2 FLORENTINA ROSSO 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
657904                   W2 FLORENTINA TERRA 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
657905                   W2 FLORENTINA VERDE 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
657906                   W2 FLORENTINA NERO 2 7/8"     Wood Mldg
CSFLR                    FLORENTINA SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
US91243                  BOXERS MAH CAP 1 1/8"         Framemica
US92243                  BOXERS MAH 3/4" LG(2 1/2")    Framemica
US93243                  BOXERS MAH 3/4" SM(1 1/2")    Framemica
US91244                  BOXERS NAT CAP 1 1/8"         Framemica
US92244                  BOXERS NAT 3/4" LG(2 1/2")    Framemica
US93244                  *BOXERS NAT 3/4" SM(1 1/2")   Framemica
EM84896                  MIRROR 1/8" 48X96             Glass
EMB3660                  BEV MIRROR 1 1/4" 36X60       Glass
CSIS                     ISABELLA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
FMUM1                    GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR-PICASSO  Corner Samples
FC24SS                   SINGLE STEP FOAMBD 24X36 3/16 Foamboard
FC32SS                   SINGLE STEP FOAMBD 32X40 3/16 Foamboard
B4970                    RAW SILK BLACK KNIGHT 32X40   Bainbridge
B4972                    RAW SILK GARNET ROSE 32X40    Bainbridge
B4973                    RAW SILK AMBER GOLD 32X40     Bainbridge
B4974                    RAW SILK CHESTNUT 32X40       Bainbridge
B4830                    SILKEN SNOW 32X40             Bainbridge
B8665                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY TUMBLEWEED Bainbridge
B8666                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY SAND       Bainbridge
N8621                    MATTE BLACK 1 3/8"            Nielsen
N86428                   BRUSHED ALUMINUM 1 3/8"       Nielsen
N8721                    MATTE BLACK 27/32"            Nielsen
N8723                    ANTIQUE GOLD 27/32"           Nielsen
N87428                   BRUSHED ALUMINUM 27/32"       Nielsen
N97400                   BRUSHED ALUM. SATIN 29/32"    Nielsen
N97700                   BEADED FLOR. BLACK/SH 29/32"  Nielsen
N97701                   BEADED FLOR. GRAY/SH 29/32"   Nielsen
N97702                   BEADED FLOR. SILVER/SH 29/32" Nielsen
N97703                   BEADED FLOR. AMBER/SH 29/32"  Nielsen
N97704                   BEADED FLOR. GOLD/SH 29/32"   Nielsen
N97800                   BEADED FLOR. BLACK/GH 29/32"  Nielsen
N97801                   BEADED FLOR. GREEN/GH 29/32"  Nielsen
C9225305                 WHITE MUSEUM ACANTHUS 32X40   Crescent
C9225905                 ANTIQUE WHT ACANTHUS 32X40    Crescent
C9225328                 WHITE MUSEUM FOLIAGE 32X40    Crescent
C9225928                 ANTIQUE WHT MUSEUM FOLIAGE    Crescent
C9710105                 PEARL SUEDE ACANTHUS 32X40    Crescent
C9712005                 POLARIS SUEDE ACANTHUS 32X40  Crescent
C9710228                 DUNE SUEDE FOLIAGE 32X40      Crescent
C9713428                 ASPARAGUS SUEDE FOLIAGE 32X40 Crescent
131912                   W0 CHATEAU W/GILD FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
361912                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XV 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
371912                   W2 CHATEAU SPANISH 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
461912                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XVI 2"(RIBB) Wood Mldg
471912                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XV 2"        Wood Mldg
521912                   W2 CHATEAU FLORENTINE 2 1/4"  Wood Mldg
A4876                    ARTIQUE AGAVE 32X40           Artique
A4877                    ARTIQUE ALOE 32X40            Artique
A4878                    ARTIQUE LAPIS 32X40           Artique
A4879                    ARTIQUE LAURA 32X40           Artique
A4880                    ARTIQUE REED 32X40            Artique
A4881                    ARTIQUE SEDONA 32X40          Artique
A4882                    ARTIQUE TALCUM 32X40          Artique
A4883                    ARTIQUE FRESCO 32X40          Artique
A4884                    ARTIQUE MERINGUE 32X40        Artique
A4885                    ARTIQUE DUNE 32X40            Artique
A4886                    ARTIQUE BARLEY 32X40          Artique
26658                    *Advent Slim-line Bulb        Supplies
13394                    *VacuSeal 3648H S/N#________  Equipment
13419                    *Floorstand for 3648 Press    Equipment
A4128                    ARTIQUE WHITECAP 40X60        Artique
A4129                    ARTIQUE INK 40X60             Artique
A4130                    ARTIQUE MARINER 40X60         Artique
A4131                    ARTIQUE MIRO 40X60            Artique
A4132                    ARTIQUE FOREST 40X60          Artique
A4133                    ARTIQUE CYPRESS 40X60         Artique
A4134                    ARTIQUE SANGRIA 40X60         Artique
23493                    *Baby Blue KidStuf Nail FillerSupplies
23494                    *Precious Pink KidStuf Filler Supplies
23497                    *Bubble Gum Blue KidStuf Fill Supplies
23499                    *Grouchy Green  KidStuf FillerSupplies
128931                   W0 MAJOLICA BISQUE FILLET 5/8"Wood Mldg
128934                   W0 MAJOLICA CRIMSON FILET 5/8"Wood Mldg
128935                   W0 MAJOLICA MARIGOLD FILT 5/8"Wood Mldg
138937                   W0 MAJOLICA BEAD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
178937                   W0 MAJOLICA BEAD ENHANCER 1/2"Wood Mldg
588930                   W2 MAJOLICA AZURE W/GRAY 2 5/8Wood Mldg
588931                   W2 MAJOLICA BISQUE W/BRN 2 5/8Wood Mldg
588932                   W2 MAJOLICA NVY W/BISQUE 2 5/8Wood Mldg
588934                   W2 MAJOLICA CRIM W/GRAY 2 5/8 Wood Mldg
588935                   W2 MAJOLICA MARIGOLD W/CRIMSONWood Mldg
CSMAJ                    MAJOLICA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
125943                   W0 MALABAR WALNUT 5/8" FILLET Wood Mldg
375943                   W2 MALABAR WALNT W/BEAD 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
465943                   W2 MALABAR WLNUT W/GOLD LIP 2"Wood Mldg
735943                   W2 MALABAR WALNUT W/BEAD 3 1/8Wood Mldg
755943                   W0 MALABAR WALNUT W/GOLD 3 1/2Wood Mldg
775943                   W0 MALABAR WLNT W/EMBOSS 3 7/8Wood Mldg
825943                   W0 MALABAR WALNUT W/BEAD 4 3/4Wood Mldg
CSMAL                    MALABAR SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
N6814                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N6819                    FROSTED WALNUT                Nielsen
N6821                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N6823                    ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N93150                   FLORENTINE SILVER 13/32"      Nielsen
N93151                   FLORENTINE GOLD 13/32"        Nielsen
N93154                   FLORENTINE GREY               Nielsen
N93155                   FLORENTINE AMBER              Nielsen
N93156                   FLORENTINE BLACK 13/32"       Nielsen
N93167                   FLORENTINE WALNUT             Nielsen
N9321                    MATTE BLACK 13/32"            Nielsen
N9510                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N9523                    ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N9514                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N9521                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N9921                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N95429                   BRITE BLACK-BRUSHED           Nielsen
N99430                   BRUSHED GERMAN SILVER         Nielsen
N99431                   BRUSHED ANTIQUE GOLD          Nielsen
COLS01S                  LARGE SOLID / SILVER-POLYBOX  Supplies
COLS01G                  LARGE SOLID / GOLD-POLYBOX    Supplies
COLS01B                  LARGE SOLID / BLACK-POLYBOX   Supplies
COF01S                   FLOWER CORNER/ SILVER-POLYBOX Supplies
COF01G                   FLOWER CORNER/ GOLD-POLYBOX   Supplies
B8108                    ALPHAMAT SHERRY 32X40         Bainbridge
B8109                    ALPHAMAT DESERT ROSE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8111                    ALPHAMAT PURPLE ORCHID 32X40  Bainbridge
B8112                    ALPHAMAT CELESTIAL BLUE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8117                    ALPHAMAT WHITE FILIGREE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8118                    ALPHAMAT WHITE CANVAS 32X40   Bainbridge
B8119                    ALPHAMAT IVORY CANVAS 32X40   Bainbridge
B8120                    ALPHAMAT PEARL CANVAS 32X40   Bainbridge
B8123                    ALPHAMAT IVORY LEATHER  32X40 Bainbridge
B8125                    ALPHAMAT PEARL FILIGREE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8484L                   ALPHAMAT VENETIAN GARNET 40X60Bainbridge
B8592L                   ALPHAMAT BORDEAUX 40X60       Bainbridge
B8473L                   ALPHAMAT FLORENTINE LAPIS 40X6Bainbridge
B8509L                   ALPHAMAT MALACCA 40X60        Bainbridge
B8469L                   ALPHAMAT STUART GREEN 40X60   Bainbridge
B8516L                   ALPHAMAT PAMPAS 40X60         Bainbridge
B8470L                   ALPHAMAT ETRUSCAN BRONZE 40X60Bainbridge
B8448L                   ALPHAMAT JALAPENO 40X60       Bainbridge
B8540L                   ALPHAMAT TARTAN GREEN 40X60   Bainbridge
B8551L                   ALPHAMAT BALTIC GREEN 40X60   Bainbridge
B8560L                   ALPHAMAT SULTAN SAND 40X60    Bainbridge
B8506L                   ALPHAMAT TUSCAN BROWN 40X60   Bainbridge
B8527L                   ALPHAMAT ALMANDINE 40X60      Bainbridge
B8488L                   ALPHAMAT SAND DUNE 40X60      Bainbridge
B8522L                   ALPHAMAT COBBLESTONE 40X60    Bainbridge
B8454L                   ALPHAMAT MARIGOLD 40X60       Bainbridge
B4165L                   SUEDE-COAL 40X60              Bainbridge
B4150L                   SUEDE-MIDNIGHT 40X60          Bainbridge
B4147L                   SUEDE-SPRUCE 40X60            Bainbridge
B4149L                   SUEDE-WINE 40X60              Bainbridge
268964                   W1 ASCOT LIGHT CHERRY CAP 1"  Wood Mldg
348964                   W2 ASCOT LT CHERRY FLAT 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
438964                   W2 ASCOT LT CHERRY FLAT 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
358964                   W1 ASCOT LT CHERRY BEAD 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
468964                   W2 ASCOT LT CHERRY BEAD 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
398964                   W2 ASCOT LT CHERRY REV 1 1/2" Wood Mldg
268966                   W1 ASCOT WALNUT CAP 1"        Wood Mldg
348966                   W2 ASCOT WALNUT FLAT 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
438966                   W2 ASCOT WALNUT FLAT 1 3/4"   Wood Mldg
358966                   W1 ASCOT WALNUT BEAD 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
468966                   W2 ASCOT WALNUT BEAD 1 3/4"   Wood Mldg
398966                   W2 ASCOT WALNUT REV 1 1/2"    Wood Mldg
268968                   W1 ASCOT MAHOGANY CAP 1"      Wood Mldg
348968                   W2 ASCOT MAHOGANY FLAT 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
438968                   W2 ASCOT MAHOGANY FLAT 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
358968                   W1 ASCOT MAHOGANY BEAD 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
468968                   W2 ASCOT MAHOGANY BEAD 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
398968                   W2 ASCOT MAHOGANY REV 1 1/2"  Wood Mldg
B9422                    W1 BLACK W/GOLD LIP           Wood Mldg
CSASC                    ASCOT CORNER SAMPLE SET       Corner Samples
10014                    *CS79 Serial#_____________    Equipment
10010                    *CS299M  Serial#_             Equipment
10021                    CS3099 Serial#_____________   Supplies
10022                    Circ.Ext.Table 299/486/399/409Equipment
US73016                  *W0 KID STUF SPLATTER FILLET  Framemica
FMCA2                    ICON/16TH CENTURY             Corner Samples
FMPR1                    THE POTATO HARVEST BY         Corner Samples
FMPR2                    HALF LENGTH FIGURES EMBRACING Corner Samples
US91054                  BOXERS GOLD CAP 1 1/8"        Framemica
US91050                  BOXERS SILVER CAP 1 1/8"      Framemica
US92054                  BOXERS GOLD 3/4" LG(2 1/2")   Framemica
US92050                  BOXERS SILVER 3/4" LG(2 1/2") Framemica
US93054                  BOXERS GOLD 3/4" SM(1 1/2")   Framemica
US93050                  BOXERS SILVER 3/4" SM(1 1/2") Framemica
C7185                    MOORMAN SUEDE CHAMBORD 32X40  Crescent
C7186                    MOORMAN SUEDE FRENCH LAVENDER Crescent
C7187                    MOORMAN SUEDE CELESTIAL 32X40 Crescent
C7188                    MOORMAN SUEDE MERCURY 32X40   Crescent
C87185                   MOORMAN SUEDE CHAMBORD 40X60  Crescent
C87186                   MOORMAN SUEDE FRENCH LAVENDER Crescent
C87187                   MOORMAN SUEDE CELESTIAL 40X60 Crescent
C87188                   MOORMAN SUEDE MERCURY 40X60   Crescent
C7584                    MOORMAN LINEN-HAVANA 32X40    Crescent
C7585                    MOORMAN LINEN-PALE PINK 32X40 Crescent
C7587                    MOORMAN LINEN-PALE BLUE 32X40 Crescent
C7588                    MOORMAN LINEN-KHAKI 32X40     Crescent
C7582                    MOORMAN LINEN-LOTUS 32X40     Crescent
C7583                    MOORMAN LINEN-SCROLL 32X40    Crescent
C7586                    MOORMAN LINEN-SUMI 32X40      Crescent
C87582                   MOORMAN LINEN LOTUS 40X60     Crescent
C87583                   MOORMAN LINEN SCROLL 40X60    Crescent
C87586                   MOORMAN LINEN SUMI 40X60      Crescent
C67307                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC)VAN DYKE 32Crescent
C67308                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC)CORDOVAN 32Crescent
C67309                   MOORMAN LEATHER(BC)TUSCAN WINECrescent
CBR54921                 BRTCORE-BLACK/ORANGE ON ORANGECrescent
CBR64921                 BRTCORE-BLACK/PURPLE ON PURPLECrescent
CBR54987                 BRTCORE-WHITE/ORANGE ON ORANGECrescent
CBR64987                 BRTCORE-WHITE/PURPLE ON PURPLECrescent
126001                   W0 GIOTTO GOLD FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
396003                   W2 GIOTTO EBONY FRESCO 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
396005                   W2 GIOTTO IVORY FRESCO 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
586003                   W2 GIOTTO EBONY REV 2 1/8"    Wood Mldg
586005                   W2 GIOTTO IVORY REV 2 1/8"    Wood Mldg
626003                   W2 GIOTTO EBONY 2 1/2"        Wood Mldg
626005                   W2 GIOTTO IVORY 2 1/2"        Wood Mldg
FMMAL1                   JEANNE II BY MODIGLIANI       Corner Samples
FMMAJ1                   THE OLD MILL BY VAN GOGH      Corner Samples
147972                   W0 MANHATTAN GLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
147974                   W0 MANHATTAN PEWTER FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
147976                   W0 MANHATTAN BLACK FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
147978                   W0 MANHATTAN BURGUNDY FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
437972                   W2 MANHATTAN GOLD 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
437974                   W2 MANHATTAN PEWTER 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
437976                   W2 MANHATTAN BLACK 1 5/8"     Wood Mldg
437978                   W2 MANHATTAN BURGUNDY 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
507978                   W2 MANHATTAN BURGUNDY 2 1/8"  Wood Mldg
507972                   W2 MANHATTAN GOLD 2 1/8"      Wood Mldg
507974                   W2 MANHATTAN PEWTER 2 1/8"    Wood Mldg
507976                   W2 MANHATTAN BLACK 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
CSMHT                    MANHATTAN SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
237972                   W1 MANHATTAN GOLD 3/4"        Wood Mldg
237974                   W1 MANHATTAN PEWTER 3/4"      Wood Mldg
237976                   W1 MANHATTAN BLACK 3/4"       Wood Mldg
237978                   W1 MANHATTAN BURGUNDY 3/4"    Wood Mldg
GCC2436                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 24x36Glass
GCC3240                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 32x40Glass
GCC3648                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 36x48Glass
342010                   W1 MISSION BUTTERNUT 1 1/8"   Wood Mldg
422010                   W2 MISSION BUTTERNUT 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
342012                   W1 MISSION WALNUT 1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
422012                   W2 MISSION WALNUT 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
523010                   W2 MISSION BUTTERNUT 2 5/8"   Wood Mldg
523012                   W2 MISSION WALNUT 2 5/8"      Wood Mldg
FMMSN1                   Gloucester Harbor             Corner Samples
FMMSN2                   Two Canoes by Christine       Corner Samples
A4135                    ARTIQUE PARCHMENT 40X60       Artique
A4136                    ARTIQUE STONEHENGE 40X60      Artique
A4137                    ARTIQUE KENT 40X60            Artique
A4138                    ARTIQUE CHALK 40X60           Artique
A4139                    ARTIQUE COAL 40X60            Artique
GCC2228                  50 sq ft box Cons Clear 22x28 Glass
GCC2632                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 26x32Glass
GCC3040                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 30x40Glass
379021                   W2 VALAGIO LACEWOOD CAP 1 3/8"Wood Mldg
379023                   W2 VALAGIO PLUME MAH CAP 1 3/8Wood Mldg
379025                   W2 VALAGIO CHERRY CAP 1 3/8"  Wood Mldg
379027                   W2 VALAGIO MAPLE CAP 1 3/8"   Wood Mldg
379029                   W2 VALAGIO WALNUT CAP 1 3/8"  Wood Mldg
579021                   W2 VALAGIO LACEWOOD  2 3/8"   Wood Mldg
579023                   W2 VALAGIO PLUME MAH 2 3/8"   Wood Mldg
579025                   W2 VALAGIO CHERRY 2 3/8"      Wood Mldg
579027                   W2 VALAGIO MAPLE 2 3/8"       Wood Mldg
579029                   W2 VALAGIO WALNUT FLAT 2 3/8" Wood Mldg
117032                   W0 RAPHAEL SMOOTH FILLET 1/2" Wood Mldg
367032                   W2 RAPHAEL ACANTHUS CAP 1 3/8"Wood Mldg
467032                   W2 RAPHAEL SHELL PATTERN 2"   Wood Mldg
517032                   W2 RAPHAEL LIONS CLAW 2 5/8"  Wood Mldg
767032                   W0 RAPHAEL ACANTHUS REV 3 7/8"Wood Mldg
917032                   W0 RAPHAEL REPLICA TRAD 4 3/8"Wood Mldg
967032                   W0 RAPHAEL TRADITIONAL 4 3/4" Wood Mldg
CSRA                     RAPHAEL SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
29210                    *Storage Sales Case           Supplies
FMAU1                    Notre Dame                    Corner Samples
122035                   W0 DAMIRA GOLD FILLET 1/2"    Wood Mldg
122037                   W0 DAMIRA SILVER FILLET 1/2"  Wood Mldg
232035                   W1 DAMIRA GOLD 1"             Wood Mldg
232037                   W1 DAMIRA SILVER 1"           Wood Mldg
432035                   W2 DAMIRA GOLD 1 1/2"         Wood Mldg
432037                   W2 DAMIRA SILVER 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
532035                   W2 DAMIRA GOLD 2 3/8"         Wood Mldg
532037                   W2 DAMIRA SILVER 2 3/8"       Wood Mldg
CSVA                     VALAGIO SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
GPV2436                  Perfect View Glass 24x36      Glass
GPV3240                  Perfect View Glass 32x40      Glass
GPV3648                  Perfect View Glass 36x48      Glass
GCPV2436                 Cnsvtn Perfect View Gls 24x36 Glass
GCPV3240                 Cnsvtn Perfect View Gls 32x40 Glass
GCPV3648                 Cnsvtn Perfect View Gls 36x48 Glass
29211                    *Storage Sales Case Insert    Supplies
29212                    *CPSC Foam Sales Case Pad     Miscellaneous
N6714                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N6721                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N6723                    ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N67901                   GOLD & SILVER DUOTONE         Nielsen
N67914                   BLACK & SILVER DUOTONE        Nielsen
N67923                   BLACK & GOLD DUOTONE          Nielsen
N68176                   IRONSTONE                     Nielsen
N97705                   BEADED AGED BRONZE/SH         Nielsen
N97706                   BEADED IRONSTONE/SH           Nielsen
N68901                   GOLD & SILVER DUOTONE         Nielsen
N68914                   BLACK & SILVER DUOTONE        Nielsen
N68923                   BLACK & GOLD DUOTONE          Nielsen
N95224                   MATTE WHITE                   Nielsen
N99224                   MATTE WHITE                   Nielsen
N97707                   BEADED FLORENTINA WALNUT/SH   Nielsen
N99175                   AGED BRONZE                   Nielsen
N99176                   IRONSTONE                     Nielsen
COF01LG                  FLOWER CORNER/ LT GOLD-POLYBOXSupplies
B4185                    INDIGO CEYLON SUEDE 32X40     Bainbridge
B4186                    JADE CEYLON SUEDE 32X40       Bainbridge
B4187                    SAGE CEYLON SUEDE 32X40       Bainbridge
B4189                    CREAM CEYLON SUEDE 32X40      Bainbridge
B4191                    BLACK CEYLON SUEDE 32X40      Bainbridge
B4400                    GRASSCLOTH TAHITIAN FAN 32x40 Bainbridge
B4401                    GRASSCLOTH BASKET WEAVE 32x40 Bainbridge
B4402                    GRASSCLOTH DUNE GRASS 32x40   Bainbridge
B4403                    GRASSCLOTH SUN SHADE 32x40    Bainbridge
B8667                    ALPRG A-C4PL COLONIAL CREAM   Bainbridge
B8668                    ALPRAG A-C4PL ECRU 32X40      Bainbridge
B8644L                   ALPRAG A-C 4-PLY EBONY 40X60  Bainbridge
B4835L                   MOUNTAIN GREEN SILKENS 40X60  Bainbridge
B4836L                   IMPERIAL BLUE SILKENS 40X60   Bainbridge
B4837L                   BURGUNDY SILKENS 40X60        Bainbridge
B4840L                   WHITE SILKENS 40X60           Bainbridge
B4952L                   DENIM-OLIVE 40X60             Bainbridge
C1665                    RAG BARELY BLUE 32x40         Crescent
C1666                    RAG SHEER BLUE 32x40          Crescent
C1668                    RAG RIVER ROCK 32x40          Crescent
C1669                    RAG HAZY LILAC 32x40          Crescent
C1670                    RAG FRENCH LILAC 32 X 40      Crescent
C1671                    RAG BLUE NOTE 32 X 40         Crescent
C1672                    RAG BARELY PINK 32 X 40       Crescent
C1673                    RAG REALLY RED 32 X 40        Crescent
C1674                    RAG VENETIAN RED 32 X 40      Crescent
C1675                    RAG SUNSET CLAY 32 X 40       Crescent
C1676                    RAG EMPRESS GOLD 32 X 40      Crescent
C1677                    RAG INDIA 32 X 40             Crescent
C1678                    RAG FRENCH JONQUIL 32 X 40    Crescent
C1679                    RAG WILD BASIL 32 X 40        Crescent
C1680                    RAG MICRO MINT 32 X 40        Crescent
C1681                    RAG CELERY SEED 32 X 40       Crescent
C1682                    RAG CLEARWATER 32 X 40        Crescent
C1683                    RAG SAUTERNE 32 X 40          Crescent
C1684                    RAG OPTIC WHITE 32 X 40       Crescent
C1685                    RAG MOONLIGHT 32 X 40         Crescent
C1686                    RAG COTTON WHITE 32 X 40      Crescent
C1687                    RAG EIDERDOWN 32 X 40         Crescent
C1688                    100%RAG WHISPER WHITE 32 X 40 Crescent
C1689                    RAG SANDSTORM 32 X 40         Crescent
C1690                    RAG OLIVE BRONZE 32 X 40      Crescent
C1691                    RAG FILBERT 32 X 40           Crescent
C1692                    RAG CASHEW 32 X 40            Crescent
C1693                    RAG SHERWOOD GREEN 32 X 40    Crescent
C1694                    RAG MICRO GRAY 32 X 40        Crescent
C81665                   RAG BARELY BLUE 40X60         Crescent
C81677                   RAG INDIA 40X60               Crescent
C81686                   RAG COTTON WHITE 40X60        Crescent
C81687                   RAG EIDERDOWN 40X60           Crescent
C81688                   RAG WHISPER WHITE 40X60       Crescent
C81689                   RAG SANDSTORM 40X60           Crescent
CSRM3361                 (WC) CUSTARD 32X40            Crescent
CSRM3364                 (WC) GREEN APPLE 32X40        Crescent
CSRM3368                 (WC) SUNSET CLAY 32 X 40      Crescent
CSRM3369                 (WC) SHEER BLUE 32 X 40       Crescent
CSRM3370                 (WC) CORNFLOWER 32 X 40       Crescent
CSRM3372                 (WC) BLACK CURRANT 32 X 40    Crescent
GUC3648                  Ultra Clear  Glass 36x48      Glass
GUC4060                  Ultra Clear  Glass 40x60      Glass
GCUC3240                 Conser Ultra Clear Glass 32x40Glass
GCUC3648                 Conserv UltraClear Glass 36x48Glass
GCUC4060                 Conserv UltraClear Glass 40x60Glass
129020                   W0 VALAGIO GOLD FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
129022                   W0 VALAGIO EBONY FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
179020                   W0 VALAGIO GOLD ENHANCER 1/2" Wood Mldg
179022                   W0 VALAGIO EBONY ENHANCER 1/2"Wood Mldg
B86448P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY EBONY 32x40Bainbridge
B86478P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY PEARL WHITEBainbridge
21476                    Scotch-Brite Performance ClothSupplies
21479                    Scotch 889 Cons Tape 3/4"     Supplies
24026                    Three-Hole Wide Strap Hangers Supplies
21612                    Lineco Rabbet Foam Tape 1/4"  Supplies
11735                    *1/4" V-Lock Nails Softwood   Supplies
11736                    *3/8" V-Lock Nails Softwood   Supplies
11737                    *1/2" V-Lock Nails Softwood   Supplies
11738                    *5/8" V-Lock Nails Softwood   Supplies
FMVA1                    Man With Hat by Rembrandt     Corner Samples
FMVA2                    Sleeping Model by Matisse     Corner Samples
FMDA1                    The Old Guitarist by Picasso  Corner Samples
FMDA2                    Double Parrot Tulip           Corner Samples
US46224                  W1 KID STUF GRAPE JELLY 1"    Framemica
US46230                  W1 KID STUF LAVENDER LULLABY 1Framemica
US46232                  W1 KID STUF BLUEBERRY 1"      Framemica
US46234                  W1 KID STUF BLUE ICES 1"      Framemica
US46235                  W1 KID STUF LIME TIME 1"      Framemica
US46242                  W1 KID STUF PUMPKIN ORANGE 1" Framemica
22230                    Fletcher MultiMaster          Supplies
22231                    Fletcher MultiMaster Points   Supplies
22940                    Anti-Static Cloth             Supplies
A4961                    ARTIQUE CRYSTAL 32X40         Artique
A4962                    ARTIQUE BAY LEAF 32X40        Artique
A4963                    ARTIQUE COCOA 32X40           Artique
A4964                    ARTIQUE VEIL 32X40            Artique
A4965                    ARTIQUE LEATHER 32X40         Artique
A4966                    ARTIQUE MUSLIN 32X40          Artique
A4967                    ARTIQUE MIDNIGHT BLUE 32X40   Artique
A4968                    ARTIQUE ONYX 32X40            Artique
23480                    *Grape Jelly Nail Filler      Supplies
23481                    *Lavender Lullaby Nail Filler Supplies
23483                    *Blueberry Nail Hole Filler   Supplies
23484                    *Blue Ices Nail Hole Filler   Supplies
23486                    *Lime Time Nail Hole Filler   Supplies
23487                    *Pumpkin Orange Nail Filler   Supplies
GCC1620                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 16x20Glass
GCC1824                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 18x24Glass
GCC2024                  50 sq ft box Cons. Clear 20x24Glass
135055                   W0 PRIMITIVE UMBER FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
356055                   W0 PRIMITIVE UMBER SBOX 1 1/2"Wood Mldg
462055                   W2 PRIMITIVE IVORY 1 7/8"     Wood Mldg
470055                   W2 PRIMITIVE UMBER W/BLK 2 1/8Wood Mldg
694055                   W2 PRIMITIVE W/RED CLAY 2 7/8"Wood Mldg
707055                   W2 PRIMITIVE UMBER/EMB 3 1/8" Wood Mldg
753055                   W0 PRIMITIVE SIERRA 3 1/2"    Wood Mldg
139040                   W0 BANISTER GOLDEN FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
139042                   W0 BANISTER WALNUT FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
239040                   W1 BANISTER GOLDEN HONEY 7/8" Wood Mldg
239042                   W1 BANISTER VICTORIAN/WAL 7/8"Wood Mldg
339040                   W1 BANISTER GOLDEN EMBOSS 7/8"Wood Mldg
339042                   W1 BANISTER WAL EMBOSS 7/8"   Wood Mldg
399040                   W2 BANISTER GLDN/HONEY 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
399042                   W2 BANISTER VIC/WAL 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
469040                   W2 BANISTER HONEY REV 1 3/4"  Wood Mldg
469042                   W2 BANISTER VIC/WAL REV 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
599040                   W2 BANISTER HONEY EMB 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
599042                   W2 BANISTER VIC/WALNUT 2 1/2" Wood Mldg
769040                   W2 BANISTER GLDN/HONEY 3 3/8" Wood Mldg
769042                   W2 BANISTER VIC/WALNUT 3 3/8" Wood Mldg
CSBAN                    BANISTER SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CSPRM                    PRIMITIVE SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
FMME4                    FIEZE OF DANCERS              Corner Samples
FMCO1                    THE LACEMAKER                 Corner Samples
FMCO2                    INDIAN BUFFALO HUNT           Corner Samples
FMRA1                    THE STORM                     Corner Samples
FMRA2                    DO-BAZIN (NAVAJO-MAN)         Corner Samples
441075                   W2 PRAGUE RADIANT GLD REV 2"  Wood Mldg
674075                   W2 PRAGUE RAD GOLD REV 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
869075                   W0 PRAGUE RAD GOLD TRAD 3 1/2"Wood Mldg
441077                   W2 PRAGUE BAROQUE SLVR REV 2" Wood Mldg
674077                   W2 PRAGUE BAR/SLVR REV 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
869077                   W0 PRAGUE BAR/SLVR TRAD 3 1/2"Wood Mldg
441079                   W2 PRAGUE BAROQUE GLD REV 2"  Wood Mldg
674079                   W2 PRAGUE BAR/GOLD REV 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
869079                   W0 PRAGUE BAR/GOLD TRAD 3 1/2"Wood Mldg
CSPRG                    PRAGUE SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
N9421                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N9403                    GOLD                          Nielsen
N9401                    SILVER                        Nielsen
N9420                    ANODIC BLACK                  Nielsen
N9320                    ANODIC BLACK 13/32"           Nielsen
N9301                    SILVER 13/32"                 Nielsen
N9324                    COBALT                        Nielsen
N9337                    STEEL                         Nielsen
N193179                  BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N293184                  FROSTED WALNUT METALLINE      Nielsen
N293185                  ANODIC BLACK METALLINE        Nielsen
N293183                  GRAPHITE METALLINE            Nielsen
N393179                  BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N493179                  BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N593709                  MATTE BLACK BEADED EMB/SH     Nielsen
C1597                    RAG SILVER LEAF 32X40         Crescent
136082                   W0 SOHO BLACK FILLET 3/8"     Wood Mldg
136084                   W0 SOHO BLK W/SIL FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
136086                   W0 SOHO BLK W/GLD FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
334082                   W1 SOHO BLK SHT CAP W/BEV 7/8"Wood Mldg
334084                   W1 SOHO BLK W/SIL CAP/BEV 7/8"Wood Mldg
334086                   W1 SOHO BLK W/GLD CAP/BEV 7/8"Wood Mldg
345082                   W2 SOHO BLK ROOF CAP 1 1/8"   Wood Mldg
345084                   W2 SOHO BLK/SIL ROOF CAP 1 1/8Wood Mldg
345086                   W2 SOHO BLK/GLD ROOF CAP 1 1/8Wood Mldg
671082                   W2 SOHO BLK SLOPE W/BEV 2 3/4"Wood Mldg
671084                   W2 SOHO BLK SLOPE W/SIL 2 3/4"Wood Mldg
671086                   W2 SOHO BLK SLOPE W/GLD 2 3/4"Wood Mldg
439082                   W2 SOHO BLK PYRAMID W/BEV 2"  Wood Mldg
439084                   W2 SOHO BLK W/SIL PYRMD 2"    Wood Mldg
439086                   W2 SOHO BLK W/GLD PYRMD 2"    Wood Mldg
433082                   W2 SOHO BLK TALL CAP 1 3/4"   Wood Mldg
433084                   W2 SOHO BLK WSIL TCAP 1 3/4"  Wood Mldg
433086                   W2 SOHO BLK WGLD TCAP 1 3/4"  Wood Mldg
CSSOH                    SOHO SAMPLE SET               Corner Samples
B8499                    ALPHAMAT CORNFLOWER 32X40     Bainbridge
B8250                    ALPHAMAT DOESKIN LEATHER 32X40Bainbridge
B8251                    ALPHAMAT MOCCASIN LEATHER 32X4Bainbridge
B8252                    ALPHAMAT CORDOVAN LEATHER 32X4Bainbridge
B8253                    ALPHA NAPPA GREEN LEATHER 32X4Bainbridge
B8254                    ALPHAMAT COWHIDE LEATHER 32X4 Bainbridge
B8255                    ALPHA BLUEBUCK LEATHER 32X40  Bainbridge
B8050                    ALPHAMAT DEMURE ROSE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8051                    ALPHAMAT BRIDE'S BLUSH 32X40  Bainbridge
B8052                    ALPHA PRECIOUS PINK  32X40    Bainbridge
B8053                    ALPHA GENTLE GREEN  32X40     Bainbridge
B8054                    ALPHA HONEYSUCKLE  32X40      Bainbridge
B8055                    ALPHA ARDENT BLUE  32X40      Bainbridge
B8056                    ALPHA BALMY BLUE  32X40       Bainbridge
B8445L                   ALPHAMAT FIDDLEHEAD 40X60     Bainbridge
B8474L                   ALPHA PERSIAN SAPPHIRE 40X60  Bainbridge
B8485L                   ALPHA RENAISSANCE GOLD 40X60  Bainbridge
B8502L                   ALPHA MIMOSA 40X60            Bainbridge
B8584L                   ALPHA PERIWINKLE 40X60        Bainbridge
