40% off Length orders

 Length: Full sticks only. If you have the equipment this is the way to order. The sticks range from 8' to 10' in length depending on the stock available at the time of order. We can ship full sticks via freight or cut in half to ship FedEx.


30% off Chop orders

Chop: the frame is cut (mitered) but not assembled. This option saves on shipping



25% off Chop and Join orders

Chop and Join: you would receive the frame completely assembled ready to install your artwork or mirror.



25% off Chop and Wedge orders

Chop and Wedge is a way that you can assemble almost any frame at home. This option saves on shipping.

Click here for more info and to view a video showing the assembly process with wedges.


We offer additional discounts for large orders.

The above discounts do not apply to some Roma Moulding items, Dennis Mathewson Moulding and Concerto frames. Please contact me for more information.

Cutting Info




Chop & Wedge Service

 Chop and wedge frame is shipped to you with the four sides of the frame not joined.  Each of the mitered corners of the frame are routed to accept a plastic wedge insert.  In order to join the four sides of the un-joined frame, simply follow the instructions below:


Frame Assembly Using Our Chop & Wedge Service


Video showing the assembly process with our chop and wedge service.


  Click here to view on Youtube.com