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To place an order first choose the moulding and determine your frame size, then email or call  me at the number below. We will be glad to help you with any framing project.


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Call Rick or Blake at 770-941-3394

Toll free 855-941-3394




Things you need to know when ordering custom made frames or length moulding.


Frame Size:

The frame size is the inside of the frame measured from the back Click here. For instance if you have a 16x20 painting and you order a 16x20 frame it will properly fit our frames. This is how all our frames are cut and measured unless otherwise specified.


Another example is if you have a 36x36 space you want a framed mirror you would need to order the frame cut to the outside dimensions, not the inside like we normally do.


Shipping, Boxing & Crating:

Please take your time when un-boxing. We box and crate to make sure your frame arrives safely not for ease of opening.

Go here to view some of the frames we have shipped.


Moulding finishes:

Some of the mouldings are hand finished and will varies from run to run. A run of moulding is when the manufacturer makes the moulding. A run of the same moulding may be months apart so the next run may not be exactly the same as the previous run. Samples are available upon request.


Length Moulding:

Length is sold in full sticks only. When ordering length moulding requiring more than one stick, we will fulfill the order as close as possible with the sticks on hand and will not under fill the order. Example; if you order 32 feet of a pattern and the sticks are all 10 feet, then you will be billed for and get 40 feet.