EM44896                  MIRROR 1/4" 48X96             Glass
B8004L                   WARM GOLD 40x60               Bainbridge
B8008L                   BRUSHED GOLD 40x60            Bainbridge
B4020                    LINEN RAPHAEL CLOUD 32X40     Bainbridge
B4021                    LINEN MONET LILY 32X40        Bainbridge
B4022                    LINEN SEURAT SAND 32X40       Bainbridge
B4023                    LINEN REMBRANDT SHADOW 32X40  Bainbridge
ACR32                    3/16 32x40 ARTCARE RAG FOAM   Foamboard
ACR40                    3/16 40x60 ARTCARE RAG FOAM   Foamboard
BA8519440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS SNOWFLAKE  Supplies
BA8559440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENT PHOTO WHITE Supplies
BA8462440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS WHEAT      Supplies
BA8509440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS MALACCA    Supplies
BA8511440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS SEA MIST   Supplies
BA8540440C               BAIN BVL ACCENT TARTAN GREEN  Supplies
BA8415440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENT RIVIERA RED Supplies
BA8483440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCT BAROQUE RUBY  Supplies
BA8526440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS INDIGO     Supplies
BA8515440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS DOVER GREY Supplies
BA8517440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENT IVORY BLACK Supplies
BA8125440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCT PEARL FILIGRE Supplies
BA8006440C               BAIN BEV ACCT BRUSHED SILVER  Supplies
BA8008440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCT BRUSHED GOLD  Supplies
BA8009440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENT PATINA GOLD Supplies
BA8005440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS COPPER     Supplies
BA4840440C               SILKEN BEVEL ACCENTS WHITE    Supplies
BA4147440C               SUEDE BEVEL ACCT SPRUCE       Supplies
BA4149440C               SUEDE BEVEL ACCENTS WINE      Supplies
BA4165440C               SUEDE BEVEL ACCENTS COAL      Supplies
A4969                    ARTIQUE NIGHT 32X40           Artique
195075                   W0 PRAGUE RAD GOLD FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
195077                   W0 PRAGUE BAR/SLVR FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
195079                   W0 PRAGUE BAR/GOLD FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
149061                   W0 PRIMA SILVER FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
409063                   W2 PRIMA GRANITE CAP 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
409065                   W2 PRIMA SAND CAP 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
409066                   W2 PRIMA SUN CAP 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
409067                   W2 PRIMA FERN CAP 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
409068                   W2 PRIMA SEA CAP 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
409069                   W2 PRIMA CORAL CAP 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
509063                   W2 PRIMA GRANITE 2 1/4"       Wood Mldg
509065                   W2 PRIMA SAND 2 1/4"          Wood Mldg
509066                   W2 PRIMA SUN 2 1/4"           Wood Mldg
509067                   W2 PRIMA FERN 2 1/4"          Wood Mldg
509068                   W2 PRIMA SEA 2 1/4"           Wood Mldg
509069                   W2 PRIMA CORAL 2 1/4"         Wood Mldg
CSPRI                    PRIMA SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
134091                   W0 TAICHANG GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
134092                   W0 TAICHANG BLK FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
134093                   W0 TAICHANG MAH FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
134094                   W0 TAICHANG NAT FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
355091                   W2 TAICHANG GOLD 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
355092                   W2 TAICHANG BLK 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
355093                   W2 TAICHANG MAH 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
355094                   W2 TAICHANG NAT 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
676091                   W2 TAICHANG GOLD 2 3/4"       Wood Mldg
676092                   W2 TAICHANG BLACK 2 3/4"      Wood Mldg
676093                   W2 TAICHANG MAHOGANY 2 3/4"   Wood Mldg
676094                   W2 TAICHANG NATURAL 2 3/4"    Wood Mldg
160058                   W0 SONATA GOLD FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
160059                   W0 SONATA SILVER FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
225058                   W0 SONATA GOLD 5/8"           Wood Mldg
225059                   W0 SONATA SILVER 5/8"         Wood Mldg
235058                   W0 SONATA GOLD 5/8"           Wood Mldg
235059                   W0 SONATA SILVER 5/8"         Wood Mldg
410058                   W0 SONATA GOLD 3/4"           Wood Mldg
410059                   W0 SONATA SILVER 3/4"         Wood Mldg
510058                   W0 SONATA GOLD 7/8"           Wood Mldg
510059                   W0 SONATA SILVER 7/8"         Wood Mldg
620058                   W0 SONATA GOLD 5/8"           Wood Mldg
620059                   W0 SONATA SILVER 5/8"         Wood Mldg
131014                   W0 CHATEAU SILVER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
361014                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XV SLVR 1 1/4Wood Mldg
371014                   W2 CHATEAU SPANISH SLVR 1 1/2"Wood Mldg
461014                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XVI SLVR 2"  Wood Mldg
471014                   W2 CHATEAU LOUIS XV SILVER 2" Wood Mldg
521014                   W2 CHATEAU FLOR/SILVER 2 1/4" Wood Mldg
US57004                  W2 RUSTIC PINE DK WAL 1 1/8"  Framemica
US57009                  W2 RUSTIC PINE BLACK 1 1/8"   Framemica
US57011                  W2 RUSTIC PINE LT. WAL 1 1/8" Framemica
US57012                  W2 RUSTIC PINE WHITE 1 1/8"   Framemica
US57023                  W2 RUSTIC PINE GRAY 1 1/8"    Framemica
US83004                  W2 RUSTIC PINE DK WAL 1 3/4"  Framemica
US83009                  W2 RUSTIC PINE BLACK 1 3/4"   Framemica
US83011                  W2 RUSTIC PINE LT WAL 1 3/4"  Framemica
US83012                  W2 RUSTIC PINE WHITE 1 3/4"   Framemica
US83023                  W2 RUSTIC PINE GRAY 1 3/4"    Framemica
CSRUS                    RUSTIC PINE SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
CSTAI                    TAICHANG SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CSSN                     SONATA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
GCRC2228                 CONS REF CONTR 22x28 50 SQ FT Glass
GCRC2436                 CONS REF CONTR 24x36 50 SQ FT Glass
GCRC3240                 CONS REF CONTR 32x40 50 SQ FT Glass
GCRC3648                 CONS REF CONTR 36x48 50 SQ FT Glass
FMPRM2                   WOMAN WALKING                 Corner Samples
CSRM130                  WHITE (WC) TRIPLE THICK 32X40 Crescent
CSRM90                   WHITE (WC) DOUBLE THICK 32X40 Crescent
CSSTV                    STRADIVARIUS I & II SAMPLE SETCorner Samples
4241                     ARQADIA BLACK 7/8"            Wood Mldg
FMTAI1                   LOTUS FLOWERS - "SOLD OUT"    Corner Samples
FMTAI2                   SHAD BUSH                     Corner Samples
444CWP                   CLASSIC WALNUT ON POPLAR 1 1/2Wood Mldg
C1112                    100% RAG SOFT WHITE 32X40     Crescent
C1114                    100% RAG ALMOND 32X40         Crescent
C1116                    100% RAG OSTRICH 32X40        Crescent
BSM32                    3/16" BAIN SPEEDMOUNT 32X40   Foamboard
C1117                    100% RAG GREY 32X40           Crescent
C1115                    100% RAG BLACK 32X40          Crescent
C2296                    100% RAG OPTIC BLACK 32X40    Crescent
C21112                   8 PLY SOFT WHITE 32X40 RAG    Crescent
BSM40                    3/16" BAIN SPEEDMOUNT 40X60   Foamboard
C2239                    8 PLY ANTIQUE WHITE 32X40 RAG Crescent
C21115                   8 PLY BLACK 32X40 RAG         Crescent
B8126                    ALPHAMAT SANDY COVE 32X40     Bainbridge
C81114                   100%RAG ALMOND 40X60          Crescent
B8127                    ALPHAMAT BAMBOO  32X40        Bainbridge
C81112                   100%RAG SOFT WHITE 40X60      Crescent
B8129                    ALPHAMAT SEA GRASS 32X40      Bainbridge
C81115                   100%RAG BLACK 40X60           Crescent
C821112                  8 PLY SOFT WHITE 40X60        Crescent
B8130                    ALPHAMAT SIAM SKY 32X40       Bainbridge
C82239                   8 PLY ANTIQUE WHITE 40X60     Crescent
B8131                    ALPHAMAT THATCHED ROOF 32X40  Bainbridge
C821115                  8 PLY BLACK 40X60             Crescent
B8132                    ALPHAMAT RATTAN 32X40         Bainbridge
B8133                    ALPHAMAT TEMPLE BRONZE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8134                    ALPHAMAT THAI SAPPHIRE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8135                    ALPHAMAT KLONG GREEN 32X40    Bainbridge
B8136                    ALPHAMAT WICKER 32X40         Bainbridge
C61553                   RAG BAR HARBOR GRAY 32X40 (BC)Crescent
N9310                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
C61574                   RAG DAWN GREY 32X40 (BC)      Crescent
B8137                    ALPHAMAT RICE WHITE 32X40     Bainbridge
C61690                   RAG OLIVE BRONZE 32X40 (BC)   Crescent
B8651                    ALPHA AC4PL COLONIAL BLUE 32X Bainbridge
C61684                   RAG OPTIC WHITE 32X40 (BC)    Crescent
B8652                    ALPHA AC4PL HERITAGE WHITE 32XBainbridge
C61610                   RAG WHITE 32X40 (BC)          Crescent
N9314                    GERMAN SILVER 13/32"          Nielsen
N9319                    FROSTED WALNUT                Nielsen
B86458P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY IVORY 32x40Bainbridge
B86468P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY KHAKI 32x40Bainbridge
N9350                    BLACK 13/32"                  Nielsen
B8139                    ALPHAMAT ES OPAL 32X40        Bainbridge
B8140                    ALPHAMAT ES TOPAZ 32X40       Bainbridge
N9352                    BRIGHT WHITE                  Nielsen
B8141                    ALPHAMAT ES SMITHSONITE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8142                    ALPHAMAT ES AZURITE 32X40     Bainbridge
N9402                    FROSTED SILVER                Nielsen
B8143                    ALPHAMAT ES SHALE 32X40       Bainbridge
C9111410                 ALMOND RAG SPONGE 32 X 40     Crescent
B4193                    SUEDE-VINEYARD 32X40          Bainbridge
C9225910                 ANTIQUE WHITE SPONGE 32 X 40  Crescent
B4194                    SUEDE-VIOLET 32X40            Bainbridge
B4195                    SUEDE-DUSK 32X40              Bainbridge
B4196                    SUEDE-MIST 32X40              Bainbridge
C9111210                 SOFT WHITE RAG SPONGE 32 X 40 Crescent
B4197                    SUEDE-SHADOW 32X40            Bainbridge
B4198                    SUEDE-BREEZE 32X40            Bainbridge
C9111510                 BLACK RAG SPONGE 32 X 40      Crescent
C9111415                 ALMOND RAG STUCCO 32 X 40     Crescent
C9225915                 ANTIQUE WHITE STUCCO 32 X 40  Crescent
N9404                    FROSTED GOLD                  Nielsen
C9111215                 SOFT WHITE RAG STUCCO 32 X 40 Crescent
N99179                   BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N94179                   BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N5621                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N5614                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N5623                    ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N60900                   BLACK/BRUSHED ALUMINUM        Nielsen
N160179                  BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
144114                   W0 PINE RIVER DARK FILLET 1/2"Wood Mldg
144116                   W0 PINE RIVER LT FILLET 1/2"  Wood Mldg
376114                   W1 PINE RIVER DARK ROPE 1 1/8"Wood Mldg
376116                   W1 PINE RIVER LT ROPE 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
686114                   W2 PINE RIVER DK REV W/ROPE 3"Wood Mldg
686116                   W2 PINE RIVER LT REV W/ROPE 3"Wood Mldg
924114                   W0 PINE RIVER DK TRAD 4 5/8"  Wood Mldg
924116                   W0 PINE RIVER LT TRAD 4 5/8"  Wood Mldg
624114                   W2 PINE RIVER DARK REV 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
624116                   W2 PINE RIVER LT REV 2 3/4"   Wood Mldg
366114                   W1 PINE RIVER DARK CAP 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
366116                   W1 PINE RIVER LT CAP 1 1/8"   Wood Mldg
117110                   W0 GOYA BLK SMOOTH FILLET 1/2"Wood Mldg
198110                   W0 GOYA BLK BEAD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
331110                   W1 GOYA BLK W/BEAD 1"         Wood Mldg
349110                   W2 GOYA BLK 1 1/4"            Wood Mldg
496110                   W2 GOYA BLK 1 3/4"            Wood Mldg
502110                   W2 GOYA BLK 2"                Wood Mldg
517110                   W2 GOYA BLK 2 5/8"            Wood Mldg
783110                   W0 GOYA BLK 3 1/2"            Wood Mldg
899110                   W0 GOYA BLK 4"                Wood Mldg
106122                   W0 RUBENS GOLD FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
336124                   W2 RUBENS COBALT BLUE 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
336125                   W2 RUBENS VIRIDIAN GRN 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
336126                   W2 RUBENS OCHRE 1 5/8"        Wood Mldg
336127                   W2 RUBENS ALIZARIN CRIM 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
336128                   W2 RUBENS TITANIUM WHT 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
336129                   W2 RUBENS BURNT UMBER 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
736124                   W2 RUBENS COBALT BLUE 3 1/8"  Wood Mldg
736125                   W2 RUBENS VIRIDIAN GRN 3 1/8" Wood Mldg
736126                   W2 RUBENS OCHRE 3 1/8"        Wood Mldg
736127                   W2 RUBENS ALIZARIN CRIM 3 1/8"Wood Mldg
736128                   W2 RUBENS TITANIUM WHT 3 1/8" Wood Mldg
736129                   W2 RUBENS BURNT UMBER 3 1/8"  Wood Mldg
CSRU                     RUBENS SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
CSPNR                    PINE RIVER SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
CSGO                     GOYA SAMPLE SET               Corner Samples
371110                   W2 GOYA BLK 1 1/2"            Wood Mldg
143100                   W0 RADIANCE WARM SIL FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
143102                   W0 RADIANCE BRONZE FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
143103                   W0 RADIANCE GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
143104                   W0 RADIANCE SILVER FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
413102                   W2 RADIANCE BRONZE 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
413103                   W2 RADIANCE GOLD 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
413104                   W2 RADIANCE SILVER 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
413105                   W2 RADIANCE UMBER 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
413106                   W2 RADIANCE SIENNA 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
623102                   W2 RADIANCE BRONZE 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
623103                   W2 RADIANCE GOLD 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
623104                   W2 RADIANCE SILVER 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
623105                   W2 RADIANCE UMBER 2 1/8"      Wood Mldg
623106                   W2 RADIANCE SIENNA 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
CSRAD                    RADIANCE SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CSGLS                    GLOSS SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
21661                    D990 ATG 1/2" x 72 Yds.       Supplies
21662                    Fillet Tape #2572 1/4" X 36 YDSupplies
21211                    3M Remount Spray Adhesive     Supplies
23701                    Black Touch-Up Marker         Supplies
23702                    Light Oak Touch-Up Marker     Supplies
23703                    Medium Oak Touch-Up Marker    Supplies
23704                    Dark Oak Touch-Up Marker      Supplies
23705                    Red Mahogany Touch-Up Marker  Supplies
23706                    Light Pine Touch-Up Marker    Supplies
23707                    Medium Cherry Touch-Up Marker Supplies
23708                    Dark Cherry Touch-Up Marker   Supplies
23709                    Walnut/Mahogany Touch-Up MarkrSupplies
23710                    Dark Walnut Touch-Up Markr    Supplies
23711                    Blender (To Mix Colors)       Supplies
23712                    Crimson Touch-Up Markr        Supplies
23713                    Ultra Marine Touch-Up Marker  Supplies
23714                    Prussian Blue Touch-Up Marker Supplies
23715                    True Blue Touch-Up Marker     Supplies
23716                    Ice Blue Touch-Up Marker      Supplies
23717                    Maroon Touch-Up Marker        Supplies
23718                    Wine Red Touch-Up Marker      Supplies
23719                    Salmon Touch-Up Marker        Supplies
23720                    Evergreen Touch-Up Marker     Supplies
23721                    Leaf Green Touch-Up Marker    Supplies
23722                    Grass Green Touch-Up Marker   Supplies
23723                    Cadmium Yellow Touch-Up Markr Supplies
23724                    Marker Caddy                  Supplies
FMPRG1                   In the Orchard      "SOLD OUT"Corner Samples
FMPRG2                   Man Painting a Boat "SOLD OUT"Corner Samples
FMCHT3                   A Mother and a Child Raphael  Corner Samples
FMCHT4                   Two Women Asleep Under the    Corner Samples
29008                    Plastic Bags 44" x 66" (200)  Supplies
440NTA                   *W2 440NTA 1 1/4"             Wood Mldg
447NWA                   *W2 447NWA 1 1/2"             Wood Mldg
448MP                    *W2 448MP 1 1/2"              Wood Mldg
124136                   W0 LAHACIENDA DIS/SPAN FIL 3/8Wood Mldg
313134                   W1 LAHACIENDA WEAT ANG LN 7/8"Wood Mldg
313136                   W1 LAHACIENDA DIS/SPAN ANG7/8"Wood Mldg
519134                   W2 LAHACIENDA WEAT ZIG 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
519136                   W2 LAHACIENDA DIS/SP ZIG 1 3/4Wood Mldg
525136                   W2 LAHACIENDA DIST/SPAN SCP 2"Wood Mldg
706136                   W2 LAHACIENDA DES/SPAN FL3 1/4Wood Mldg
CSLAH                    CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
CSCHA                    CHATEAU Gold/Silver Sample SetCorner Samples
FMRA3                    Vancouver Island Squaw        Corner Samples
505197                   W2 UMBRIA BLACK 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
505198                   W2 UMBRIA WALNUT 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
524197                   W2 UMBRIA BLACK 1 3/4"        Wood Mldg
524198                   W2 UMBRIA WALNUT 1 3/4"       Wood Mldg
FMPNR1                   FISHING FLIES                 Corner Samples
FMPNR2                   COWGIRL (SEPIA PHOTO)         Corner Samples
FMGO1                    L'OMBRIELLE BY GOYA           Corner Samples
FMGO2                    BEACHWOOD CANYON BY KATHLEEN  Corner Samples
N9101                    SILVER                        Nielsen
N9102                    FROSTED SILVER                Nielsen
N9103                    GOLD                          Nielsen
N9110                    GRAPHITE                      Nielsen
N9120                    ANODIZED BLACK                Nielsen
N9121                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N10014                   GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N10021                   MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N10023                   ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N93225                   PRIMARY RED                   Nielsen
N93226                   PRIMARY BLUE                  Nielsen
N94156                   FLORENTINE BLACK              Nielsen
N94154                   FLORENTINE GREY               Nielsen
B8144                    ALPHA TRC WINTER TRAIL 32X40  Bainbridge
B8145                    ALPHA TRC RUSSETT FIELD 32X40 Bainbridge
B8146                    ALPHA TRC GARDEN WALK 32X40   Bainbridge
B8147                    ALPHA TRC OLIVE GROVE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8148                    ALPHA TRC WOODLAND PATH 32X40 Bainbridge
B848440                  HERITAGE IMPERIAL MAUVE 32x40 Bainbridge
B848512                  HERITAGE EMPIRE GOLD 32x40    Bainbridge
B848433                  HERITAGE BAROQUE BLACK 32x40  Bainbridge
B878503                  HERITAGE ROCOCO CREAM 32x40   Bainbridge
B878540                  HERITAGE GOTHIC GREEN 32x40   Bainbridge
B878559                  HERITAGE VICTORIAN CAMEO 32X40Bainbridge
B4001                    RICE PAPER BLACK LUSTER 32x40 Bainbridge
B4002                    RICE PAPER WHISPY TAUPE 32x40 Bainbridge
B4003                    RICE PAPER CANDLELIGHT 32x40  Bainbridge
B4004                    RICE PAPER GLISTEN GREY 32x40 Bainbridge
B4005                    RICE PAPER TAUPE GLEAM 32x40  Bainbridge
B4006                    RICE PAPER BEIGE FLICKER 32x40Bainbridge
B4024                    LINEN VERMEER BLACK 32X40     Bainbridge
B4025                    LINEN TITAN GOLD 32X40        Bainbridge
B4026                    LINEN DEGAS BLUE 32X40        Bainbridge
B4027                    LINEN GAUGUIN GREEN 32X40     Bainbridge
B8669                    ALPHARAG A-C 4PL BLACK SHADOW Bainbridge
B8673                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL DEEP SAGE 32X4Bainbridge
B8674                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL STONE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8675                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL HEATHER BROWN Bainbridge
B8676                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL LICHEN 32X40  Bainbridge
B86428P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY CREAM 32x40Bainbridge
B86658P                  ALPHARAG 8PLY TUMBLEWEED 32X40Bainbridge
B8642L                   ALPHARAG 4PL CREAM 40X60      Bainbridge
B8646L                   ALPHARAG 4PL KHAKI 40X60      Bainbridge
B4172                    SUEDE - CACTUS 32X40          Bainbridge
B4169                    SUEDE - LAPIS 32X40           Bainbridge
B4146L                   SUEDE-WILLOW 40X60            Bainbridge
B4148L                   SUEDE-MOSS 40X60              Bainbridge
B4179L                   SUEDE-NOEL 40X60              Bainbridge
B4180L                   SUEDE-CABERNET 40X60          Bainbridge
C61603                   RAG SPICE IVORY 32X40 (BC)    Crescent
C61571                   RAG PALM BEACH WHITE 32X40(BC)Crescent
C61631                   RAG SAGE 32X40 (BC)           Crescent
C61662                   RAG ESPRESSO 32X40 (BC)       Crescent
C61668                   RAG RIVER ROCK 32X40 (BC)     Crescent
C61689                   RAG SANDSTORM 32X40 (BC)      Crescent
C61704                   RAG ASHEN 32X40 (BC)          Crescent
C61709                   RAG LIGHT UMBRIA 32X40 (BC)   Crescent
C61712                   RAG OLD SAGE 32X40 (BC)       Crescent
C621574                  RAG 8P DAWN GREY 32X40 (BC)   Crescent
C621610                  RAG 8P WHITE 32X40 (BC)       Crescent
C241115                  8 PLY BLACK (WC) 32X40 RAG    Crescent
205192                   W0 23 KARAT GOLD 3/4"         Wood Mldg
105194                   W0 12 KARAT WHT/GLD FILLET 1/4Wood Mldg
105192                   W0 23 KARAT GOLD FILLET 1/4"  Wood Mldg
205194                   W0 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 3/4"   Wood Mldg
215194                   W1 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 1"     Wood Mldg
365194                   W1 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 1"     Wood Mldg
405192                   W2 23 KARAT GOLD 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
405194                   W2 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 1 1/2" Wood Mldg
425192                   W2 23 KARAT GOLD 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
425194                   W2 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 1 1/2" Wood Mldg
445192                   W2 23 KARAT GOLD 1 3/4"       Wood Mldg
445194                   W2 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
635192                   W2 23 KARAT GOLD 2 3/8"       Wood Mldg
635194                   W2 12 KARAT WHITE GOLD 2 3/8" Wood Mldg
FMUM3                    Poplar Trees by Daylight by   Corner Samples
FMUM4                    Interior with the Artist's    Corner Samples
AS01                     ARTIQUE SAMPLE SET- 168 COLORSArtique
CSTRE                    CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
112141                   W0 Le CIRQUE BOOT BLK FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
112143                   W0 Le CIRQUE FRE/BLUE FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
112142                   W0 Le CIRQUE BLANC FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
112144                   W0 Le CIRQUE AQUARELLE FIL 3/8Wood Mldg
112145                   W0 Le CIRQUE LAVENDER FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
112147                   W0 Le CIRQUE ROY/BLUE FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
112148                   W0 Le CIRQUE FUCHSIA FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
112149                   W0 Le CIRQUE RM RED FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
112152                   W0 Le CIRQUE ORANGERIE FIL 3/8Wood Mldg
112154                   W0 Le CIRQUE SAFFRON FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
112159                   W0 Le CIRQUE PAR/GRN FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
112162                   W0 Le CIRQUE TENT/GRN FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
402141                   W1 Le CIRQUE BOOT BLACK 1"    Wood Mldg
402142                   W1 Le CIRQUE BLANC 1"         Wood Mldg
402143                   W1 Le CIRQUE FRENCH BLUE 1"   Wood Mldg
402144                   W1 Le CIRQUE AQUARELLE 1"     Wood Mldg
402145                   W1 Le CIRQUE LAVENDER 1"      Wood Mldg
402147                   W1 Le CIRQUE ROYAL BLUE 1"    Wood Mldg
402148                   W1 Le CIRQUE FUCHSIA 1"       Wood Mldg
402149                   W1 Le CIRQUE RING MASTER RED 1Wood Mldg
402152                   W1 Le CIRQUE ORANGERIE 1"     Wood Mldg
402154                   W1 Le CIRQUE SAFFRON 1"       Wood Mldg
402159                   W1 Le CIRQUE PARROT GREEN 1"  Wood Mldg
402162                   W1 Le CIRQUE TENT GREEN 1"    Wood Mldg
520168                   W2 Le CIRQUE SAFF/ORNGE 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
520169                   W2 Le CIRQUE RM RED/BUR 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
520170                   W2 Le CIRQUE R BL/F BL 2 1/8" Wood Mldg
520173                   W2 Le CIRQUE BLANC/BLANC 2 1/8Wood Mldg
170112                   W0 ENHANCER SLVR OGEE LIP 1/4"Wood Mldg
170114                   W0 ENHANCER BLK OGEE LIP 1/4" Wood Mldg
172112                   W0 ENHANCER SIL S/PEARLS 3/8" Wood Mldg
172114                   W0 ENHANCER BLK S/PEARLS 3/8" Wood Mldg
180112                   W1 ENHANCER SIL EMB FLOR 5/8" Wood Mldg
180113                   W1 ENHANCER GLD EMB FLOR 5/8" Wood Mldg
180114                   W1 ENHANCER BLK EMB FLOR 5/8" Wood Mldg
181112                   W1 ENHANCER SILVER ROPE 1/2"  Wood Mldg
181113                   W1 ENHANCER GOLD ROPE 1/2"    Wood Mldg
181114                   W1 ENHANCER BLACK ROPE 1/2"   Wood Mldg
182112                   W1 ENHANCER SLVR PYRAMID 1/2" Wood Mldg
182113                   W1 ENHANCER GOLD PYRAMID 1/2" Wood Mldg
182114                   W1 ENHANCER BLACK PYRAMID 1/2"Wood Mldg
CSEN2                    ENHANCERS SAMPLE SET(20 items)Corner Samples
130112                   W0 ANT SIL SMOOTH FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
130113                   W0 ANT GLD SMOOTH FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
130114                   W0 BLACK SMOOTH FILLET 1/4"   Wood Mldg
FMLAH1                   MEXICAN TILE                  Corner Samples
132186                   W0 CATALINA WAL W/GLD FIL 1/2"Wood Mldg
132188                   W0 CATALINA MAH W/BLK FIL 1/2"Wood Mldg
392186                   W2 CATALINA WAL W/GOLD 1 3/8" Wood Mldg
392188                   W2 CATALINA MAH W/BLACK 1 3/8"Wood Mldg
672186                   W2 CATALINA WAL W/GOLD 2 3/4" Wood Mldg
672188                   W2 CATALINA MAH W/BLACK 2 3/4"Wood Mldg
732186                   W2 CATALINA WAL W/GOLD 3 3/8" Wood Mldg
732188                   W2 CATALINA MAH W/BLACK 3 3/8"Wood Mldg
CSCAT                    CATALINA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
21461                    ATG Fillet Tape Dispenser #714Supplies
21462                    ATG Gold Tape 1/2" x 36 Yds.  Supplies
21463                    ATG Gold Tape 1/2" x 60 Yds.  Supplies
21464                    ATG Gold Tape 1/4" x 36 Yds.  Supplies
GCC1418                  Conservation Clear 14X18      Glass
CSHAM                    CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
GCC1114                  Conservation Clear 11x14      Glass
GCC1216                  Conservation Clear 12X16      Glass
GCRC1114                 CONSERVATION R/C 11X14        Glass
GCRC1216                 CONSERVATION R/C 12X16        Glass
GCRC1418                 CONSERVATION R/C 14X18        Glass
10400                    4mm (5/32") Softwood Wedges   Supplies
10398                    3mm (1/8") Softwood Wedges    Supplies
CSUMB                    UMBRIA COMBINED SAMPLE SET    Corner Samples
US57002                  W2 RUSTIC PINE GREEN 1 1/8"   Framemica
US57010                  W2 RUSTIC PINE RED 1 1/8"     Framemica
US71002                  W0 RUSTIC PINE GREEN 3/4"     Framemica
US71004                  W0 RUSTIC PINE DK WALNUT 3/4" Framemica
US71009                  W0 RUSTIC PINE BLACK 3/4"     Framemica
US71010                  W0 RUSTIC PINE RED 3/4"       Framemica
US71011                  W0 RUSTIC PINE LT. WAL 3/4"   Framemica
US71012                  W0 RUSTIC PINE WHITE 3/4"     Framemica
US71023                  W0 RUSTIC PINE GRAY 3/4"      Framemica
US83002                  W2 RUSTIC PINE GREEN 1 3/4"   Framemica
US83010                  W2 RUSTIC PINE RED 1 3/4"     Framemica
US73A                    W0 GILD CHOICE AOSTA FILT 5/8"Framemica
US73B                    W0 GILD CHCE BOLOGNA FILT 5/8"Framemica
US73D                    W0 GLD CHCE DESENZANO FIL 3/8"Framemica
US73G                    W0 GILD CHOICE GENOVA FIL 5/8"Framemica
US81A                    W1 GILDERS CHOICE AOSTA 1"    Framemica
US81B                    W1 GILDERS CHOICE BOLOGNA 1"  Framemica
US81D                    W1 GILDERS CHOICE DESENZANO 1"Framemica
US81G                    W1 GILDERS CHOICE GENOVA 1"   Framemica
US83A                    W2 GILD CHOICE AOSTA 1 3/4"   Framemica
US83B                    W2 GILD CHCE BOLOGNA 1 3/4"   Framemica
US83D                    W2 GLD CHCE DESENZANO 1 3/4"  Framemica
US83G                    W2 GILD CHOICE GENOVA 1 3/4"  Framemica
CSGC                     GILDERS CHOICE SAMPLE SET     Corner Samples
107204                   W0 STOCKHOLM ANT WHT FILL 1/2"Wood Mldg
347204                   W1 STOCKHOLM ANT WHITE 1 1/8" Wood Mldg
357204                   W2 STOCKHOLM ANT WHITE 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
527204                   W2 STOCKHOLM ANT WHITE 2 1/4" Wood Mldg
557204                   W2 STOCKHOLM ANT WHITE 2 1/2" Wood Mldg
727204                   W0 STOCKHOLM ANT WHITE 3 7/8" Wood Mldg
CSSTK                    STOCKHOLM SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
C1511                    RAG EVEREST SKY 32X40         Crescent
23236                    Red Putty 2 Oz.               Supplies
23237                    Yellow Putty 2 Oz.            Supplies
23238                    Blue Putty 2 Oz.              Supplies
23239                    Green Putty 2 Oz.             Supplies
C1512                    RAG TUSCANY BLUE 32X40        Crescent
C1513                    RAG CALYPSO BLUE 32X40        Crescent
C1514                    RAG ROYAL ORCHID 32X40        Crescent
C1516                    RAG SERENGETI 32X40           Crescent
C1517                    RAG RA   32X40                Crescent
C1518                    RAG WASSABI 32X40             Crescent
C1519                    RAG GECKO 32X40               Crescent
C1520                    RAG TIDE POOL 32X40           Crescent
C1521                    RAG AMAZON    32X40           Crescent
C1522                    RAG GRECIAN OLIVE 32X40       Crescent
C1523                    RAG OUTBACK HAZE  32X40       Crescent
C1524                    RAG BALI SAND   32X40         Crescent
C1525                    RAG MOROCCAN SPICE 32X40      Crescent
C1526                    RAG TANDOORI 32X40            Crescent
C1528                    RAG NAPA WINE 32X40           Crescent
C81511                   RAG EVEREST SKY 40X60         Crescent
C81516                   RAG SERENGETI 40X60           Crescent
C81517                   RAG RA   40X60                Crescent
C81521                   RAG AMAZON    40X60           Crescent
187183                   W0 AMBROSIA GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
187184                   W0 AMBROSIA SILVER FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
387183                   W2 AMBROSIA GOLD 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
387184                   W2 AMBROSIA SILVER 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
389183                   W2 AMBROSIA GOLD 1 5/8"       Wood Mldg
389184                   W2 AMBROSIA SILVER 1 5/8"     Wood Mldg
779183                   W2 AMBROSIA GOLD 3 1/8"       Wood Mldg
779184                   W2 AMBROSIA SILVER 3 1/8"     Wood Mldg
887183                   W0 AMBROSIA GOLD 4"           Wood Mldg
887184                   W0 AMBROSIA SILVER 4"         Wood Mldg
CSAMB                    AMBROSIA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
C81518                   100%RAG WASSABI 40X60         Crescent
FMTRE1                   CHRIST NEST BY T.L. LANGE     Corner Samples
FMMU1                    Women in Field by Karem       Corner Samples
133211                   W0 ETRUSCA GOLD FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
133213                   W0 ETRUSCA SILVER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
133215                   W0 ETRUSCA BRONZE FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
373211                   W1 ETRUSCA GOLD 1 3/8"        Wood Mldg
373213                   W1 ETRUSCA SILVER 1 3/8"      Wood Mldg
373215                   W1 ETRUSCA BRONZE 1 3/8"      Wood Mldg
683211                   W2 ETRUSCA GOLD 2 7/8"        Wood Mldg
683213                   W2 ETRUSCA SILVER 2 7/8"      Wood Mldg
683215                   W2 ETRUSCA BRONZE 2 7/8"      Wood Mldg
CSET                     ETRUSCA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
FC32BAF                  3/16 32x40 A.F.BLK ON BLK COREFoamboard
FC40BAF                  3/16 40x60 A.F.BLK ON BLK COREFoamboard
FMCAT1                   WASHINGTON CROSS THE DELAWARE Corner Samples
577CMPG                  CLASSIC MAHOGANY ON POPLAR 2  Wood Mldg
101221                   W0 INTAGLIO GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
101223                   W0 INTAGLIO BLACK FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
383224                   W2 INTAGLIO GOLD W/BLK 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
383227                   W2 INTAGLIO SLVR W/GOLD 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
383226                   W2 INTAGLIO SILVR W/BLK 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
443224                   W2 INTAGLIO GOLD W/BLACK 2"   Wood Mldg
443227                   W2 INTAGLIO SILVER W/GOLD 2"  Wood Mldg
443226                   W2 INTAGLIO SILVER W/BLACK 2" Wood Mldg
B8150                    ALPHAMAT SISAL  32X40         Bainbridge
B8151                    ALPHAMAT PALM   32X40         Bainbridge
B8153                    ALPHAMAT JUTE   32X40         Bainbridge
B8450L                   ALPHA DENIM BLUE  40X60       Bainbridge
B8462L                   ALPHA WHEAT 40X60             Bainbridge
B8465L                   ALPHA IGLOO 40X60             Bainbridge
B8467L                   ALPHA FRENCH WHITE 40X60      Bainbridge
B8525L                   ALPHA ALMOND 40X60            Bainbridge
B8535L                   ALPHA MOROCCAN SAND 40X60     Bainbridge
B8552L                   ALPHA CARMINE 40X60           Bainbridge
B8256                    ALPHA CALFSKIN LEATHER 32X40  Bainbridge
B8257                    ALPHA BUCKSKIN LEATHER 32X40  Bainbridge
B8258                    ALPHA NUBUCK  LEATHER 32X40   Bainbridge
B8259                    ALPHA SABLE  LEATHER 32X40    Bainbridge
B848483                  HERITAGE TUDOR RED 32x40      Bainbridge
B848443                  HERITAGE ANTIQUE SIENNA 32x40 Bainbridge
B878526                  HERITAGE RENAISSANCE BLUE32X40Bainbridge
B888503                  HERITAGE EQUESTRIAN BROWN32X40Bainbridge
B4007                    RICE PAPER LAMPLIGHT 32x40    Bainbridge
B4008                    RICE PAPER GOLD DUST 32x40    Bainbridge
B4009                    RICE PAPER SAGE MIST 32x40    Bainbridge
B4010                    RICE PAPER PALE PRISM 32x40   Bainbridge
B4011                    RICE PAPER GOLDEN RAY 32x40   Bainbridge
B4012                    RICE PAPER SAGE RAIN 32x40    Bainbridge
B4070                    CHENILLE SUNSET RED 32x40     Bainbridge
B4072                    CHENILLE   GRASS   32x40      Bainbridge
B4073                    CHENILLE   BARK    32x40      Bainbridge
B4075                    CHENILLE    SUNFLOWER 32x40   Bainbridge
B4076                    CHENILLE    OCHER     32x40   Bainbridge
B4077                    CHENILLE   STORM      32x40   Bainbridge
B4078                    CHENILLE  GOLDEN HARVEST 32x40Bainbridge
B8656L                   ALPHARAG A-C 4-P NTRL WHT40X60Bainbridge
B8667L                   ALPHARAG A-C 4-P COLO CRM40X60Bainbridge
B86348PL                 ALPHARAG A-C 8-P WHITE 40X60  Bainbridge
B86458PL                 ALPHARAG A-C 8-P IVORY 40X60  Bainbridge
N3421                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N3414                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N34179                   BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N5721                    MATTE BLACK                   Nielsen
N5714                    GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N5723                    ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N94Z14                   GERMAN SILVER Z/SH            Nielsen
N94Z21                   MATTE BLACK Z/SH              Nielsen
N94Z23                   ANTIQUE GOLD Z/SH             Nielsen
N94L14                   GERMAN SILVER L/SH            Nielsen
N94L21                   MATTE BLACK L/SH              Nielsen
N94L23                   ANTIQUE GOLD L/SH             Nielsen
N99167                   FLORENTINE WALNUT             Nielsen
N99150                   FLORENTINE SILVER             Nielsen
N99154                   FLORENTINE GREY               Nielsen
N99156                   FLORENTINE BLACK              Nielsen
N99151                   FLORENTINE GOLD               Nielsen
C1820                    ELIZABETH DOW-INTERNET 32X40  Crescent
B8152                    ALPHAMAT HUSK 32X40           Bainbridge
C1821                    ELIZABETH DOW-NETWORK  32X40  Crescent
C1822                    ELIZABETH DOW-DRAGNET 32X40   Crescent
C1823                    ELIZABETH DOW-FISHNET 32X40   Crescent
C1830                    ELIZABETH DOW-SCREEN PLAY 32X4Crescent
C1831                    ELIZABETH DOW-SCREEN TEST 32X4Crescent
C1832                    ELIZABETH DOW-SILVER SCREEN 32Crescent
C1870                    ELIZABETH DOW-GOLDEN RULE 32X4Crescent
C1871                    ELIZABETH DOW-SILVER LINING 32Crescent
C7155                    MOORMAN SUEDE WILDGRASS 32X40 Crescent
C7157                    MOORMAN SUEDE CATTAIL   32X40 Crescent
C7158                    MOORMAN SUEDE STORM GRAY 32X40Crescent
C7154                    MOORMAN SUEDE MARIGOLD 32X40  Crescent
C7156                    MOORMAN SUEDE SUMMER SKY 32X40Crescent
C7153                    MOORMAN SUEDE SUNGLOW 32X40   Crescent
C7159                    MOORMAN SUEDE COTTAGE STONE 32Crescent
C7160                    MOORMAN SUEDE EMBER 32X40     Crescent
C87155                   MOORMAN SUEDE WILDGRASS  40X60Crescent
C87157                   MOORMAN SUEDE CATTAIL  40X60  Crescent
C87158                   MOORMAN SUEDE STORM GRAY 40X60Crescent
C87154                   MOORMAN SUEDE MARIGOLD   40X60Crescent
C87156                   MOORMAN SUEDE SUMMER SKY 40X60Crescent
C87153                   MOORMAN SUEDE SUNGLOW 40X60   Crescent
C87159                   MOORMAN SUEDE COTTAGE STONE 40Crescent
C87160                   MOORMAN SUEDE EMBER 40X60     Crescent
24061                    Wrench for Security Hangers   Supplies
663224                   W2 INTAGLIO GOLD W/BLACK 3"   Wood Mldg
663226                   W2 INTAGLIO SILVER W/BLACK 3" Wood Mldg
663227                   W2 INTAGLIO SILVER W/GOLD 3"  Wood Mldg
CSINT                    INTAGLIO SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
FMTRE2                   Winter in France by Linda     Corner Samples
103235                   W0 ACADEMIE GOLD FILLET 1/4"  Wood Mldg
103237                   W0 ACADEMIE SILVER FILLET 1/4"Wood Mldg
403235                   W2 ACADEMIE GOLD 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
403237                   W2 ACADEMIE SILVER 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
403239                   W2 ACADEMIE BLK W/GOLD  1 1/4"Wood Mldg
573235                   W2 ACADEMIE GOLD 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
573237                   W2 ACADEMIE SILVER 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
573239                   W2 ACADEMIE BLK W/GOLD 2 1/8" Wood Mldg
733235                   W2 ACADEMIE GOLD 3"           Wood Mldg
733237                   W2 ACADEMIE SILVER 3"         Wood Mldg
733239                   W2 ACADEMIE BLK W/GOLD 3"     Wood Mldg
CSAC                     ACADEMIE SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
FMHAD1                   HADLEY                        Corner Samples
110240                   W0 JAVA BEAN FILLET 5/16"     Wood Mldg
300240                   W1 JAVA BEAN 1"               Wood Mldg
340240                   W2 JAVA BEAN 1 1/8"           Wood Mldg
440240                   W2 JAVA BEAN 1 3/8"           Wood Mldg
450240                   W2 JAVA BEAN 1 3/4"           Wood Mldg
570240                   W2 JAVA BEAN 2 5/8"           Wood Mldg
700240                   W2 JAVA BEAN 3 1/4"           Wood Mldg
CSJAV                    JAVA SAMPLE SET               Corner Samples
145252                   W0 FERROSA PEWTER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
145254                   W0 FERROSA IRON FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
235252                   W1 FERROSA PEWTER 3/4"        Wood Mldg
235254                   W1 FERROSA IRON 3/4"          Wood Mldg
385252                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
385254                   W2 FERROSA IRON 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
395252                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
395254                   W2 FERROSA IRON 1 1/2"        Wood Mldg
575252                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 2 1/4"      Wood Mldg
575254                   W2 FERROSA IRON 2 1/4"        Wood Mldg
655252                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 2 1/2"      Wood Mldg
655254                   W2 FERROSA IRON 2 1/2"        Wood Mldg
CSFE                     FERROSA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
FMIM1                    Winters Song by Dennis SheehanCorner Samples
GMS3240                  MUSEUM GLASS 32X40            Glass
ACB32                    3/16 32x40 A-C BLACK FOAM     Foamboard
ACB40                    3/16 40x60 AC BLACK FOAM      Foamboard
A4140                    ARTIQUE ONYX 40X60            Artique
A4141                    ARTIQUE NIGHT 40X60           Artique
A4142                    ARTIQUE EVEREST 40X60         Artique
A4143                    ARTIQUE DOVER WHITE 40X60     Artique
A4144                    ARTIQUE OYSTER 40X60          Artique
A4145                    ARTIQUE BUFF 40X60            Artique
1499357                  WHTIE WASH ON ASH             Wood Mldg
1499385                  PECAN ON ASH 1 3/8            Wood Mldg
FMBAN1                   *Botanical I and II Sarah LuggCorner Samples
FMELG3                   *Autumn Memories              Corner Samples
CSGP                     GILDERS PANELS SAMPLE SET     Corner Samples
US338A                   W2 GILDERS PANEL AOSTA 2 3/8" Framemica
US338B                   W2GILDERS PANEL BOLOGNA 2 3/8"Framemica
US338G                   W2 GILDERS PANEL GENOVA 2 3/8"Framemica
US338S                   W2 GILDERS PANEL SIENA 2 3/8" Framemica
US348A                   W2 GILDERS PANEL AOSTA 3 1/4" Framemica
US348B                   W2GILDERS PANEL BOLOGNA 3 1/4"Framemica
US348G                   W2GILDERS PANEL GENOVA 3 1/4" Framemica
US73S                    W0 GILD CHOICE SIENA FILT 5/8"Framemica
US81S                    W1 GILDERS CHOICE SIENA 1"    Framemica
US83S                    W2 GILD CHOICE SIENA 1 3/4"   Framemica
US348S                   W2GILDERS PANEL SIENA 3 1/4"  Framemica
BTM8463                  AC-SPANISH WHITE 32X40        Bainbridge
BTM8301                  AC-IVORY BLACK/SABLE   32X40  Bainbridge
BTM8462                  AC-AC ULTR THICK WHEAT 32X40  Bainbridge
BTM8464                  AC ULTRA THICK MATTE WHITE 32xBainbridge
BTM8465                  AC-AC TOPMAT IGLOO 32X40      Bainbridge
BTM8486                  AC TOPMAT ARABIAN WHITE 32X40 Bainbridge
BTM8509                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT MALACCA 32X40  Bainbridge
23700                    Basic Gray Touch Up Marker    Supplies
BM1620                   Beveled Mirror 16x20          Glass
BM2024                   Beveled Mirror 20x24          Glass
BM2430                   Beveled Mirror 24x30          Glass
BM2436                   Beveled Mirror 24x36          Glass
BM3240                   Beveled Mirror 32x40          Glass
BSM32B                   3/16" BAIN BLACK SPEEDMOUNT 32Foamboard
BSM40B                   3/16" BAIN BLACK SPEEDMOUNT 40Foamboard
20199                    * 4" Mat Corner Tabs          Supplies
203235                   W1 ACADEMIE GOLD 3/4"         Wood Mldg
203237                   W1 ACADEMIE SILVER 3/4"       Wood Mldg
203239                   W1 ACADEMIE BLACK W/GOLD 3/4" Wood Mldg
N11701                   SILVER 7/16"                  Nielsen
N11702                   FROSTED SILVER 7/16"          Nielsen
N11703                   GOLD 7/16"                    Nielsen
N11704                   FROSTED GOLD 7/16"            Nielsen
N11710                   GRAPHITE 7/16"                Nielsen
N11712                   FROSTED PEWTER 7/16"          Nielsen
N11713                   CONTRAST GREY 7/16"           Nielsen
N11714                   GERMAN SILVER 7/16"           Nielsen
N11719                   FROSTED WALNUT 7/16"          Nielsen
N11723                   ANTIQUE GOLD 7/16"            Nielsen
N11724                   COBALT 7/16"                  Nielsen
N117164                  DUSK PEWTER 7/16"             Nielsen
N117169                  SILVER MOSS 7/16"             Nielsen
N117170                  FROSTED UMBER 7/16"           Nielsen
N117171                  HUNTER GREEN 7/16"            Nielsen
N117270                  BURNT SIENNA 7/16"            Nielsen
N117400                  SATIN BRUSHED ALUMINUM 7/16"  Nielsen
N11720                   ANODIC BLACK 7/16"            Nielsen
N11721                   MATTE BLACK 7/16"             Nielsen
N117305                  SATIN LUSTRE GOLD 7/16"       Nielsen
N117314                  SATIN LUSTRE SILVER 7/16"     Nielsen
N117315                  SATIN LUSTRE AMBER 7/16"      Nielsen
N11741                   BLUEBERRY 7/16"               Nielsen
N11750                   BLACK 7/16"                   Nielsen
N11752                   BRIGHT WHITE 7/16"            Nielsen
N11755                   BRIGHT RED 7/16"              Nielsen
N11758                   INDIGO 7/16"                  Nielsen
BTM8511                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT SEA MIST 32X40 Bainbridge
BTM8515                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT DOVER GREY 32X4Bainbridge
BTM8517                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT IVORY BLK 32X40Bainbridge
BTM8519                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT SNOWFLAKE 32X40Bainbridge
BTM8521                  BAIN-AC TOPMAT FAIRFIELD WHITEBainbridge
BTM8559                  AC-AC TOPMAT PHOTO WHITE 32X40Bainbridge
BTM8463L                 AC-SPANISH WHITE 40X60        Bainbridge
BTM8301L                 AC-IVORY BLACK/SABLE   40X60  Bainbridge
BTM8462L                 AC-AC ULTR THICK WHEAT 40X60  Bainbridge
BTM8464L                 AC ULTRA THICK MATTE WHT 40X60Bainbridge
BTM8465L                 AC-AC TOPMAT IGLOO 40X60      Bainbridge
BTM8486L                 AC TOPMAT ARABIAN WHITE 40X60 Bainbridge
BTM8509L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT MALACCA 40X60  Bainbridge
BTM8511L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT SEA MIST 40X60 Bainbridge
BTM8515L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT DOVER GREY 40X6Bainbridge
BTM8517L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT IVORY BLK 40X60Bainbridge
BTM8519L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT SNOWFLAKE 40X60Bainbridge
BTM8521L                 BAIN-AC TOPMAT FAIRFIELD WHITEBainbridge
BTM8559L                 AC-AC TOPMAT PHOTO WHITE 40X60Bainbridge
B8677                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL TUSK 32X40    Bainbridge
B8678                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL COIR 32X40    Bainbridge
B86638P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8-PLY NATURAL BLKBainbridge
B86648P                  ALPHARAG 8PLY SPECIAL CREAM 32Bainbridge
B86568P                  ALPHARAG AC 8PLY NATURAL WHITEBainbridge
B8663L                   ALPRAG 4PLY NATURAL BLACK40X60Bainbridge
B8664L                   ALPHARAG 4PL SPECL CREAM 40X60Bainbridge
BTM8520                  AC-AC TOPMAT TALC 32X40       Bainbridge
BTM8520L                 AC-AC TOPMAT TALC 40X60       Bainbridge
FMJAV1                   KWA KWA DOBI                  Corner Samples
FMFE1                    HORIZONTAL RUST BY FRANZ KLINECorner Samples
C1120                    100% RAG BRIGHTON 32X40 4PLY  Crescent
C1121                    100% RAG INVERNESS 32X40 4PLY Crescent
C1122                    100% RAG STRATFORD 32X40 4PLY Crescent
C1123                    100% RAG NEW CASTLE 32X40 4PLYCrescent
C1124                    100% RAG HIGHLAND 32X40 4PLY  Crescent
C1125                    100% RAG SHETLAND 32X40 4PLY  Crescent
C22255                   8 PLY CREAM 32X40 RAG         Crescent
C822255                  8 PLY CREAM 40X60 RAG         Crescent
C81121                   100% RAG INVERNESS 40X60 4PLY Crescent
C81123                   100% RAG NEW CASTLE 40X60 4PLYCrescent
C81122                   100% RAG STRATFORD 40X60 4PLY Crescent
C81125                   100% RAG SHETLAND 40X60 4PLY  Crescent
111270                   W0 SARANAC MAH FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
111271                   W0 SARANAC GRAY FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
255270                   W1 SARANAC MAH 1"             Wood Mldg
255271                   W1 SARANAC GRAY 1"            Wood Mldg
330270                   W2 SARANAC MAH 1 1/8"         Wood Mldg
330271                   W2 SARANAC GRAY 1 1/8"        Wood Mldg
685270                   W2 SARANAC MAH 2"             Wood Mldg
685271                   W2 SARANAC GRAY 2"            Wood Mldg
687270                   W2 SARANAC MAH 2 5/8"         Wood Mldg
687271                   W2 SARANAC GRAY 2 5/8"        Wood Mldg
770270                   W0 SARANAC MAH 3 3/8"         Wood Mldg
770271                   W0 SARANAC GRAY 3 3/8"        Wood Mldg
BTM8321                  AC TOPMAT SPANISH WHITE SABLE Bainbridge
BTM8466                  AC-BAIN TOPMAT FROST 32X40    Bainbridge
BTM8321L                 AC TOPMAT SPANISH WHT/SABLE 40Bainbridge
BTM8466L                 AC-AC TOPMAT FROST 40X60      Bainbridge
200285                   W1 TRIBECA SMALL RIBBED 3/4"  Wood Mldg
210285                   W1 TRIBECA SQUARE CAP 3/4"    Wood Mldg
212285                   W1 TRIBECA SMALL BEVELED 7/8" Wood Mldg
220285                   W1 TRIBECA SOFT-SHOULD CP 7/8"Wood Mldg
230285                   W1 TRIBECA SM.TRAD. W/BEAD 7/8Wood Mldg
372285                   W2 TRIBECA SMALL CUBE 1 1/4"  Wood Mldg
350285                   W2 TRIBECA REVERSE 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
382285                   W2 TRIBECA LARGE CUBE 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
370285                   W2 TRIBECA LG RIBBED 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
390285                   W2 TRIBECA TRAD W/BEAD 1 9/16"Wood Mldg
542285                   W1 TRIBECA TRAD W/SQ TRI 2"   Wood Mldg
550285                   W2 TRIBECA WIDE FLAT 2 1/4"   Wood Mldg
552285                   W2 TRIBECA REV W/RIDGES 2 5/8"Wood Mldg
22233                    *Fletcher FrameMaster Pt DriveSupplies
22235                    *Fletcher FlexiMaster Pt DrivrSupplies
22234                    Fletcher FrameMaster Points   Supplies
22236                    Fletcher FlexiMaster Points   Supplies
429290                   W2 WINDERMRE HONEY/AMBER 1 1/8Wood Mldg
429291                   W2 WINDERMERE WALNUT 1 1/8"   Wood Mldg
429292                   W2 WINDERMERE MAH/CHERRY 1 1/8Wood Mldg
429293                   W2 WINDERMERE GRAY/SLATE 1 1/8Wood Mldg
429294                   W2 WINDERMERE GREEN/MOSS 1 1/8Wood Mldg
529290                   W2 WINDERMRE HONEY/AMBER 1 7/8Wood Mldg
529291                   W2 WINDERMERE WALNUT 1 7/8"   Wood Mldg
529292                   W2 WINDERMERE MAH/CHERRY 1 7/8Wood Mldg
529293                   W2 WINDERMERE GRAY/SLATE 1 7/8Wood Mldg
529294                   W2 WINDERMERE GREEN/MOSS 1 7/8Wood Mldg
629290                   W2 WINDERMRE HONEY/AMBER 2 3/4Wood Mldg
629291                   W2 WINDERMERE WALNUT 2 3/4"   Wood Mldg
629292                   W2 WINDERMERE MAH/CHERRY 2 3/4Wood Mldg
629293                   W2 WINDERMERE GRAY/SLATE 2 3/4Wood Mldg
629294                   W2 WINDERMERE GREEN/MOSS 2 3/4Wood Mldg
CSWIN                    WINDERMERE SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
BM2228                   Beveled Mirror 22x28          Glass
102212                   W0 SENELAR W/GILD FILLET 1/8" Wood Mldg
202212                   W0 SENELAR W/GILD 1/2" DECO   Wood Mldg
222212                   W0 SENELAR 3/4"LOUIS XVI      Wood Mldg
242212                   W0 SENELAR 3/4" LOUIS XIV     Wood Mldg
252212                   W0 SENELAR 3/4" 1ST EMPIRE    Wood Mldg
262212                   W1 SENELAR 7/8" LOUIS XVI     Wood Mldg
272212                   W1 SENELAR 1" 2ND EMPIRE      Wood Mldg
282212                   W2 SENELAR 1" NOUVEAU         Wood Mldg
292212                   W2 SENELAR 1 1/4" LOUIS XVI   Wood Mldg
GCRC1620                 CONSERVATION R/C 16X20        Glass
GCRC2024                 CONSERVATION R/C 20X24        Glass
GCRC3040                 CONSERVATION R/C 30X40        Glass
115301                   W0 CANALETTO DK SILVR FIL 1/4"Wood Mldg
115302                   W0 CANALETTO LT SILVR FIL 1/4"Wood Mldg
415301                   W1 CANALETTO EBONY 1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
415303                   W1 CANALETTO GOLD 1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
415304                   W1 CANALETTO WALNUT 1 1/8"    Wood Mldg
415305                   W1 CANALETTO IVORY 1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
435301                   W2 CANALETTO EBONY 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
435303                   W2 CANALETTO GOLD 1 3/4"      Wood Mldg
435304                   W2 CANALETTO WALNUT 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
435305                   W2 CANALETTO IVORY 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
645301                   W2 CANALETTO EBONY 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
645303                   W2 CANALETTO GOLD 2 3/4"      Wood Mldg
645304                   W2 CANALETTO WALNUT 2 3/4"    Wood Mldg
645305                   W2 CANALETTO IVORY 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
CSCAN                    CANALETTO SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
111273                   W0 SARANAC WHITE FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
255273                   W1 SARANAC WHITE 1"           Wood Mldg
330273                   W2 SARANAC WHITE 1 1/8"       Wood Mldg
685273                   W2 SARANAC WHITE 2"           Wood Mldg
687273                   W2 SARANAC WHITE 2 5/8"       Wood Mldg
770273                   W0 SARANAC WHITE 3 3/8"       Wood Mldg
FMSAR1                   SUNSET FOREST BY WILLIAM HOOK Corner Samples
FMAC1                    "Sonnet"                      Corner Samples
29007P                   Plastic Bags 36" x 48" (325)  Supplies
23241                    Le Cirque Putty Kit           Supplies
23245                    Lavender Putty - 2 oz. Putty  Supplies
23246                    Saffron Putty - 2 oz. Putty   Supplies
23247                    Royal Blue Putty - 2 oz.      Supplies
23248                    Tent Green Putty - 2 oz. PuttySupplies
23249                    French Blue - 2 oz. Putty     Supplies
23250                    Ring Master Red - 2oz. Putty  Supplies
23251                    Fuchsia - 2oz. Putty          Supplies
23252                    Burgundy - 2 Oz. Putty        Supplies
23253                    Parrot Green - 2 Oz. Putty    Supplies
23254                    Orangerie - 2 Oz. Putty       Supplies
23255                    Aquarelle - 2 Oz. Putty       Supplies
23256                    Purple Iris - 2 Oz. Putty     Supplies
FMCP1                    SOLD OUT                      Corner Samples
CSREM                    REMBRANDT SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
158310                   W0 REMBRANDT BLACK FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
158312                   W0 REMBRANDT SILVER FILLET 3/8Wood Mldg
207310                   W1 REMBRANDT CAP W/ROPE 7/8"  Wood Mldg
302310                   W2 REMBRANDT EMBOS LIP 1 3/8" Wood Mldg
312310                   W2 REMBRANDT CAP 1 3/8"       Wood Mldg
327310                   W2 REMBRANDT TRAD W/EMB 2"    Wood Mldg
501310                   W2 REMBRANDT TRAD SCOOP 3 1/8"Wood Mldg
518310                   W0 REMBRANDT REV W/SCOOP 3 1/2Wood Mldg
148320                   W0 TAOS GOLD FILLET 1/2"      Wood Mldg
368326                   W2 TAOS SAND W/GOLD LIP 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
368327                   W2 TAOS TIMBER W/GD LIP 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
388326                   W2 TAOS SAND W/BEAD 1 3/4"    Wood Mldg
388327                   W2 TAOS TIMBER W/BEAD 1 3/4"  Wood Mldg
548326                   W2 TAOS SAND FINISH 2 1/2"    Wood Mldg
548327                   W2 TAOS TIMBER FINISH 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
728326                   W2 TAOS SAND REVERSE 3 3/8"   Wood Mldg
728327                   W2 TAOS TIMBER REVERSE 3 3/8" Wood Mldg
738326                   W0 TAOS SAND W/CARVINGS 3 7/8"Wood Mldg
738327                   W0 TAOS TIMBER W/CARVGS 3 7/8"Wood Mldg
C1400                    MICHAEL GRAVES-WHITE GOLD 32X4Crescent
C1401                    MICHAEL GRAVES-GOLD 32X40     Crescent
C1402                    MICHAEL GRAVES-COPPER 32X40   Crescent
CSSEN                    SENELAR SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
C1403                    MICHAEL GRAVES-SILVER 32X40   Crescent
C1404                    MICHAEL GRAVES-GRAPHITE 32X40 Crescent
C1405                    MICHAEL GRAVES-BEIGE 32X40    Crescent
C1406                    MICHAEL GRAVES-TAUPE 32X40    Crescent
C1407                    MICHAEL GRAVES-SLATE 32X40    Crescent
C1408                    MICHAEL GRAVES-LODEN GREEN 32XCrescent
C1409                    MICHAEL GRAVES-BURGUNDY 32X40 Crescent
C1415                    MICHAEL GRAVES-MEADOW 32X40   Crescent
C1416                    MICHAEL GRAVES-HUSK 32X40     Crescent
C1417                    MICHAEL GRAVES-SHADOW 32X40   Crescent
C1418                    MICHAEL GRAVES-PEAT 32X40     Crescent
C1419                    MICHAEL GRAVES-PEBBLE 32X40   Crescent
RMC4                     CRES-4" RAG MAT FULL MAT SET  Crescent
BA8450440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS DENIM BLUE Supplies
BA8002440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS SILVER     Supplies
BA8007440C               BEVEL ACCENTS BRSHED PALE GOLDSupplies
BA8525440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS ALMOND     Supplies
BA8448440C               BAIN BEVEL ACCENTS JALAPENO   Supplies
B8682                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY LEAF       Bainbridge
B8683                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY GRAIN      Bainbridge
B8684                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY GARDEN     Bainbridge
B8685                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY MOON       Bainbridge
B8679                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY EARTH      Bainbridge
B8680                    ALPHARAG A-C 4-PLY MEADOW     Bainbridge
B8669L                   ALPRAG AC 4PL BLACK SHADOW 40XBainbridge
B8675L                   ALPRAG AC 4PL HEATHER BROWN 40Bainbridge
B8155                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM FIORI     Bainbridge
B8156                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM PRATO     Bainbridge
B8157                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM VERDE     Bainbridge
B8158                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM SOLE 32X40Bainbridge
B8159                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM MARE 32X40Bainbridge
B8160                    ALPHAMAT A-C VELLUM LUNA 32X40Bainbridge
B8161                    ALPHAMAT AC VELLUM TERRA 32X40Bainbridge
B8162                    ALPHAMAT AC VELLUM FANGO 32X40Bainbridge
B8108L                   ALPHAMAT A-C SHERRY  40X60    Bainbridge
B8515L                   ALPHAMAT A-C DOVER GREY 40X60 Bainbridge
B928155                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT FIORI 32x40   Bainbridge
B928156                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT PRATO 32x40   Bainbridge
B928157                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT VERDE 32x40   Bainbridge
B928158                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT SOLE  32x40   Bainbridge
B928159                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT MARE  32x40   Bainbridge
B928160                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT LUNA  32x40   Bainbridge
B928161                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT TERRA 32x40   Bainbridge
B928162                  GROTTO-ALPHAMAT FANGO 32x40   Bainbridge
B918155                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA FIORI 32x40  Bainbridge
B918157                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA VERDE 32x40  Bainbridge
B918158                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA SOLE  32x40  Bainbridge
B918159                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA MARE  32x40  Bainbridge
B918161                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA TERRA 32x40  Bainbridge
B918162                  PORCELLANA-ALPHA FANGO 32x40  Bainbridge
B4199                    BAIN MATB-VERDE SUEDE 32X40   Bainbridge
B4200                    BAIN MATB-SOLE SUEDE 32X40    Bainbridge
B4201                    BAIN MATB-MARE SUEDE 32X40    Bainbridge
B4202                    BAIN MATB-LUNA SUEDE 32X40    Bainbridge
B4205                    BAIN MATB-TERRA SUEDE 32X40   Bainbridge
B4206                    BAIN MATB-FANGO SUEDE 32X40   Bainbridge
B4210                    BAIN MATB-SUEDE PRATO 32X40   Bainbridge
B4211                    BAIN MATB-FIORI SUEDE 32X40   Bainbridge
N11706                   FROSTED TAUPE 7/16"           Nielsen
N11708                   FROSTED BRONZE 7/16"          Nielsen
N117136                  ROCOCO BRONZE 7/16"           Nielsen
N117138                  ARCTIC BLUE 7/16"             Nielsen
N11716                   CRIMSON 7/16"                 Nielsen
N117163                  WINTERGREEN 7/16"             Nielsen
N117210                  CABERNET 7/16"                Nielsen
N117217                  MOSAIC BLUE 7/16"             Nielsen
N1173136                 SATIN LUSTRE BRONZE 7/16"     Nielsen
N11751                   PLUM 7/16"                    Nielsen
N11768                   CHINESE RED 7/16"             Nielsen
N30179                   BLACK METALLINE               Nielsen
N30180                   ANT. GOLD METALLINE           Nielsen
N30183                   GRAPHITE METALLINE            Nielsen
N9714                    GERMAN SILVER 29/32"          Nielsen
N9720                    ANODIZED BLACK 29/32"         Nielsen
N9721                    MATTE BLACK 29/32"            Nielsen
N9723                    ANTIQUE GOLD 29/32"           Nielsen
N97550                   TUSCAN LINEN SILVER 29/32"    Nielsen
N97555                   TUSCAN LINEN AMBER 29/32"     Nielsen
N97556                   TUSCAN LINEN BLACK 29/32"     Nielsen
FMMER4                   4 MERCH. MODELS dip/art/wed/ndCorner Samples
21664                    Nori Fine Art Hinging Paste   Supplies
24014                    WallBuddies Metal Bulk        Supplies
24015                    WallBuddies Wood Small Bulk   Supplies
24016                    WallBuddies Wood Large Bulk   Supplies
24017                    WallBuddies Metal Large - NR  Supplies
24018                    WallBuddies Wood Small - NR   Supplies
24019                    WallBuddies Wood Large - NR   Supplies
24020                    WallBuddies Metal Large RetailSupplies
24022                    WallBuddies Wood Small Retail Supplies
24024                    WallBuddies Wood Large Retail Supplies
24804                    Double Canvas Offset 1 1/4"   Supplies
24805                    Double Canvas Offset 1"       Supplies
24806                    Double Canvas Offset 3/4"     Supplies
24807                    Single Canvas Offset 1 1/4"   Supplies
24808                    Single Canvas Offset 1"       Supplies
24809                    Single Canvas Offset 3/4"     Supplies
C9700                    MATB-VISTA-GLACIER BAY 32X40  Crescent
C9701                    MATB-VISTA-YOSEMITE 32X40     Crescent
C9702                    MATB-VISTA-EVERGLADES 32X40   Crescent
C9703                    MATB-VISTA-BADLANDS 32X40     Crescent
C9704                    MATB-VISTA-GRAND CANYON 32X40 Crescent
C9705                    MATB-FRESC0-MILANO 32X40      Crescent
C9706                    MATB-FRESCO-TUSCANO 32X40     Crescent
C9707                    MATB-FRESCO-VERONA 32X40      Crescent
C9708                    MATB-FRESCO-ROMA 32X40        Crescent
C9709                    MATB-FRESCO-TORINO 32X40      Crescent
C9710                    MATB-TIMBERLAND-BIRCH 32X40   Crescent
C9711                    MATB-TIMBERLAND-ASPEN 32X40   Crescent
C9712                    MATB-TIMBERLAND-GREENWOOD 32X4Crescent
C9713                    MATB-TIMBERLAND-TRUFFLE 32X40 Crescent
C9714                    MATB-DENIM-NATURAL 32X40      Crescent
C9715                    MATB-DENIM-SAGE 32X40         Crescent
C9716                    MATB-DENIM-SLATE 32X40        Crescent
C9717                    MATB-DENIM-BLUE 32X40         Crescent
C9718                    MATB-REED CLOTH-STRAW 32X40   Crescent
C9719                    MATB-REED CLOTH-SESAME 32X40  Crescent
C9720                    MATB-REED CLOTH-MUSHROOM 32X40Crescent
C9721                    MATB-REED CLOTH-LICHEN 32X40  Crescent
C9722                    MATB-REED CLOTH-GRAPHITE 32X40Crescent
C9723                    BURNISHED METALS-BRONZE PLATEDCrescent
C9724                    BURNISHED METALS-SILVER PLATEDCrescent
CSNL03                   NIELSEN SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
BSM3218                  1/8" BAIN SPEEDMOUNT 32X40    Foamboard
FMFF4                    FASTFRAME Merchandising ModelsCorner Samples
418332                   W2 SMALL BLACK/SILVER 1 1/8"  Wood Mldg
446333                   W1 SM. PALLISANDER/GOLD 1 3/8"Wood Mldg
447334                   W1 SMALL IVORY 1 3/8"         Wood Mldg
349335                   W2 DECO GALUCHAT 1 1/16"      Wood Mldg
549335                   W2 DECO GALUCHAT 2 5/8"       Wood Mldg
647336                   W2 LARGE IVORY/GOLD 2 7/8"    Wood Mldg
718332                   W2 LARGE BLACK/SILVER 3"      Wood Mldg
756333                   W2 LRG PALLISANDER/GOLD 3 9/16Wood Mldg
CSDE                     DECO SAMPLE SET               Corner Samples
26408                    *Semigloss Z-Gel 32 oz.       Supplies
26410                    *Gloss Z-Gel 32 oz.           Supplies
28134                    *Lite Grip Glass Cleaing Rack Supplies
109331                   W0 SILVER FILLET 3/8"         Wood Mldg
FMLAHW                   LaHacienda-Wachington FM      Corner Samples
GCRC1824                 CONSERVATION R/C 18X24        Glass
GM1620                   MUSEUM GLASS 16X20            Glass
GAR1620                  AR REFL FREE 16X20            Glass
FMCAN1                   "GONDOLIER'S SIESTA"          Corner Samples
FMSEN1                   "SOLD OUT"                    Corner Samples
444CMP                   CLASSIC MAHOGANY 1 1/2        Wood Mldg
1499NAT                  NATURAL ASH 1 3/8             Wood Mldg
483648                   GOLD W/GREY STRIPING 1 1/2    Wood Mldg
483649                   SEMI-GLOSS BLACK 1 1/2        Wood Mldg
1241SL                   SLATE ON ASH 1 1/2            Wood Mldg
183350                   W0 BARRINGTON LT.CHRY FIL 1/4"Wood Mldg
183351                   W0 BARRINGTON MD.CHRY FIL 1/4"Wood Mldg
183352                   W0 BARRINGTON DK.CHRY FIL 1/4"Wood Mldg
261350                   W1 BARRINGTON LT. CHERRY 1"   Wood Mldg
261351                   W1 BARRINGTON MD. CHERRY 1"   Wood Mldg
261352                   W1 BARRINGTON DK. CHERRY 1"   Wood Mldg
415350                   W2 BARRINGTON LT.CHERRY 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
415351                   W2 BARRINGTON MD.CHERRY 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
415352                   W2 BARRINGTON DK.CHERRY 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
377350                   W2 BARRINGTON LT.CHERRY 1 1/2"Wood Mldg
377351                   W2 BARRINGTON MD.CHERRY 1 1/2"Wood Mldg
377352                   W2 BARRINGTON DK.CHERRY 1 1/2"Wood Mldg
421350                   W2 BARRINGTON LT.CHERRY 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
421351                   W2 BARRINGTON MD.CHERRY 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
421352                   W2 BARRINGTON DK.CHERRY 1 5/8"Wood Mldg
449350                   W2 BARRINGTON LT.CHERRY 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
449351                   W2 BARRINGTON MD.CHERRY 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
456350                   W2 BARRINGTON LT.CHERRY 2"    Wood Mldg
456351                   W2 BARRINGTON MD.CHERRY 2"    Wood Mldg
456352                   W2 BARRINGTON DK. CHERRY 2"   Wood Mldg
CSBAR                    BARRINGTON SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
449352                   W2 BARRINGTON DK.CHERRY 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
US91004                  BOXERS DK WAL CAP 1 1/8"      Framemica
US92004                  BOXERS DK WAL 3/4" LG(2 1/2") Framemica
US93004                  BOXERS DK WAL 3/4" SM (1 1/2")Framemica
US40004                  W2 RUSTIC PINE DK WAL 1 1/8"  Framemica
US44004                  W2 RUSTIC PINE DK WAL 2"      Framemica
US40009                  W2 RUSTIC PINE BLACK 1 1/8"   Framemica
US44009                  W2 RUSTIC PINE BLACK 2"       Framemica
US40011                  W2 RUSTIC PINE LT WAL 1 1/8"  Framemica
US44011                  W2 RUSTIC PINE LT WAL 2"      Framemica
US40012                  W2 RUSTIC PINE WHITE 1 1/8"   Framemica
US44012                  W2 RUSTIC PINE WHITE 2"       Framemica
176360                   W0 ANTICA ALMOND FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
176361                   W0 ANTICA CHESTNUT FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
176362                   W0 ANTICA CHARCOAL FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
406360                   W2 ANTICA ALMOND 1 3/16"      Wood Mldg
406361                   W2 ANTICA CHESTNUT 1 3/16"    Wood Mldg
406362                   W2 ANTICA CHARCOAL 1 3/16"    Wood Mldg
616360                   W2 ANTICA ALMOND 2 1/8"       Wood Mldg
616361                   W2 ANTICA CHESTNUT 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
616362                   W2 ANTICA CHARCOAL 2 1/8"     Wood Mldg
866360                   W2 ANTICA ALMOND 3 5/16"      Wood Mldg
866361                   W2 ANTICA CHESTNUT 3 5/16"    Wood Mldg
866362                   W2 ANTICA CHARCOAL 3 5/16"    Wood Mldg
CSRUS3                   RUSTIC PINE 3 SAMPLE SET      Corner Samples
CSANT                    ANTICA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
FMKEN1                   "Albi on the Tarn"            Corner Samples
166340                   W0 NOUVEAU GLD BRONZE FIL 3/16Wood Mldg
166341                   W0 NOUVEAU GLD PEWTER FIL 3/16Wood Mldg
320340                   W0 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 7/8"   Wood Mldg
320341                   W0 NOUVEAU GILD PEWTER 7/8"   Wood Mldg
420340                   W1 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
420341                   W1 NOUVEAU GILD  PEWTER 1 1/4"Wood Mldg
430340                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
430341                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD PEWTER 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
466340                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 1 3/4  Wood Mldg
466341                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD PEWTER 1 3/4  Wood Mldg
530340                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 2 9/16 Wood Mldg
530341                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD PEWTER 2 9/16 Wood Mldg
766340                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD BRONZE 3 3/16"Wood Mldg
766341                   W2 NOUVEAU GILD PEWTER 3 3/16"Wood Mldg
CSNOU                    NOUVEAU SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
N117601                  FORGED POLISHED BLACK 7/16"   Nielsen
N117602                  FORGED BARREL BLACK 7/16"     Nielsen
N117603                  FORGED GUNMETAL GREY 7/16"    Nielsen
N117604                  FORGED NATURAL STEEL 7/16"    Nielsen
N117605                  FORGED SILVER SMOKE 7/16"     Nielsen
N117606                  FORGED WARM AMBER 7/16"       Nielsen
N117607                  FORGED RUSTIC BRONZE 7/16"    Nielsen
N117608                  FORGED CLASSIC COPPER 7/16"   Nielsen
BALSENAP                 SENELAR FM COMPONENTS         Corner Samples
BALCANAP                 CANALETTO FM COMPONENTS       Corner Samples
B8688                    ALPHARAG 4PL GLACIER WHITE 32XBainbridge
B8689                    ALPHARAG 4PL SOFT WILLOW 32X40Bainbridge
B8629                    ALPHARAG 4PL FRESH HAY 32X40  Bainbridge
B8690                    ALPHARAG 4PL TOASTED WHEAT 32XBainbridge
B8686                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL TERRAIN 32X40 Bainbridge
B8628                    ALPHARAG 4PL GLASS GREEN 32X40Bainbridge
B8630                    ALPHARAG 4PL GRAPEVINE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8627                    ALPHARAG 4PL HERB GREEN 32X40 Bainbridge
B8626                    ALPHARAG AC 4PL VOLCANO 32X40 Bainbridge
B86738P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8PL DEEP SAGE 32XBainbridge
B86698P                  ALPHARAG A-C 8PL BLACK SHADOW Bainbridge
B863412P                 ALPHARAG A-C 12PL WHITE 32X40 Bainbridge
B864412P                 ALPHARAG A-C 12PL EBONY 32X40 Bainbridge
B8673L                   ALPHARAG AC 4PL DEEP SAGE 40X6Bainbridge
B86638PL                 ALPHARAG 8PL NATURAL BLACK 40XBainbridge
BFB24                    3/16 24X36 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
BFB32                    3/16 32X40 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
BFB3218                  1/8 32X40 FOAM CENTER BOARD   Foamboard
BFB4018                  1/8 40X60 FOAM CENTER BOARD   Foamboard
BFB40                    3/16 40X60 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
BFB48                    3/16 48X96 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
BFB32B                   BAIN 3/16 32x40 BLACK ON BLACKFoamboard
FMREM1                   "Pair of Wine Labels"         Corner Samples
FMWIN1                   "White Rose and Whisper, 1895"Corner Samples
22425                    *Attach - EZ Complete Kit     Supplies
22427                    Replacement Needles - Fine FabSupplies
22429                    Replacement Needles-Microtach Supplies
22431                    1/2" Fine Fabric T-End FasteneSupplies
22433                    Microtach T-End Fasteners     Supplies
22435                    1/4" Fine Fabric T-End FasteneSupplies
80059                    ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/4"           Arqadia
80061                    ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/4"         Arqadia
80023                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/8"          Arqadia
80029                    ARQADIA GOLD 1 3/8"           Arqadia
80031                    ARQADIA SILVER 1 3/8"         Arqadia
80033                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 3/8"          Arqadia
80035                    ARQADIA GOLD 1 3/8"           Arqadia
80037                    ARQADIA SILVER 1 3/8"         Arqadia
80069                    ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/4"           Arqadia
80071                    ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/4"         Arqadia
80067                    ARQADIA BLACK 2 3/4"          Arqadia
80039                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/2"          Arqadia
80087                    ARQADIA BLACK 3 3/4"          Arqadia
80055                    ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/2"         Arqadia
80057                    ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/2"       Arqadia
BSM24                    3/16" BAIN SPEEDMOUNT 24X36   Foamboard
DPWG                     WATERGILDING MERCHANDISER     Corner Samples
FMTA1                    "Moments of Sea Girt"         Corner Samples
FMTA2                    "Mayflower Basin"             Corner Samples
FMDE1                    1934 Stinson Reliant          Corner Samples
80304                    ARQADIA CHARCOAL GREY 3/4"    Arqadia
80306                    ARQADIA MAHOGANY 3/4"         Arqadia
80308                    ARQADIA CINNAMON 3/4"         Arqadia
80312                    ARQADIA DK WALNUT 3/4"        Arqadia
80314                    ARQADIA GOLDEN WALNUT 3/4"    Arqadia
80025                    ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/8"           Arqadia
80027                    ARQADIA SILVER 1 1/8"         Arqadia
80043                    ARQADIA GOLD 1 11/16"         Arqadia
80045                    ARQADIA SILVER 1 11/16"       Arqadia
192370                   W0 AEGEAN WHITE SAND FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
192371                   W0 AEGEAN ROCK GREY FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
192372                   W0 AEGEAN BLACK CORAL FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
192373                   W0 AEGEAN SUN YELLOW FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
192374                   W0 AEGEAN MOSS GREEN FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
192375                   W0 AEGEAN AQUA BLUE FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
192376                   W0 AEGEAN SKY BLUE FIL 3/8"   Wood Mldg
392370                   W2 AEGEAN WHITE SAND 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
392371                   W2 AEGEAN ROCK GREY 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
392372                   W2 AEGEAN BLACK CORAL 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
392373                   W2 AEGEAN SUN YELLOW 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
392374                   W2 AEGEAN MOSS GREEN 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
392375                   W2 AEGEAN AQUA BLUE 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
392376                   W2 AEGEAN SKY BLUE 1 5/8"     Wood Mldg
592370                   W2 AEGEAN WHITE SAND 2 1/2"   Wood Mldg
592371                   W2 AEGEAN ROCK GREY 2 1/2"    Wood Mldg
592372                   W2 AEGEAN BLACK CORAL 2 1/2"  Wood Mldg
592373                   W2 AEGEAN SUN YELLOW 2 1/2"   Wood Mldg
592374                   W2 AEGEAN MOSS GREEN 2 1/2"   Wood Mldg
592375                   W2 AEGEAN AQUA BLUE 2 1/2"    Wood Mldg
592376                   W2 AEGEAN SKY BLUE 2 1/2"     Wood Mldg
CSAE                     AEGEAN SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
80003                    ARQADIA GOLD SMOOTH 1/4"      Arqadia
80004                    ARQADIA BLACK SMOOTH 1/4"     Arqadia
80005                    ARQADIA SILVER SMOOTH 1/4"    Arqadia
80007                    ARQADIA BLACK BEADED 3/8"     Arqadia
80009                    ARQADIA GOLD BEADED 3/8"      Arqadia
80021                    ARQADIA BLACK 7/8"            Arqadia
80041                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 11/16"        Arqadia
80049                    ARQADIA BLUE 2 1/4"           Arqadia
80051                    ARQADIA GREEN 2 1/4"          Arqadia
80053                    ARQADIA RED 2 1/4"            Arqadia
80063                    ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/4"           Arqadia
80065                    ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/4"         Arqadia
80073                    ARQADIA BLACK 3 1/4"          Arqadia
80074                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/4"           Arqadia
80075                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/4"         Arqadia
80077                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/2"           Arqadia
80079                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/2"         Arqadia
80083                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 3/4"           Arqadia
80084                    ARQADIA BLACK 3 3/4"          Arqadia
80085                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 3/4"         Arqadia
162381                   W0 KENYA RHINO GREY FILLET 3/8Wood Mldg
162383                   W0 KENYA COFFEE FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
162385                   W0 KENYA MASAI RED FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
162387                   W0 KENYA MARA BROWN FILLET 3/8Wood Mldg
417381                   W2 KENYA RHINO GREY 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
417383                   W2 KENYA COFFEE 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
417385                   W2 KENYA MASAI RED 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
417387                   W2 KENYA MARA BROWN 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
427381                   W2 KENYA RHINO GREY 1 1/2"    Wood Mldg
427383                   W2 KENYA COFFEE 1 1/2"        Wood Mldg
427385                   W2 KENYA MASAI RED 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
427387                   W2 KENYA MARA BROWN 1 1/2"    Wood Mldg
528381                   W2 KENYA RHINO GREY 2 3/4"    Wood Mldg
528383                   W2 KENYA COFFEE 2 3/4"        Wood Mldg
528385                   W2 KENYA MASAI RED 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
528387                   W2 KENYA MARA BROWN 2 3/4"    Wood Mldg
CSKE                     KENYA SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
CSTRB                    TRIBECA SAMPLE SET (Combined) Corner Samples
FMANT1                   3 Tumbled Marble Tiles(Grapes)Corner Samples
FMNOU1                   SILVER HOSTA PIN              Corner Samples
13421                    *Bienfang 550 Press_____      Equipment
15008                    *Fletcher 2200 40" Mat Cutter Equipment
15009                    *Fletcher 2200 48" Mat Cutter Equipment
15010                    *Fletcher 2200 60" Mat Cutter Equipment
BW74966                  STAINLESS 2"                  Framemica
BW26966                  STAINLESS 1 1/4"              Framemica
163401                   W0 METRO GOLD FILLET 1/4"     Wood Mldg
163403                   W0 METRO ONYX FILLET 1/4"     Wood Mldg
163405                   W0 METRO STEEL FILLET 1/4"    Wood Mldg
359401                   W2 METRO GOLD SMALL FLAT 1 1/4Wood Mldg
359403                   W2 METRO ONYX SMALL FLAT 1 1/4Wood Mldg
359405                   W2 METRO STEEL SM FLAT 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
378401                   W2 METRO GOLD FLAT W/LIN 1 5/8Wood Mldg
378403                   W2 METRO ONYX FLAT W/LIN 1 5/8Wood Mldg
378405                   W2 METRO STEEL FLAT W/LN 1 5/8Wood Mldg
384401                   W2 METRO GOLD SMOOTH SCP 1 3/4Wood Mldg
384403                   W2 METRO ONYX SMOOTH SCP 1 3/4Wood Mldg
384405                   W2 METRO STEEL SMTH SCP 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
391401                   W2 METRO GOLD LIN RV CNV 1 1/2Wood Mldg
391403                   W2 METRO ONYX LIN RV CNV 1 1/2Wood Mldg
391405                   W2 METRO STEEL LN RV CNV 1 1/2Wood Mldg
393401                   W0 METRO GOLD TALL CNVS 1 1/8"Wood Mldg
393403                   W0 METRO ONYX TALL CNVS 1 1/8"Wood Mldg
393405                   W0 METRO STEEL TALL CNVS 1 1/8Wood Mldg
CSMT                     METRO SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
CSDE2                    DECO SAMPLE SET               Corner Samples
FMDE2                    Cunard White Star             Corner Samples
FMAE1                    "DREAM SEEKERS"               Corner Samples
US73093                  W0 EXEC BLACK LEATHER FLT 3/16Framemica
US73096                  W0 EXEC BROWN LEATHER FLT 3/16Framemica
US11093                  W1 EXEC BLACK LEATHER 1 1/2"  Framemica
US11096                  W1 EXEC BROWN LEATHER 1 1/2"  Framemica
US15093                  W1 EXEC BLACK LEATHER 2 1/2"  Framemica
US15096                  W1 EXEC BROWN LEATHER 2 1/2"  Framemica
C1540                    RAG DARK CREAM 32X40          Crescent
C1541                    RAG ANTIQUE GRAY 32X40        Crescent
C1542                    RAG VINTAGE GRAY 32X40        Crescent
C1543                    RAG DESERT SAND 32X40         Crescent
C1544                    RAG OLD SAGE 32X40            Crescent
C1545                    RAG LIGHT UMBRIA 32X40        Crescent
C1546                    RAG DARK OLIVE 32X40          Crescent
C1547                    RAG BRIGHTON 32X40            Crescent
C1548                    RAG ASHEN 32X40               Crescent
C1549                    RAG NEW CASTLE 32X40          Crescent
C7700                    MOORMAN LINEN WARM WHITE 32X40Crescent
C7701                    MOORMAN LINEN CANVAS 32X40    Crescent
C7702                    MOORMAN LINEN PARCHMENT 32X40 Crescent
C7703                    MOORMAN LINEN WILLOW 32X40    Crescent
C7704                    MOORMAN LINEN LAGOON 32X40    Crescent
C7705                    MOORMAN LINEN STONE 32X40     Crescent
C7706                    MOORMAN LINEN HARVEST 32X40   Crescent
C7707                    MOORMAN LINEN MIDNIGHT 32X40  Crescent
C3380                    HAY 32X40                     Crescent
C3381                    OYSTER BAY 32X40              Crescent
C3382                    YELLOW OCHRE 32X40            Crescent
C3383                    AIRY 32X40                    Crescent
C3384                    PALE SKY 32X40                Crescent
C3385                    BLOSSOM 32X40                 Crescent
C3386                    VAPOR 32X40                   Crescent
C3387                    RATTAN 32X40                  Crescent
AC4018                   1/8  40X60 ARTCARE FMB        Foamboard
CSLTH                    EXECUTIVE LEATHERS SAMPLE SET Corner Samples
15826                    *MatPro Blades 100/box        Supplies
15828                    *MatPro Blades 500/box        Supplies
16310                    *End Trimmer - MatPro 150     Equipment
16312                    *MatPro Wall Mount Kit        Equipment
210286                   W1 WHITE SQUARE CAP 3/4"      Wood Mldg
230286                   W1 WHITE SM.TRAD. W/BEAD 7/8  Wood Mldg
372286                   W2 WHITE SMALL CUBE 1 1/4"    Wood Mldg
350286                   W2 WHITE REVERSE 1 1/2"       Wood Mldg
390286                   W2 WHITE TRAD W/BEAD 1 9/16"  Wood Mldg
550286                   W2 WHITE WIDE FLAT 2 1/4"     Wood Mldg
CSWHT                    WHITE SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
B8163                    ALPHAMAT HYDRANGEA QUILT 32X40Bainbridge
B8164                    ALPHAMAT WOODLAND QUILT       Bainbridge
B8165                    ALPHAMAT BLACK CURRANT QUILT  Bainbridge
B8166                    ALPHAMAT TAUPE QUILT          Bainbridge
B8167                    ALPHAMAT HYDRANGEA MOSS 32X40 Bainbridge
B8168                    ALPHAMAT WOODLAND GREEN MOSS  Bainbridge
B8169                    ALPHAMAT BLACK CURRANT MOSS   Bainbridge
B8170                    ALPHAMAT TAUPE MOSS 32X40     Bainbridge
B4013                    CANDLELIGHT SILVER 32X40      Bainbridge
B4014                    EVENING SLIPPER 32X40         Bainbridge
B4015                    BLACK PEARL 32X40             Bainbridge
B4016                    BALLROOM GOLD 32X40           Bainbridge
B4017                    COPPER PALACE 32X40           Bainbridge
B4209                    HYDRANGEA SUEDE 32X40         Bainbridge
B4212                    SAIL BLUE SUEDE 32X40         Bainbridge
B4208                    BLACK CURRANT SUEDE 32X40     Bainbridge
B4204                    WOODLAND GREEN SUEDE 32X40    Bainbridge
B4207                    DARK BERRY SUEDE 32X40        Bainbridge
B4213                    CHOCOLATE SUEDE 32X40         Bainbridge
B4214                    LODEN SUEDE 32X40             Bainbridge
B4154L                   SUEDE-TARGA 40X60             Bainbridge
B4193L                   SUEDE-VINEYARD 40X60          Bainbridge
B4211L                   SUEDE-FIORI 40X60             Bainbridge
B4163L                   SUEDE-BAYBERRY 40X60          Bainbridge
B4213L                   SUEDE-CHOCOLATE SUEDE         Bainbridge
BFB32P                   3/16 32X40 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
BFB3218P                 1/8 32X40 FOAM CENTER BOARD   Foamboard
448402                   W2 MONTEREY SPANISH 2"        Wood Mldg
458404                   W2 MONTEREY AMERICAN COVE 2"  Wood Mldg
538406                   W2 MONTEREY LINER 2 7/16"     Wood Mldg
648402                   W2 MONTEREY SPANISH 2 3/4"    Wood Mldg
768408                   W2 MONTEREY PLEIN AIR 3 1/4"  Wood Mldg
858404                   W0 MONTEREY AMER. COVE 3 1/4" Wood Mldg
FMKE1                    "Still Life w/Primitive Bowl" Corner Samples
119286                   W0 WHITE FILLET 3/8"          Wood Mldg
N24421                   BRUSHED SATIN BLACK           Nielsen
N24469                   BRUSHED SATIN STAINLESS STEEL Nielsen
N24414                   GERMAN SILVER                 Nielsen
N24471                   BRUSHED SATIN SLATE           Nielsen
N24423                   ANTIQUE GOLD                  Nielsen
N24473                   BRUSHED SATIN CHAMPAGNE       Nielsen
N24474                   BRUSHED SATIN CARAMEL         Nielsen
N24475                   BRUSHED SATIN CHOCOLATE       Nielsen
N24476                   BRUSHED SATIN SAPPHIRE        Nielsen
N24477                   BRUSHED SATIN FOREST GREEN    Nielsen
N24419                   BRUSHED SATIN EGGPLANT        Nielsen
N24472                   BRUSHED SATIN LIGHT GOLD      Nielsen
22437                    *EZ-Tach Complete Kit         Supplies
22439                    7.9" Polyester String FastenerSupplies
22441                    4.7" Polyester String FastenerSupplies
22443                    9" Polypropylene Fastener     Supplies
22445                    5" Polypropylene Fastener     Supplies
22447                    3" Polypropylene Fastener     Supplies
164420                   W0 PEARLS ABALONE FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
164422                   W0 PEARLS OYSTER FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
164424                   W0 PEARLS TOPAZ FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
164426                   W0 PEARLS COCO FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
164428                   W0 PEARLS PINK SHELL FIL 3/8" Wood Mldg
424420                   W1 PEARLS ABALONE 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
424422                   W1 PEARLS OYSTER 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
424424                   W1 PEARLS TOPAZ 1 1/4"        Wood Mldg
424426                   W1 PEARLS COCO 1 1/4"         Wood Mldg
424428                   W1 PEARLS PINK SHELL 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
442420                   W1 PEARLS ABALONE 2"          Wood Mldg
442422                   W1 PEARLS OYSTER 2"           Wood Mldg
442424                   W1 PEARLS TOPAZ 2"            Wood Mldg
442426                   W1 PEARLS COCO 2"             Wood Mldg
442428                   W1 PEARLS PINK SHELL 2"       Wood Mldg
CSPE                     CUT SAMPLES FROM LOCAL BRANCH Corner Samples
FMGG1                    "Warm Tuscan Sun" SOLD OUT !! Corner Samples
FMCC1                    "SOLD OUT" Button Collection  Corner Samples
FMREMA                   Mitsuko's Chardonnay-"BalearicCorner Samples
FMREMB                   Cabernet Sauvignon-Winterbild Corner Samples
80316                    ARQADIA SILVER 1"             Arqadia
80320                    ARQADIA SILVER W/BLACK 3 5/8" Arqadia
80336                    ARQADIA BLACK W/RED 1 1/4"    Arqadia
80352                    ARQADIA WALNUT 2"             Arqadia
80354                    ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2"           Arqadia
80357                    ARQADIA COFFEE 1 5/8"         Arqadia
80358                    ARQADIA COFFEE 2 3/8"         Arqadia
80365                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/2"           Arqadia
80366                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/2"         Arqadia
80367                    ARQADIA GOLD 1"               Arqadia
80368                    ARQADIA BLACK 1"              Arqadia
80369                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
80371                    ARQADIA COFFEE 3 3/4"         Arqadia
80321                    ARQADIA WRINKLED LEAF 2 1/8"  Arqadia
80327                    ARQADIA WRINKLED LEAF 1 1/4"  Arqadia
80315                    ARQADIA BLACK 3 3/4"          Arqadia
80380                    ARQADIA FLAT PINE 1 3/4"      Arqadia
80381                    ARQADIA FLAT PINE 2 3/8"      Arqadia
FMMER2A                  2 MODELS - INVITATION, DIPLOMACorner Samples
FMMER2B                  2 MODELS - KIDS, NEEDLEWORK   Corner Samples
CSMONT                   MONTEREY SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
A4970                    ARTIQUE HEMLOCK 32X40         Artique
A4971                    ARTIQUE CATTAIL 32X40         Artique
A4972                    ARTIQUE RAINIER 32X40         Artique
A4973                    ARTIQUE DRIZZLE 32X40         Artique
A4974                    ARTIQUE MIST 32X40            Artique
A4975                    ARTIQUE LICHEN 32X40          Artique
A4976                    ARTIQUE COAST 32X40           Artique
A4977                    ARTIQUE DIGITAL WHITE 32X40   Artique
A4146                    ARTIQUE RAINIER 40X60         Artique
A4147                    ARTIQUE DIGITAL WHITE 40X60   Artique
A4148                    ARTIQUE DRIZZLE 40X60         Artique
AS4A                     ARTIQUE 2004 SAMPLE SET       Artique
165440                   W0 VERONA CHESTNUT FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
165441                   W0 VERONA CHARCOAL FILLET 3/8"Wood Mldg
165442                   W0 VERONA BONE FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
422440                   W2 VERONA CHESTNUT 1 5/8"     Wood Mldg
422441                   W2 VERONA CHARCOAL 1 5/8"     Wood Mldg
422442                   W2 VERONA BONE 1 5/8"         Wood Mldg
423440                   W0 VERONA CHESTNUT 1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
423442                   W0 VERONA BONE 1 1/8"         Wood Mldg
423441                   W0 VERONA CHARCOAL 1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
531440                   W2 VERONA CHESTNUT 2 5/8"     Wood Mldg
531441                   W2 VERONA CHARCOAL 2 5/8"     Wood Mldg
151430                   W0 ZEN IVORY FILLET 3/8"      Wood Mldg
531442                   W2 VERONA BONE 2 5/8"         Wood Mldg
702440                   W0 VERONA CHESTNUT 4"         Wood Mldg
151431                   W0 ZEN TAUPE FILLET 3/8"      Wood Mldg
702441                   W0 VERONA CHARCOAL 4"         Wood Mldg
151432                   W0 ZEN GOLD FILLET 3/8"       Wood Mldg
702442                   W2 VERONA BONE 4"             Wood Mldg
151433                   W0 ZEN DK SILVER FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
411430                   W2 ZEN IVORY 1 1/4"           Wood Mldg
411431                   W2 ZEN TAUPE 1 1/4"           Wood Mldg
411432                   W2 ZEN GOLD 1 1/4"            Wood Mldg
411433                   W2 ZEN DK SILVER 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
411434                   W2 ZEN BLACK 1 1/4"           Wood Mldg
431430                   W2 ZEN IVORY 1 3/8"           Wood Mldg
431431                   W2 ZEN TAUPE 1 3/8"           Wood Mldg
431432                   W2 ZEN GOLD 1 3/8"            Wood Mldg
431433                   W2 ZEN DK SILVER 1 3/8"       Wood Mldg
431434                   W2 ZEN BLACK 1 3/8"           Wood Mldg
151434                   W0 ZEN BLACK FILLET 3/8"      Wood Mldg
25700                    **Jersey Pro Sm Hngr Blk 32x40Supplies
25702                    **Jersey Pro Sm Hngr Mah 32x40Supplies
CSVR                     VERONA SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
CSZE                     ZEN SAMPLE SET                Corner Samples
FMMT1                    "Dreams" -- SOLD OUT!!!       Corner Samples
B8188                    ALPHAMAT BARELY BEIGE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8186                    ALPHAMAT LIGHT STONE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8189                    ALPHAMAT TOASTED ALMOND 32X40 Bainbridge
B8191                    ALPHAMAT ANTIQUE TAUPE 32X40  Bainbridge
B8180                    ALPHAMAT MOCHA 32X40          Bainbridge
B8187                    ALPHAMAT SILVER SAGE 32X40    Bainbridge
B8185                    ALPHAMAT CLAY 32X40           Bainbridge
B8182                    ALPHAMAT RAIN FOREST GREEN    Bainbridge
B8183                    ALPHAMAT DARKEST BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B8184                    ALPHAMAT BLACK CHERRY 32X40   Bainbridge
B8181                    ALPHAMAT MATTE BLACK 32X40    Bainbridge
B8181L                   ALPHAMAT MATTE BLACK 40X60    Bainbridge
FMWHT1                   "Pop Palms" SOLD OUT !!       Corner Samples
N41E155                  WEATHERED BRONZE              Nielsen
N41E115                  PURE BRONZE                   Nielsen
N41E125                  RUBBED BRONZE                 Nielsen
N41E213                  COIN COPPER                   Nielsen
N41E253                  AGED COPPER                   Nielsen
N41E612                  POLISHED ZINC                 Nielsen
N41E641                  GREY ZINC                     Nielsen
N41E451                  GALVANIZED NICKEL             Nielsen
N41E542                  WROUGHT IRON                  Nielsen
ACRS32                   3/16 32X40 ARTCARE RESTORE    Foamboard
ACRS40                   3/16 40X60 ARTCARE RESTORE    Foamboard
C9725                    MATB-AZTEC 32X40              Crescent
C9726                    MATB-OUTBACK 32X40            Crescent
C9727                    MATB-GAUCHO 32X40             Crescent
C9728                    MATB-SAFARI 32X40             Crescent
C9729                    MATB-PUEBLO 32X40             Crescent
C9731                    MATB-NAPA 32X40               Crescent
C9732                    MATB-SONOMA 32X40             Crescent
C9733                    MATB-BADEN 32X40              Crescent
C9734                    MATB-VENETO 32X40             Crescent
C9735                    MATB-DENALI 32X40             Crescent
C9736                    MATB-SAND DUNE 32X40          Crescent
C9737                    MATB-GOBI 32X40               Crescent
C9738                    MATB-TUNDRA 32X40             Crescent
C9739                    MATB-MESA 32X40               Crescent
C1126                    RAG MUSEUM-SAND DOLLAR 32X40  Crescent
C1127                    RAG MUSEUM-SPROUT 32X40       Crescent
C1128                    RAG MUSEUM-SHORELINE 32X40    Crescent
C1129                    RAG MUSEUM-BLUFF 32X40        Crescent
C1133                    RAG MUSEUM-BRIAR 32X40        Crescent
C1134                    RAG MUSEUM-BRAMBLE 32X40      Crescent
C1135                    RAG MUSEUM-HEDGE 32X40        Crescent
C1136                    RAG MUSEUM-LOAM 32X40         Crescent
C1137                    RAG MUSEUM-FIELDSTONE 32X40   Crescent
FMMONT1                  "CALM SEA" --SOLD OUT!!!      Corner Samples
FMPE1                    "Karma Landscape"             Corner Samples
FMUL1                    "Niche" and "Notch" Pair      Corner Samples
FMSWZ1                   "Plaza del Luna"SOLD OUT !!!! Corner Samples
N41E741                  HERITAGE PEWTER               Nielsen
FMMER2C                  2 MODELS - STAMP, GOLF        Corner Samples
FMMERE                   GOLF                          Corner Samples
FMMERF                   STAMPS                        Corner Samples
APC3240                  ACRYLITE CLEAR 32X40          Glass
APC4060                  ACRYLITE CLEAR 40X60          Glass
ARC3240                  ACRYLITE REFL CONTROL 32X40   Glass
ARC4060                  ACRYLITE REFL CONTROL 40X60   Glass
ACC3240                  ACRYLITE CONS. CLEAR 32X40    Glass
ACC4060                  ACRYLITE CONS. CLEAR 40X60    Glass
ACRC3240                 ACRYLITE CONS. REFL CONT 32X40Glass
ACRC4060                 ACRYLITE CONS. REFL CONT 40X60Glass
186450                   W0 BOLSHOI SILVER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
188450                   W0 BOLSHOI SLV BEAD FLT 3/8"  Wood Mldg
428451                   W2 BOLSHOI CANDLELIGHT  1 3/4"Wood Mldg
428452                   W2 BOLSHOI PINK SLIPPER 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
428453                   W2 BOLSHOI HERMITAGE GRN 1 3/4Wood Mldg
534451                   W2 BOLSHOI CANDLELIGHT 2 3/8" Wood Mldg
534452                   W2 BOLSHOI PINK SLIPPER 2 3/8"Wood Mldg
534453                   W2 BOLSHOI HERMITAGE GRN 2 3/8Wood Mldg
535451                   W2 BOLSHOI CANDLELIGHT 2 7/8" Wood Mldg
535452                   W2 BOLSHOI PINK SLIPPER 2 7/8"Wood Mldg
535453                   W2 BOLSHOI HERMITAGE GRN 2 7/8Wood Mldg
788451                   W0 BOLSHOI CANDLELIGHT 4 1/4" Wood Mldg
788452                   W0 BOLSHOI PINK SLIPPER 4 1/4"Wood Mldg
788453                   W0 BOLSHOI HERMITAGE GRN 4 1/4Wood Mldg
CSBO                     BOLSHOI SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
CSCERTO                  CONCERTO FULL SET (27) ITEMS  Concerto
CSCEIT                   ITALIAN SAMPLE SET (6) ITEMS  Concerto
CSCESP                   SPANISH SAMPLE SET   (5) ITEMSConcerto
CSCEFR                   FRENCH SAMPLE SET    (7) ITEMSConcerto
CSCEDU                   DUTCH SAMPLE SET     (3) ITEMSConcerto
CSCEAM                   AMERICAN SAMPLE SET  (6) ITEMSConcerto
77313                    ITALIAN 3 1/4" FLOR W/FRIEZE, Concerto
77426                    ITALIAN 3 1/2" FLOR W/CR GESSOConcerto
77539                    ITALIAN 2 3/4" FLOR W/BLK PNL,Concerto
154460                   W0 VERANDA WHITE FILLET 1/2"  Wood Mldg
194460                   W0 VERANDA WHITE 1/2"         Wood Mldg
254460                   W1 VERANDA WHITE 1            Wood Mldg
544460                   W1 VERANDA WHITE 1 3/8"       Wood Mldg
564460                   W2 VERANDA WHITE 2"           Wood Mldg
574460                   W2 VERANDA WHITE 2 1/2"       Wood Mldg
614460                   W2 VERANDA WHITE 2 3/8"       Wood Mldg
644460                   W2 VERANDA WHITE 3"           Wood Mldg
9999PLC                  SOHO MATBOARD 32X40           Bainbridge
9999PLC2                 SOHO MATBOARD 20X30           Bainbridge
9999PLC3                 SOHO MATBOARD 15X20           Bainbridge
CSCOL                    COLORI SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
US10020                  W0 COLORI BLACK FILLET 1/4"   Framemica
US10021                  W0 COLORI WHITE FILLET 1/4"   Framemica
US10025                  W0 COLORI BLUE FILLET 1/4"    Framemica
US10024                  W0 COLORI RED FILLET 1/4"     Framemica
US10027                  W0 COLORI YELLOW FILLET 1/4"  Framemica
US10028                  W0 COLORI ORANGE FILLET 1/4"  Framemica
US57020                  W1 COLORI BLACK 1 1/8"        Framemica
US57021                  W1 COLORI WHITE 1 1/8"        Framemica
US57024                  W1 COLORI RED 1 1/8"          Framemica
US57025                  W1 COLORI BLUE 1 1/8"         Framemica
US57027                  W1 COLORI YELLOW 1 1/8"       Framemica
US57028                  W1 COLORI ORANGE 1 1/8"       Framemica
US83020                  W2 COLORI BLACK 1 3/4"        Framemica
US83021                  W2 COLORI WHITE 1 3/4"        Framemica
US83024                  W2 COLORI RED 1 3/4"          Framemica
US83025                  W2 COLORI BLUE 1 3/4"         Framemica
US83027                  W2 COLORI YELLOW 1 3/4"       Framemica
US83028                  W2 COLORI ORANGE 1 3/4"       Framemica
FMCLC1                   "The Reading Room"            Corner Samples
77652                    ITALIAN 2" FLOR W/KEY CRNRS   Concerto
77765                    ITALIAN 2" 16TH C. FLOR       Concerto
77878                    ITALIAN 1 1/8" FLOR W/BLK PNL Concerto
72112                    SPANISH 3 1/2" W/CR GESSO     Concerto
72224                    SPANISH 3" W/CR GESSO AND     Concerto
72336                    SPANISH 3 3/4" W/CR GESSO,    Concerto
72448                    SPANISH 1 1/2" W/CR GESSO AND Concerto
72560                    SPANISH 2 5/8" W/ANT BLK PNL, Concerto
73211                    FRENCH 3" W/TONGUE AND BEAD,  Concerto
73322                    FRENCH 2 1/2" W/FLUTED COVE   Concerto
73433                    FRENCH 1 1/2" W/BLOCK CRNRS   Concerto
73544                    FRENCH 1" W/BEAD              Concerto
73655                    FRENCH 1 1/2" W/TONGUE,       Concerto
73766                    FRENCH 3 1/2" COVE W/TONGUE   Concerto
73877                    FRENCH 3" W/TONGUE,SAND PNL,  Concerto
74307                    DUTCH 4" INS KEY CRNRS W/RIPP,Concerto
74414                    DUTCH 3 1/4" W/ANT BLK PNL,   Concerto
74521                    DUTCH 2 1/4" W/RIPP ORNMTS,   Concerto
75409                    AMER 4" HRS, FLUTED COVE      Concerto
75518                    AMER 3 1/4" COVE W/TONGUE 22K Concerto
75627                    AMER 2 1/2" HRS, FLUTED COVE  Concerto
75736                    AMER 2" COVE W/LEAF CRNRS,    Concerto
75845                    AMER 1 3/4" REEDED WHIST      Concerto
75953                    AMER 1" REEDED WHIST          Concerto
80414                    ARQADIA AGED GOLD 3 7/8"      Arqadia
80416                    ARQADIA AGED SILVER 3 7/8"    Arqadia
80420                    ARQADIA AGED GOLD 2 3/4"      Arqadia
80422                    ARQADIA AGED SILVER 2 3/4"    Arqadia
FMVR1                    "Veduta del Ponte"--SOLD OUT!!Corner Samples
80460                    ARQADIA BLACK 2 5/8"          Arqadia
80370                    ARQADIA WHITE WIDE FLAT 3 3/4"Arqadia
FMZEN1                   DO NOT USE - Use Item# FMZE1  Corner Samples
80412                    ARQADIA AGED BLACK 3 7/8"     Arqadia
80424                    ARQADIA AGED BLACK 2 3/4"     Arqadia
CS77313                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77426                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77652                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77539                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77765                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77878                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72112                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72224                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72336                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72448                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72560                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73211                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73322                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73433                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73544                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73655                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73766                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS73877                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS74307                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS74414                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS74521                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75409                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75518                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75627                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75736                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75845                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS75953                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
US83026                  W2 COLORI GREEN 1 3/4"        Framemica
US57026                  W1 COLORI GREEN 1 1/8"        Framemica
FMZE1                    "Ureshiki" - "SOLD OUT"       Corner Samples
GCC2430                  Cons Clear Glass 24x30        Glass
2001-7                   W2 1 1/8" SMOKE GRAY          Wood Mldg
22460                    *FILLET MASTER                Supplies
22461                    *FILLET MASTER EXTENSION KIT  Supplies
193501                   W0 ISABELLA GOLD FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
193502                   W0 ISABELLA GOLD FILLET 5/8"  Wood Mldg
539503                   W2 ISABELLA RED SCOOP 2 1/4"  Wood Mldg
539504                   W2 ISABELLA BROWN SCP 2 1/4"  Wood Mldg
539505                   W2 ISABELLA BLACK SCP 2 1/4"  Wood Mldg
540503                   W0 ISABELLA RED SCOOP 2 7/8"  Wood Mldg
540504                   W0 ISABELLA BROWN SCP 2 7/8"  Wood Mldg
540505                   W0 ISABELLA BLACK SCP 2 7/8"  Wood Mldg
839503                   W2 ISABELLA RED PANEL 3 1/4"  Wood Mldg
839504                   W2 ISABELLA BROWN PANEL 3 1/4"Wood Mldg
839505                   W2 ISABELLA BLACK PANEL 3 1/4"Wood Mldg
840503                   W0 ISABELLA RED REVERSE 4"    Wood Mldg
840504                   W0 ISABELLA BROWN REVERSE 4"  Wood Mldg
840505                   W0 ISABELLA BLACK REVERSE 4"  Wood Mldg
893503                   W0 ISABELLA RED SCOOP 4 1/2"  Wood Mldg
893504                   W0 ISABELLA BROWN SCOOP 4 1/2"Wood Mldg
893505                   W0 ISABELLA BLACK SCOOP 4 1/2"Wood Mldg
227516                   W0 ANSLEY CHERRY SM CAP 3/4"  Wood Mldg
227517                   W0 ANSLEY COFFEE SM CAP 3/4"  Wood Mldg
227518                   W0 ANSLEY GRAY SM CAP 3/4"    Wood Mldg
227519                   W0 ANSLEY MAHOGANY SM CAP 3/4"Wood Mldg
294516                   W0 ANSLEY CHERRY LG CAP 3/4"  Wood Mldg
294517                   W0 ANSLEY COFFEE LG CAP 3/4"  Wood Mldg
294518                   W0 ANSLEY GRAY LG CAP 3/4"    Wood Mldg
294519                   W0 ANSLEY MAHOGANY LG CAP 3/4"Wood Mldg
316516                   W1 ANSLEY CHERRY 1"           Wood Mldg
316517                   W1 ANSLEY COFFEE 1"           Wood Mldg
316518                   W1 ANSLEY GRAY 1"             Wood Mldg
316519                   W1 ANSLEY MAHOGANY 1"         Wood Mldg
533516                   W2 ANSLEY CHERRY 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
533517                   W2 ANSLEY COFFEE 1 1/4"       Wood Mldg
533518                   W2 ANSLEY GRAY 1 1/4"         Wood Mldg
533519                   W2 ANSLEY MAHOGANY 1 1/4"     Wood Mldg
656516                   W2 ANSLEY CHERRY 2 3/4"       Wood Mldg
656517                   W2 ANSLEY COFFEE 2 3/4"       Wood Mldg
656518                   W2 ANSLEY GRAY 2 3/4"         Wood Mldg
656519                   W2 ANSLEY MAHOGANY 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
B8196                    SEA WIND- 32X40               Bainbridge
B8197                    WOODSTOCK- 32X40              Bainbridge
B8198                    TORTOISE- 32X40               Bainbridge
B8199                    CROCUS- 32X40                 Bainbridge
B4842                    SILKEN ARID GOLD-32X40        Bainbridge
B4843                    SILKEN WHEATFIELD-32X40       Bainbridge
B4844                    SILKEN BURNT UMBER-32X40      Bainbridge
B4845                    SILKEN LAVENDAR HAZE-32X40    Bainbridge
B4846                    SILKEN MOLTEN-32X40           Bainbridge
B4847                    SILKEN MEADOWLAND-32X40       Bainbridge
B8012                    BRUSHED ONYX-32X40            Bainbridge
B8321                    BRUSHED ONYX/SABLE CORE-32X40 Bainbridge
B998005                  TARNISHED COPPER-32X40        Bainbridge
B998006                  RUSTIC PEWTER-32X40           Bainbridge
B998007                  WEATHERED GOLD-32X40          Bainbridge
B998008                  GOLD BULLION-32X40            Bainbridge
C1170                    100%RAG COOL WHITE-32X40      Crescent
C1171                    100%RAG SILK-32X40            Crescent
C1172                    100%RAG LACE-32X40            Crescent
C1173                    100%RAG SOFT CREAM-32X40      Crescent
C1174                    100%RAG BEIGE-32X40           Crescent
C1175                    100%RAG CLAY-32X40            Crescent
C1176                    100%RAG SUNTAN-32X40          Crescent
C1177                    100%RAG BROWNSTONE-32X40      Crescent
C1178                    100%RAG FERN-32X40            Crescent
C1179                    100%RAG WILLIAMSBURG GREEN 32XCrescent
C1182                    100%RAG MAROON 32X40          Crescent
C1183                    100%RAG AUBURN 32X40          Crescent
C1184                    100%RAG SABLE 32X40           Crescent
C1185                    100%RAG COPLEY GRAY-32X40     Crescent
C21126                   8 PLY SAND DOLLAR 32X40 RAG   Crescent
C21104                   8 PLY ANTIQUE TAN 32X40 RAG   Crescent
C21106                   8 PLY ANTIQUE GRAY 32X40 RAG  Crescent
C81126                   4 PLY SAND DOLLAR-40X60       Crescent
C81104                   4 PLY ANTIQUE TAN-40X60       Crescent
C81105                   4 PLY DESERT SAND-40X60       Crescent
C81106                   4 PLY ANTIQUE GRAY-40X60      Crescent
C81173                   4 PLY SOFT CREAM-40X60        Crescent
C81137                   4 PLY FIELDSTONE-40X60        Crescent
23500                    *Gilt Varnish Set             Supplies
23502                    *Trianon Gilt Varnish 641TR/30Supplies
23512                    Concerto Side Paint Touchup KiSupplies
CSVDA                    VERANDA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
80429                    ARQADIA SILVER W/BLACK 2"     Arqadia
80431                    ARQADIA SILVER W/BLACK 2 5/8" Arqadia
80413                    ARQADIA BRONZE 2 1/8"         Arqadia
80433                    ARQADIA BRONZE W/BLACK 2"     Arqadia
80415                    ARQADIA COPPER 2 1/8"         Arqadia
80417                    ARQADIA GOLD 2 1/8"           Arqadia
80439                    ARQADIA BRONZE W/BLACK 2 5/8" Arqadia
80419                    ARQADIA SILVER 2 1/8"         Arqadia
80421                    ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/8"         Arqadia
80423                    ARQADIA ESPRESSO 2 1/8"       Arqadia
80425                    ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/8"       Arqadia
80427                    ARQADIA CHERRY 2 1/8"         Arqadia
26409                    *Semigloss Z-Gel 1 Gallon     Supplies
26411                    *Gloss Z-Gel 1 Gallon         Supplies
80451                    ARQADIA RED 2 1/2"            Arqadia
80443                    ARQADIA BLACK 2 1/2"          Arqadia
80449                    ARQADIA GREEN 2 1/2"          Arqadia
80447                    ARQADIA BROWN 2 1/2"          Arqadia
80441                    ARQADIA IVORY 2 1/2"          Arqadia
80445                    ARQADIA BRONZE 2 1/2"         Arqadia
80453                    ARQADIA SILVER 2 1/2"         Arqadia
12BRC                    JO-ANN MAT SAMPLES            Crescent
N41E263                  POLISHED COPPER 1 1/2"        Nielsen
N41E961                  PERSIAN GOLD 1 1/2"           Nielsen
N44E115                  PURE BRONZE 1 3/8"            Nielsen
N44E263                  POLISHED COPPER 1 3/8"        Nielsen
N44E641                  GREY ZINC 1 3/8"              Nielsen
N44E861                  DAMASCAN STEEL 1 3/8"         Nielsen
N44E961                  PERSIAN GOLD 1 3/8"           Nielsen
N45E115                  PURE BRONZE 1 3/16"           Nielsen
N45E263                  POLISHED COPPER 1 3/16"       Nielsen
N45E641                  GREY ZINC 1 3/16"             Nielsen
N45E861                  DAMASCAN STEEL 1 3/16"        Nielsen
N45E961                  PERSIAN GOLD 1 3/16"          Nielsen
FMVDA1                   "Sweet and Lovely"  "SOLD OUT"Corner Samples
142521                   W0 CORTEZ GOLD FILLET 3/8"    Wood Mldg
142522                   W0 CORTEZ BLACK FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
142523                   W0 CORTEZ BRONZE FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
536521                   W2 CORTEZ GOLD REVERSE 1 7/8" Wood Mldg
536522                   W2 CORTEZ BLACK REVERSE 1 7/8"Wood Mldg
536523                   W2 CORTEZ BRONZE REVERSE 1 7/8Wood Mldg
CSCTZ                    CORTEZ SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
582521                   W2 CORTEZ GOLD TRAD 2 1/4"    Wood Mldg
582522                   W2 CORTEZ BLACK TRAD 2 1/4"   Wood Mldg
582523                   W2 CORTEZ BRONZE TRAD 2 1/4"  Wood Mldg
842521                   W0 CORTEZ GOLD REVERSE 4"     Wood Mldg
842522                   W0 CORTEZ BLACK REVERSE 4"    Wood Mldg
842523                   W0 CORTEZ BRONZE REVERSE 4"   Wood Mldg
102530                   W0 TUSCANY IT DRK WAL FIL 3/8"Wood Mldg
102531                   W0 TUSCANY IT CREME FIL 3/8"  Wood Mldg
402530                   W1 TUSCANY IT DRK TRAD W/EMB  Wood Mldg
402531                   W1 TUSCANY IT CREME TRAD W/EMBWood Mldg
502530                   W2 TUSCANY IT DRK WAL TRAD REVWood Mldg
502531                   W2 TUSCANY IT CREME TRAD REV  Wood Mldg
532530                   W2 TUSCANY IT DRK FLAT PANEL  Wood Mldg
532531                   W2 TUSCANY IT CREME FLAT PANELWood Mldg
602530                   W2 TUSCANY IT DRK WAL EMB PNL Wood Mldg
602531                   W2 TUSCANY IT CREME EMB PANEL Wood Mldg
CSTUS                    TUSCANY SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
US10026                  W0 COLORI GREEN FILLET 1/4"   Framemica
150540                   W0 SEVILLA GOLD FILLET 3/8"   Wood Mldg
150541                   W0 SEVILLA SILVER FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
150542                   W0 SEVILLA BROWN FILLET 3/8"  Wood Mldg
450540                   W2 SEVILLA GOLD EMBOSSED 1 7/8Wood Mldg
450541                   W2 SEVILLA SILVER EMB 1 7/8   Wood Mldg
450542                   W2 SEVILLA BROWN EMB 1 7/8    Wood Mldg
500540                   W2 SEVILLA GOLD SM TRAD 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
500541                   W2 SEVILLA SILV SM TRAD 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
500542                   W2 SEVILLA BRN SM TRAD 2 1/8" Wood Mldg
550540                   W2 SEVILLA GOLD MED EMB 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
550541                   W2 SEVILLA SILV MED EMB 2 1/2"Wood Mldg
550542                   W2 SEVILLA BRN MED EMB 2 1/2" Wood Mldg
600540                   W2 SEVILLA GOLD LRG TRAD 3"   Wood Mldg
600541                   W2 SEVILLA SILV LRG TRAD 3"   Wood Mldg
600542                   W2 SEVILLA BRN LRG TRAD 3"    Wood Mldg
750540                   W2 SEVILLA GOLD LRG EMB 3 3/8"Wood Mldg
750541                   W2 SEVILLA SILV LRG EMB 3 3/8"Wood Mldg
750542                   W2 SEVILLA BRN LRG EMB 3 3/8" Wood Mldg
CSSEV                    SEVILLA SAMPLE SET            Corner Samples
AS2005                   ARTIQUE INTRO SET- 20 COLORS  Artique
A4979                    ARTIQUE HENNA (RIPPLE) 32X40  Artique
A4980                    ARTIQUE LENTIL (RIPPLE) 32X40 Artique
A4981                    ARTIQUE CAMEL (RIPPLE) 32X40  Artique
A4982                    ARTIQUE FOG (RIPPLE) 32X40    Artique
A4983                    ARTIQUE CUMIN (RIPPLE) 32X40  Artique
A4984                    ARTIQUE BERBER (RIPPLE) 32X40 Artique
A4985                    ARTIQUE MINT TEA 32X40        Artique
A4986                    ARTIQUE INDIGO 32X40          Artique
A4987                    ARTIQUE TAGINE 32X40          Artique
A4988                    ARTIQUE KILIM RED 32X40       Artique
A4989                    ARTIQUE DATE 32X40            Artique
A4990                    ARTIQUE SAGE 32X40            Artique
FMFCISAM                 available to DTW & GFU only   Corner Samples
FMFCISUM                 available to DTW & GFU only   Corner Samples
FMFCIVIN                 available to DTW & GFU only   Corner Samples
145556                   W0 FERROSA BRONZE FILLET 3/8" Wood Mldg
235556                   W1 FERROSA BRONZE 3/4"        Wood Mldg
385556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 1 1/4"      Wood Mldg
395556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 1 1/2"      Wood Mldg
575556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 2 1/4"      Wood Mldg
655556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 2 1/2"      Wood Mldg
335552                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
335554                   W2 FERROSA IRON 1 1/8"        Wood Mldg
335556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 1 1/8"      Wood Mldg
525552                   W2 FERROSA PEWTER 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
525554                   W2 FERROSA IRON 1 5/8"        Wood Mldg
525556                   W2 FERROSA BRONZE 1 5/8"      Wood Mldg
CSFE2                    FERROSA II SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
AC24                     3/16 24X36 ARTCARE FMB        Foamboard
AC2418                   1/8 24x36 ARTCARE FMB         Foamboard
FMGLO1                   "Chinese Fortune Coins"       Corner Samples
FMULA                    "Niche" by Linda Lafontsee    Corner Samples
FMULB                    "Notch" by Linda Lafontsee    Corner Samples
CSANSMD                  ANSLEY MEDIUM SAMPLE SET      Corner Samples
CSANSDK                  ANSLEY DARK SAMPLE SET        Corner Samples
80507                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 5/8"          Arqadia
80509                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 3/4"          Arqadia
80511                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 7/16"         Arqadia
80513                    ARQADIA BLACK 1 3/16"         Arqadia
80515                    ARQADIA BLACK 2"              Arqadia
80517                    ARQADIA BLACK 2 1/2"          Arqadia
80519                    ARQADIA BLACK 2"              Arqadia
B4111                    ALPHAMAT SCARLET 32X40        Bainbridge
B4112                    ALPHAMAT WATCHET BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B4113                    ALPHAMAT AUTUMN FROST 32X40   Bainbridge
B4114                    ALPHAMAT ENCHANTED PURPLE 32X4Bainbridge
B4115                    ALPHAMAT FOREST FLOOR 32X40   Bainbridge
B4116                    ALPHAMAT COURTYARD 32X40      Bainbridge
B4091L                   ALPHAMAT MERINGUE 40X60       Bainbridge
B4097L                   ALPHAMAT CAMEL 40X60          Bainbridge
B4099L                   ALPHAMAT NIGHTSHADE 40X60     Bainbridge
B4101L                   ALPHAMAT NAVY 40X60           Bainbridge
B4104L                   ALPHAMAT WHITE 40X60          Bainbridge
B4700                    ALPHAMAT WHITE ARMOR 32X40    Bainbridge
B4701                    ALPHAMAT MERCHANT GREEN 32X40 Bainbridge
B4702                    ALPHAMAT GOLD COIN 32X40      Bainbridge
B4703                    ALPHAMAT LANCELOT 32X40       Bainbridge
80565                    ARQADIA BRONZE 2 9/16"        Arqadia
80561                    ARQADIA RUST 2 9/16"          Arqadia
80557                    ARQADIA PEWTER 2 9/16"        Arqadia
80559                    ARQADIA COPPER 2 9/16"        Arqadia
80563                    ARQADIA IRON 2 9/16"          Arqadia
N117E263                 POLISHED COPPER 7/16"         Nielsen
N117E542                 WROUGHT IRON 7/16"            Nielsen
N117E861                 DAMASCAN STEEL 7/16"          Nielsen
N117E115                 PURE BRONZE 7/16"             Nielsen
N117E961                 PERSIAN GOLD 7/16"            Nielsen
N117230                  REFLEX SILVER 7/16"           Nielsen
N117236                  CYBER GREEN 7/16"             Nielsen
N117227                  TORNADO RED 7/16"             Nielsen
N117233                  PURPLE HAZE 7/16"             Nielsen
N117232                  GALACTIC BLUE 7/16"           Nielsen
B4111L                   ALPHAMAT SCARLET 40X60        Bainbridge
B4112L                   ALPHAMAT WATCHET BLUE 40X60   Bainbridge
B4113L                   ALPHAMAT AUTUMN FROST 40X60   Bainbridge
B4114L                   ALPHAMAT ENCHANTED PURPLE 40X Bainbridge
B4115L                   ALPHAMAT FOREST FLOOR 40X60   Bainbridge
B4116L                   ALPHAMAT COURTYARD 40X60      Bainbridge
BD2013                   BLACK GOLD LIP COLONIAL 1/2"  Bendix
BD2014                   BLACK GOLD LIP COLONIAL 1"    Bendix
BD2015                   BLACK GOLD LIP COLONIAL 1"    Bendix
BD2100                   ORNATE GOLD W/WHITE 2 3/8"    Bendix
BD2101                   GOLD W/GRAY WASH 1 1/8"       Bendix
BD2110                   ANTIQUE GOLD CONVEY 5/8"      Bendix
BD2111                   ANTIQUE GOLD CONVEY 7/8"      Bendix
BD2112                   ANTIQUE GOLD CONVEY 1 1/8"    Bendix
BD2125                   BRONZE GOLD BRT TRIM 2 1/4"   Bendix
BD2312                   SILVER COLONIAL 1 5/8"        Bendix
BD2313                   GOLD REVERSE BROKEN LEAF 1"   Bendix
BD2314                   GOLD REVERSE BROKEN LEAF 3/4" Bendix
BD2618                   WALNUT W/BLACK LIP 3/4"       Bendix
BD2824                   ANT GOLD RED RUB BEAD LIP 1"  Bendix
BD2859                   GOLD COM ORN DK WASH 1 1/8"   Bendix
BD2861                   GOLD COM  ANTIQUE WASH 2"     Bendix
BD2898                   REVERSE ANT GOLD COMPO 1 1/4" Bendix
BD2899                   ANT SILVER COMPO ORN 1 1/8"   Bendix
BD3000                   BRIGHT GOLD HALF ROUND 9/16"  Bendix
BD3001                   BRIGHT SILVER 1/2 RND 9/16"   Bendix
BD3002                   BLACK HALF ROUND 9/16"        Bendix
BD3003                   SLANT BLACK 7/8"              Bendix
BD3005                   ORANGE SLANT 7/8"             Bendix
BD3006                   BLACK HALF ROUND 1/2"         Bendix
BD3008                   GOLD HALF ROUND 3/4"          Bendix
BD3009                   RED SLANT 7/8"                Bendix
BD3011                   VIOLET SLANT 7/8"             Bendix
BD3013                   YELLOW SLANT 7/8"             Bendix
BD3014                   GREEN SLANT 7/8"              Bendix
BD3015                   WHITE SLANT 7/8"              Bendix
BD3016                   BLUE SLANT 7/8"               Bendix
BD3079                   FLAT GOLD RED RUB 7/16"       Bendix
BD3082                   FLAT BLACK 7/16"              Bendix
BD3083                   ARCH TOP GOLD RED RUB 5/8"    Bendix
BD3086                   FLAT GOLD RED RUB RED 3/4"    Bendix
BD3116                   BLACK O.G. GOLD LIP 3/4"      Bendix
BD3117                   BLACK W/BLACK LIP 3/4"        Bendix
BD3121                   BLACK O.G. GLD GOLD LIP 9/16" Bendix
BD3130                   BRIGHT GOLD EASED CRNERS 9/16"Bendix
BD3165                   FLAT BLACK 7/8"               Bendix
BD3167                   FLAT BLACK 2 BRONZE LINES 3/4"Bendix
BD3172                   BLACK GOLD LINE ON FACE 3/4"  Bendix
BD3175                   FLAT BLACK 1"                 Bendix
BD3178                   FLAT BLACK 1/2"               Bendix
BD3189                   RED LIP 3/4"                  Bendix
BD3191                   MAT WHITE FLAT TOP 1 1/4"     Bendix
BD3192                   MAT WHITE FLAT TOP 3/4"       Bendix
BD3196                   MAT WHITE ROPE LIP 1 3/4"     Bendix
BD3400                   MAH W/BLACK LIP 2 1/8"        Bendix
BD3402                   ROUND BLACK MATT BLACK 1"     Bendix
BD3404                   MAH BULLNOSE 1 1/4"           Bendix
BD3407                   BROWN BAMBOO 1"               Bendix
BD3408                   GOLD BAMBOO 2"                Bendix
BD3409                   GOLD BAMBOO 1"                Bendix
BD3411                   SILVER BAMBOO 1"              Bendix
BD3413                   BLACK BAMBOO 1"               Bendix
BD3414                   GOLD ORNAMENTED LIP 2 1/4"    Bendix
BD3415                   SILVER ORNAMENTED LIP 2 1/4"  Bendix
BD3416                   BLACK 1 3/8"                  Bendix
BD3424                   NATURAL BAMBOO 1"             Bendix
BD3426                   GREEN BAMBOO 1"               Bendix
BD3434                   SCRATCHED BLACK 2 1/2"        Bendix
BD3437                   SCRATCHED ANT GOLD 1 1/2"     Bendix
BD3439                   SCRATCHED BLACK SMALL 1 1/2"  Bendix
BD3442                   BLUE RUSTIC  1 1/2"           Bendix
BD3443                   YELLOW RUSTIC  1 1/2"         Bendix
BD3445                   GREEN RUSTIC  1 1/2"          Bendix
BD3446                   ORANGE RUSTIC  1 1/2"         Bendix
BD3447                   MAHOGANY 1 1/2"               Bendix
BD3448                   MATTE BLACK 1"                Bendix
BD3450                   PINK RUSTIC 1 1/2"            Bendix
BD3451                   PURPLE RUSTIC 1 1/2"          Bendix
BD3461                   BLACK MATTE 1 5/8"            Bendix
BD3466                   GOLD IF. SCRATCH 1 7/8"       Bendix
BD3467                   SILVER FLOAT SCRATCH 1 7/8"   Bendix
BD3468                   BLACK MATTE 1 7/8"            Bendix
BD3494                   PECAN FLOATER 1"              Bendix
BD3495                   DARK COFFEE FLOATER 1"        Bendix
BD3499                   NATURAL FLOAT 1"              Bendix
BD3501                   BLACK 1"                      Bendix
BD3513                   BROWN 7/8"                    Bendix
BD3556                   BLACK ROUNDED EDGES 1/2"      Bendix
BD3600                   MATTE BLACK FLAT TOP 3/4"     Bendix
BD3601                   MATTE BLACK FLAT TOP 1 1/4"   Bendix
BD3602                   MATTE BLACK FLAT TOP 1 3/4"   Bendix
BD3604                   MATTE BLACK FLAT TOP 3/4"     Bendix
BD5077                   BRN DRIFTWOOD GRAY WASH 5/8"  Bendix
BD3605                   MATTE BLACK 1 1/8"            Bendix
BD3607                   MATTE BLACK ROUND TOP 3/4"    Bendix
BD5080                   RUSTIC ORANGE SPLATTER 1"     Bendix
BD3609                   BLACK REVERSE BEADED LIP 2"   Bendix
BD3610                   BLACK REV W/BEADED LIP 1 1/2" Bendix
BD5081                   ANTIQUE SILVER 1 3/16"        Bendix
BD3611                   BLACK BEADED LIP 2"           Bendix
BD5163                   ANTIQUE SILVER REVERSE 1 1/8" Bendix
BD3612                   BLK REVERSE BEADED LIP 1 3/4" Bendix
BD3613                   BLACK WITH ROPE ON LIP 1 3/4" Bendix
BD6503                   ANTIQUE GOLD GRAY WASH 2 7/8" Bendix
BD3614                   MATTE BLK WEDGE SHAPE 2 1/4"  Bendix
BD3615                   MATTE BLACK FLAT TOP 1"       Bendix
BD6514                   ANTIQUE GOLD GRAY WASH 2 3/16"Bendix
BD4011                   LINEN LINER GOLD LIP 2"       Bendix
BD6565                   ANTIQUE SILVER W/BLACK 3/8    Bendix
BD4012                   LINEN BEVEL 2"                Bendix
BD4014                   LINEN GOLD LIP 1 1/2"         Bendix
BD4015                   LINEN GOLD LIP 1 1/4"         Bendix
BD4016                   BEVELED LINEN  1 1/4"         Bendix
BD4018                   LINEN GOLD LIP 1"             Bendix
BD4019                   LINEN LINER BEVELED 1"        Bendix
BD4022                   LINEN BEVEL 3/4"              Bendix
BD4031                   PAINTED LINER 1 1/8"          Bendix
BD7008                   BLACK 1 5/8"                  Bendix
BD4043                   WHT LINEN LINER W/GLD LIP 1"  Bendix
BD7108                   MATTE BLACK 1 1/2"            Bendix
BD4045                   WHT LNEN LNER W/GLD LIP 1 1/2"Bendix
BD7125                   PADOUK REVERSE 1 5/16"        Bendix
BD4069                   LINEN LINER W/THE GROOVE 2"   Bendix
BD7128                   PADOUK HALF ROUND 1/2"        Bendix
BD4070                   WHITE LINEN LINER 3/4"        Bendix
BD4071                   WHITE LINEN LINER 1"          Bendix
BD7135                   DARK WALNUT SLANT 1/2"        Bendix
BD4072                   WHITE LINEN LINER 1 1/4"      Bendix
BD4078                   COLNAL GLD GRAY DUST LNE 3/4" Bendix
BD7152                   NATURAL DEEP CAP 5/8"         Bendix
BD4168                   REVERSE GOLD WITH BEAD 1"     Bendix
BD4169                   ANT GLD RND PANEL 2BLK LINE 1"Bendix
BD7162                   DK WALNUT FLAT W/DOVE LIP 3/4 Bendix
BD5065                   WHT WASH REV FIRE ISLAND 1"   Bendix
BD7178                   TEAK DUST LINES 1"            Bendix
BD5074                   DRK DRIFTWOOD GRAY WASH 1 1/4"Bendix
BD7191                   PADOUK REVERSED BEADED 1"     Bendix
BD5076                   DRK DRIFT MED GRAY WASH 1 1/2"Bendix
BD7195                   WALNUT REVERSED BEADED 1"     Bendix
BD7197                   PADOUK ARCH TOP 1"            Bendix
BD7777                   SILVER EMBOSSED COMPO 3/4"    Bendix
BD7778                   BLACK EMBOSSED COMPO 3/4"     Bendix
BD7224                   PADOUK 1"                     Bendix
BD7780                   FLAT BLACK 2 RED LINES 9/16"  Bendix
BD7783                   FLAT BLACK 2 RED LINES 3/4"   Bendix
BD7785                   BLACK W/WHITE LINES 3/4"      Bendix
BD7786                   BLK FLAT DEEP RABBIT 3/4"     Bendix
BD7795                   BRIGHT GOLD 3/4"              Bendix
BD7226                   COL REVERSE IN PADOUK 1 3/4"  Bendix
BD7843                   PADOUK 7/8"                   Bendix
C7161                    MOORMAN SUEDE SPRIG 32X40     Crescent
BD7300                   PADOUK W/BLK BEAD LIP 1"      Bendix
BD7845                   PADOUK CAP 5/8"               Bendix
BD7579                   BLACK OG - BACKBEAD 5/8"      Bendix
C7162                    MOORMAN SUEDE REED 32x40      Crescent
BD7604                   SILVER LEAD COMPO 2 1/8"      Bendix
C7163                    MOORMAN SUEDE RATTAN 32X40    Crescent
C7164                    MOORMAN SUEDE MEADOW 32X40    Crescent
BD7871                   REV K COMPO BRN/GLD REV 1 7/8"Bendix
C7165                    MOORMAN SUEDE EVERGREEN 32X40 Crescent
C7166                    MOORMAN SUEDE NAVY 32X40      Crescent
BD7610                   ANTIQUE GOLD FLY SEPC 3/4"    Bendix
BD7915                   BLACK BAMBOO W/GOLD 3/4"      Bendix
C7167                    MOORMAN SUEDE BOULDER 32X40   Crescent
C7168                    MOORMAN SUEDE GRAPHITE 32X40  Crescent
BD7961                   GOLD EMBOSSED COMPO 1/2"      Bendix
BD7611                   ANTIQUE SILVER FLYSPEC 3/4"   Bendix
BD7977                   BLACK/GOLD BAMBOO 11/16"      Bendix
C87161                   MOORMAN SUEDE-SPRIG 40X60     Crescent
BD7619                   GOLD BASKET WEAVE 1"          Bendix
C87162                   MOORMAN SUEDE-REED 40X60      Crescent
BD7988                   NATURAL BAMBOO 3/4"           Bendix
C87163                   MOORMAN SUEDE-RATTAN 40X60    Crescent
BD7989                   GOLD BAMBOO 3/4"              Bendix
BD7621                   SILVER BASKET WEAVE 1"        Bendix
C87164                   MOORMAN SUEDE-MEADOW 40X60    Crescent
C87165                   MOORMAN SUEDE-EVERGREEN 40X60 Crescent
C87166                   MOORMAN SUEDE-NAVY 40X60      Crescent
BD7702                   BLACK ARCHED FACE CAP 5/8"    Bendix
BD7710                   BLACK PLAIN OG 1/2"           Bendix
C87167                   MOORMAN SUEDE-BOULDER 40X60   Crescent
BD7712                   BLACK ARCHED FACE 3/4"        Bendix
BD7991                   SILVER BAMBOO 1"              Bendix
C87168                   MOORMAN SUEDE-GRAPHITE 40X60  Crescent
BD7714                   BLACK O.G. 3/4"               Bendix
BD7992                   NATURAL BAMBOO 1"             Bendix
BD7715                   BLACK CAP BEVELED 3/4"        Bendix
BD7993                   GOLD BAMBOO 1"                Bendix
BD7717                   BLACK TWO BRONZE LINES 9/16"  Bendix
BD7995                   SILVER BAMBOO 1 7/8"          Bendix
BD7999                   GREEN BAMBOO 5/8"             Bendix
BD7735                   BLACK PLAIN O. G. 1 1/2"      Bendix
BD8000                   GREEN BAMBOO 1"               Bendix
BD7736                   BLACK ARCH TOP 1"             Bendix
BD8049                   DARK GRAY BARNWOOD 1 7/8"     Bendix
BD7737                   BLACK O.G. BACK BEAD 1"       Bendix
BD7740                   BLACK O.G. BRONZE LIP 3/4"    Bendix
BD8056                   DARK GRAY BARNWOOD 1 1/4"     Bendix
BD7747                   BLACK O.G. BRONZE LIP 1 1/8"  Bendix
BD8202                   WHITE & GOLD EMBOSSED 1 1/16" Bendix
BD8210                   BRONZE  GOLD EMBOSSED 1 1/16" Bendix
BD7748                   BLACK PLAIN O.G. 7/8"         Bendix
BD8220                   BRONZE COMPO GLD ORN 1 1/2"   Bendix
BD8223                   GOLD ORNATE 1 1/8"            Bendix
BD7770                   BRONZE HLIGHT EMBOSS 11/16"   Bendix
BD8569                   DRK WAL STAIN DUST LINERS 1"  Bendix
BD8618                   O.G. PADOUK GOLD LIP 3/4"     Bendix
BD8626                   2 TONE WALNUT GLD LIP 1 9/16" Bendix
BD8637                   O.G. WALNUT BLACK LIP 1/2"    Bendix
BD8662                   FILLET GOLD COVE 9/16"        Bendix
BD8663                   FILLET BLACK COVE 9/16"       Bendix
BD8752                   BLACK GOLD HOGART 13/16"      Bendix
BD8753                   BLACK GOLD HOGART 1 1/8"      Bendix
BD8776                   GOLD EMBOSSED 1 1/4"          Bendix
BD8792                   REVERSE BRKN GLD LEAF 13/16"  Bendix
BD8809                   WATERFALL SHINY BLACK 1 7/8"  Bendix
BD8811                   WATERFALL MATTE BLACK 1 7/8"  Bendix
BD8971                   COL CRUSHED GLD RED RUB 15/16"Bendix
BD8975                   GOLD BRUSHED ANTIQUE 3/4"     Bendix
BD8976                   GOLD BRUSHED ANTIQUE 1"       Bendix
BD8977                   GLD BRUSHED ANTIQUE GLD 1 1/2"Bendix
BD8990                   GOLD COVE BROKEN LEAF 3/4"    Bendix
14214                    *De-Roller 24" 1.5" diameter  Supplies
BD9033                   BLK WHISTLER GRAY WASH 1 1/2" Bendix
BD9210                   CRUSHED GLD PLAIN FILLET 7/16"Bendix
BD9431                   GOLD WITH WASH 3/4"           Bendix
BD9436                   BAROQUE ANTIQUE GOLD 1 1/2"   Bendix
14215                    *De-Roller 50" 1.5" diameter  Supplies
FMANS1                   "City View II" by Jeff Surret Corner Samples
BD9438                   BLACK MATTE W/WASH  1 1/4"    Bendix
BD9453                   ANT SILVER EMBOSSED  1 1/4"   Bendix
BD9640                   GOLD COMP GRAY WASH  1 3/4"   Bendix
BD9644                   PADOUK W/ROPE LIP  1 3/4"     Bendix
BD9658                   GOLD HOT STAMP ORNATE 2"      Bendix
BD9661                   GOLD CAMPO 2 1/2"             Bendix
BD9662                   GOLD CAMPO 1 1/2"             Bendix
BD9664                   WALNUT GOLD LIP 1 1/2"        Bendix
BD9665                   PADOUK GOLD LIP 2"            Bendix
BD9668                   PADOUK GOLD LIP 1 1/2"        Bendix
BD9670                   REVERSE GOLD CAMEO 1 1/2"     Bendix
BD9671                   REVERSE GOLD CAMEO 2"         Bendix
BD9676                   WALNUT W/ROPE ON LIP 1 5/8"   Bendix
BD9748                   RED 3/4"                      Bendix
BD9752                   BROWN 1"                      Bendix
BD9753                   PADOUK 1"                     Bendix
BD9754                   CHARCOAL 1"                   Bendix
BD9763                   SHAPE #1 PADOUCK 1"           Bendix
BD9766                   SHAPE #3 WALNUT  1 1/2"       Bendix
BD9776                   BLACK SCALLOP 9/16"           Bendix
BD9777                   WIDE BLACK SCALLOP 1 1/4"     Bendix
BD9779                   SILVER 58 WIDE ORNAM 5/8"     Bendix
BD9780                   BLACK 58 WIDE ORNAM 5/8"      Bendix
BD9782                   PADUK 1"                      Bendix
BD9786                   BLACK GESSO 1"                Bendix
BD9798                   HONEY W/ROPE ON LIP 1 3/4"    Bendix
BD9800                   GOLD COMPO ORN RED RUB 3/4"   Bendix
BD9801                   SILVER COMPO ORN RED RUB 3/4" Bendix
BD9807                   GOLD ORNATE SCOOP  2 1/4"     Bendix
BD9830                   ORN WHT WSH GLD STAMP 1 3/8"  Bendix
BD9833                   SILVER ORNATE SCOOP 2 1/4"    Bendix
BD9838                   GOLD ORNATE SCOOP 3"          Bendix
BD9846                   GOLD SILK 2 1/8"              Bendix
BD9847                   SILVER SILK 2 1/8"            Bendix
BD9848                   LARGE GOLD SILK 3"            Bendix
BD9875                   BLACK BEAD 3/4"               Bendix
BD9882                   BLACK 1 1/4"                  Bendix
BD9883                   BLACK 7/8"                    Bendix
BD9919                   ORNATE SILVER/GOLD WASH 1 5/8"Bendix
BDGG1                    GOLD ROPE LIP 1"              Bendix
BDGG8222                 GOLD COMPO ORN  1 1/8"        Bendix
BDGG9334                 ORNATE GOLD W/COPPER 2 1/4"   Bendix
BD3020                   BLACK SLANT 7/8"              Bendix
BD3176                   BLACK SLANT 1"                Bendix
BD3406                   BROWN BAMBOO 2"               Bendix
BD3418                   MOTTLED GOLD 1 3/8"           Bendix
BD3432                   SCRATCHED GOLD 2 1/2"         Bendix
BD3433                   SCRATCHED SILVER 2 1/2"       Bendix
BD3438                   SCRATCHED SILVER 1 1/2"       Bendix
BD3454                   ANTIQUE SILVER 3 1/4"         Bendix
BD3469                   GOLD RED WEBBED 2 3/4"        Bendix
BD3470                   SILVER ORANGE WEBBED 2 3/4"   Bendix
BD3522                   BLACK 1 3/4"                  Bendix
BD3524                   RED SLANT 1 3/4"              Bendix
BD3525                   ORANGE SLANT 1 3/4"           Bendix
BD3526                   PURPLE SLANT 1 3/4"           Bendix
BD3527                   BRIGHT BLUE SLANT 1 3/4"      Bendix
BD3528                   GREEN SLANT 1 3/4"            Bendix
BD3529                   YELLOW SLANT 1 3/4"           Bendix
BD3530                   ROYAL BLUE SLANT 1 3/4"       Bendix
BD3603                   BLACK 2 3/8"                  Bendix
BD4034                   PAINTED LINER 3"              Bendix
BD6612                   GOLD COMP ORN GRAY 1 5/8"     Bendix
BD7139                   HALF ROUND WALNUT 1/2"        Bendix
BD7997                   GOLD BAMBOO 1 7/8"            Bendix
BD7998                   GREEN BAMBOO 1 7/8"           Bendix
BD9816                   SILVER ORNATE 1"              Bendix
BD9817                   GOLD ORNATE 1"                Bendix
BD9839                   SILVER ORNATE SCOOP 3"        Bendix
BD9872                   BLACK STEPS 2 1/2"            Bendix
BD9934                   ANTIQUE BLACK W/GOLD 3"       Bendix
BD9935                   ANTIQUE BLACK LINE 2 1/2"     Bendix
BD992054                 GOLD FLORAL EMB SPOT 1"       Bendix
BD992228                 ORNATE GOLD 2 1/2"            Bendix
BD992292                 WALNUT BULLNOSE W/GOLD 1 1/4" Bendix
BD2878                   ANTIQUE SILVER BLACK RUB 7/8" Bendix
BD3012                   CRUSHED GOLD ARCH 5/8"        Bendix
BD3017                   ROYAL BLUE 7/8"               Bendix
BD3471                   DARK W/ORNAMENTED LIP 2 1/4"  Bendix
BD3506                   WHITE RUSTIC 1 1/2"           Bendix
BD3535                   LT. PINK RUSTIC 1 1/2"        Bendix
BD3007                   BRIGHT SILVER HALF ROUND 3/4" Bendix
BD6508                   ANTIQUE GOLD CAP 3/4"         Bendix
BD7225                   PADOUK 1"                     Bendix
BD9667                   PADOUK STAIN 2"               Bendix
BD9778                   GOLD ORNAMENT 5/8"            Bendix
BDGG9333                 GOLD COMPO 2 5/16"            Bendix
BD4077                   GOLD COLONIAL 5/8"            Bendix
FMCTZ1                   "Untitled" by Bika            Corner Samples
523365                   MILAN GOLD 1 3/4"             Arqadia
523366                   MILAN BRONZE 1 3/4"           Arqadia
353366                   MILAN LARGE BRONZE CAP        Arqadia
1190-2                   ANTQ. GOLD 2"                 Arqadia
1191-2                   ANTQ. GOLD 1 5/8"             Arqadia
1157-7                   BRONZE DISTRESSED             Arqadia
2003-1                   ANTIQUE SILVER                Arqadia
2003-2                   ANTIQUE GOLD 3 3/8"           Arqadia
BD8107                   SILVER REVERSE 1 3/8"         Bendix
FMIS1                    "Autumn Morning"  "SOLD OUT"  Corner Samples
25701                    **Jersey Pro Lg Hngr Blk 32x40Supplies
25703                    **Jersey Pro Lg Hngr Mah 32x40Supplies
25704JP                  Jersey Pro Bulk Black 32x40   Supplies
25706JP                  Jersey Pro Bulk Mahog 32x40   Supplies
DPMG                     MUSEUM GLASS MERCHANDISER     Corner Samples
ASJ                      QUALITY CON MAT SAMPLE-156 COLArtique
157591                   W0 MARAIS GOLD FILLET 1/4"    Wood Mldg
157592                   W0 MARAIS SILVER FILLET 1/4"  Wood Mldg
337591                   W2 MARAIS EUR GOLD 1 1/8"     Wood Mldg
337592                   W2 MARAIS EUR SILVER 1 1/8"   Wood Mldg
357591                   W2 MARAIS EUR GOLD SCP 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
357592                   W2 MARAIS EUR SILVER SCP 1 5/8Wood Mldg
457591                   W2 MARAIS EUR GOLD CAP 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
457592                   W2 MARAIS SILVER CAP 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
557591                   W2 MARAIS EUR GOLD TRAD 2"    Wood Mldg
557592                   W2 MARAIS EUR SILV TRAD 2"    Wood Mldg
657591                   W2 MARAIS EUR GOLD PANEL 2 3/4Wood Mldg
657592                   W2 MARAIS EUR SILVER PNL 2 3/4Wood Mldg
CSMA                     MARAIS SAMPLE SET             Corner Samples
21512                    LJ 1/2"x32 yd Acid Free ATG   Supplies
21514                    Acid Fr Fillet Tape 1/4"x54yd Supplies
21516                    LJ 1/2"x33 yd Heavy ATG       Supplies
21518                    LJ ATG Tape 1/2"x36 yds       Supplies
21520                    LJ ATG Tape 1/2"x60 yds       Supplies
25700D                   Black Jersey Pro Shadow Box   Supplies
25702D                   Mahogany Jersey Pro Shadow BoxSupplies
26412                    *Z-Crackle Finish Step 1      Supplies
26413                    *Z-Crackle Finish Step 1 (gal)Supplies
26414                    *Z-Crackle Finish Step 2      Supplies
26415                    *Z-Crackle Finish Step 2 (gal)Supplies
26416                    *Antiquing Polish Brown (2oz) Supplies
26417                    *Antiquing Polish Brown (16oz)Supplies
26418                    *Z-Crackle Antiquing Kit      Supplies
26419                    *Z-Crackle Antiquing Kit (Pro)Supplies
26405                    Printweights                  Supplies
AS5A                     ARTIQUE SAMPLE SET            Artique
ASJ5                     CONSRV SAMPLES-12 COLORS      Artique
A4149                    ARTIQUE GRAPHITE 40X60        Artique
A4150                    ARTIQUE SAFFRON 40X60         Artique
A4151                    ARTIQUE LAPIS 40X60           Artique
A4152                    ARTIQUE BERRY RED 40X60       Artique
FMSEV1                   Transcendental LS - "SOLD OUT"Corner Samples
FMFE2                    Skeleton Keys                 Corner Samples
467591                   W0 MARAIS EUR GOLD FLOAT 2"   Wood Mldg
467592                   W0 MARAIS EUR SILVER FLOAT 2" Wood Mldg
349601                   W2 CANTERBURY MAHOGANY 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
349602                   W2 CANTERBURY WALNUT 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
349603                   W2 CANTERBURY CHARCOAL 1 1/4" Wood Mldg
749601                   W2 CANTERBURY MAHOGANY 3 1/4" Wood Mldg
749602                   W2 CANTERBURY WALNUT 3 1/4"   Wood Mldg
749603                   W2 CANTERBURY CHARCOAL 3 1/4" Wood Mldg
CSCTB                    CANTERBURY SAMPLE SET         Corner Samples
428454                   W2 BOLSHOI FABERGE BLUE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
534454                   W2 BOLSHOI FABERGE BLUE 2 3/8"Wood Mldg
535454                   W2 BOLSHOI FABERGE BLUE 2 7/8"Wood Mldg
788454                   W0 BOLSHOI FABERGE BLUE 4 1/4"Wood Mldg
CSBO2                    BOLSHOI2 SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
170604                   W0 CANTERBURY FILLET 7/16"    Wood Mldg
JP-WIRE KIT              Jersey Pro Wire Kit           Supplies
80669                    ARQADIA WHITE W/BROWN 3 3/8"  Arqadia
12224                    *Fletcher Fillet Chopper      Equipment
12225                    *Fillet Chopper Left Meas Arm Equipment
12226                    Fletcher Fillet Chopper BladesSupplies
B4117                    GRECIAN WHITE 32X40           Bainbridge
B4118                    AEGEAN BLUE 32X40             Bainbridge
B4119                    GRAPPA 32X40                  Bainbridge
B4120                    SPARTAN 32X40                 Bainbridge
B4121                    ORANGE ZEST 32X40             Bainbridge
B4122                    PHARAOH GOLD 32X40            Bainbridge
B4123                    SPHINX 32X40                  Bainbridge
B4125                    ANCIENT STONE 32X40           Bainbridge
B4126                    MAJESTIC BROWN 32X40          Bainbridge
B4127                    BRICK OVEN 32X40              Bainbridge
B4117L                   GRECIAN WHITE 40X60           Bainbridge
B4118L                   AEGEAN BLUE 40X60             Bainbridge
B4119L                   GRAPPA 40X60                  Bainbridge
B4120L                   SPARTAN 40X60                 Bainbridge
B4121L                   ORANGE ZEST 40X60             Bainbridge
B4122L                   PHARAOH GOLD 40X60            Bainbridge
B4123L                   SPHINX 40X60                  Bainbridge
B4125L                   ANCIENT STONE 40X60           Bainbridge
B4126L                   MAJESTIC BROWN 40X60          Bainbridge
B4127L                   BRICK OVEN 40X60              Bainbridge
B4216                    VIVID PURPLE 32X40            Bainbridge
B4221                    SUNDRENCHED 32X40             Bainbridge
B4222                    SUNBURST 32X40                Bainbridge
B4223                    BLAZE 32X40                   Bainbridge
B4216L                   VIVID PURPLE 40X60            Bainbridge
B4221L                   SUNDRENCHED 40X60             Bainbridge
B4222L                   SUNBURST 40X60                Bainbridge
B4223L                   BLAZE 40X60                   Bainbridge
B4410                    GOLDEN SAMURAI 32X40          Bainbridge
B4411                    CHAI 32X40                    Bainbridge
B4412                    SAKE 32X40                    Bainbridge
B4413                    SALT GRASS 32X40              Bainbridge
B8013                    ALPHAMAT MATADOR 32X40        Bainbridge
B8192                    ALPHAMAT FIERY RED 32X40      Bainbridge
B693                     PAPERMAT RED ORANGE 32X40     Bainbridge
B700                     PAPERMAT GINGERBREAD 32X40    Bainbridge
B701                     PAPERMAT IVY LEAF 32X40       Bainbridge
B703                     PAPER COUNTRY ROSE 32X40      Bainbridge
B704                     PAPER TERRAZZO TAN 32X40      Bainbridge
B706                     PAPER VOLCANIC ASH 32X40      Bainbridge
B707                     PAPER CASTLEROCK 32X40        Bainbridge
B709                     PAPER EXTREME WHITE 32X40     Bainbridge
B710                     PAPER SPICED ORANGE 32X40     Bainbridge
B712                     PAPER OCTOBERFEST 32X40       Bainbridge
B4224                    BLACK SEA 32X40               Bainbridge
B4225                    FRESH OREGANO 32X40           Bainbridge
B4226                    BLACKENED SAFFRON 32X40       Bainbridge
B4224L                   BLACK SEA 40X60               Bainbridge
B4225L                   FRESH OREGANO 40X60           Bainbridge
B4226L                   BLACKENED SAFFRON 40X60       Bainbridge
B701L                    IVY LEAF 40X60                Bainbridge
B703L                    COUNTRY ROSE 40X60            Bainbridge
B709L                    EXTREME WHITE 40X60           Bainbridge
B726L                    AUTUMN GOLD 40X60             Bainbridge
N25470                   BRUSHED SATIN NICKEL          Nielsen
N25478                   BRUSHED SATIN PEWTER          Nielsen
N117470                  BRUSHED SATIN NICKEL          Nielsen
N117478                  BRUSHED SATIN PEWTER          Nielsen
N95470                   BRUSHED SATIN NICKEL          Nielsen
N95478                   BRUSHED SATIN PEWTER          Nielsen
N99470                   BRUSHED SATIN NICKEL          Nielsen
N99478                   BRUSHED SATIN PEWTER          Nielsen
N99475                   BRUSHED SATIN CHOCOLATE       Nielsen
N99421                   BRUSHED SATIN BLACK           Nielsen
CS06SL                   NIELSEN SAMPLE SET 2006       Corner Samples
C1420                    RAG CLOUD 32X40               Crescent
C1421                    RAG SATIN 32X40               Crescent
C1422                    RAG BEACH 32X40               Crescent
C1423                    RAG CLOTH 32X40               Crescent
C1424                    RAG TWILL 32X40               Crescent
C1425                    RAG SEED 32X40                Crescent
C1426                    RAG HERB 32X40                Crescent
C1427                    RAG CHIVE 32X40               Crescent
C1428                    RAG MOREL 32X40               Crescent
C1429                    RAG LAKE 32X40                Crescent
C1430                    RAG OCEANA 32X40              Crescent
C1431                    RAG INK BLUE 32X40            Crescent
C1432                    RAG CLARET 32X40              Crescent
C1433                    RAG SHADE 32X40               Crescent
C81420                   RAG CLOUD 40X60               Crescent
C81421                   RAG SATIN 40X60               Crescent
C81424                   RAG TWILL 40X60               Crescent
C81425                   RAG SEED 40X60                Crescent
C81426                   RAG HERB 40X60                Crescent
C81428                   RAG MOREL 40X60               Crescent
MGFREE                   MUSEUM GLASS FREE PROMO       Supplies
24309                    LJ Hangers 75# 100 bags/box   Supplies
28016                    Plastic Scratch Remover 15 oz Supplies
27831                    *Framing Collectibles (Book)  Supplies
27833                    *How to Build Frameshop (Book)Supplies
27835                    *Color and Design (Book)      Supplies
27837                    *Floorplans for Galleries (Bk)Supplies
M32106L                  Faux Leather New Stetson      Matboard
13632                    Ragmount 24 1/2 x 150 ft      Supplies
13634                    Ragmount 40 1/2 x 150 ft      Supplies
US10966                  Framerica Fillet Stainless 1/4Framemica
78110                    CONT 2 1/2" 22K GOLD WEDGE    Concerto
78121                    CONT 3 1/2" 22K GOLD WEDGE    Concerto
78130                    CONT 3" 22K GOLD INCLINE      Concerto
78142                    CONT 4 1/2" 22K GOLD INCLINE  Concerto
78150                    CONT 3 1/8" 22K GOLD BRAQUE   Concerto
78175                    CONT 4 5/8" 22K GOLD BRAQUE   Concerto
78215                    CONT 2 1/2" 12K WH GOLD WEDGE Concerto
78225                    CONT 3 1/2" 12K WH GOLD WEDGE Concerto
78235                    CONT 3" 12K WH GOLD INCLINE   Concerto
78245                    CONT 4 1/2" 12K WH GLD INCLINEConcerto
78265                    CONT 3 1/8" 12K WH GOLD BRAQUEConcerto
78285                    CONT 4 5/8" 12K WH GOLD BRAQUEConcerto
78330                    1 1/4" FLAT & HOLLOW LINER    Concerto
CSCECO                   CONTEMPORARY FULL SET(12)ITEMSConcerto
CSCECG                   22K GOLD CONTEMPORARY(6 ITEMS)Concerto
CSCECW                   12K WHITE GOLD CONT (6 ITEMS) Concerto
CS78110                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78121                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78130                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78142                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78150                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78175                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78215                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78225                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78235                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78245                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78265                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78285                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78330                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
101610                   W0 LUXOR GOLD FILLET 1/4"     Wood Mldg
101611                   W0 LUXOR SILVER FILLET 1/4"   Wood Mldg
711610                   W0 GLD WIDE SLOPE FLOAT 3 7/16Wood Mldg
711611                   W0 SLV WIDE SLOPE FLOAT 3 7/16Wood Mldg
701610                   W0 GOLD FLAT TOP FLOAT 3 9/16"Wood Mldg
701611                   W0 SLVR FLAT TOP FLOAT 3 9/16"Wood Mldg
511610                   W0 GOLD NRW SLOPE FLOAT 2 9/16Wood Mldg
511611                   W0 SLVR NRW SLOPE FLOAT 2 9/16Wood Mldg
201610                   W0 LUXOR GOLD SMALL CAP 9/16" Wood Mldg
201611                   W0 LUXOR SLVR SMALL CAP 9/16" Wood Mldg
301610                   W1 LUXOR GOLD LARGE CAP 1 5/16Wood Mldg
301611                   W1 LUXOR SLVR LARGE CAP 1 5/16Wood Mldg
CSLX                     LUXOR SAMPLE SET              Corner Samples
FMMA1                    "Corner in Venice"-Greg CarterCorner Samples
BFB40P                   3/16 40X60 FOAM CENTER BOARD  Foamboard
MK4                      CRESCENT CORNER SAMPLE SET    Crescent
E4065                    NOVA CORE 32X40               Bainbridge
HA4373                   OMNI HANGERS/100 (BULK)       Supplies
25707JP                  Jersey Pro Bulk Black 32x32   Supplies
25708JP                  Jersey Pro Bulk Mahog 32x32   Supplies
US36966                  Framerica Stainless 1 3/16"   Framemica
US55966                  Framerica Stainless 1 13/16"  Wood Mldg
CSSTN                    FRAMERICA STAINLESS SAMPLE SETCorner Samples
9214                     DBL STEP FLOAT BLK/GOLD 1 5/8"Arqadia
9215                     DBL STEP FLOAT BLK/SILV 1 5/8"Arqadia
9174                     DBL STEP FLOAT BLACK 1 5/8"   Arqadia
CSCL                     CALISTOGA SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
110620                   W0 CALISTOGA WHT WASH FLT 3/8"Wood Mldg
110625                   W0 CALISTOGA WALNUT FLT 3/8"  Wood Mldg
210620                   W1 CALISTOGA WHT WASH CAP 1"  Wood Mldg
210625                   W1 CALISTOGA WALNUT CAP 1"    Wood Mldg
410620                   W2 CALISTOGA WHT FLAT 1 13/16"Wood Mldg
410625                   W2 CALISTOGA WAL FLAT 1 13/16"Wood Mldg
510620                   W2 CALISTOGA WHT LINER 2 5/8" Wood Mldg
510625                   W2 CALISTOGA WAL LINER 2 5/8" Wood Mldg
900-901                  SINGLE STEP FOAMBD 32X40 3/16 Foamboard
900-902                  SINGLE STEP FOAMBD 40X60 3/16 Foamboard
CSCNF                    CONFETTI SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
119630                   W0 CONFETTI BLACK CAP 1"      Wood Mldg
119631                   W0 CONFETTI WHITE CAP 1"      Wood Mldg
347632                   W2 CONFETTI YELLOW 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
347634                   W2 CONFETTI ORANGE 1 3/4"     Wood Mldg
347635                   W2 CONFETTI RED 1 3/4"        Wood Mldg
347637                   W2 CONFETTI GREEN 1 3/4"      Wood Mldg
347640                   W2 CONFETTI BLUE 1 3/4"       Wood Mldg
140632                   W1 CONFETTI YELLOW 7/8"       Wood Mldg
140633                   W1 CONFETTI GRAY 7/8"         Wood Mldg
140634                   W1 CONFETTI ORANGE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
140635                   W1 CONFETTI RED 7/8"          Wood Mldg
140636                   W1 CONFETTI LT BLUE 7/8"      Wood Mldg
140637                   W1 CONFETTI GREEN 7/8"        Wood Mldg
140638                   W1 CONFETTI MAROON 7/8"       Wood Mldg
140639                   W1 CONFETTI PURPLE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
140640                   W1 CONFETTI BLUE 7/8"         Wood Mldg
140641                   W1 CONFETTI DK BLUE 7/8"      Wood Mldg
C29500                   SELECT WHITE GLOVE (6 PLY)    Matboard
C29502                   SELECT WHITE SALE (6 PLY)     Matboard
C29505                   SELECT WHITE WASH (6 PLY)     Matboard
C29507                   SELECT WHITE ELEPHANT (6 PLY) Matboard
C29509                   SELECT HALF & HALF (6 PLY)    Matboard
C29511                   SELECT FOSSIL (6 PLY)         Matboard
C29516                   SELECT TUSK (6 PLY)           Matboard
C29594                   SELECT CONCRETE (6 PLY)       Matboard
C29598                   SELECT BEFORE DARK (6 PLY)    Matboard
C29599                   SELECT AFTER DARK (6 PLY)     Matboard
C89500                   SELECT WHITE GLOVE 40X60      Matboard
C89501                   SELECT WHITE COLLAR 40X60     Matboard
C89502                   SELECT WHITE SALE 40X60       Matboard
C89505                   SELECT WHITE WASH 40X60       Matboard
C89506                   SELECT EGG WHITE 40X60        Matboard
C89507                   SELECT WHITE ELEPHANT 40X60   Matboard
C89508                   SELECT WHITE SANDS 40X60      Matboard
C89510                   SELECT FROTH 40X60            Matboard
C89511                   SELECT FOSSIL 40X60           Matboard
C89516                   SELECT TUSK 40X60             Matboard
C89520                   SELECT HAYSTACK 40X60         Matboard
C89527                   SELECT WISE GREEN 40X60       Matboard
C89533                   SELECT BONSAI 40X60           Matboard
C89534                   SELECT MARTIAN 40X60          Matboard
C89538                   SELECT DEEP WOODS 40X60       Matboard
C89542                   SELECT BLUE MONDAY 40X60      Matboard
C89553                   SELECT MOODY BLUE 40X60       Matboard
C89554                   SELECT PHARAOH 40X60          Matboard
C89565                   SELECT QUARRY 40X60           Matboard
C89574                   SELECT MAROONED 40X60         Matboard
C89591                   SELECT TOP SOIL 40X60         Matboard
C89592                   SELECT BLIZZARD 40X60         Matboard
C89598                   SELECT BEFORE DARK 40X60      Matboard
C89599                   SELECT AFTER DARK 40X60       Matboard
C89601                   SELECT SANDPAPER 40X60        Matboard
C89613                   SELECT SUPER WHITE 40X60      Matboard
C89614                   SELECT GLOW 40X60             Matboard
C89615                   SELECT CREAM PUFF 40X60       Matboard
C89618                   SELECT TATER 40X60            Matboard
C89619                   SELECT WHEAT GERM 40X60       Matboard
C89620                   SELECT LIZARD 40X60           Matboard
C89626                   SELECT BLUE COAT 40X60        Matboard
C89629                   SELECT RHINO 40X60            Matboard
C9500                    SELECT WHITE GLOVE 32X40      Matboard
C9501                    SELECT WHITE COLLAR 32X40     Matboard
C9502                    SELECT WHITE SALE 32X40       Matboard
C9503                    SELECT WHITE HOT 32X40        Matboard
C9504                    SELECT WHITE LIE 32X40        Matboard
C9505                    SELECT WHITE WASH 32X40       Matboard
C9506                    SELECT EGG WHITE 32X40        Matboard
C9507                    SELECT WHITE ELEPHANT 32X40   Matboard
C9508                    SELECT WHITE SANDS 32X40      Matboard
C9509                    SELECT HALF & HALF 32X40      Matboard
C9510                    SELECT FROTH 32X40            Matboard
C9511                    SELECT FOSSIL 32X40           Matboard
C9512                    SELECT MUMMY 32X40            Matboard
C9513                    SELECT SANDTRAP 32X40         Matboard
C9514                    SELECT TOASTY 32X40           Matboard
C9515                    SELECT WET SAND 32X40         Matboard
C9516                    SELECT TUSK 32X40             Matboard
C9517                    SELECT PEACH FUZZ 32X40       Matboard
C9518                    SELECT SUMMER 32X40           Matboard
C9519                    SELECT CURRY 32X40            Matboard
C9520                    SELECT HAYSTACK 32X40         Matboard
C9521                    SELECT GOLD RUSH 32X40        Matboard
C9522                    SELECT OLEO 32X40             Matboard
C9523                    SELECT OMELET 32X40           Matboard
C9524                    SELECT IN THE BUFF 32X40      Matboard
C9525                    SELECT SAGE ADVISE 32X40      Matboard
C9526                    SELECT PICKLE 32X40           Matboard
C9527                    SELECT WISE GREEN 32X40       Matboard
C9528                    SELECT LENTIL 32X40           Matboard
C9529                    SELECT SILLY PUTTY 32X40      Matboard
C9530                    SELECT HEDGEHOG 32X40         Matboard
C9531                    SELECT SPINACH 32X40          Matboard
C9532                    SELECT OLIVE BRANCH 32X40     Matboard
C9533                    SELECT BONSAI 32X40           Matboard
C9534                    SELECT MARTIAN 32X40          Matboard
C9535                    SELECT TURF 32X40             Matboard
C9536                    SELECT FROND 32X40            Matboard
C9537                    SELECT ENVY 32X40             Matboard
C9538                    SELECT DEEP WOODS 32X40       Matboard
C9539                    SELECT RIPTIDE 32X40          Matboard
C9540                    SELECT POOL LINER 32X40       Matboard
C9541                    SELECT KENTUCKY PASTURE 32X40 Matboard
C9542                    SELECT BLUE MONDAY 32X40      Matboard
C9543                    SELECT FATHOM 32X40           Matboard
C9544                    SELECT CHICAGO BLUES 32X40    Matboard
C9545                    SELECT GLACIER 32X40          Matboard
C9546                    SELECT BLUE SATIN 32X40       Matboard
C9547                    SELECT IN A FOG 32X40         Matboard
C9548                    SELECT BLUE LILAC 32X40       Matboard
C9549                    SELECT INLET 32X40            Matboard
C9550                    SELECT CABANA 32X40           Matboard
C9551                    SELECT BLUE WAVE 32X40        Matboard
C9552                    SELECT NYPD 32X40             Matboard
C9553                    SELECT MOODY BLUE 32X40       Matboard
C9554                    SELECT PHARAOH 32X40          Matboard
C9555                    SELECT STEEL DRUM 32X40       Matboard
C9556                    SELECT TEMPEST 32X40          Matboard
C9557                    SELECT PIGEON 32X40           Matboard
C9558                    SELECT GEODE 32X40            Matboard
C9559                    SELECT PLINK 32X40            Matboard
C9560                    SELECT EASTER EGG 32X40       Matboard
C9561                    SELECT PURPLE HAZE 32X40      Matboard
C9562                    SELECT GRAPE JELLY 32X40      Matboard
C9563                    SELECT SOME PLUM 32X40        Matboard
C9564                    SELECT PURPLE MOUNTAIN 32X40  Matboard
C9565                    SELECT QUARRY 32X40           Matboard
C9566                    SELECT OINK 32X40             Matboard
C9567                    SELECT COTTON CANDY 32X40     Matboard
C9568                    SELECT MAKE-UP 32X40          Matboard
C9569                    SELECT COHO 32X40             Matboard
C9570                    SELECT SUSHI 32X40            Matboard
C9571                    SELECT BANDAGE 32X40          Matboard
C9572                    SELECT FIJI CORAL 32X40       Matboard
C9573                    SELECT CRANBERRY SAUCE 32X40  Matboard
C9574                    SELECT MAROONED 32X40         Matboard
C9575                    SELECT RARE 32X40             Matboard
C9576                    SELECT VALENTINE 32X40        Matboard
C9577                    SELECT STOP 32X40             Matboard
C9578                    SELECT RUSTED 32X40           Matboard
C9579                    SELECT MUDSLIDE 32X40         Matboard
C9580                    SELECT CARROT 32X40           Matboard
C9581                    SELECT HOT SAUCE 32X40        Matboard
C9582                    SELECT YAM I AM 32X40         Matboard
C9583                    SELECT PEANUT BUTTER 32X40    Matboard
C9584                    SELECT CATCHER'S MITT 32X40   Matboard
C9585                    SELECT ROOT BEER 32X40        Matboard
C9586                    SELECT BROWN SUGAR 32X40      Matboard
C9587                    SELECT MILK CHOCOLATE 32X40   Matboard
C9588                    SELECT MILK SHAKE 32X40       Matboard
C9589                    SELECT BAMBI 32X40            Matboard
C9590                    SELECT FRESH BREW 32X40       Matboard
C9591                    SELECT TOP SOIL 32X40         Matboard
C9592                    SELECT BLIZZARD 32X40         Matboard
C9593                    SELECT GRAVEL ROAD 32X40      Matboard
C9594                    SELECT CONCRETE 32X40         Matboard
C9595                    SELECT URBAN 32X40            Matboard
C9596                    SELECT CUBICLE 32X40          Matboard
C9597                    SELECT FIELD MOUSE 32X40      Matboard
C9598                    SELECT BEFORE DARK 32X40      Matboard
C9599                    SELECT AFTER DARK 32X40       Matboard
C9600                    SELECT BATTER 32X40           Crescent
C9601                    SELECT SANDPAPER 32X40        Matboard
C9602                    SELECT GUACAMOLE 32X40        Matboard
C9603                    SELECT UNDERBRUSH 32X40       Matboard
C9604                    SELECT BLARNEY 32X40          Matboard
C9605                    SELECT TEALY DAN 32X40        Matboard
C9606                    SELECT JAWS 32X40             Matboard
C9607                    SELECT BLUE CHIP 32X40        Matboard
C9608                    SELECT SWEET TART 32X40       Matboard
C9609                    SELECT ERASER 32X40           Matboard
C9610                    SELECT CODE RED 32X40         Matboard
C9611                    SELECT PEAT MOSS 32X40        Matboard
C9612                    SELECT FUZZ 32X40             Matboard
C9613                    SELECT SUPER WHITE 32X40      Matboard
C9614                    SELECT GLOW 32X40             Matboard
C9615                    SELECT CREAM PUFF 32X40       Matboard
C9616                    SELECT HONEY WHEAT 32X40      Matboard
C9617                    SELECT VANILLA ICE CREAM 32X40Matboard
C9618                    SELECT TATER 32X40            Matboard
C9619                    SELECT WHEAT GERM 32X40       Matboard
C9620                    SELECT LIZARD 32X40           Matboard
C9621                    SELECT BUD 32X40              Matboard
C9623                    SELECT GREENERY 32X40         Matboard
C9624                    SELECT SCRUBS 32X40           Matboard
C9625                    SELECT BLUE MOON 32X40        Matboard
C9626                    SELECT BLUE COAT 32X40        Matboard
C9627                    SELECT INK SPOT 32X40         Matboard
C9629                    SELECT RHINO 32X40            Matboard
C9630                    SELECT METEORITE 32X40        Matboard
C9631                    SELECT COAL MINE 32X40        Matboard
C89800                   OLD(M5928L) BAKER'S WHITE 40X6Matboard
C89801                   OLD(M1922L) CHALK 40X60       Matboard
C89802                   OLD(M1984L) WHITE ART 40X60   Matboard
C89803                   OLD(M1985L) WHITE RIPPLE 40X60Matboard
C89804                   OLD(M1909L) PURE WHITE 40X60  Matboard
C89805                   OLD(M5958L) COCONUT MILK 40X60Matboard
C89806                   OLD(M1930L) DOVE 40X60        Matboard
C89807                   OLD(M1904L) OFF WHITE 40X60   Matboard
C89808                   OLD(M1949L) IVORY ART 40X60   Matboard
C89809                   OLD(M5911L) TWILIGHT 40X60    Matboard
C89810                   OLD(M1983L) TAWNY 40X60       Matboard
C89811                   OLD(M1969L) PUTTY 40X60       Matboard
C89812                   OLD(M5912L) OLD IVORY 40X60   Matboard
C89813                   OLD(M5916L) SANDSTONE 40X60   Matboard
C89814                   OLD(M1915L) AUTUMN GOLD 40X60 Matboard
C89815                   OLD(M1934L) FAWN 40X60        Matboard
C89816                   OLD(M1936L) GINGER 40X60      Matboard
C89817                   OLD(M1940L) GREEN MIST 40X60  Matboard
C89818                   OLD(M1977L) SIENNA 40X60      Matboard
C89819                   OLD(M1959L) MOSS GREEN 40X60  Matboard
C89820                   OLD(M1935L) FOREST GREEN 40X60Matboard
C89821                   OLD(M1951L) IVY GREEN 40X60   Matboard
C89822                   OLD(M5931L) SIERRA OLIVE 40X60Matboard
C89823                   OLD(M5902L) BLACK FOREST 40X60Matboard
C89824                   OLD(M5906L) TAMARISK 40X60    Matboard
C89825                   OLD(M1958L) MICA 40X60        Matboard
C89826                   OLD(M5943L) MOCHA GREEN 40X60 Matboard
C89827                   OLD(M5909L) FLAG BLUE 40X60   Matboard
C89828                   OLD(M1956L) MYSTIC BLUE 40X60 Matboard
C89829                   OLD(M1962L) NAVY 40X60        Matboard
C89830                   OLD(M5937L) BLUE NIGHT 40X60  Matboard
C89831                   OLD(M5938L) BLUE IRIS 40X60   Matboard
C89832                   OLD(M5918L) STORMY BLUE 40X60 Matboard
C89833                   OLD(M5951L) ORANGE ADE 40X600 Matboard
C89834                   OLD(M1974L) RUSSET 40X60      Matboard
C89835                   OLD(M1945L) HARVEST BROWN 40X6Matboard
C89836                   OLD(M1978L) SPICE 40X60       Matboard
C89837                   OLD(M5901L) ALL AMERICAN RED  Matboard
C89838                   OLD(M1921L) BRICK 40X60       Matboard
C89839                   OLD(M5904L) CABERNET 40X60    Matboard
C89840                   OLD(M1965L) PLUM 40X60        Matboard
C89841                   OLD(M5941L) REDWOOD 40X60     Matboard
C89842                   OLD(M5950L) COFFEE BEAN 40X60 Matboard
C89843                   OLD(M1926L) CHOCOLATE 40X60   Matboard
C89844                   OLD(M5932L) IRONWOOD 40X60    Matboard
C89845                   OLD(M1925L) CHARCOAL 40X60    Matboard
C89846                   OLD(M5939L) DARK SHALE 40X60  Matboard
C89847                   OLD(M5953L) VOLCANO FIRE 40X60Matboard
C89848                   OLD(M1953L) JET BLACK 40X60   Matboard
C89849                   OLD(M2150L) ANTWERPEN 40X60   Matboard
C89850                   OLD(M1998L) SILVER 40X60      Matboard
C89851                   OLD(M19102L) GOLD NUGGET 40X60Matboard
C89852                   OLD(M1997L) GOLD 40X60        Matboard
C89853                   OLD(M2151L) BRUXELLES 40X60   Matboard
C89854                   OLD(M1996L) ROSE 40X60        Matboard
C89855                   OLD(M19100L) SPANISH GOLD 40X6Matboard
C89856                   OLD(M1991L) SUN 40X6          Matboard
C89857                   OLD(M2725L) SABBIA 40X60      Matboard
C89858                   OLD(M2134L) SURREY 40X60      Matboard
C89859                   OLD(M2126L) CAMBRIDGE 40X60   Matboard
C89860                   OLD(M2122L) DEVONSHIRE 40X60  Matboard
C89861                   OLD(M2143L) YORK 40X60        Matboard
C89862                   OLD(M2121L) SANDHURST 40X60   Matboard
C89863                   OLD(M27153L) BRITTANY 40X60   Matboard
C89864                   OLD(M2144L) CORNWALL 40X60    Matboard
C89865                   OLD(M2119L) KENSINGTON 40X60  Matboard
C89866                   OLD(M2138L) PLYMOUTH 40X60    Matboard
C89867                   OLD(M2132L) OXFORD 40X60      Matboard
C89868                   OLD(M2136L) CARDIFF 40X60     Matboard
C89900                   OLD(M5328L) BAKER'S WHITE 40X6Matboard
C89901                   OLD(M2322L) CHALK 40X60       Matboard
C89904                   OLD(M2309L) PURE WHITE 40X60  Matboard
C89905                   OLD(M2330L) DOVE 40X60        Matboard
C89940                   OLD(M2423L) GLADSTONE 40X60   Matboard
C89944                   OLD(M2353L) JET BLACK 40X60   Matboard
C9800                    OLD(M5928) BAKER'S WHITE 32X40Matboard
C9801                    OLD(M1922) CHALK 32X40        Matboard
C9802                    OLD(M1984) WHITE ART 32X40    Matboard
C9803                    OLD(M1985) WHITE RIPPLE 32X40 Matboard
C9804                    OLD(M1909) PURE WHITE 32X40   Matboard
C9805                    OLD(M5958) COCONUT MILK 32X40 Matboard
C9806                    OLD(M1930) DOVE 32X40         Matboard
C9807                    OLD(M1904) OFF WHITE 32X40    Matboard
C9808                    OLD(M1949) IVORY ART 32X40    Matboard
C9809                    OLD(M5911) TWILIGHT 32X40     Matboard
C9810                    OLD(M1983) TAWNY 32X40        Matboard
C9811                    OLD(M1969) PUTTY 32X40        Matboard
C9812                    OLD(M5912) OLD IVORY 32X40    Matboard
C9813                    OLD(M5916) SANDSTONE 32X40    Matboard
C9814                    OLD(M1915) AUTUMN GOLD 32X40  Matboard
C9815                    OLD(M1934) FAWN 32X40         Matboard
C9816                    OLD(M1936) GINGER 32X40       Matboard
C9817                    OLD(M1940) GREEN MIST 32X40   Matboard
C9818                    OLD(M1977) SIENNA 32X40       Matboard
C9819                    OLD(M1959) MOSS GREEN 32X40   Matboard
C9820                    OLD(M1935) FOREST GREEN 32X40 Matboard
C9821                    OLD(M1951) IVY GREEN 32X40    Matboard
C9822                    OLD(M5931) SIERRA OLIVE 32X40 Matboard
C9823                    OLD(M5902) BLACK FOREST 32X40 Matboard
C9824                    OLD(M5906) TAMARISK 32X40     Matboard
C9825                    OLD(M1958) MICA 32X40         Matboard
C9826                    OLD(M5943) MOCHA GREEN 32X40  Matboard
C9827                    OLD(M5909) FLAG BLUE 32X40    Matboard
C9828                    OLD(M1956) MYSTIC BLUE 32X40  Matboard
C9829                    OLD(M1962) NAVY 32X40         Matboard
C9830                    OLD(M5937) BLUE NIGHT 32X40   Matboard
C9831                    OLD(M5938) BLUE IRIS 32X40    Matboard
C9832                    OLD(M5918) STORMY BLUE 32X40  Matboard
C9833                    OLD(M5951) ORANGE ADE 32X40   Matboard
C9834                    OLD(M1974) RUSSET 32X40       Matboard
C9835                    OLD(M1945) HARVEST BROWN 32X40Matboard
C9836                    OLD(M1978) SPICE 32X40        Matboard
C9837                    OLD(M5901) ALL AMERICAN RED   Matboard
C9838                    OLD(M1921) BRICK 32X40        Matboard
C9839                    OLD(M5904) CABERNET 32X40     Matboard
C9840                    OLD(M1965) PLUM 32X40         Matboard
C9841                    OLD(M5941) REDWOOD 32X40      Matboard
C9842                    OLD(M5950) COFFEE BEAN 32X40  Matboard
C9843                    OLD(M1926) CHOCOLATE 32X40    Matboard
C9844                    OLD(M5932) IRONWOOD 32X40     Matboard
C9845                    OLD(M1925) CHARCOAL 32X40     Matboard
C9846                    OLD(M5939) DARK SHALE 32X40   Matboard
C9847                    OLD(M5953) VOLCANO FIRE 32X40 Matboard
C9848                    OLD(M1953) JET BLACK 32X40    Matboard
C9849                    OLD(M2150) ANTWERPEN 32X40    Matboard
C9850                    OLD(M1998) SILVER 32X40       Matboard
C9851                    OLD(M19102) GOLD NUGGET 32X40 Matboard
C9852                    OLD(M1997) GOLD 32X40         Matboard
C9853                    OLD(M2151) BRUXELLES 32X40    Matboard
C9854                    OLD(M1996) ROSE 32X40         Matboard
C9855                    OLD(M19100) SPANISH GOLD 32X40Matboard
C9856                    OLD(M1991) SUN 32X40          Matboard
C9857                    OLD(M2725) SABBIA 32X40       Matboard
C9858                    OLD(M2134) SURREY 32X40       Matboard
C9859                    OLD(M2126) CAMBRIDGE 32X40    Matboard
C9860                    OLD(M2122) DEVONSHIRE 32X40   Matboard
C9861                    OLD(M2143) YORK 32X40         Matboard
C9862                    OLD(M2121) SANDHURST 32X40    Matboard
C9863                    OLD(M27153) BRITTANY 32X40    Matboard
C9864                    OLD(M2144) CORNWALL 32X40     Matboard
C9865                    OLD(M2119) KENSINGTON 32X40   Matboard
C9866                    OLD(M2138) PLYMOUTH 32X40     Matboard
C9867                    OLD(M2132) OXFORD 32X40       Matboard
C9868                    OLD(M2136) CARDIFF 32X40      Matboard
C9900                    OLD(M5328) BAKER'S WHITE(BC)32Matboard
C9901                    OLD(M2322) CHALK (BC) 32X40   Matboard
C9902                    OLD(M2384) WHITE ART(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9903                    OLD(M2434) SURREY (BC) 32X40  Matboard
C9904                    OLD(M2309)PURE WHITE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9905                    OLD(M2330) DOVE (BC) 32X40    Matboard
C9906                    OLD(M2304) OFF WHITE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9907                    OLD(M2349) IVORY ART(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9908                    OLD(M2426) CAMBRIDGE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9909                    OLD(M5308) DESERT (BC) 32X40  Matboard
C9910                    OLD(M2450) ANTWERPEN(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9911                    OLD(M2451) BRUXELLES(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9912                    OLD(M5316) SANDSTONE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9913                    OLD(M2315) AUTUMN GOLD(BC) 32XMatboard
C9914                    OLD(M2336) GINGER (BC) 32X40  Matboard
C9915                    OLD(M2377) SIENNA (BC) 32X40  Matboard
C9916                    OLD(M5343) MOCHA GREEN(BC) 32XMatboard
C9917                    OLD(M2335) FOREST GREEN(BC) 32Matboard
C9918                    OLD(M5306) TAMARISK(BC) 32X40 Matboard
C9919                    OLD(M2358) MICA (BC) 32X40    Matboard
C9921                    OLD(M5302) BLACK FOREST(BC) 32Matboard
C9922                    OLD(M5309) FLAG BLUE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9923                    OLD(M5337) BLUE NIGHT(BC)32X40Matboard
C9924                    OLD(M2438) PLYMOUTH(BC) 32X40 Matboard
C9925                    OLD(M5338) BLUE IRIS(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9926                    OLD(M5301) ALL AMERICAN RED(BCMatboard
C9927                    OLD(M2321) BRICK(BC) 32X40    Matboard
C9928                    OLD(M5304) CABERNET(BC) 32X40 Matboard
C9929                    OLD(M5351) ORANGE ADE(BC)32X40Matboard
C9931                    OLD(M2422) DEVONSHIRE(BC)32X40Matboard
C9932                    OLD(M2334) FAWN(BC) 32X40     Matboard
C9933                    OLD(M2378) SPICE(BC) 32X40    Matboard
C9934                    OLD(M2369) PUTTY(BC) 32X40    Matboard
C9935                    OLD(M2443) YORK(BC) 32X40     Matboard
C9936                    OLD(M2345) HARVEST BROWN(BC)32Matboard
C9937                    OLD(M2432) OXFORD(BC) 32X40   Matboard
C9938                    OLD(M2419) KENSINGTON(BC)32X40Matboard
C9939                    OLD(M5318) STORMY BLUE(BC) 32XMatboard
C9940                    OLD(M2423) GLADSTONE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9941                    OLD(M2326) CHOCOLATE(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9942                    OLD(M5339) DARK SHALE(BC)32X40Matboard
C9943                    OLD(M5353) VOLCANO FIRE(BC) 32Matboard
C9944                    OLD(M2353) JET BLACK(BC) 32X40Matboard
C9945                    OLD(M2398) SILVER(BC) 32X40   Matboard
C9946                    OLD(M2396) ROSE(BC) 32X40     Matboard
C9947                    OLD(M23100) SPANISH GOLD(BC)32Matboard
CSRM3426                 OLD(M32109) RAWHIDE 32X40     Matboard
CSRM3427                 OLD(M32108) BUCKSKIN 32X40    Matboard
CSRM3428                 OLD(M32106) NEW STETSON 32X40 Matboard
CSRM3429                 OLD(M32112) SADDLE 32X40      Matboard
CSRM3430                 OLD(M32110) CHAPS 32X40       Matboard
CSRM3431                 OLD(M32130) CHAUCER BROWN 32X4Matboard
CSRM3432                 OLD(M32131) LONFELLOW GREEN   Matboard
CSRM3433                 OLD(M32133) HAWTHORNE RED 32X4Matboard
CSRM3434                 OLD(M32132) HEMINGWAY BLUE    Matboard
CSRM3435                 OLD(M32129) KEROUAC BLACK 32X4Matboard
CSRM83430                OLD(M32110L) CHAPS 40X60      Matboard
83406                    ARQADIA BROWN BAMBOO 2"       Arqadia
83407                    ARQADIA BROWN BAMBOO 1"       Arqadia
83426                    ARQADIA GREEN BAMBOO 1"       Arqadia
83432                    ARQADIA SCRATCHED GOLD 2 1/2" Arqadia
83433                    ARQADIA SCRATD SILVER 2 1/2"  Arqadia
83434                    ARQADIA SCRATD BLACK 2 1/2"   Arqadia
83437                    ARQADIA GOLD SMALL 1 1/2"     Arqadia
83438                    ARQADIA ANTQ GOLD SMALL 1 1/2"Arqadia
83439                    ARQADIA SCRATCHED BLACK 1 1/2"Arqadia
83495                    ARQADIA DARK COFFEE FLOATER 1"Arqadia
83499                    ARQADIA NATURAL BAMBOO  1"    Arqadia
87619                    ARQADIA GOLD BASKET WEAVE 1"  Arqadia
87621                    ARQADIA SILVER BASKET WEAVE 1"Arqadia
87995                    ARQADIA SILVER BAMBOO 1 7/8"  Arqadia
87997                    ARQADIA GOLD BAMBOO 1 7/8"    Arqadia
87998                    ARQADIA GREEN BAMBOO 1 7/8"   Arqadia
88000                    ARQADIA GREEN BAMBOO 1"       Arqadia
89934                    ARQADIA ANTIQUE BLK W/GOLD 3" Arqadia
FMCTB1                   "Regal Dragonfly III"         Corner Samples
FMMERE-T                 GOLF-TIMELESS                 Corner Samples
FMMERF-T                 STAMPS-TIMELESS               Corner Samples
FMANS-T                  "City View II"-TIMELESS       Corner Samples
120660                   W0 MANTILLA GOLD FILLET 1/4"  Wood Mldg
120661                   W0 MANTILLA BLACK FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
120662                   W0 MANTILLA SILVER FIL 1/4"   Wood Mldg
120663                   W0 MANTILLA IVORY FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
420660                   W1 MANTILLA SMALL GOLD 1 3/4" Wood Mldg
420661                   W1 MANTILLA SMALL BLACK 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
420662                   W1 MANTILLA SMALL SILVR 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
420663                   W1 MANTILLA SMALL IVORY 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
720660                   W2 MANTILLA LARGE GOLD 3 1/4" Wood Mldg
720661                   W2 MANTILLA LARGE BLK 3 1/4"  Wood Mldg
720662                   W2 MANTILLA LARGE SILVR 3 1/4"Wood Mldg
720663                   W2 MANTILLA LARGE IVORY 3 1/4"Wood Mldg
CSMTA                    MANTILLA SAMPLE SET           Corner Samples
CGB4060                  CRESCENT GATOR FOAMBOARD 40X60Foamboard
C9740                    MATB-WOODLANDS-BIRCH 32X40    Crescent
C9741                    MATB-WOODLANDS-OAK 32X40      Crescent
C9742                    MATB-WOODLANDS-MAPLE 32x40    Crescent
C9743                    MATB-WOODLANDS-BUCKEYE 32X40  Crescent
BFB4818                  1/8 48X96 FOAM CENTER BOARD   Foamboard
347630                   W2 CONFETTI BLACK 1 3/4"      Wood Mldg
CC4060.2B                1/8 40X60 FOAM CENTER (BULK)  Foamboard
900-905                  SINGLE STEP FOAMBD 24X36 3/16 Foamboard
24390                    10# poly 12/box 3 hngs/3 nailsSupplies
24391                    20# poly 12/bx 3 hngs/3 nails Supplies
24392                    30# poly 12/bx 3 hngs/3 nails Supplies
24393                    50# poly 12/bx 2 hgrs/4 nails Supplies
24394                    75# poly 12/bx 1 hgr/3 nails  Supplies
24395                    10# hangers 100 bags/box      Supplies
24396                    20# hangers 100 bags/box      Supplies
24397                    30# hangers 100 bags/box      Supplies
24398                    50# hangers 100 bags/box      Supplies
24399                    Extra nails 100/bag           Supplies
N117231                  VIVIDS GOLD BULLION           Nielsen
N117235                  VIVIDS TANGERINE TWIST        Nielsen
N117237                  VIVIDS RASPBERRY FIZZ         Nielsen
N117238                  VIVIDS TURQUOISE              Nielsen
N117239                  VIVIDS EMERALD                Nielsen
N117240                  VIVIDS AMETHYST               Nielsen
N117241                  VIVIDS COPPER PEACH           Nielsen
N117242                  VIVIDS LEMON ICE              Nielsen
N1314                    FLOATERS GERMAN SILVER        Nielsen
N1321                    FLOATERS MATTE BLACK          Nielsen
N1323                    FLOATERS ANTIQUE GOLD         Nielsen
N13179                   FLOATERS BLACK METALLINE      Nielsen
N1414                    FLOATERS GERMAN SILVER        Nielsen
N1421                    FLOATERS MATTE BLACK          Nielsen
ACB3218                  1/8 32x40 A-C BLACK FOAM      Foamboard
BFB4018P                 1/8 40X60 FOAM CENTER BOARD   Foamboard
CS06FL                   NIELSEN SAMPLE SET 2006       Corner Samples
FMCNF1                   NFL Super Tix ** XDK ONLY **  Corner Samples
FMCL1                    Three Ammonites (fossils)     Corner Samples
FMLX1                    "Domino" SOLD OUT             Corner Samples
113674                   W0 CRANBROOK EBONIZED WAL 3/8"Wood Mldg
113675                   W0 CRANBROOK NATURAL WAL 3/8" Wood Mldg
113676                   W0 CRANBROOK DARK WALNUT 3/8" Wood Mldg
113677                   W0 CRANBROOK NAT MAPLE 3/8"   Wood Mldg
313674                   W1 CRANBROOK EBONIZED WAL 1"  Wood Mldg
313675                   W1 CRANBROOK NATURAL WAL 1"   Wood Mldg
313676                   W1 CRANBROOK DARK WALNUT 1"   Wood Mldg
313677                   W1 CRANBROOK NAT MAPLE 1"     Wood Mldg
413674                   W2 CRANBROOK EBONIZED 1 5/8"  Wood Mldg
413675                   W2 CRANBROOK NATURAL WAL 1 5/8Wood Mldg
413676                   W2 CRANBROOK DARK WALNUT 1 5/8Wood Mldg
413677                   W2 CRANBROOK NAT MAPLE 1 5/8" Wood Mldg
603674                   W2 CRANBROOK EBONZD WAL 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
603675                   W2 CRANBROOK NAT WALNUT 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
603676                   W2 CRANBROOK DRK WALNUT 2 1/8"Wood Mldg
603677                   W2 CRANBROOK NAT MAPLE 2 1/8" Wood Mldg
613674                   W1 CRANBROOK EBONIZED WAL 3/4"Wood Mldg
613675                   W1 CRANBROOK NAT WALNUT 3/4"  Wood Mldg
613676                   W1 CRANBROOK DARK WALNUT 3/4" Wood Mldg
613677                   W1 CRANBROOK NAT MAPLE 3/4"   Wood Mldg
623674                   W0 CRANBROOK EB WAL FLOAT 2"  Wood Mldg
623675                   W0 CRANBROOK NAT WAL FLOAT 2" Wood Mldg
623676                   W0 CRANBROOK DK WAL FLOAT 2"  Wood Mldg
623677                   W0 CRANBROOK NAT MPL FLOAT 2" Wood Mldg
CSCRA                    **DO NOT USE**                Corner Samples
FMCLTX                   One Thousand Cattle Running   Corner Samples
GR4060                   REFLEC CONTROL 40X60          Glass
8106                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
4197                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 5/8"       Arqadia
GM1824                   MUSEUM GLASS 18X24            Glass
CSCRE                    CRANBROOK EBONIZED WALNUT SET Corner Samples
CSCRN                    CRANBROOK NATURAL WALNUT SET  Corner Samples
CSCRD                    CRANBROOK DARK WALNUT SET     Corner Samples
CSCRM                    CRANBROOK NATURAL MAPLE SET   Corner Samples
13424                    *Bienfang Roller Press_______ Equipment
13426                    **Poly-Off Press Cleaning Kit Supplies
13428                    **Roller Press Eraser         Supplies
13430                    **Green Cleaning Board 32x40  Supplies
13690                    **Canvas Laminate 25"x100"    Supplies
13691                    **Canvas Laminate 41"x100"    Supplies
13692                    **Velvet Laminate 25"x100"    Supplies
13693                    **Velvet Laminate 41"x100"    Supplies
13695                    **Gloss Laminate 25"x100"     Supplies
13697                    **Gloss Laminate 41"x100"     Supplies
AC4896.3C                3/16 48X96 ARTCARE FMB        Foamboard
446690                   THORNHILL BONE LINEN 1 1/4"   Wood Mldg
446691                   THORNHILL OXBLOOD LINEN 1 1/4 Wood Mldg
446692                   THORNHILL ESPRESSO LINEN 1 1/4Wood Mldg
446693                   THORNHILL CHAMBRAY LINEN 1 1/4Wood Mldg
541690                   THORNHILL BONE LINEN 2 3/4"   Wood Mldg
541691                   THORNHILL OXBLOOD LINEN 2 3/4 Wood Mldg
541692                   THORNHILL ESPRESSO LINEN 2 3/4Wood Mldg
541693                   THORNHILL CHAMBRAY LINEN 2 3/4Wood Mldg
159684                   THORNHILL NICKEL FILLET 7/16" Wood Mldg
159685                   THORNHILL BRASS FILLET 7/16"  Wood Mldg
CSTH                     THORNHILL SAMPLE SET          Corner Samples
1088                     ARQADIA GOLD ORNATE 3 5/8"    Arqadia
1089                     ARQADIA SILVER ORNATE 3 5/8"  Arqadia
FMSTL1                   STL FRAMED MODEL - CONFETTI   Corner Samples
FMCRA1                   "Horde A" by JB Hall          Corner Samples
FMTMA1                   .                             Corner Samples
FMMTA1                   "Hyde Series Medici"          Corner Samples
1007                     ARQADIA SILVER W/GOLD LIP 2"  Arqadia
1012                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
1029                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/4"         Arqadia
1036                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
1074                     ARQADIA BRONZE LEAF 3"        Arqadia
1076                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/8"           Arqadia
1091                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
1094                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
1410                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
1412                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLET 9/16"   Arqadia
1413                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 3/4"      Arqadia
1666                     ARQADIA GOLD  2 3/8"          Arqadia
1668                     ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/8"         Arqadia
1724                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
1725                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
1733                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
1734                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
1765                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
1791                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 4 1/2"       Arqadia
1463                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/4"           Arqadia
1792                     ARQADIA WALNUT 4 1/2"         Arqadia
1798                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE WHITE 2 3/4"  Arqadia
1799                     ARQADIA BLACK W/RED 2 3/4"    Arqadia
1800                     ARQADIA YELLOW 2"             Arqadia
1801                     ARQADIA ORANGE 2"             Arqadia
1805                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL 2"     Arqadia
1806                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF FILLET 3/4" Arqadia
1809                     ARQADIA BLACK/RED FILLET 3/4" Arqadia
1821                     ARQADIA SIENNA 4 1/2"         Arqadia
1822                     ARQADIA SIENNA FILLET 13/16"  Arqadia
1828                     ARQADIA GLD/BLK L FLOAT 1 5/8"Arqadia
1829                     ARQADIA SLVR/BLK LFLOAT 1 5/8"Arqadia
1842                     ARQADIA BRONZE FILLET 13/16"  Arqadia
1844                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY FILLET 13/16"Arqadia
1845                     ARQADIA WALNUT FILLET 13/16"  Arqadia
1880                     ARQADIA ORIENT BLU/GRN 3 7/8" Arqadia
1881                     ARQADIA ORIENTAL OLIVE 3 7/8" Arqadia
1882                     ARQADIA BRONZE LEAF 4 1/2"    Arqadia
1883                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 4 1/2"      Arqadia
3103                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
3104                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLET 9/16"   Arqadia
3106                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
3108                     ARQADIA BLACK FILLET 9/16"    Arqadia
3111                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 7/8"          Arqadia
3115                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 7/8"          Arqadia
3116                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BROWN 2 7/8"  Arqadia
3124                     ARQADIA BLACK BEAD FILLET 5/8"Arqadia
4103                     ARQADIA HONEY 2"              Arqadia
4117                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 5/8"       Arqadia
1467                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 1/2"          Arqadia
4154                     ARQADIA BLACK 2"              Arqadia
1484                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/4"           Arqadia
4155                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 3/8"          Arqadia
1485                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/4"         Arqadia
4180                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 9/16"          Arqadia
4181                     ARQADIA SILVER 1 9/16"        Arqadia
4183                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 9/16"         Arqadia
5502                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/RED 3 3/16" Arqadia
5503                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BLK 3 3/16" Arqadia
1501                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
5508                     ARQADIA BROWN 3"              Arqadia
5509                     ARQADIA REDDISH BROWN 3"      Arqadia
5516                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/RED 3 5/16" Arqadia
6512                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 4 3/8"      Arqadia
6515                     ARQADIA BLACK/GOLD 4 9/16"    Arqadia
1505                     ARQADIA DUSK FILLET 9/16"     Arqadia
6516                     ARQADIA BLACK/SLVR 4 9/16"    Arqadia
1560                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
6517                     ARQADIA BLACK/GOLD 3 3/4"     Arqadia
6521                     ARQADIA GOLD/BLACK 2 15/16"   Arqadia
6522                     ARQADIA SLVR/BLACK 2 15/16"   Arqadia
1565                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
8104                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 5/8"         Arqadia
8109                     ARQADIA WALNUT 3 5/8"         Arqadia
8111                     ARQADIA BROWN 2 7/8"          Arqadia
1569                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 5/8"           Arqadia
8112                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN 2 7/8"     Arqadia
8113                     ARQADIA DARK MAHOGANY 2 7/8"  Arqadia
8114                     ARQADIA BROWN 3 11/16"        Arqadia
8115                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN 3 11/16"   Arqadia
8116                     ARQADIA DARK MAHOGANY 3 11/16"Arqadia
8117                     ARQADIA DARK MAHOGANY 2 5/8"  Arqadia
8118                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 5/8"          Arqadia
8119                     ARQADIA DARK MAHOGANY 3 11/16"Arqadia
9135                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
8120                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 11/16"        Arqadia
9101                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 3/8"           Arqadia
9102                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/4"           Arqadia
9103                     ARQADIA SILVER 1 1/4"         Arqadia
9104                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/4"       Arqadia
9105                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/4"         Arqadia
9106                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 3/8"         Arqadia
9107                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 3/8"       Arqadia
9108                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/4"         Arqadia
9109                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/4"       Arqadia
9110                     ARQADIA SILVER 1 1/4"         Arqadia
9138                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/2"           Arqadia
9112                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/4"          Arqadia
9113                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/2"         Arqadia
9114                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/2"       Arqadia
9139                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/4"       Arqadia
9115                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/4"           Arqadia
9117                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
9120                     ARQADIA CHRY W/GLD LIP 1 9/16"Arqadia
9141                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 3/8"          Arqadia
9125                     ARQADIA BLACK/RED 1 13/16"    Arqadia
9126                     ARQADIA BLACK/RED 2 9/16"     Arqadia
9142                     ARQADIA BROWN 4 1/2"          Arqadia
9127                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/2"          Arqadia
9131                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2"           Arqadia
9143                     ARQADIA DARK GOLD 2 3/8"      Arqadia
9132                     ARQADIA MOTTLED GOLD 3 1/16"  Arqadia
9133                     ARQADIA MOTTLED BRONZE 3 1/16"Arqadia
9144                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 3/8"       Arqadia
9134                     ARQADIA MOTTLED SILVER 3 1/16"Arqadia
9145                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 3/4"           Arqadia
9147                     ARQADIA WALNUT 3 1/2"         Arqadia
9148                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 3 1/2"       Arqadia
9149                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 3 1/16"      Arqadia
9150                     ARQADIA WALNUT 3 1/16"        Arqadia
9153                     ARQADIA BLK/RED 2 9/16"       Arqadia
9155                     ARQADIA SILVER  3 1/2"        Arqadia
9157                     ARQADIA BLACK 1"              Arqadia
9158                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 3/8"         Arqadia
9159                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/2"       Arqadia
9160                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 1/4"           Arqadia
9162                     ARQADIA RUSTIC GOLD 3 1/16"   Arqadia
9163                     ARQADIA MOTTLED GOLD 3 3/4"   Arqadia
9164                     ARQADIA SHIMMERY GOLD 3 1/2"  Arqadia
9167                     ARQADIA BLACK 1"              Arqadia
9168                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 5/16"         Arqadia
9170                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 11/16"        Arqadia
9171                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 5/8"          Arqadia
9172                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/2"          Arqadia
9175                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/8"           Arqadia
9176                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
9177                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
9178                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
9179                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
9180                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/2"         Arqadia
9183                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/2"       Arqadia
9184                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2"             Arqadia
9185                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 5/16"      Arqadia
9186                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 5/16"        Arqadia
9187                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 11/16"     Arqadia
9188                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 11/16"       Arqadia
9190                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 5/8"          Arqadia
9191                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 3/16"         Arqadia
9192                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE GOLD 3 1/2"   Arqadia
9193                     ARQADIA SILVER 2"             Arqadia
9194                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 11/16"     Arqadia
9198                     ARQADIA BRONZE 4 1/2"         Arqadia
9199                     ARQADIA BLACK 2 1/2"          Arqadia
9200                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 5/8"           Arqadia
9201                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/2"       Arqadia
9202                     ARQADIA BRONZE 2 3/8"         Arqadia
9203                     ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/8"         Arqadia
9204                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BRONZE 2 7/8" Arqadia
9205                     ARQADIA RUSTED TEXTURE 3 3/4" Arqadia
9206                     ARQADIA SILVER 2 3/8"         Arqadia
9207                     ARQADIA BLACK 4 1/2"          Arqadia
9209                     ARQADIA RED 2"                Arqadia
9213                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/4"       Arqadia
9217                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 9/16"          Arqadia
9218                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
9219                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/2"          Arqadia
9220                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/2"         Arqadia
17140                    ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 2 7/8"    Arqadia
17146                    ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 2 7/8"      Arqadia
17169                    ARQADIA WALNUT 3"             Arqadia
17171                    ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/4"           Arqadia
17172                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/4"         Arqadia
6003                     ARQADIA 9/16" X 4 1/4"        Arqadia
6008                     ARQADIA STRETCHER 7/8"X2 1/4" Arqadia
6011                     ARQADIA STRETCHER 1 1/2 X1 1/8Arqadia
6012                     ARQADIA STRETCHER 1/2"X1 1/2" Arqadia
6013                     ARQADIA STRETCHER 2" X 1 1/8" Arqadia
120-1 1/2                ARQADIA NTRL W/GOLD LIP 1 1/2"Arqadia
120-1 1/4                ARQADIA NTRL W/GOLD LIP 1 1/4"Arqadia
120-2                    ARQADIA NTRL W/GOLD LIP 2"    Arqadia
120WH-1 1/4              ARQADIA WHT LINER W/O GOLD LIPArqadia
120WH-2                  ARQADIA WHT LINER W/O GOLD 2" Arqadia
120WH-3/4                ARQADIA WHT LINER W/O GOLD 3/4Arqadia
123WH-2                  ARQADIA WHITE LINER W/GOLD 2" Arqadia
126-1 1/2                ARQADIA NTRL W/GOLD LIP 1 1/2"Arqadia
126-1 1/4                ARQADIA NTRL W/GOLD LIP 1 1/4"Arqadia
126-2                    ARQADIA NATURAL W/GOLD LIP 2" Arqadia
128-1 1/2                ARQADIA BLACK W/O GOLD 1 1/2" Arqadia
128-2                    ARQADIA BLACK W/O GOLD LIP 2" Arqadia
320WH-1 1/2              ARQADIA WHITE LINEN W/GOLD LIPArqadia
320WH-2                  ARQADIA WHITE LINEN W/GOLD LIPArqadia
520NAT-1 1/2             ARQADIA NATURAL W/O GOLD LIP  Arqadia
520NAT-1 1/4             ARQADIA NATURAL W/O GOLD LIP  Arqadia
520NAT-2                 ARQADIA NATURAL W/O GOLD LIP 2Arqadia
6007                     ARQADIA STRETCHER 5/8"x1 5/8" Arqadia
1037                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/4"           Arqadia
1040                     ARQADIA GOLD 4 1/4"           Arqadia
1049                     ARQADIA GOLD 4"               Arqadia
1050                     ARQADIA SILVER 4"             Arqadia
1052                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 5/8"           Arqadia
1070                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 1/2"         Arqadia
1086                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 5/8"           Arqadia
1095                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
1096                     ARQADIA DARK GOLD 3 5/8"      Arqadia
1098                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
1401                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 1/4"       Arqadia
1408                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1"           Arqadia
1440                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/2"           Arqadia
1441                     ARQADIA SILVER 1 1/2"         Arqadia
4151                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 1/2"          Arqadia
1445                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 1/2"           Arqadia
1446                     ARQADIA SILVER 1 1/2"         Arqadia
1450                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/2"         Arqadia
4152                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY W/BLACK 2"   Arqadia
1470                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/2"       Arqadia
4153                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/BLACK 2"     Arqadia
1478                     ARQADIA GOLD 3"               Arqadia
1486                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/BLK 2 1/4"   Arqadia
4156                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXURE 2 3/8"   Arqadia
1489                     ARQADIA BLACK FILLETT 9/16"   Arqadia
4158                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXURE 1 5/8"   Arqadia
1502                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLETT 9/16"    Arqadia
4160                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXURE 1"       Arqadia
1548                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLETT 1 1/4"   Arqadia
4161                     ARQADIA BLACK 7/8"            Arqadia
1549                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLETT 1 1/4" Arqadia
4162                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXTURE 7/8"    Arqadia
1550                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLETT 1 1/4"   Arqadia
4164                     ARQADIA HAZEL 7/8"            Arqadia
1552                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLETT 1 1/4" Arqadia
4165                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 7/8"         Arqadia
1564                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
4166                     ARQADIA AMBER 7/8"            Arqadia
4167                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL GRAY 7/8"    Arqadia
1627                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 5"          Arqadia
4168                     ARQADIA HAZEL 1"              Arqadia
1631                     ARQADIA SILVER 5"             Arqadia
4169                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1"           Arqadia
1636                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 1/2"           Arqadia
4170                     ARQADIA AMBER 1"              Arqadia
1685                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 3/4"           Arqadia
4171                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL GRAY 1"      Arqadia
1731                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLETT 9/16"  Arqadia
4172                     ARQADIA HAZEL 1 5/8"          Arqadia
1732                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 1/8"           Arqadia
4173                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 5/8"       Arqadia
1736                     ARQADIA GOLD 2"               Arqadia
1753                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 5/8"           Arqadia
1766                     ARQADIA SILVER 2"             Arqadia
4174                     ARQADIA AMBER 1 5/8"          Arqadia
1767                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE GOLD 2"       Arqadia
4175                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL GRAY 1 5/8"  Arqadia
1783                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 3/8"           Arqadia
4176                     ARQADIA HAZEL 2 3/8"          Arqadia
1790                     ARQADIA SILVER 4 1/2"         Arqadia
4177                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 3/8"       Arqadia
1803                     ARQADIA GREEN 2"              Arqadia
4178                     ARQADIA AMBER 2 3/8"          Arqadia
4179                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL GRAY 2 3/8"  Arqadia
1807                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF FILL 3/4" Arqadia
4182                     ARQADIA WHITE 1 9/16"         Arqadia
1808                     ARQADIA BROWN FILLETT 3/4"    Arqadia
4184                     ARQADIA YELOW 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4185                     ARQADIA ORANGE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
1815                     ARQADIA YELLOW/BLK STEP FLOATEArqadia
4186                     ARQADIA RED 7/8"              Wood Mldg
1816                     ARQADIA ORANGE/BLK STEP FLOATEArqadia
4187                     ARQADIA GREEN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4188                     ARQADIA BLUE 7/8"             Wood Mldg
1817                     ARQADIA RED/BLK STEP FLOATER  Arqadia
4190                     ARQADIA IVORY 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4191                     ARQADIA PINK 7/8"             Wood Mldg
1818                     ARQADIA GREEN/BLK STEP FLOATERArqadia
4192                     ARQADIA PURPLE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4193                     ARQADIA WHITE 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4194                     ARQADIA ROYAL BLUE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
4195                     ARQADIA BROWN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4196                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 5/8"       Arqadia
4198                     ARQADIA BROWN 2 5/8"          Arqadia
4199                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 5/8"       Arqadia
4200                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 5/8"         Arqadia
4201                     ARQADIA BROWN 2 5/8"          Arqadia
4203                     ARQADIA YELLOW 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4204                     ARQADIA ORANGE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4205                     ARQADIA RED 7/8"              Wood Mldg
4206                     ARQADIA GREEN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4207                     ARQADIA BLUE 7/8"             Wood Mldg
4208                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL 7/8"         Wood Mldg
4209                     ARQADIA IVORY 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4210                     ARQADIA PINK 7/8"             Wood Mldg
4211                     ARQADIA PURPLE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4212                     ARQADIA WHITE 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4213                     ARQADIA ROYAL BLUE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
4214                     ARQADIA BROWN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4215                     ARQADIA BLACK 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4216                     ARQADIA YELLOW 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4218                     ARQADIA RED 7/8"              Wood Mldg
4220                     ARQADIA BLUE 7/8"             Wood Mldg
4222                     ARQADIA IVORY 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4224                     ARQADIA PURPLE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4227                     ARQADIA BROWN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4229                     ARQADIA YELLOW 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4231                     ARQADIA RED 7/8"              Wood Mldg
4233                     ARQADIA BLUE 7/8"             Wood Mldg
4236                     ARQADIA PINK 7/8"             Wood Mldg
4237                     ARQADIA PURPLE 7/8"           Wood Mldg
4238                     ARQADIA WHITE 7/8"            Wood Mldg
4239                     ARQADIA ROYAL BLUE 7/8"       Wood Mldg
4240                     ARQADIA BROWN 7/8"            Wood Mldg
5500                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/BLK 3 3/16" Arqadia
5504                     ARQADIA BROKEN GOLD 3 1/8"    Arqadia
5505                     ARQADIA BROKEN SILVER 3 1/8"  Arqadia
5506                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/BROWN 3 1/8"Arqadia
5507                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BROWN 3 1/8"Arqadia
5510                     ARQADIA GREY 3"               Arqadia
5512                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/BROWN 2 1/2"Arqadia
5513                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BROWN 2 1/2"Arqadia
5514                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/BROWN 3 3/4"Arqadia
5515                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BROWN 3 3/4"Arqadia
5517                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BROWN 3 5/16Arqadia
1819                     ARQADIA BLUE/BLK STEP FLOATER Arqadia
1820                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL/BLK FLOArqadia
1824                     ARQADIA BROWN FILLETT 13/16"  Arqadia
1825                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE WHITE 4 1/2"  Arqadia
1826                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE WHT FILL 13/16Arqadia
1830                     ARQADIA YELLOW/BLK L FLOATER  Arqadia
1831                     ARQADIA ORANGE/BLK L FLOATER  Arqadia
1832                     ARQADIA RED/BLK L FLOATER 1 5/Arqadia
1833                     ARQADIA GREEN/BLK L FLOATER   Arqadia
1834                     ARQADIA BLUE/BLK L FLOATER    Arqadia
1835                     ARQADIA OLIVE/CHARCOAL L FLOATArqadia
1836                     ARQADIA BLACK L FLOATER 1 5/8"Arqadia
1837                     ARQADIA BLACK FILLETT 13/16"  Arqadia
1838                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE GOLD 4 1/2"   Arqadia
1839                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE GOLD FILLETT  Arqadia
1840                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE SILVER 4 1/2" Arqadia
1841                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE SILVER FILLETTArqadia
1843                     ARQADIA SILVER FILLETT 13/16" Arqadia
1850                     ARQADIA YELLOW 1"             Arqadia
1851                     ARQADIA ORANGE 1"             Arqadia
1852                     ARQADIA RED 1"                Arqadia
1853                     ARQADIA GREEN 1"              Arqadia
1854                     ARQADIA BLUE 1"               Arqadia
1855                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL 1"     Arqadia
1856                     ARQADIA YELLOW 1"             Arqadia
1857                     ARQADIA ORANGE 7/8"           Arqadia
1858                     ARQADIA RED 7/8"              Arqadia
1859                     ARQADIA GREEN 7/8"            Arqadia
1860                     ARQADIA BLUE 7/8"             Arqadia
1861                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL 7/8"   Arqadia
1862                     ARQADIA YELLOW 1 1/2"         Arqadia
1863                     ARQADIA ORANGE 1 1/2"         Arqadia
1864                     ARQADIA RED 1 1/2"            Arqadia
1865                     ARQADIA GREEN 1 1/2"          Arqadia
1866                     ARQADIA BLUE 1 1/2"           Arqadia
1867                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL 1 1/2" Arqadia
1868                     ARQADIA YELLOW FILLETT 9/16"  Arqadia
1869                     ARQADIA ORANGE FILLETT 9/16"  Arqadia
1870                     ARQADIA RED FILLETT 9/16"     Arqadia
1871                     ARQADIA GREEN FILLETT 9/16"   Arqadia
1872                     ARQADIA BLUE FILLETT 9/16"    Arqadia
1873                     ARQADIA OLIVE CHARCOAL FILLETTArqadia
1879                     ARQADIA ORIENTAL RED 3 7/8"   Arqadia
1884                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 4 1/2"    Arqadia
1885                     ARQADIA BROWN 4 1/2"          Arqadia
1886                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 7/8"         Arqadia
1887                     ARQADIA WALNUT 7/8"           Arqadia
1888                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY W/BLACK 7/8" Arqadia
1889                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/BLACK 7/8"   Arqadia
1890                     ARQADIA BROWN FILLETT 1"      Arqadia
1891                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN FILLETT 1" Arqadia
1892                     ARQADIA DRK MAHOGANY FILLETT 1Arqadia
3105                     ARQADIA GOLD TEXTURE 3 3/4"   Arqadia
3107                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXTURE 3 3/4"  Arqadia
3109                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BRONZE 1 7/8" Arqadia
3110                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE SILVER 1 7/8" Arqadia
3112                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BROWN 1 7/8"  Arqadia
3114                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE SILVER 2 7/8" Arqadia
3117                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BRONZE 3 7/8" Arqadia
3118                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE SILVER 3 7/8" Arqadia
3119                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 7/8"          Arqadia
3120                     ARQADIA ANTIQUE BROWN 3 7/8"  Arqadia
3121                     ARQADIA GOLD FILLETT 5/8"     Arqadia
3122                     ARQADIA RUST FILLETT 5/8"     Arqadia
3123                     ARQADIA BROWN BEADED FILLETT  Arqadia
3125                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/GOLD LF 3 1/8Arqadia
3126                     ARQADIA CHERRY W/GOLD LF 3 1/8Arqadia
3127                     ARQADIA BROWN W/GOLD LF 3 1/8"Arqadia
5518                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF/BROWN 3 5/16Arqadia
5519                     ARQADIA SILVER 3 1/8"         Arqadia
5520                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/8"           Arqadia
6500                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 1 5/8"      Arqadia
6501                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 1 5/8"    Arqadia
4102                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2"             Arqadia
6502                     ARQADIA BRONZE LEAF 1 5/8"    Arqadia
6503                     ARQADIA WHITE 1 5/8"          Arqadia
4105                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY W/BLK 1 7/8" Arqadia
6504                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 5/8"          Arqadia
4106                     ARQADIA HONEY W/BLK 1 7/8"    Arqadia
6505                     ARQADIA WHITE 3 1/8"          Arqadia
4107                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/BLK 1 7/8"   Arqadia
6506                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 1/8"          Arqadia
6507                     ARQADIA WHITE 1 7/8"          Arqadia
4108                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY W/BLK 1 3/16"Arqadia
6508                     ARQADIA BLACK 1 7/8"          Arqadia
4109                     ARQADIA HONEY W/BLK 1 3/16"   Arqadia
6509                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 2 1/2"      Arqadia
4118                     ARQADIA NATURAL 1 5/16"       Arqadia
6510                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 2 1/2"    Arqadia
4122                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 5/8"         Arqadia
4125                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 7/8"         Arqadia
6511                     ARQADIA GLD LF W/GRN PNL 4 1/8Arqadia
4126                     ARQADIA WALNUT 7/8"           Arqadia
6514                     ARQADIA GLD LF W/BLK 2 9/16"  Arqadia
4130                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 3/16"        Arqadia
6518                     ARQADIA BLACK/SILVER 3 3/4"   Arqadia
4133                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/2"       Arqadia
6519                     ARQADIA GOLD LEAF 4 1/2"      Arqadia
4134                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/2"         Arqadia
6520                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 4 1/2"    Arqadia
4135                     ARQADIA HONEY 1 1/2"          Arqadia
6523                     ARQADIA GLD W/DIST PANEL 4 1/2Arqadia
4138                     ARQADIA SILVER TEXTURE 1 3/16"Arqadia
8102                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 2 5/8"    Arqadia
4139                     ARQADIA BLACK TEXTURE 1 3/16" Arqadia
8103                     ARQADIA WASHED WALNUT 2 5/8"  Arqadia
4141                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 5/8"         Arqadia
4146                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2"           Arqadia
4147                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2"             Arqadia
8107                     ARQADIA SILVER LEAF 3 5/8"    Arqadia
4149                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY W/BLK 1 1/2" Arqadia
8108                     ARQADIA WASHED WALNUT 3 5/8"  Arqadia
4150                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/BLACK 1 1/2" Arqadia
8110                     ARQADIA CHERRY MAHOGANY 3 5/8"Arqadia
8123                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN 3 11/16"   Arqadia
8124                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 11/16"        Arqadia
8130                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 2 11/16"     Arqadia
8131                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN 2 11/16"   Arqadia
9118                     ARQADIA CHERRY W/GLD LIP 1 7/8Arqadia
9119                     ARQADIA WALNUT W/GLD LIP 1 7/8Arqadia
9121                     ARQADIA WLNUT W/GLD LIP 1 9/16Arqadia
9122                     ARQADIA GOLD 1 3/16"          Arqadia
9123                     ARQADIA WALNUT 3 3/16"        Arqadia
9124                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 3 3/16"      Arqadia
9128                     ARQADIA MOTTLED BRONZE 4 3/4" Arqadia
9129                     ARQADIA BROWM CHAMPAGNE 4 3/4"Arqadia
9130                     ARQADIA RUST 3 5/8"           Arqadia
9136                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 1 1/2"       Arqadia
9140                     ARQADIA WALNUT 1 1/4"         Arqadia
9146                     ARQADIA BURGANDY 4 3/4"       Arqadia
9151                     ARQADIA BLACK/GOLD 2 11/16"   Arqadia
5501                     ARQADIA SLVR LEAF/BLACK 3 3/16Arqadia
8105                     ARQADIA CHERRY MAHOGANY 2 5/8"Arqadia
8127                     ARQADIA DARK BROWN 3 11/16"   Arqadia
8128                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 11/16"        Arqadia
9152                     ARQADIA BLACK/SILVER 2 11/16" Arqadia
9154                     ARQADIA BLACK/BEIGE 2 9/16"   Arqadia
9156                     ARQADIA BLACK 13/16"          Arqadia
9161                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/8"           Arqadia
9165                     ARQADIA GOLD 3 1/8"           Arqadia
9166                     ARQADIA SPOTTED GOLD 3 5/8"   Arqadia
9169                     ARQADIA BLACK 2"              Arqadia
9173                     ARQADIA WALNUT BLACK 1 3/16"  Arqadia
9181                     ARQADIA GOLD 2 5/8"           Arqadia
9189                     ARQADIA CHARCOAL 7/8"         Arqadia
9195                     ARQADIA WALNUT 2 11/16"       Arqadia
9196                     ARQADIA MAHOGANY 3 1/8"       Arqadia
9197                     ARQADIA WALNUT 3 1/8"         Arqadia
9210                     ARQADIA BLUE 2"               Arqadia
9216                     ARQADIA BLACK 3 1/8"          Arqadia
17160                    ARQADIA SILVER 3 5/8"         Arqadia
6001                     ARQADIA 9/16" X 2 1/4"        Arqadia
6002                     ARQADIA 9/16" X 3 1/4"        Arqadia
6004                     ARQADIA 3/4" X 4"             Arqadia
6005                     ARQADIA 3/4" X 3"             Arqadia
6006                     ARQADIA 3/4" X 2"             Arqadia
6009                     ARQADIA 7/8 X 2"              Miscellaneous
6010                     ARQADIA 7/8 X 2 3/8"          Arqadia
6018                     ARQADIA 1 1/16 x 2"           Arqadia
122-1 1/2                ARQADIA NAT W/GOLD LIP 1 1/2" Arqadia
122-2                    ARQADIA NAT W/GOLD LIP 2"     Arqadia
123WH-1 1/2              ARQADIA WHT LN W/GLD LIP 1 1/2Arqadia
124-1 1/2                ARQADIA NAT W/GOLD LIP 1 1/2" Arqadia
124-2                    ARQADIA NAT W/GOLD LIP 2"     Arqadia
125WH-1 1/2              ARQADIA WHT LN W/GLD LIP 1 1/2Arqadia
125WH-2                  ARQADIA WHT LN W/GLD LIP 2"   Arqadia
126-3                    ARQADIA NATURAL W/GLD LIP 3"  Arqadia
127-1 1/2                ARQADIA BLK WITH GLD LIP 1 1/2Arqadia
127-1 1/4                ARQADIA BLK WITH GLD LIP 1 1/4Arqadia
127-2                    ARQADIA BLK WITH GLD LIP 2"   Arqadia
128-1 1/4                ARQADIA BLK W/O GLD LIP 1 1/4"Arqadia
129-1 1/2                ARQADIA BLK W/GOLD LIP 1 1/2" Arqadia
129-1 1/4                ARQADIA BLK W/GOLD LIP 1 1/4" Arqadia
129-2                    ARQADIA BLK W/GOLD LIP 2"     Arqadia
129-3                    ARQADIA BLK W/GOLD LIP 3"     Arqadia
320WH-1 1/4              ARQADIA WHT LN W/GLD LIP 1 1/4Arqadia
446N                     Small Nickel Thornhill Ornmt  Supplies
446B                     Small Brass Thornhill Ornmt   Supplies
541N                     Large Nickel Thornhill Ornmt  Supplies
541B                     Large Brass Thornhill Ornmt   Supplies
PC9535                   MAG 3/4 X 3 1/2               Arqadia
135790                   GRAMERCY BLACK FILLET 5/16"   Wood Mldg
135791                   GRAMERCY SILVER FILLET 5/16"  Wood Mldg
145790                   GRAMERCY BLACK CAP 13/16"     Wood Mldg
145791                   GRAMERCY SILVER CAP 13/16"    Wood Mldg
146790                   GRAMERCY BLACK CAP 5/8"       Wood Mldg
146791                   GRAMERCY SILVER CAP 5/8"      Wood Mldg
147790                   GRAMERCY BLACK CAP 9/16"      Wood Mldg
147791                   GRAMERCY SILVER CAP 9/16"     Wood Mldg
344790                   GRAMERCY BLACK FLOAT 1 3/8"   Wood Mldg
344791                   GRAMERCY SILVER FLOAT 1 3/8"  Wood Mldg
345790                   GRAMERCY BLACK FLAT 1 1/2"    Wood Mldg
345791                   GRAMERCY SILVER FLAT 1 1/2"   Wood Mldg
346790                   GRAMERCY BLACK CUBE 1 5/8"    Wood Mldg
346791                   GRAMERCY SILVER CUBE 1 5/8"   Wood Mldg
75415                    AMER 1 1/4" HRS FUTED COVE    Concerto
72510                    SPANISH 1 3/8" ANT BLK PNL    Concerto
72515                    SPANISH 1 3/8" ANT GRN PNL    Concerto
72525                    SPANISH 1 3/8" ANT RED PNL    Concerto
74228                    DUTCH 1 3/8" KEY CORNER       Concerto
77880                    ITALIAN 1 1/8" SGRAF/FLOWER   Concerto
78105                    CONT 1 7/8" 22K GOLD BRAQUE   Concerto
78211                    CONT 1 7/8" 12K WH GLD BRAQUE Concerto
78305                    CONT 1 7/8" ANT BLK BRAQUE    Concerto
78312                    CONT 3 1/8" ANT BLK BRAQUE    Concerto
78319                    CONT 4 5/8" ANT BLK BRAQUE    Concerto
78326                    CONT 2 1/2" ANT BLK WEDGE     Concerto
78333                    CONT 3 1/2" ANT BLK WEDGE     Concerto
78340                    CONT 3" ANT BLK INCLINE       Concerto
78347                    CONT 4 1/2" ANT BLK INCLINE   Concerto
CS75415                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72510                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72515                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS72525                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS74228                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS77880                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78105                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78211                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78305                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78312                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78319                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78326                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78333                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78340                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
CS78347                  INDIVIDUAL CORNER SAMPLE      Concerto
BW54273                  Black 2 1/4"                  Framemica
BW14273                  Black 1 3/8"                  Framemica
BW86273                  Black 2 1/2"                  Framemica
BW90273                  Black 3 1/8"                  Framemica
BW58273                  Black 1 1/2"                  Framemica
BW94273                  Black 2 1/2"                  Framemica
BW43273                  Black  2 1/4"                 Framemica
BW68273                  Black 2 1/2"                  Framemica
BW50273                  Black 2 3/8"                  Framemica
BW26031                  Canadian Walnut 1 1/4"        Framemica
BW26060                  Mocha Walnut 1 1/4"           Framemica
BW26061                  Espresso Walnut 1 1/4"        Framemica
BW74031                  Canadian Walnut 2"            Framemica
BW74060                  Mocha Walnut 2"               Framemica
BW74061                  Espresso Walnut 2"            Framemica
BW26963                  Champagne 1 1/4"              Framemica
BW74963                  Champagne 2"                  Framemica
CSBW                     BONANZA WOOD SAMPLE SET       Corner Samples
B8014                    ALPHAMAT GREY QUARTZ 32X40    Bainbridge
B8015                    ALPHAMAT SMOKY TOPAZ 32X40    Bainbridge
B8016                    ALPHAMAT JADEMOND 32X40       Bainbridge
B8017                    ALPHAMAT RUBELITE 32X40       Bainbridge
B8018                    ALPHAMAT BLUE TANZANITE 32X40 Bainbridge
B8012L                   ALPHAMAT BRUSHED ONYX 40X60   Bainbridge
B8321L                   ALPHAMAT BRUSHED ONYX SABLE COBainbridge
B768161                  ALPHAMAT GOLDMINE 32X40       Bainbridge
B768521                  ALPHAMAT SUN BLEACHED 32X40   Bainbridge
B768525                  ALPHAMAT WEATHERED OAK 32X40  Bainbridge
B768528                  ALPHAMAT BARNYARD 32X40       Bainbridge
B878454                  ALPHAMAT SWEET POTATO 32X40   Bainbridge
B878455                  ALPHAMAT APPLE CIDER 32X40    Bainbridge
B4414                    ALPHAMAT FIREFLY 32X40        Bainbridge
B4415                    ALPHAMAT BONSAI BROWN 32X40   Bainbridge
B4416                    ALPHAMAT LILY POND 32X40      Bainbridge
B4417                    ALPHAMAT HIBACHI 32X40        Bainbridge
B4418                    ALPHAMAT HARMONY BLUE 32X40   Bainbridge
B4419                    ALPHAMAT KYOTO PEARL 32X40    Bainbridge
B4838L                   ALPHAMAT DYNASTY RED 40X60    Bainbridge
B4844L                   ALPHAMAT BURNT EMBER 40X60    Bainbridge
B4846L                   ALPHAMAT MOLTEN 40X60         Bainbridge
CPBFC                    BLK PER FOAM BRD 3/16" 32X40  Crescent
GF32                     GATORFOAM 3/16" 32X40         Foamboard
GF48                     GATORFOAM 3/16" 48X96         Foamboard
GFB48                    GATORFOAM BLK 3/16" 48X96     Foamboard
GFB4812                  GATORFOAM BLK 1/2" 48X96      Foamboard
GF4812                   GATORFOAM 1/2" 48X96          Foamboard
342701                   W2 ACROPOLIS IVORY 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
342702                   W2 ACROPOLIS TERRA COTTA 1 1/2Wood Mldg
342703                   W2 ACROPOLIS OCHRE 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
342704                   W2 ACROPOLIS UMBER 1 1/2"     Wood Mldg
542701                   W2 ACROPOLIS IVORY 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
542702                   W2 ACROPOLIS TERRA COTTA 2 3/4Wood Mldg
542703                   W2 ACROPOLIS OCHRE 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
542704                   W2 ACROPOLIS UMBER 2 3/4"     Wood Mldg
142700                   W0 ACROPOLIS GOLD FILLET 1/4" Wood Mldg
142704                   W0 ACROPOLIS UMBER FIL 1/4"   Wood Mldg
GMX3240                  MUSEUM GLASS 32X40 6 Lites    Glass
GM2030                   MUSEUM GLASS 20X30            Glass
GMX2436                  MUSEUM GLASS 24X36 8 Lites    Glass
GMX1620                  MUSEUM GLASS 16X20 12 Lites   Glass
CB231                    BRICKWORK 32X40 (1PK=25SHTS)  Crescent
CSIX72510                6" STRAIGHT BLACK SAMPLE      Concerto
CSIX72515                6" STRAIGHT GREEN SAMPLE      Concerto
CSIX72525                6" STRAIGHT RED SAMPLE        Concerto
902-511                  WHITE STEP FOAMBD 32X40 3/16  Foamboard
FMTH1                    Not Avail-Use FMTH2 (Espresso)Corner Samples
112710                   W0 MERIDIAN GOLD FILLET 1/4"  Wood Mldg
CB9-142                  NIGHT SKY 32X40               Crescent
112711                   W0 MERIDIAN SILVER FILLET 1/4"Wood Mldg
312710                   W1 MERIDIAN GOLD W/ WHITE 7/8"Wood Mldg
312711                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/ BLACK 7/8"Wood Mldg
312712                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/ RED 7/8"  Wood Mldg
312713                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/ BLUE 7/8" Wood Mldg
312714                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/ GREEN 7/8"Wood Mldg
412710                   W2 MERIDIAN GLD W/WHITE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
412711                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/BLAC 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
412712                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/ RED 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
412713                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/BLUE 1 3/4"Wood Mldg
412714                   W1 MERIDIAN SLVR W/GREEN 1 3/4Wood Mldg
FMTH2                    HOVR #4 by Campbell Laird     Corner Samples